Cucky Gets Lucky Ch. 03

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Things had really changed in our relationship. Now that we were open to everyone about Karen being my slut things escalated quickly. Karen sat John down and had a long talk explaining to him that he was now to be abstinent forever. After entertaining all our friends to the sounds of me fucking his wife’s brains out he had resigned himself to his fate.

The openness of our relationship had improved Karen’s home life a great deal. Before coming out to her kids she was unable to have me over her house often. Now I could spend the night with her in the comfort of her own home. John had taken a liking to having me there and aside from sleeping on the couch was happy as a clam.

Karen’s social media profiles were now loaded with pictures of me and her or the three of us. Karen’s kids enjoyed my company. I had become part of the family in a way. Karen was really enjoying our new arrangement.

Karen relished her newfound freedom and dressed way more sexy. Her outfits consisted of tiny dresses booty shorts and tube tops when weather permitted. On colder days Karen still always managed to show some cleavage or leg. Karen’s underwear drawer hadn’t been touched for months.

I converted Karen’s room into a sex dungeon. We had all manor of sex toys and sex furniture. Our nights were not complete without several hours of bondage and rough sex. Karen was in size queen submissive slut heaven. We often joked that even her smallest toy was twice the size of Johns winky.

Every one in Johns life wondered what he got out of this relationship. The truth was he was in sexual bliss as well. John had resigned himself to a life time of being caged. His cage was a part of him now. Karen loved him but never wanted to see his little thingy again she was grossed out by it.

John did not participate in our sexual activity at all during the week. He was however permitted to listen threw the door to the loud moans. On the weekend he was rewarded. Saturday me and Karen would always have a sex marathon. John was allowed to watch.

John had found that he could now orgasm wearing the cage. He had gotten into sounding. He would stick little dildos into the tip of his penis and then push a vibrator against his cage. He would watch us for hours and cum dozens of times while sounding his tiny clitty.

Johns penis was remarkably small yet to my surprise it could accept large insertions. The largest of the toys that John used was half the diameter of his winky. Cucky would dribble cum all day listening to my giant cock pulverize his wifes pussy.

Karen and John were the only fully open and on display cuckold relationship I had ever heard of. Karen had really embraced the lifestyle and was actively spreading the word. She had pictures of her and my cock on her bedroom walls. She ran a support group for other cuckold Escort couples. She organized an introduction to cuckolding class at the local community college. She put on monthly events, parties and get together.

One of the things I loved about Karen was her sexual tastes were ever evolving. She always wanted to take things further. She had developed a newfound interest in sissification and gangbangs.

After a few months of this routine I planned a special day for the three of us. Karen’s kids were at her sisters for the weekend. I arrived bright and early at Karen and John’s that Friday. John’s car was still in the driveway.

I let myself in and John was scampering down the stairs apologizing for not greeting me. I assured him that it was fine and that I wanted to talk to him and Karen in the kitchen. John was all dressed for work but I could still make out the obvious outline of his little cage.

I told John to strip naked and get Karen and meet me in the kitchen. Karen came in wearing a little negligee looking like a perfect little sex pot. She embraced me with a warm make out session while John sounded his penis mindlessly with a small plug.

“Alright listen up you two we have a big weekend ahead of us, John I hope you have been saving your pennies because we are having quiet the getaway, Karen and I were talking and we realize we no longer want you to be a pathetic A sexual bitch boy, We finally realized you are now officially a cross dressing Sissy faggot, First thing this morning while you’re at work we are going to throw out all your male clothing, Me and Karen are on our way to pick out a full new wardrobe for you, From now on you’re known as Cucktina and this weekend is your coming out party, I also have plenty of surprises for your fellow slut Karen, The two of you sluts are going to be in huge cock heaven this weekend, We are headed to my cape house where I have organized everything for us.” I said bluntly to the two shocked sluts.

John had a look of shock and horror on his face. He violently shivered at the thought of what I suggested. He gulped nervously. His hand sped up fingering his little clit almost with a mind of its own.

I half expected protest but Cucktina remained in that state of shock. He stood frozen quivering. Karen and I watching waiting for his protest but instead. Pop! He came and came, alot for a tiny dick cuck.

“I guess he likes the idea.” Karen said giggling and looking down at the cum squirting out of his tip.

John let go of his tiny caged penis and stared down at it. Every second or so he would twitch and let out a blast of semen onto the floor. For a full minute shot after shot splurted out of his pee pee.

Finally the twitching ended. Now the steady dribble of cum that was much more characteristic for him began. He must of been backed up as a puddle of cum pooled on the floor at his feet.

“Get down and lick that up Cucktina.” I yelled.

John dropped to the floor and aggressively lapped at the pool of his own cuck juice. Karen laughed heartily at the pathetic display. John shuttered at the volume if his own jizz.

“Lets go throw out all those male disguises he wears Master.” Karen said pushing past the kneeling quivering bitch.

Once upstairs we started packing all his clothes in garbage bags I had brought in from my car. We were thorough and careful not to miss anything. John came upstairs now again dressed for work to kiss Karen goodbye.

“Woah there Cucktina this is as good a day as any to starting dressing correctly, take off those mens clothes and go put something of mine on, good luck finding something that fits you but I know youre never wearing mens clothes again.” She scolded.

“Karen can we talk about this in private.” John stammered.

“No bitch if you don’t do as I say then I’m going to beat you senseless tonight, You know my biggest dildo? that is going up your ass if you don’t strip off those mens clothes and dress more appropriate for a slut like you.” She said coldly.

John fidgeted and fussed and feigned protest. He complained how he would be late for work. He did not make this easy. In the end it was all futile. Karen had the final word with everything in Johns life. I knew that if need be i could step in and set him straight but it didn’t come to that.

Before long john was hopping in his car. He had on a form hugging stretchy pencil skirt. Beneath which the outline of his cock cage was obvious. Up top he had a tight white tee with some cleavage. He wore lip stick and mascara. Heels to complete the ensemble.

Karen and I laughed our asses off watching him clumsily walk down the drive way. Me and Karen had a quickie in there marital bed and then head out for the mall.

Me and Karen spent hours buying a whole new wardrobe. all manor of pink and purple clothing. We even managed to find some special stuff from spencers gifts for Cucktina to wear.

We only beat Cucktina home by an hour or so. When we finally heard the door open I was balls deep in Karen on the couch. Cucktina said something as he turned the corner. I couldn’t hear him over Karens load moaning and dirty talking.

“Take a seat fag, I’m about to blow a load inside your wife, Then you can eat it out of her.” I said to Cucktina.

He looked ridiculous in his girly outfit. If his hair was a bit longer he might make a convincing girl. I hadnt noticed but he had lost a considerable amount of weight.

I pulled my horse cock from Karen and shot my first splurt onto her pussy lips. My next splooch landed on the couch, My third huge glob landed on the floor, Then I shoved my massive meat inside her to milk the remaining drops into his wife.

“There you go Cucktina plenty of cum for you to eat, Hand me your purse first I hope you remembered to get the money I told you to get.” I said.

Cucktina practically dove onto his formerly innocent wife and began chowing down on my thick load. He took care to lick every drop off the coach and then the floor. Finally he returned to his wifes stretched puffy cunt and slurped away.

I fished threw Cucktinas new purse looking for the money I told him to withdraw. I took my time making sure every cent I had spent on his new wardrobe and the expenses for the weekend was accounted for.

After a couple more rounds of beating Karens back out we took off. I have a rental property on the cape. I seldom used it but it was the perfect place to party.

It has a pool a bar and a bunch of beds. We arrived and quickly unpacked and settled in. It was only a few hours before our guests would be arriving. I had Karen dress Cucktina up how we had discussed.

He wore a plaid school girl outfit on. A crop top tied in a knot that read “size queen”. A choker on his neck that read slut. His make up was like a 10$ whore. Pink heels on his feet.

Once Karen was satisfied with his appearance she marched him out to the living room. I had set up a bondage horse right in the center of the living room. I quickly tied Cucktina to the horse.

Once I was sure he was secure and in place I spoke up.

“Do here is the deal Cucktina, Today is the first day of the rest of you’re life, I know you better than you know yourself, You’re a size queen, You’re a fag, and you love to watch your wife get pulverized by huge cocks, Once we decided that you were gay and a size queen it was just a matter of figuring out what type of man you like, So we looked at you’re search history, It looks like BBC is the cock for you, So I took it upon myself to organize a Big Black Cock gangbang for your faggot asshole, You’re going to need a safe word because I told them all that there is no limits and they can use you however they want to in any way they want to for as long as they want to, I also have a tattoo artist coming to tattoo queen of spades on your ankle, In addition to all that you’re not the only one whose going to get gangbanged, Karen here has more boyfriends than you realize, She hasnt even told you but she has a few boyfriends each with horse cocks, and all of them are coming this weekend for a weekend long sex marathon, In addition your brother is coming to fuck Karen as well, We invited a few of your Co workers as well to take a turn with her, I dont know how many of your friends are well endowed but they all got the invite, hell you never know perhaps some of your friends or co workers might want to fuck you up the ass or fuck your face as well which I made sure they are aware you’re at anyone’s disposal as a human fuck toy should be.”

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