Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 09

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Big Dicks

A few months later Steve was given a new gig. He would be away for a couple of months. I couldn’t believe it was happening again. He again promised to send me on a regular basis the love packets like before.

This was a reasonable substitute, as I treasure Steve’s cum above all else. However, even if I could eat his cum out of a box, or whatever other device he would use, I above all wanted it spurting from his cock head directly in my mouth.

I knew I would need other cocks to satisfy my insatiable need for cum shooting into my mouth. After about two weeks, I received the first packet of Steve’s love juice and quickly downed it all, superb. Even though I was doing myself and swallowing my own cum, I still wanted it coming directly. So I gave the canyon in Griffith Park a try for a quick load of cum.

This time I drove their in the nude, raising my prick to full attention from the thrill I always got when I would be stepping out in full daylight in public. I arrived at the right time, dawn. I walked up the grass balls naked into the canyon and continued a bit to a sort of rock shelf and sat down. I stroked my cock, in order to keep it rigid.

After a few minutes a guy, completely naked with a humongous prick at full attention came out from behind some bushes. He came over to me and without a word pushed his rod against my lips. This monster was almost twice the circumference of Steve’s mighty tool. He also had gargantuan balls that promised to fill me to the brim. I had to admire his cock and balls and put my hand on his shaft. My fingers wouldn’t go all the way around. Damn, I have to get this thing down my throat and have it give me what I anticipate would be the grandest gusher of sweet cum I ever had.

As an aside, my first black cock was almost as big around as this one and he had balls slightly larger. I wasn’t prepared for his eruption and I couldn’t swallow fast enough, because his cock was pulsing again and again, maybe ten or twelve times. This gaziantep escort is why I was praying this gorgeous hunk of meat would deliver me the same magnificent, delicious and non-stop gusher.

I pulled that lovely man hood into my mouth and pumped in and out for quite some time, getting hotter than hell knowing that what I savored most was soon to be mine. He started to buck and let go. I was not disappointed. His cock was like a fire hose, shooting untold gobs of scrumptious cum in my mouth and down my throat. He then left.

I sat there a few minutes savoring the taste when another guy appeared wearing running shorts. He immediately pulled them down revealing a smaller. but nice cock . He says, “you want some of this?”. I said, “bring it on”. I took it right away and sucked it in to the hilt. He gasped, “that’s so good, no one up here has ever been able to deep throat. Damn, that makes me so hot, I am going to cum.” I took it all with his meat down my throat. He said, “thanks, I needed that.”

I went back a couple of times and was amazed that these guys must have been straight, because I sucked them off and that was it.

Now, the patio. I had been having a recurring fantasy while sitting at the patio table nude that is in front of my office. In my fantasy I was going to sit in a chair by the table, which is about 25 feet from the sidewalk. I would be naked, sporting a half hard on with my legs spread. The sexiest part was if a guy spied my nakedness and my cock. If he stopped and stared I would wave him over. He would say, “wow, what are you doing” and I would reply, ” waiting for you, so I can suck your cock.”

After, for me, sucking those 4 or 5 cocks in the canyon, I felt very brazen. So I convinced myself that I would put the plan into action that coming Sunday morning. It was a dud for a few weeks. Ready to give it up, I would try just once more.

It was Sunday morning about eight o’clock when a young stud was walking up the street with his dog and spied me and then down to my dong. He made eye contact and came toward me, mumbling “I can’t believe what I’m seeing” then ” why are you sitting there like that?” I gave him the line from my fantasy, “waiting for you, so I can suck your cock”. Even before this exchange, I saw a bulge rising in his shorts. I said, “if you’re ready, tie off your dog and get over here.”

By the time I pulled his shorts down he had a raging hard on. It was well shaped and I would guess about nine inches, nice. I took the bulbous head in my mouth and rolled his cock around getting a fast reaction from him. I sucked it in and out for what must have been ten minutes before he started bucking and moaning. His cock exploded and delivered a lovely package of extremely thick and tasty cum.

He says, “man that was good. Can I touch your dick?”

Me, “after pumping that delicious cum in my mouth, you can play with it”.

He reached down and took it in his hand and said “oooh, I like holding it. Could I run home and bring my twin brother back.”

Me, “the more glorious cum the merrier.”

He grabbed the dog and took off at a trot. It wasn’t but about five minutes that they returned. The brother pulls off his shorts on arrival. I take his half soft cock in my mouth and it becomes hard instantly. I give him the same fine blowjob I gave his brother and receive another load of superb tasting cum.

The first guy was Mike and his brother was Alan.

Alan, “we have been waiting for this for a long time. Thanks for being here.”

Me, “Why is that?”

Alan, “About a year ago Mike came into my room while I was jacking off. He watched for a while and then said, as twins, we should do it together. That really turned me on so I agreed it would be great. He stripped off his clothes and lay down next to me and proceeded to pump his cock as I did. We both blew our wads on our bellies and chests. Over the next couple of weeks we did it together most every day. One day Mike, as we get on the bed, sits up and takes my cock in his hand and starts jerking me off. It

was such a turn on having another hand there I came after a half a dozen strokes. I am then stunned when Mike leans over and licks some of my cum off my chest. He says that he’s wanted to do that for the last few days and it tastes good. I tell him to lay down and I pull his tool until he shoots on his chest and belly. I wasn’t ready to taste his cum though.

“Over the next few days we repeated this daily. Mike was now licking and sucking up all of my man juice and swallowing it. I then sucked up some of his, swirled it around in my mouth and liked it as much as Mike did. A couple of days later I was sitting on the bed waiting for Mike, stroking my cock to an erection. When Mike came in and undressed he stood staring at my man hood. He said, ‘Alan, stroking your cock and eating your cum has made me so horny I could explode. Now, as I ogle your erection, I have to have it in my mouth and get your cum directly from the source.’ I said, YES, I have been thinking the same thing, but was afraid of your reaction. I lay down and demanded he take it. He got between my legs and took the head into his mouth and just held it for a few moments, caressing it with his lips. He raised up for a second and said, ‘shit, the feel of your cock on my lips and tongue is beyond belief.’ He then went at it with abandon, taking almost the whole thing. It didn’t take long for me to fill his mouth with a large load of cum. He swallowed the full load and announced that it was heavenly.

I then did the same. We continued for quite some time and pronounced ourselves full blown cocksuckers. It then came up in conversation that I would like to suck a strange cock. Mike thought that was a great turn on. So, by a stroke of luck, here we are. We have to run, or we’ll be late for our yoga class.”

Yoga? That gave me an idea. I asked them to come back the next Sunday and I would show them something different. After that they could suck my cock. They agreed and said they would see me then.

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