Daddy’s Darlin’ Ch. 04

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After my shower, I went in my room and saw that my dad had left some clothes for me on the bed. I threw on the tight little white blouse, no bra; short plaid skirt, no panties, and white knee socks. I then headed back down stairs to look for daddy. He was nowhere to be found. I thought I heard some noises in the bathroom, so I went and tapped on the door.

There was no reply, not even a sound. I knocked a bit harder, and hearing nothing once more, I opened the door. My eyes popped open wide as the door swung open and I saw my step-brother Rob sitting on the edge of the bathtub full of water, rubbing his cock. It was huge, and looked rock hard. He looked up at me standing there, smiled, and kept right on stroking his cock.

“Don’t look so surprised sis.”

“I… I, I’m not,” I stuttered.

“Come here and sit next to me.”


“Now!” He shouted.

I went and sat next to him on a little step stool beside the bathtub. Rob’s cock was eye level as he sat there stroking it. I was breathing heavy, getting a bit excited. Rob noticed. He took my hand, and wrapped my fingers around his cock. He smiled at me as I started sliding my hand back and forth. Rubbing around the tip, then back down and up his shaft. His cock seemed to grown even bigger.

“Put it in your mouth.” He said, and pulled my head towards him. I opened my mouth wide, and his cock slipped between my lips. I flicked my tongue across the tip as his cock strained against my lips stretching them wide. I could taste his pre cum, as I sat there in front of him, sucking and slurping at his cock.

Rob angled his head back, and I could hear that he was enjoying himself, so I continued sucking with vigor. I was really enjoying it this time. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Almost as if Rob could read my mind he reached down and slid his hand up my leg and brushed my pussy. I hadn’t worn panties, and he seemed quite pleased. I let out a soft moan as his fingers parted my pussy lips and flicked against my clit.

“You’re so wet sis, you love it don’t you?” I didn’t answer, just looked up with a smile in my eyes and his cock slipping in and out of my mouth.

Rob grabbed my shoulders, pulled me up so I was standing and then started unbuttoning my shirt. He pulled it open, and my bare breasts popped out. My nipples instantly hard as the cool air touched them. He took görükle escort my breasts in his hands and roughly pushed me against the wall. With my nipples between his fingers, he squeezed until they ached, and then reached one hand down lifting my short skirt and grabbed my ass. He crouched down and bit, and I felt the tip of his cock push against my pussy. He pushed harder, and entered me. He reached around, grabbed my ass, and pulled me up on his cock.

His cock was in me so deep, my full weight supported by his cock and his hands on my ass. He pulled back, and slammed his cock up into me. He did this again, and then got his rhythm going. He was fucking me harder then I’d ever been fucked. I was screaming out loud, it felt so good, and hurt too. I could feel his fingers searching for my asshole as he pounded his cock up into me. His fingers found there mark and one slid up into my tight ass.

“Aggghh!” I screamed.

“”You know you love it,” he said and pulled me off his cock and set me on the ground. He grabbed my hair at the back of my head, turned me away from him over the tub, and pushed me down on my knees with my head just inches above the water. His hands roamed my ass, and then SMACK!

“Ouch!” I screamed. He laughed just a bit, and then slapped my ass again. I tried to pull away, but he had me pinned between him and the tub. He pushed my legs apart with his knees, and slowly slid his cock into my ass. The pain was excruciating and I bucked and tried to push back, but his cock kept pushing slowly in.

“Ow Rob, owwww! That hurts!”

“I know.” He again grabbed the hair at the back of my head and told me to take a breath.

“What? Wh…” Was all I got out before he pushed my head down under the water. I fought back and tried to pull his hands from my hair but it was no use. He slammed his cock deep in my ass. Struggling for air I still managed to scream out under the water.

He pulled my head up out of the water and I gasped for air. He slammed into me again, and let out a growl.

“Breathe!” He again commanded. This time I took a big breath as he again pushed my head under the water. Slamming his cock in my ass harder and harder. I let out my breath, and he kept pounding into me. I couldn’t breathe and he was fucking me so hard. Again I struggled to get my head out to the water, but he held it there steady. eskort bayan When I stopped fighting, he pulled my head up out of the water, still fucking me in the ass. It seemed like forever that he repeated this. Every time he pulled my head out of the water I gasped for air not knowing how long it would be until the next breath.

Again he pushed my head under the water, and this time I could feel him lam hard and deep into me and then his hot cum shoot deep in my ass. He pushed harder and harder until his load was spent and then pulled his cock out of my ass. He then let go of my hair and I pulled my head up out of the water gasping. Rob leaned down, kissed me on the forehead, grinned and said “That was great.” Then he pulled his jeans up and walked out of the bathroom leaving me soaking wet, sitting on the floor, blouse open, skirt around my waist, and my step-brothers cum seeping from my ass.

I managed to get myself cleaned up rather quickly, and walked out into the living room. I saw daddy sitting on the couch. I was walking a bit funny cause my ass still hurt. Daddy noticed and snickered a bit.

“I see your brother has already had you doing chores.” I smiled. “Come here and sit on my lap Darlin’. I walked over and sat down gently, my bare ass rubbing against his rough jeans.

“Well, I told ya that you’d be havin’ some new chores around here, and I’m serious about that. Now that you’re a woman, you will be expected to do your fair share.”

“Of course, Daddy,” I said.

“However, I realize that you have been raised here on this ranch around men, and so you never got the benefit of having another woman’s influence on you. You never had another woman to show you the proper ways to act.” I nodded. “I’ve found a school for you…”

“But, daddy!” I interrupted, “I’m eighteen now! I’m done with school!”

“Don’t interrupt your father young lady!” He scolded, “Now, this school is different then your other school. This is a finishing school of sorts. I’ve spoken with them already, and they will teach you all about what your new duties will be around here. They are a strict school, but I’ve heard from a couple of my friends that they have done excellent work with their daughters.”

I sat there silent, not knowing what to say. Daddy slipped his hand up under my skirt and slid his fingers around my smooth altıparmak escort pussy.

“I will be taking you to see the school doctor in a while, all the girls have to see the doctor before enrollment. Then, I will take you to a private orientation with the head master. I trust you will be on your best behavior, and do what ever you are told to do. Do you understand?” Daddy flicked his finger rapidly across my clit as I tried to answer.

“Yes Daddy, I understand.” I let out with a whimper. He continued rubbing my pussy and flicking at my clit.

“That’s good Darlin’.” He picked up the pace with his fingers, and I started moaning. My pussy was dripping wet, and I thrusted and grinded against his finger.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good. . . Oh daddy. . . Oh. . .” I thrashed wildly and came hard right there on his lap. Breathless, I looked up at him, and said, “Thank You, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome Darlin’. Now go get yourself cleaned up so we can go. Those clothes you’re wearing are your new school uniform.” I smiled, and went into the bathroom to clean up. I cleaned myself quickly, and I ran out of the bathroom and into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat.

“Stop right there Darlin’. The school as requested that you refrain from eating, and only drink three large glasses of water before the appointment. Also, that you not use the bathroom until after your appointment.”

“Why Daddy?”

“I’m not sure Darlin’, but them’s the rules.”

“Okay Daddy.” He poured me a large glass of water, and I drank it up. After I finished the other two glasses, we headed out in the door, and into the truck. I could already feel the water I had just drank straining on my bladder.

“How far is it Daddy?”

“Not too far Darlin’. Just about twenty miles or so.” That wasn’t too far, but at least half of it would be on a bumpy dirt road. “Unbutton your blouse and let daddy look at those pretty titty’s of yours while we drive there,” daddy said with a smile.”

“Yes daddy,” I said reluctantly opening my blouse. The sun was warm on my breasts, and they bounced along the old road as we drove quietly off the ranch and toward the school.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this new school, and what it would be like. I was a bit frightened. I knew it would have to be somewhere rural, like our ranch as that was all that was around for a good fifty miles any direction. And this was my uniform? The skirt barely covered my ass while I was standing, and I’m not supposed to be wearing panties? What the hell are they going to be teaching me anyway. And now, I have to go see a doctor? Ugh. . . I hate doctors.

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