Covid gloryhole 3

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It had been a few weeks since I’d started having sex at the gloryhole as well as giving blowjobs. There was still mix which was good but I’d had to set a limit of how many guys I could fuck a day. Although it didn’t usually last more than a few minutes, guys weren’t exactly gentle with me! So I’d set a limit of 6 guys a day, which is still a lot! I’d managed to perfect a few different positions because as fun as it is, it’s not the most comfortable thing to do with the wall in between. The easiest for the guys obviously is me bent over so they slide straight into my pussy, or as a few tried ‘accidentally’ my ass! They were very quickly repositioned! I may have gone from a relatively inexperienced girl to one who had sucked hundreds of stranger and been fucked by dozens, but that is one thing that is strictly a no…. For now lol.

I’d also taken to standing up facing the wall, which was fine for the guys but basically meant my face was pressed up against the wall. I’d fucked a guy like that at the end of the day, and I didn’t know but basically my face was red from the wall which led to awkward questions from my mum when I’d got home!!

By now my car was fully paid off and my bank balance was increasing every day. I was still living at home, not paying any rent and taking home anywhere up to £500 a day! With travel restrictions lifting me a couple of the girls decided we needed a holiday and booked a few days in Spain. It was all booked and paid for, just needed to speak to James (shop owner) to let him know I’ll be taking a week off.

The day was a bit of a strange one, the morning had been really busy and felt like there must have been a queue outside the cubical! It started with a grup gaziantep escort bayan couple of blowjobs, nothing out of the ordinary, but with practice I was able to take more and more in my mouth and if the guys was under about 5 inches I could take him all in my throat. I could tell from the moans and the “oh fucks” that was appreciated, as well as the fact they would cum very quick! Sometimes that was good thing as it was easier to swallow, but if they were a heavy cummer it would make me gag, cough and spit as I essentially almost drown in cum lol. I always had a bowl and a glass of water next to me for those cases as on days like today I didn’t get any breaks.

As well as a few blowjobs I’d also had 4 guys choose to fuck me. The first was very quick, barely two thrusts and he was cumming! It’s good in a way as I still get the money for very little work but also really frustrating as I actually really enjoy being fucked through it and barely enough time to register it has started lol. But he politely panted a thank you and left so must have been happy with the ‘service’. The third guy almost meant I had to stop for the day! He… was… huge!! There’s a few bigger guys who visit and I always enjoy the challenge but this guy was a different level. Must have been well over 9 inches but thick with it, it was more the girth that challenged me. He also had stamina and was loving using my tight body and teen pussy for his pleasure. I had to keep switching positions to be able to take him all comfortably which meant he both got a bit frustrated but also meant he lasted longer!! I eventually managed to find a position that meant i escort bayan güneyşehir could switch between bent over and standing without disrupting his rhythm, I came at least 3 times and he had to slow as my legs and body started to shake and I could barely keep standing. After what felt like forever, but in a good way I felt his balls tighten as he unloaded in the condom with a grunt and a moan “well done little girl” he said as he zipped up and left as i lay on the floor on the other side of the divide in a crumpled heap of sweat and my own juices.

Before I had time to get my breath back there was another guy at the gloryhole, luckily he only wanted a blowjob, and as tired as I was I managed to satisfy another customer!

A quick look at my watch and realised I was very late for lunch so closed the gloryhole, had a quick clean up to look fairly decent and headed round to the shop to tell James I would be on holiday for a week. When I got round he’d had to pop out for a while so I went for lunch and told the guy in the shop I’d come round after hours.

After a busy morning the afternoon was very quiet. One guy came in almost straight after lunch for a blowjob and then only one more guy a few hours later. That’s where the day took a really bad turn. The actual fuck was good, he was a decent size, cut (which I like) and clean, which isn’t always the case!! We had to swap positions a few times as my legs were still sore from the morning and every time we did he cheekily ‘accidentally’ tried to put it in my ass, I was feeling playful and very horny so a few times I teased him and rubbed him against my ass without letting him penetrate islahiye escort bayan before guiding him back into my pussy, much to his disappointment lol. He came after a few minutes and didn’t say anything as he left. Which is normal but I like some gratitude lol. It was that moment the panic set in! As I stood up I could feel something funny, so I put my hand down to the top of my leg and my heart stopped, cum! I could see he had a condom on so it must have split. I didn’t know what to do, I quickly got clean and drove to pharmacy for a pill but it was closed. I started to panic and cry a bit in my car. ‘Calm down’ I tried to tell myself, I can come back tomorrow and it’ll be fine. I tried to believe myself but I couldn’t stop crying.

I managed to calm myself down a bit and went back to the shop to book the time off for my holiday. I really needed it now!!

I was torn on wether to tell James or not, as he will be worried for me but is it really something he’ll want getting out about the shop. I decided to keep it to myself until I knew I was ok.

I walked into the shop to see James angrily looking at the CCTV.

“What’s up” I asked

“Someone’s stole a load of stuff so seeing who it was” he replied

“Oh that’s shit, let me help” i said.

I walked round to behind the desk and there was two young lads in the shop who looked like they were up to no good, after a few minutes an older guy walked in, also looking a bit suspicious but after a few seconds started to walk towards the gloryhole

“One of your customers” James joked

“Haha looks like it I” replied, “I’ve never known who’s been in before” I said nervously as this is the guy who I fucked in the afternoon.

Just as he was about to get to the door he turned round and we could see his face

“NO” I screamed.


“What’s wrong?” James asked as the guy made his was into the booth

“Who is he?”

Tears streaming down my face, I look at James

“My dad”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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