Daddy , Ivy Ch. 02

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It was true. Joining his naked daughter in her bed probably wasn’t Carl’s best decision. But when he pushed his pants down & stepped out of them he couldn’t regret it. Not when his daughter’s eyes were glued to his rock hard cock. Of course he worried it would frighten her. Carl’s cock stood a proud nine inches when fully erect & between the lack of action in his sex life & watching his daughter pleasure herself while screaming “Daddy!” fully erect seemed like an understatement.

But it wasn’t fear at all that Carl saw in his daughter’s eyes as he approached her bed. Her eyes were filled with longing & lust. He even saw her lick her lips as if in anticipation.

Ivy couldn’t believe what what was happening. Part of her was convinced none of it could be real but she knew even her wild imagination couldn’t conjure the shear beauty of her father’s cock. It was so wonderfully long & thick & – best of all – it was hard as steel.

Of course Ivy wanted her father. She’d cum so many times while imagining the very cock that was in front of her buried in her tight virgin pussy. But now when literally faced with how enormous it really was, she grew frightened.

Her father rested one knee on her bed & Ivy couldn’t stop herself from scooting away. “No, Daddy,” she whispered.


“I’m scared,” she told him. “I’m a virgin & you’re . . . You’re huge, Daddy!”

Carl was past reason, past common sense. “Yeah? Well you weren’t acting like any virgin I’ve ever seen a few minutes ago.” He reached for her, ignoring her struggles. “You were begging me to fuck you,” he reminded her. “Now I’m going to.”

Her fear mounting, Ivy tried to pull her arm from his but of course his strength was no match for her. He easily pulled his daughter down until she lay under him on her bed.

“Please no!” she begged as she felt his hardness on her stomach as he worked to position them both. Her struggles were ending because she knew bursa otele gelen eskort they were useless. Her father outweighed her in every area. Her father was going to fuck her whether she wanted him to or not.

“Think of it as your dreams coming true,” he told her. Carl was annoyed that she was making him feel like a monster when she was the one to get the idea in his head to begin with. He wasn’t going to let her get away with it. No daughter of his was going to be some kind of tease.

Plus, she felt amazing! The feel of her body underneath him was worth any consequence he was sure. And oh those tits! They were magnificent! Carl couldn’t wait to get his hands on her tits but right now his concentration was focused on getting his cock into his daughter’s virgin pussy.

Ivy continued to struggle but she didn’t dare scream. Her mother would no doubt side with her father if he claimed Ivy had seduced him. It wouldn’t do her any good to cry for help but she pushed at his shoulders & tried to keep her legs closed. But he didn’t budge & in no time at all her father’s cock was at the entrance of her pussy.

Christ, she was wet & hot & as he eased inside, her tightness was almost unbearable! Carl had to grit his teeth & fight not to cum instantly in his daughter’s untouched pussy.

She cried. She couldn’t help it. Her sobs shook her body even as her father slowly stroked his large cock into her tiny pussy. The pain was more than she could have imagined. But then something happened.

The sobs that wracked her body were betraying her. Ivy’s movements were forcing her to grind her clit across her father’s cock.

And it felt incredible!

Suddenly the hands that had been pushing against his shoulders dug in & gripped. Her legs opened almost automatically & she instinctively wrapped them around her father. Then she came, orgasming as she never had before.

And bursa eve gelen escort bayan her father wasn’t even all the way in yet . . .

Carl felt the change in his daughter of course. She was now clinging to him like a generous vine & her pussy constricted, telling him her orgasm had erupted. He took the opportunity to palm one of her tits & let out a low groan. But he couldn’t afford to give them too much attention. Not when his daughter’s pussy was squeezing his cock in a wonderfully painful way.

Slowly, he stroked his cock in & out of his daughter’s pussy. Carl felt the resistance. She was so tight but luckily extremely wet. The fact that there was cum in her pussy because she’d been fantasizing about this very act took him to new heights of pleasure. As he eased himself all the way into his daughter’s tight cunt he heard her sighing & moaning begin to form words.

“Yes…Oh Daddy…Yes….It feels so good, Daddy …. It feels even better than I imagined! Daddy, your cock is so big in my little pussy …. Drive it in, Daddy! Give your baby girl all of your big cock! Mmm… I love your cock in me, Daddy! I want to keep your big cock in me all the time! Go faster, Daddy! Please go faster! Your little girl needs to cum with your big cock inside her! Make me cum, Daddy!”

Carl felt like a madman as he plunged repeated into his daughter’s sweet little pussy. His hips moved lightning fast when he rocked them back & forth inside her. He tried to make it last but he was nearing his release.

“Daddy’s going to cum, baby,” he told her. “Are you ready for Daddy’s cum, sweetheart?”

“Yes, Daddy!” she answered. “I want your cum in me! I want you to shoot your cum inside me! I want to be full of your cum, Daddy! Please fill me, Daddy!”

He listened to her. Carl sprayed his daughter’s pussy repeatedly with his cum until he was sure her little pussy was over flowing. bayan eskort bursa Ivy came as well because she just couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have her father fill her with cum.

Both father & daughter rested, trying to catch their breath. Carl’s face was in the crook of his daughter’s neck so he kiss her there gently. He liked the taste of her so much that he kissed her more & he licked her & she moaned.

Suddenly, Carl didn’t feel much like resting.

He was still hard inside his daughter’s pussy. This time he stroked in & out gently while he kissed, licked, & sucked his way down her neck & chest until those perfect pillows of tit flesh were in his reach. He lavished her big, beautiful DD tits with his tongue & nibbled at them with his teeth.

Ivy loved the attention her father was giving her tits. She arched against him & moaned from the twin assaults, his mouth on her tits & his cock slowly moving inside her. She wanted to talk dirty to him because she enjoyed being able to say those nasty things to her own father. But she couldn’t form words. She could only sigh & moan & gasp while she moved her body against her father’s.

She came in a gentle rolling wave when her father took her nipple into his mouth & sucked while at the same time driving his monster cock all the way inside her. As her pussy squeezed her father’s cock, he came as well. He once again filled his daughter’s pussy with his cum & they both sighed in pleasure.

Carl kissed his way back up his daughter’s chest until he was a breath away from her mouth. “Are you okay?” he asked her.

If she hadn’t been so sated, Ivy might have laughed at her father’s question. Instead, she smiled & touched his cheek. “Yes, Daddy. I’m wonderful thanks to you.” She leaned forward & kissed him but it was just a peck. “Thank you.”

“I shouldn’t have been so rough,” he admitted. Amazingly he was only now feeling guilty after cumming twice in his daughter’s pussy.

“You were just determined,” she told him. “And I’m grateful.” This time when she leaned forward to kiss him, they both opened their mouths for a long, sensual kiss. Carl used his tongue to explore his daughter’s mouth & she moaned against him. Then, she gasped.

Her father was unbelievably still hard & he began to move inside her.

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