Cynful Enticement Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: A New Level

It had been three days since the rape, and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel. Everything I’ve ever seen or heard about rape the woman is supposed to feel dirty and used. But I feel nothing like that. I feel more sexually alive then ever before. My body mutilated by his hands is healing nicely. There are faint, red rings around my wrists and ankles from being bound to him. My nipples are red and slightly swollen, and my ass is still a little sore. But other then that I’m perfectly fine. That is my body is fine, but my emotions are running rampant.

Every waking hour is consumed with thoughts of sex. If I hear a song on the radio it reminds me of Kit and Jenna. Of how they tasted and how they felt. If I’m watching television and someone says bitch or something to that affect, I’m reminded of Stu. The way my body responded to his words, to his demands. If I’m cleaning house I often wonder how it would feel like to be fucked in this position or that position. God it is never ending. Hell even this morning, while slicing cucumbers, it took every ounce of my willpower not to shove that thing deep into my quivering pussy.

What the hell was wrong with me? Even as I take a shower, I can’t help but to think about it. The way the warm water rushes over my body reminds me of the way I felt when the blood dribbled from Stu’s lips down onto me. The warm thickness of it as it ran over my naked body. The way he forcibly fucked my ass. The sensations painful at first turned into an orgasmic bliss that still blows my mind. Catapulting me into a realm of endless possibilities. He opened me up like no other. Unleashing an unknown hunger within. If I’m not careful that hunger will consume me. I haven’t allowed myself to give in to the urges, to touch, not wanting to hinder the healing process. But good lord it is driving me mad.

Stepping from the shower, I wrap myself in a large fluffy towel. Using a smaller one for my long red hair. I have planned to venture out of the house today. Thinking I’ll stop at the diner for some lunch, then probably workout at the gym. Maybe some good Akbatı escort bayan food and exercise will help clear my head. Needing something sleek and sexy, but not to provocative. I search my closet for something to wear. After passing on the latex and leather, I choose something light and summery. A peach, flower-print, silk sundress with a white chiffon overlay. Adding a pair of white lace thongs, and matching white strappy sandals the outfit was complete. The design of the dress unables me to ware a bra. Being that the back of it is open and the front dips dangerously low!

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, I admire my reflection. As I unwind my hair, the red tendrils made dark from the water, cascade down over my shoulders. The tips of it just graze my nipples. The water that drips off of them makes them harder, almost painful. Unwrapping the towel from around my body, I let it drop in a heap of fluff at my feet. My eyes roam over my body, caressing it like a lover’s hand. The swell of my breasts the curve of my hip and the pathway to heaven between my legs. The ivory complexion of my skin is dusted with freckles, and it sets off the dark red in my hair. If you look closely into my deep green eyes you can see the untouched fire burning within my soul. At 5’4 and 117lbs, I would have to say I was pretty damn hot!

I cup my breasts, as if testing their weight, running the pad of my thumbs across the firm nubs. This feather-light touch ignites the fires of passion from deep within me. Unable to stop myself, I sit on the edge of the bed facing the mirror. Spreading my legs I watch myself as I move my hands down to the pearlesque pussy, smooth as a baby’s bottom. The lips puffy and slightly swollen from my building arousal. I spread the lips and am greeted by the prettiest salmon colored pink, glistening in pussy juice.

“God you are so beautiful.”

Moaning as I gingerly touch the still hooded clit. The thousands of nerve endings centered their scream in delight. Pressing and rubbing it gently my pearl throbs with desire.


My Escort Aksaray eyes never leaving the mirror as my fingers do an erotic, intimate dance over my slick pussy flesh. Encircling the clit with the tip of my finger.

“You are such a bad girl, but god help me it feels fantastic. Mmm… Oh yesss!”

Sliding my fingers down the gash to my honey-pot. Inserting one then two fingers into my hole. Feeling my sugarwalls pulse with sexual excitement. Pushing deep and twisting them.

“Oh god yesss!”

Rocking my hips to meet each thrust of the fingers. The pleasure courses through my veins as I start fucking myself with a vengeance.

Needing something more, something bigger. Searching frantically around the room for something, anything! Then I remember the cucumbers from this morning. Jumping from the bed with an exuberant joy that would put most kids to shame, I run to the kitchen. Flinging open the door, I rummage through the refrigerator hunting for them.

“Where the hell? Damnit, I used the last one. What now?”

Defeated, I start to close the door when I spy a clear bag in the back. Upon opening it, I discover three or four ears of fresh corn.

“Mmm… The right size, the right shape.” This just may do the trick.” I mumble to myself, beginning to shuck the corn.

My mind starts to race, and the voice inside my head speaks. “Brie, my child what are you doing? You are a good girl, and good girls don’t play with corn the way you’re planning to.” Another voice speaks up. A darker, bad girl voice. “Maybe it is time for her to stop being a goody-two-shoes. Time for her to unleash the bad girl within. Time for her to do all the dirty and kinky things she has ever wanted. Leave her alone and let her enjoy!” Shaking my head to clear the voices, I finish with the corn and head back to the bedroom.

This time, instead of sitting on the bed, I lie on my back in front of the mirror. My head rests on the footboard, and the flats of my feet are pressed against the cool glass. Legs spread wide and my pussy lips thick and gleaming. I Ankara escort set the corn aside and run my fingers up and down the wet slit. Arching my back and moaning as the tip of my fingernail grazes across my throbbing clit.

“Ahh… yess! You are such a bad little girl.”

Moaning as I place a finger on either side of my clit. Pinching and twisting the swollen nub. Jerking my hips as the pleasure sizzles throughout my body.

“Oh god yess! Mmm..! Such a nasty slut who is about to fuck a corncob. You dirty bitch! Oh yeah! It feels so good!”

Continuing to pull and tug on the quivering button of orgasmic pleasure with my fingers.

My voice drips with desire as I moan and growl like a cat in heat. Taking the idea of self-pleasure to whole new level. Grabbing the corncob, I roll it around between my thick lips to coat it in pussy juice. Never turning away from my reflection in the mirror. Slowly I slip the smaller end into my honeywell. The feeling of hundreds of little bumps is exquisite. Almost like little fingers widening my canal.

“Oh yess. That’s it! Mmm!”

Arching my back and raising my hips, I push it deeper.

Watching as my pussy swallows the corn. The soft yellow of the corn against the pale pink of my pussy is an exotic sight. It’s like my own personal porn video with me as the star. Losing control, I begin to buck my hips. Meeting each upward thrust of the corn. Pushing it harder and deeper. Really working my pussy. Feeling the intense flow of orgasmic energy churn in the pit of my stomach.

“OHH GOD YESS!!! Fuck it… Fuck it. Oh yeah!” That’s it you dirty bitch. TAKE IT ALL!!”

Beads of sweat form on my face as I beg and pant for release. My body goes rigid forming a high backbend. Shoving the corn deep and hard one final time. Taking all of it, only the flat end of it visible. My pussy clamps down on the corn as I begin to howl. My screams of ecstasy echo through then empty apartment.

Collapsing in a heap of orgasmic flesh. My body trembles for what seems like an eternity. Floating slowly back to earth. Reveling in sweet afterglow.

“Mmm… that was incredible.” I moan softly as I pull myself to sitting position.

As I do the corn slips out with a plop. I smile at my reflection and lick my lips.

“You go girlfriend” Moaning with a wink.

Completely relaxed and satisfied, I am ready to venture out into the world.

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