Cycling Swingers

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As I rolled out of bed that Saturday, I noted the absence of my wife. I had a few precious days to myself since she and kids had left yesterday to visit her mom on Cape Cod The house was quiet and I was having a second cup of coffee daydreaming about the most recent sex we had had.

My wife Sheila and enjoy I mutual masturbation. Sometimes we read erotic stories to each other, other times one narrates a fantasy or experience. Occasionally, one would throw out a scenario and then we would take turns building the story while pleasuring ourselves. Two nights ago, I’d asked Sheila to verbalize an experience she had with her college boyfriend David and roommate Joan. I lay next her listening, growing more and more excited as she got to the part when she and Joan took turns licking David’s balls and sucking his cock. I had my eyes closed imagining the scene – hearing Sheila’s breathing become more rapid as she described it. When Sheila got to the part that had her watching David fucking Joan as Joan ate her, I was furiously stroking my cock and came all over my stomach and hand. I then opened my eyes to watch my wife using her middle finger to alternately flick her clit and slide into her wet hole. Sheila was describing how aroused she felt – having friend’s tongue on her while watching her boyfriend’s face as he came – when her orgasm hit.

I love hearing the pleasure in her voice as she moaned: “Ohhhhhhh,” and the way her face tightened, nipples hardened and hips bucked when she came.

Holding her afterwards, I once again told Sheila how much I enjoyed her retelling that episode.

As I always did, I had asked her what she thought of trying a threesome and was encouraged when, instead of saying her usual “That would be way too weird,” she said: “Maybe I can talk to Joan about it a little bit the next time she’s in town.”

The idea of that made my cock twitch as I rinsed my coffee cup, looked at the clock that read almost nine, and headed outside.

I was greeted by beautiful New England summer weather: clear and dry, maybe mid-seventies. The first thing I planned on doing was to go for a long bike ride. I got my bike out of the shed and was just about to get going when I realized I had better stretch first. Even though I’m in pretty good shape for someone in his late forties, I knew I might regret not getting loose first.

So, I leaned my bike against the front steps & started some stretches.

As I was doing so, I heard a female voice shout: “Woohoo!”

It was Roxy, a good looking woman who lived across the street with her husband Jake. I guess I got her attention in the tight cycling shorts I was wearing and straightened up to wave hello. I immediately saw that she and Jake were also in cycling garb. I especially noticed Roxy, whose attractive figure was accentuated by the spandex shorts and top she had on.

“Hey sweet cheeks, do you want to join us for a ride?” she asked from their front yard.

I thought to myself: ‘sweet cheeks’?

Then I remembered meeting them shortly after they had moved into the house across the street about six months ago. They were younger than us, probably late thirties, and a couple who didn’t have kids.

After introducing themselves, we chatted awhile and near the end of the conversation Jake said: “You’ll probably notice a lot of cars around some weekends. We tend to throw a few parties.”

Then Roxy laughed and added: “Yeah, we’re real swingers.”

My wife and I smiled at the time and frequently joked about it when we saw a lot of different cars parked there on weekends.

Having remembered that, maybe it wasn’t so strange that Roxy would greet me that way this morning. So I smiled and told her I’d be happy to join them. Jake came out of the house just as I was bringing my bike over to their yard and said good morning. Then he asked if I wanted to join them for a ride. I laughed and told him Roxy had already asked.

The two of them exchanged smiles and Jake said: “Great day for a ride. Let’s get going!”

We rode about thirty miles that day at a leisurely pace and were able to chat a bit along the way.

They asked if my wife liked to ride and when I told them with a wink: “Yes, but not as much as I do” they both burst out laughing.

Jake said he noticed her car wasn’t in the driveway and I told them she went to the Cape with the kids for a few days. Roxy said that they were going to be around all weekend and would make sure I was okay. When we got back, Roxy said she had some fabulous iced tea in the fridge and offered me some.

While she was in the house getting the drinks, Jake said to me: “That was fun. We should do more stuff together.”

I agreed with him and before I could catch myself was asking: “What other things do you like to do?”

Jake, who by my own admission was a handsome guy, grinned and said “Well one thing we’re into is photography.”

He paused and then caught me by surprise adding: “And we like to swing.”

He must have caught the look of surprise on my face because he immediately said: “That’s just us. I’m only sharing information. Hope you’re not bothered.” I told him that I wasn’t bothered and explained that it was a little surprising to hear – even though we had some suspicions from that initial conversation months ago.

Just then, Roxy came out of the house with the ice tea and a towel over her shoulders. She looked so appealing: a little sweaty in that tight outfit. I smiled as she handed me a tall glass of iced tea and felt my cock twitch a little thinking about what Jake had just told me. We sat on the lawn in the shade and drank our ice tea not saying a lot. Perhaps they were thinking about the same thing I was: swinging.

Roxy finished her ice tea and said: “Well, I’m going to shower and do some errands.”

As she was getting up she patted me on the shoulder and said: “Maybe we’ll see you later.”

I finished my drink and got up to go across the street.

Jake took my glass and said, “You should think about coming over later. We’re going to grill some steaks and you’re welcome to join us. Roxy really likes you, umm, if you know what I mean…”

I laughed nervously and got my bike.

“I’ll think about it. I really will,” I told Jake before crossing the street to my house.

After putting my bike back in the shed, I went inside to shower. I stripped and as I stood naked in front of the mirror, realized the effect that the idea of doing something later with them had on me. My cock was semi-hard and, squeezing it, a glob of pre-cum oozed out. I stepped into the shower and began fantasizing about Roxy naked with me first tasting and then fucking her. I soaped myself and, stroking my hard cock, imagined what it would be like to do that in front of Jake. I asked myself, could I fuck her in front of him? I stroked myself picturing him watching and being content to just watch. I pictured that scene and as the fantasy had me cumming in Roxy’s delicious pussy I spilled all over the shower floor.

When I finished my shower, I dried off and lay down on the bed and before long, nodded off to sleep. I was awakened by the phone ringing but was too dazed to answer it. I looked at the clock and realized I had dozed off for almost two hours. Realizing I still had some things to do around the house, I pulled on some cutoffs and mindlessly went about them. The mindlessness stopped when I heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to see Roxy standing there clad in a sports bra and cargo shorts. She was holding a pitcher and a glass.

“Hi John,” she said, “You just have to try some of Jake’s famous rum punch.”

I felt a little foolish as I stood there in my cutoffs and work boots gawking at her before saying “Hi!”

I was sweating from having just spent a couple hours on the basement remodeling project I had started a few weeks ago, so I was ready for a nice cold drink.

“Okay,” I told her and just couldn’t help noticing how fit and sexy she was as she poured me one.

I basically gulped it down and handing her the cup said: “Wow! That’s fantastic!”

She smiled and poured me another.

“You’d better not gulp this one. It’ll mess you up!” she warned.

I heeded her advice and laughed as she stood there drinking from the pitcher. Some of it spilled onto her bra.

She laughed and said “Ooopsy.”

I wanted to taste her right then and there, feeling a stirring in my shorts as I thought that.

“Jake will wonder what I’m doing since I promised to help him get things ready for the cookout,” she told me.

Then just before turning to go back across the street she surprised me.

She looked me square in the eyes, and while gently brushing a finger around my nipple, said in a sensual voice: “I really hope you’ll come over. Food will be ready in about a half hour.”

As she walked away, I watched that sweet ass and, with my erect cock in my shorts doing the thinking, said to myself: “Definitely going over there.”

Forty five minutes later, showered and dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and jeans, I was sitting on their deck eating unbelievably delicious steak, corn, and salad. Reggae music was playing & their Jacuzzi bubbling in the background. Of course, once dinner ended, getting in the Jacuzzi was what was suggested. I hadn’t even known they had a Jacuzzi before this evening, so when I mentioned going across the street to get a bathing suit,

Jake said with a wink: “Whoa, if you think you need one, you can use one of mine. We are about the same size. But, on the other hand, we are all adults here…”

Pointing to the door, Roxy chimed in: “If you go in the house, there’s a small guest room on the right. We leave extra bathing suits, towels and robes in there. You can use that room to change or to just slip into a robe.”

I got up to go in the house undecided about what I’d do. As I was doing that, Roxy sighed happily and said, “I sure can use that Jacuzzi.”

With that, she removed her top and I got a firsthand view of her naked breasts. They were perfect – probably 34’s and as tanned as the rest of her.

Jake looked at me and then said to Roxy: “Let’s have a little bet on whether he comes out in a bathing suit.”

He then walked over to the Jacuzzi, quickly took off his clothes and got in.

I went in the house and into the guest room. I took off my clothes and seeing my semi-hard cock, grabbed a robe.

When I went outside, Jake said: “Let’s see who won the bet.”

I unfastened the robe, slipped it off and Roxy exclaimed: “Nice!”

Grinning, I got into the Jacuzzi and asked: “So, who won the wager?”

Jake laughed and replied: “We couldn’t make the bet because both of us were convinced you wouldn’t be wearing a swimsuit…”

We all had a good laugh over that. There was a pitcher of rum punch with glasses set next to the Jacuzzi. Jake reached over and poured a round for all of us. We were quiet for a few moments – enjoying the Jacuzzi and sipping our drinks.

Jake broke the silence by asking: “So John, have you ever been involved with another couple?” I told him I hadn’t.

He laughed and said: “Looks like you’re going down that path.”

Then Roxy asked: “What about your wife?”

I told her that Sheila had done some stuff in college with her roommate & boyfriend.

Roxy smiled and Jake said: “You must’ve been turned on hearing that.”

I told him it was a favorite fantasy and Roxy said: “Guess we might have to invite Sheila over.”

Jake then asked me if I’d ever done anything with a guy. I told him back in my teen’s I had done a little mutual masturbation with a friend. He smiled and told me that I seemed to be pretty open-minded.

In their Jacuzzi – which seemed it could probably hold 10 or more people, we had plenty of room to stretch out. Underneath the bubbling water my cock was hard and when Jake got up to get another pitcher of rum punch, I saw that his cock was too. While he was away, I closed my eyes but opened them a moment later when I felt a hand on my knee.

“Did you see Jake’s cock?” Roxy whispered.

Then her hand ran up the inside of my thigh and her fingers found their way around my cock.

“Mmm, I thought you’d be hard,” she said, gently stroking my cock.

My hand found her leg and slowly made its way up her leg and just before it reached her pussy, slowly traveled back down again. I did that three or four times until, on that last time up, Roxy slipped further down into the tub and my hand made contact with her hot pussy. Roxy moaned, and began to grind against my hand.

I closed my eyes, feeling the moment until being startled by Jake’s voice saying: “I see you’re getting better acquainted.”

He was smiling and holding another pitcher of rum, his cock still hard.

Feeling me jolt, Roxy took her hand off my cock and I took mine from the warm place it had found. But it seemed that Jake had this great knack for making people relax.

He asked how I was feeling and I said: “Feelin’ alright.”

He grinned and poured me a drink and handed it too me – his cock a few inches from my face. Seeing it that close, I knew he probably had at least an inch on my own six. He then moved to refresh Roxy’s drink. As he did, his cock even closer to her face, she turned and licked it.

He looked at me and winked, saying: “Careful, hon. We don’t want to get our neighbor too worked up.”

He then poured himself a drink and got in the Jacuzzi on the opposite side of us. I took a big gulp of my drink and noticed that I had a good buzz working. Jake then shocked me by telling me what he had in mind. He said that as much as he loves MMF action he wanted tonight to be a photography night. What he was looking forward to was filming an attractive man with his wife.

He then asked: “Do you think you might be up for that, John?”

We all laughed when Roxy said, “Let me check,” and once again her hand found my cock.

Jake then said, “Why don’t you two go into that guest room and get started while I grab the cameras.”

Roxy got out of the tub, water dripping from her gorgeous body, reached a helping hand down and I was out of the tub next to her. She grabbed a towel but instead of using it to dry herself off, began to dry me.

She once again gripped my cock and, squeezing precum from it, said: “Hmmm, you’re still pretty wet down here.”

She then quickly toweled off and said to follow her. We went in to the guestroom where she lay tummy-down on the bed, told me she was sore, and asked if I would massage her.

I immediately got on the bed and, straddling her fine ass, began to massage her shoulders. As I did, my balls brushed up and down her butt. When I leaned into her, kissing and nibbling her neck, my cock glided up and down her crack. She moaned as I gently ran my fingers down her spine and back up. Then I heard a clicking sound behind me and looked over my shoulder to see Jake standing in the doorway taking pictures.

“Perfect,” he murmured. He then moved closer and got some shots from the side and front.

I turned myself around and began to massage Roxy’s feet and calves. When I did this, my cock was more exposed to Jake’s camera.

He said: “I like what I see” and began taking some close-ups of my glistening cock.

Meanwhile, as I gently massaged her feet and toes, Roxy was squirming under me – softly grinding her ass against my balls.

Roxy then said, “I think it’s your turn for a massage.”

So, I got off her and lay down on my stomach. Roxy complimented me on my butt and straddled it. I could feel the warm wetness of her pussy as she rubbed my shoulders. I also felt her nipples and breasts on my back as she leaned into her massage. She slid lower down my legs in order to massage my lower back. Then she began rubbing my butt. First she used her elbow to really get my gluts and muscles around my hips. She stopped that and switched to using her hands on my ass cheeks. She squeezed and rubbed them getting gentler and gentler with her touch. Her finger glided up and down my crack. Then her hand reached under me to softly palm my balls and she began moving them in a slow circular motion.

“Damn that’s hot,” I heard Jake say as he continued taking pictures.

Then I saw him move to the closet and he took out a video camera. Roxy knew it was time.

She leaned over and licked my ear and whispered: “I need your cock in me.”

She then rolled off of me and lay down with her legs spread. As I looked at her and at the glistening shaved pussy, I told her that I just had to taste her. I moved my head between her legs and gently licked the inside of each thigh before barely touching her slit with my tongue. I moved my tongue slowly up and down – delighting in its scent and taste. I licked her – seeing Jake standing there above me holding the videocam and slowly stroking his cock.

“Fuck me!” Roxy moaned.

So, I moved up and slowly entered her warm pussy. I eased my cock back out and then pushed in again – this time a little deeper. I did that two or three times and began sucking and pinching her nipples as I did.

Soon her breathing quickened and she cried out: “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

Jake must’ve sensed she was close because he told me to cum on her belly. Then to my surprise he started slowly rubbing my ass cheeks as I drove in and out of her. Roxy was bucking against me and moaning louder and louder until I knew she had had her orgasm. I couldn’t stand it any longer and quickly pulled my cock out and ejaculated all over her tummy.

Spent, I rolled over onto my back. Jake had captured it all with the videocam and I watched as he rubbed my cum into Roxy’s skin. He then set the camera down and stroking himself, moved towards Roxy’s head. She engulfed his cock with her mouth, moving up and down it. Within about ten seconds, Jake was groaning in ecstasy and I saw some of his cum leak out the corner of her mouth.

Jake lay down on the bed on the other side of Roxy, draping his arm over her as they kissed.

We lay there relaxing for several silent minutes until Jake said: “Oh man, I can’t wait ’til that comes out on DVD.”

I laughed and said, “DVD, glossy photos…I guess that means I’m a star.”

Roxy giggled and said, “You better believe it! I’ll make the popcorn for the showing.” Then she added, “And, by the way, I’d really like to know your wife a little better.”

Jake grinned, and said: “Me too!”

I laughed and thought to myself: “This could get very interesting…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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