Covid Insecure Play Pt. 01

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The majority of married people will admit it is never all fun, blissful happiness, rampant desire and multi-orgasmic loving making, but, however, most of the time life is just living day in and day out, almost mundane routine. Highs and lows tend to be rarer than just the comfortable day by day bumbling along of two people. Change never comes overnight but is a gradual thing, maybe a new habit or chance opportunity sparks the move from normal to altered state.

Also sometimes in any long marriage you need space to indulge your own needs, sometimes you make the space, sometimes space is made for you, but worst of all is when your spaces are invaded by others.


Cliff and Dawn Wright had been an average married UK couple, two grown-up daughters, nice house in a nice area with a not so nice mortgage, but no other major debts, you could say that they were on one of life’s upward curves. Both girls were settled at university Alice now 19 in her first year, with Ellie her elder sister about to graduate, neither seemed keen to return home if they could manage to avoid it, so when the pandemic struck both girls elected to stay away until after the first lockdown so apart from the occasional handouts they were no trouble.

In some ways Cliff and Dawn had more freedom and space in the last eighteen months than they had in the previous twenty-two with the family home to themselves, with both girls either at Uni or in the case of Alice having a gap year working and climbing in the Spanish resort of Abella de la Conca.

The last year had seen Cliff’s fiftieth birthday and their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, they had been lucky to dodge Covid-19 lockdowns, managing a small summer party to celebrate, and then the travel restrictions to enjoy a luxurious and indulgent second honeymoon at an exclusive Maldives resort. Eleven days and nights together being able to enjoy each other mentally and especially physically had pepped-up their marriage considerably more. Even on their return to an England beginning to worry about a second wave of Covid-19 they had continued the renewed vigour and frequency of their sex-life neither felt the need for space between them.

The effect of the first lockdown had been to increase their time spent together without the need to catch-up on events or household tasks that commuting and in Cliff’s case overnight stays had been a feature of the preceding few years. They hadn’t immediately taken the opportunities for their renewed physical connection, as shaking off the routine of the previous five to ten years took a little time to realise. But as with lots of other people the change was gradual, both had work to complete and calls to attend to but they suddenly found there was more time to interact.

Whereas in the past the presence of children, work, or chores had meant sex had been restricted to night time and then mainly at weekends, the opportunity for turning morning lay-ins to morning love-ins had returned. Initially it had also felt somewhat risqué increasing the desire and frequency. They had even managed morning sex sessions on the occasions when Dawn had needed to attend her city office to prepare monthly payrolls, invariably making her have to rush around to make the infrequent train service to London.

Dawn particularly had noticed the change in her levels of desire, especially for the early morning sessions which had never been her most alive time of the day. She generally woke on those days with an warm ache in her pussy and took control by preparing her husband, awake or not, by hand or for her kinkier moments by mouth before mounting him and riding his cock.

The vaguely disappointing element of their love-life now was the need for Cliff to withdraw before ejaculating, as Dawn had reached the awkward stage in life where her periods were becoming erratic and her doctor had advised her to come off the pill and put her on HRT. Neither of them liked using condoms as it broke spontaneity, and the latex after taste put them both off post-coital oral. However, they had adapted and found ways to stimulate each other until they had both climaxed, Dawn had even developed a taste for Cliff’s spunk and now swallowed rather than spitting it out as she usually did.

Although they had never indulged in anything too kinky sexually, both of them had experimented with each other’s boundaries over the years discovering the do’s and don’ts without hurting the other’s feelings. Mainly they enjoyed the sensual activities, intimate touching, massage, mild exhibitionism and some very light bondage play but never any whips and chains. Most of the boundaries were established before the advent of children when uninterrupted time was at it’s zenith.

The foibles of each other’s senses were well known, for instance, Dawn had a sensitivity to having her earlobes sucked particularly her left one. Cliff had often joked that if any other man found out she would not be able to resist giving her body to gaziantep escort reklamları him. Cliff on the other hand had hyper-sensitive nipples, Dawn once made him cum from five minutes of licking, sucking and teasing, without touching his cock once, it had been so violent an ejaculation that it had looped over her head and landed on his nose and chin. Spontaneously she had licked his cum from his chin and passionately kissed him, something she had never done for anyone before, discovering Cliff did not baulk at tasting and swallowing his own emissions.

Although they now rarely discussed their sexual wants, their connection as a couple seemed to override any need to examine why either of them may have changed their sexual habits. Dawn accepted that HRT and the fact that they had much more alone time had increased frequency, but the change in her taking a more forward approach to tactile, passionate sex was from her part down to her chance discovery of erotica and self-confidence since restarting work in London.

A paperback book of sensuous short stories found on a family holiday three years before had piqued her interest, and led her to take a more forward approach to their sexual couplings. That holiday had been the turning point for them from a relatively low sexual point in their marriage to the gradual upswing they had been on.

Dawn had mistakenly left her standard chick-lit choice of book on her seat as she corralled her daughters off the plane whilst Cliff had gathered their cabin baggage. The travel had been fraught with an just turned eighteen year old daughter who really did not want to be on holiday with her parents, and a sixteen year old who was determined to wind-up her elder sister. Cliff and Dawn had ended up squeezed into the middle seats of separate rows so that the girls both had a window seat. Unfortunately they were saddled with six drunken twenty-somethings seated around them generally causing mayhem for three hours.

The relief of getting to the hotel room and seeing the girls head almost immediately to the pool had been bliss. Even the chore of unpacking and tidying the girls rooms after they had both ransacked their cases for swimsuits and towels leaving a heap of clothes and toiletries behind had been therapeutic.

It was only after shooing Cliff out, to check on the girls whilst she changed, that she realised her book was missing and whilst searching around found two slim paperbacks presumably left behind by previous occupants. Picking up the one that seemed to have the more chick-lit style title ‘Little Birds’, Dawn then changed into her one-piece swimsuit, checking quickly for too much side boob or stray pubes, slipped on a beach shawl, sunglasses, hat, sandals and headed off to the pool area.

She found them in a corner three rows away from the pool, with only two sunbeds in what was already a very crowded area. The girls were already badgering a stony faced Cliff for something and Dawn assumed he would be agreeing just to get a little peace. Picking her way through the lines of sunbeds and assorted lilos Dawn noticed a few heads mainly male turn to look at her as she passed by. She guessed that 18-year old Ellie would have had similar experience when she first arrived at the pool area. The pale as yet untanned skin would pick them out as newbies, but their stature and breast size generally made people look twice.

Dawn was 5′ 10′ and her daughter was an inch taller, she had also inherited Dawn’s curse as she thought of it, her breast size was a 32E, but the rest of her body far less curvaceous, long slender legs topped by tight buttocks exaggerated the contrast of her enormous jugs.

When she was Ellie’s age getting bras or clothes that fit had been a nightmare, she had been an excellent swimmer until her chest appeared and effectively curtailed her performance and led to a reluctance to appear anywhere in tight fitting clothes let alone swimsuits. Generally if the bust fitted, the bottoms flapped around her relatively scrawny bum, anything that fitted her bum could barely conceal her massive mounds let alone the dark areola and large nipples. Typical jibes like ‘Tits on a stick’ from both boys and girls only made her feel worse.

Fashion designers had come to her rescue by the time she was really getting into men, nice sexy underwear came in larger sizes with mix and match options for the bottom half. Having two babies had left her with wider hips and a little more on the backside even after her tits had shrunk back but when she looked in the mirror she still felt a bit more elsewhere wouldn’t go amiss.

There were still upsides, her height discouraged most short men from bothering her, she had retained her swimmers shoulders and V-shape so clothes generally hang well plus if she wanted to be noticed it only took small adjustments to her stance to push her chest out.

Cliff had always claimed that it was her gaziantep escort bayan reklamları long legs that first attracted him but he still seemed to focus in on her breasts when they made love.

Cliff was a shade over 6′ 3″ so he looked in proportion to her even on the rare occasions that she wore 3″ heels. His height was matched by broad shoulders and athletic build, the result of playing both Rugby and Football to reasonable standards until serious knee and ankle problems among many other injuries curtailed any participation in high intensity sports.

As she arrived at the sunbeds she was immediately drawn into the argument, Alice wanted to explore the beach where it would be less crowded, Ellie wanted to stay by the pool, but also wanted to go to the shops to find a lilo so she could sunbathe in the pool like some of the other teenagers. Cliff suggested they all go to the shop as it was on the way to the beach, and Ellie could return if she wanted too, but he also wanted to finish his beer which had just arrived along with a rum and coke for Dawn. Ellie was concerned they would lose the sunbeds so Dawn volunteered to guard the sunbeds, whilst Ellie chose her lilo then Cliff and Alice could explore the beach.

Resignedly Cliff agreed, outnumbered as usual, quickly downing his beer he followed his daughters back past the throng of sunbathers as Dawn settled on her sunbed, sipped her rum and coke and began to read her paperback book. The writing style was difficult to understand initially but when she realised it had been written in the 1940’s rather than set in that era she became more accustomed to the use of words. Rather than one single storyline it was a collection of short unrelated stories but each with an erotic and sometimes taboo theme.

A twenty-something Greek waitress interrupted her reading, making Dawn blush as she had been engrossed in a passage about an older man caressing, fondling and licking a younger woman to intense orgasms prior to her deflowering. Embarrassed at being caught Dawn readily agreed to a fresh drink even nodding ascent to it being a large rum. When the waitress disappeared to get her drink Dawn felt warm dampness between her legs and an urge to check her gusset. She resisted using her fingers to feel the gusset of her swimsuit between her thighs but pretended to adjust the knicker-line and managed to graze the edge of her pussy lips, feeling the obvious slickness of her juices.

The waitress returned with her drink and smiled sweetly as Dawn signed for the drink and passed her a few Euros for a tip. Dawn appraised the girl as she moved off to the next set of guests and mused that she matched the description of the girl in the story, dark hair, brown eyes, tanned skin, stocky legs, rounded buttocks but smallish breasts. The books description included details of the girls ‘sex’, thick dark curls of pubic hair framing plump lips which hid a large clitoris.

Dawn shuddered as she imagined the Greek girl writhing naked as an older man perform expert oral sex. She sipped her drink as her eyes wandered around the poolside looking for candidates to play the older man but none seemed quite right, then she saw the girls and Cliff making their way back through the sunbeds. Dawn felt a quiver in the walls of her pussy as she realised Cliff fit the description, tall, dominant, broad shouldered, with thick brown hair tinged with grey.

Both girls were smiling for once, eating ice creams, and Cliff looked relaxed although laden with three bags and a body board under one arm. Alice began gabbling on about the cool shops nearby, and Ellie demanded the room key so she could go and change into one of her new bikinis. Cliff just shrugged his shoulders at Dawn’s quizzical look, handed Ellie the key and bags to take with her.

Dawn’s spell of imagination was broken and she shut her book and carefully pushed it to the bottom of her beach bag out of sight and lay back whilst Alice described her new body board and how she was going to try it out down at the beach. All Cliff did was signal to the waitress who brought over a cold beer, another large rum and coke, and two soft drinks. Alice downed her soft drink quickly and began badgering Cliff to go to the beach, then moaning when Dawn insisted she put on more sunscreen and took the spare with them if they were going into the sea.

After a few minutes fussing Dawn watched them head out and wondered what was keeping Ellie. Reaching for her drink she realised it was almost finished, not normally a big drinker especially after having kids, she made a mental note to slow down. But then the young waitress appeared and asked if she would like to try something from the cocktail menu as they were promoting 2 for 1. Just then Ellie arrived in a flowing beach dress and asked if she could try one. Before Dawn knew it she had a Mojito in hand lying back it the sun telling herself that she escort gaziantep reklamları would not have anymore until they went out for dinner, and her mind wandering back to the story of a girl being deflowered by an older man that looked like Cliff.

Ellie shook her awake, telling her she was snoring and drooling, then she noticed Ellie’s bikini or the lack of material attempting to cover her breasts. Fazed by her unexpected nap, and Ellie’s impressive boobs hanging precariously in front of her Dawn snapped at her daughter harshly telling her she should cover up around the pool. After a short, whispered argument, where Cliff was implicated in the choice and procurement of the offending bikini, Dawn packed her beach bag and huffily left her eldest daughter stewing by the pool with a message to for Cliff to meet her in their room.

Dawn had stripped out of her swimsuit when she reached the room, after having going to the loo she wiped away the juices from her pussy lips and then had to rinse out her stained swimsuit. The room was stuffy after being shut-up until late afternoon, so pulling a short cotton robe on she lay on her bed and clicked on the air-conditioning intending to remain angry until Cliff turned up. Remembering her book she dug out the slim volume she reread the story which had previously made her wet.

Her anger began to dissipate as she read and idly began rubbing her fingers though her pubes, before long she laid her book down beside her and started rubbing her pussy lips and clitoris. Closing her eyes she masturbated to images of her husband using his mouth to pleasure the Greek waitress, her stocky legs writhing over his shoulders as her body reacted to the stimulation. Dawn felt her orgasm getting close and she alternated frantic clit rubbing with two-finger penetrations of her pussy.

She imagined Cliff rising above the prone girl his cock sticking out hard and proud about to penetrate the virginal pussy, the girl holding herself open in expectation, Dawn began to cum and pushed her own fingers deep inside her vaginal cavity. The image in her head now showed the young girls head thrown back but her hair was a different colour, her breasts larger, legs longer and slimmer. She came hard on her fingers imagining Cliff buried deep in Ellie’s 18 year-old virgin pussy, his body in spasm as his cock delivered his spunk inside their daughter.

Dawn knew she had cried out in ecstasy, having had her best orgasm of recent memory, she lay back tired and vaguely ashamed before drifting off to sleep.

The bed sank waking Dawn from her doze, then she felt the touch of warm flesh against her hips, then the feint brush of lips just below her belly button. Without opening her eyes she murmured,

“Fuck me, before I get grumpy again!”

No reply except the movement of the lips downwards grazing her patch of pubic hair. Warm breath at the top of her pussy lips made her shiver involuntarily, then the tip of a tongue pushed through her folds and probe her clitoris. Dawn rolled her hips pressing her mound into the mouth teasing her pussy,

“Okay make me come first,” she moaned, as the mouth sucked her lips and clitoris, “Then fuck me hard!”

Still no spoken reply, just her legs being lifted and spread by big hands, then more forceful devouring of her pubic area, until she tensed and cried out,

“Yeh, Yeh, oh shit yessss!” her stomach muscles tensing as she pulled at the head between her thighs.

Before she had finished coming her legs were pushed up towards her head and she felt a rock hard cock probe the slick lips of her pussy.

“Fuck me!” she gasped.

“Si, senora,” a voice said, making her open her eyes, in initial panic, as the cock sank easily inside her body.

Cliff’s stupid face grinned down at her, as his hips thrust into hers.

“You silly bastard,” Dawn moaned between thrusts, “We’re in Greece, not Spain!”

“Don’t know no Greek!” puffed Cliff, suddenly slamming into her harder and faster than normal. Dawn’s tits were performing concentric circles as the bounced from the force of the thrusts.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Dawn, “I’m cumming again!”

“Me too!” Cliff groaned as his big body tensed and his cock shot spunk deep inside his large breasted wife.

A minute later, they lay side by side breathing heavily, lightly touching each other. Dawn was relieved her doctor had consented to leave her on the contraceptive pill for one more month, as she felt some of their mingled juices ooze from her pussy but was sure the force of Cliff’s ejaculation would have landed most of the unwanted invaders deep in her womb.

“That was nice,” Cliff said at last, “Making up before the argument.”

“There’s no argument needed,” Dawn replied, looking at his smiling face, “Just admit you were wrong to persuade your daughter to a wear slutty bikini top, so perverts can stare at her.”

“Oh, so you think all the other girls around the pool and a lot of their mothers are sluts?” Cliff grinned in reply.

“No, that’s their business,” retorted Dawn, “But Ellie’s your daughter and has more on show than most of them! And while we are on the subject, it didn’t take you long to check out the views!”

“Are we arguing now?” asked Cliff.

“Yes!” came the huffy reply.

“That’s good, can we have sex again to make up?” said a smirking Cliff leaning over and sucking on Dawn’s left earlobe.

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