Daddy’s Little Cupcake Ch. 06-07

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Author’s note: All characters in this story are older than eighteen.

Chapter 6:

Cupcake’s little pussy has been sore all week. Daddy’s cock really did a number on it. It also did a number on her frilly bedspread. Poor Cupcake had to strip it off the bed and launder it before Mommy got home. She was afraid Mommy would see the huge stain of cum and pussy juice.

She’s been applying a salve to her pussy lips to relieve the soreness. It does help, though the best cure seems to be time. Little by little it is all healing. All the while Daddy has become aloof again, as if the whole thing never happened. She, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it. She’s relived every detail, every nuance of his every phrase, every gesture…his command of her, his dominance. Her pussy might be sore, but her libido is as robust as ever.

At night in bed she struggles to refrain from touching herself. Each time she’s tempted, she hears Daddy’s admonition to “…save her pussy for her Master.” His words mean so much more to her now than when he first said them. Her submission binds her to serve him, and only him…self-gratification is forbidden without his permission. It’s taken days for that to sink in. Now just the thought of it is so powerful, so erotic, she shivers.

“Oh Master,” she whispers to her pillow, “I am yours, god help me. I am ALL yours.”

When morning comes, she is ready for whatever the day will bring. Her submission has focused her mind. She gets it completely now. She is sure he will be pleased with how well she has learned her first lesson.

It’s a sunny Saturday and Mommy has gone shopping; for what, Cupcake doesn’t know. And Daddy left early to go fishing with friends. Breakfast will be light, she’s not about to fuss. Still in her jammies, she lingers over coffee, takes in the sensuous aroma, lets her mind wander, “If Daddy were only here…”

While combing out her hair in front of her vanity, she sheds her jammie top, has a long look at herself in the mirror. She’s not happy with what she sees. For one thing, those thick-framed glasses couldn’t be geekier. For another, unlike her voluptuous mother and sisters, she is thin, her shoulders are small, her breasts are small. She feels unworthy of any man’s attentions, let alone Daddy’s.

She has yet to learn that a man like him, one with broad and varied sexual tastes, has much to appreciate in his daughter’s delicate frame, the grace in her limbs, her velvet skin. She has no idea that she’s sitting on one of her major assets: her rump. It’s full and very well shaped. Plus her pouty little mouth is to die for. If she only knew what big plans Daddy has for his new little slut.

She dresses herself in her baggiest clothes and whiles the time away watching TV.

It’s late afternoon before Mommy is home from shopping. In she comes with multiple bags, all with different store logos on them. She’s been everywhere.

“I found some of the nicest things,” she gushes, pulls out a white satin blouse that is truly elegant.

“You know how hard it is to find things that fit me properly,” she continues, referring Gaziantep Vatan Escort of course to her extra large bosom. She holds it up to her front for Cupcake to admire.

“It’s lovely, mother,” she replies with little enthusiasm.

Mommy puts it back in the bag, and reaches into another. “Look here, I bought this choker too.” Then quickly realizes she shouldn’t have shown it to her naive little daughter, and tosses it back in the bag. Pulls out a new skirt to divert her attention.

“What was that choker?” Cupcake asks.

“Oh nothing, nevermind.”

“No, mother, I want to see it,” she insists.

“Well…I guess you’re old enough,” she says, pulling it out again, “it’s to wear for Daddy on special occassions.”

She wraps it about her throat to ‘model’ it. It’s made of black leather, with faux diamond studs and an attachable leash.

“I see,” says Cupcake, “that’s pretty hot.”

“You shouldn’t talk that way, sweetheart.”

“Oh mother, please. I’m 22 years old. You think I don’t know about kinky sex?”

Mommy blushes, realizes her daughter knows more than she thought.

“And mother,” Cupcake presses, “why do I still have to call you ‘Mommy’?”

She looks down, then forms her words, “Well…you don’t, really. Just when Daddy’s around, I would appreciate the favor.”

“Really? Why?” she asks with a puzzled look.

“It helps keep me young in his eyes.”

“You mean my growing up makes you old?”

“In a way, yes.”

“Are you afraid of losing him to a younger woman?” Cupcake asks, doing her best to conceal her desire to be that very woman.

“It does happen you know,” Mommy replies.

Cupcake laughs, “Are you kidding? With your shape, he’s more likely to lose YOU to some younger stud.”

“No chance of that, darling. No man could ever make me feel more like a woman than your father.”

Her words buzz in Cupcake’s sore little pussy. She believes Mommy completely. After all, how could any woman ever leave a cock like his?

When who should walk in but the stud himself.

“Daddy!” Cupcake blurts in surprise.

He comes up behind Mommy and leans down to give her a peck on the cheek while looking straight into Cupcake’s eyes. The buzz in her pussy dialing up a notch, she watches as his lips nibble briefly at Mommy’s cheek. Then he stands upright, massages her shoulders. She leans her head back, her eyes close, “Mmmm…that feels good,” she says softly, dripping with sexual intent.

She’s a sexy woman and he’s a sexy man, very masculine. He always maintains a layer of closely trimmed stubble on his face. He could double for the Marlboro man. She could easily be his saloon whore – diamond studded choker and all – with miles of fleshy cleavage to entice him upstairs.

Her head fills with visions of Daddy’s cock sliding between Mommy’s massive mammaries…her huge nipples nestled to it on either side. If there ever was a cock meant for those tits, it is Daddy’s. How she wishes he would fuck her with it right now. Right here on the kitchen table! She would help him with it…guide it into Mommy’s juicy cunt…then fondle his weighty cum-laden balls as he reamed her good…

“Cupcake! Cupcake!” she hears in the distance. Then Daddy’s hand shaking her shoulder, “Are you okay?” he asks, Mommy looking concerned.

“Yes, yes,” she answers, coming out of her fantasy, “perfectly okay.”

Chapter 7:

The day has turned into evening. They are all gathered in the den for some TV, Mommy snuggled next to Daddy on the couch, his ever present bulge obvious from Cupcake’s vantage point in the chair.

Oddly, she feels no envy, only the desire to see them fuck. She doubts that the scene she imagined in the kitchen will ever occur, but a wish is a wish and she still has hope. A hope that gets a big boost when Mommy and Daddy feign being extra tired, then declare their need to go to bed early.

“Yes, please,” she thinks to herself. “Go to bed by all means. The sooner the better.”

Mommy takes a quick look at Daddy, then at Cupcake. She can tell Cupcake knows the score, but she’s horny enough not to care. She rises, takes Daddy’s arm. “Don’t stay up too late,” she says.

“I won’t,” Cupcake replies, imagining herself on Daddy’s arm. “Nye-nye.”

“Nye-nye, darling,” Mommy bids distractedly, already receding into a submissive state.

As soon as their bedroom door closes, Cupcake flies off the couch and into her room, slips into her nightie…the short, baby-doll one that Daddy gave her. Her whole week has been building to this. It’s her chance to secretly watch Mommy and Daddy do the nasty things she knows they do. It’s also her chance to learn more ways to please her new Master.

She waits as long as she can stand to wait. The glow from the keyhole beckons. Her pussy is soaked, her little nipples are stiff and achy. She fights the urge to touch herself.

Carefully, she tip-toes to the keyhole, squats in front of it. Holds one eye to it as if it was a spyglass. Daddy is towering over Mommy, who is on all fours on the floor. He’s in a black leather vest and chaps – nothing else – his clean shaven genitalia in full view. His pubic stubble matches that on his face. Not exactly the Marlboro man she imagined, but just as masculine. Mommy’s in her new choker, the attached leash in Daddy’s hand. In the other he wields a leather flogger.

Tethered by the leash, she crawls in a circle around him, her huge boobies swinging and bobbling beneath her, her ass and back bearing the brunt of his blows.

“This is what you need, isn’t it?” Daddy bellows, snapping his flogger.

“Yes, Master,” she agrees.

“It’s what a whore craves, isn’t it?

“Yes, Master.”

Continuing her crawl, her ass comes fully into Cupcake’s view. It is jiggling in six different directions at once with a faux diamond-studded plug peeking out between the fleshy cheeks…the perfect match to her new choker.

“Jesus,” Cupcake whispers, “what a whore.”

Mommy is in nylon hosiery too, her black garter belt frames her bountiful snow white ass for Daddy’s flogging enjoyment. He’s an expert at it…he knows exactly how she likes it. All their years together, exploring every contour of her lush body, he can play her like a skilled musician plays his favorite instrument.

He drags the strands up her crack, then snaps them on her back.

She squeaks sweetly, peeps a grateful, “Thank you, Sir.”

He nudges the butt plug with the knob-end of the flogger grip, then gives her a good swat across her ass.

“Keep crawling, whore. I want to see that ass in motion.”

“Yes, Sir,” she gushes, loving what her ass does to him.

She makes her way around the circle, relishes his expert ministrations. His cock, now fully erect, bobs and waves with each of his blows. This ritual they have, with its countless variations never fails to excite her. The tortuous path, the gauntlet she endures, is well worth every inch of that colossal cock.

Cupcake can see that. She can see why Mommy would never leave him. Nor would he leave her. He might play nasty with whoever strikes his fancy, but he’ll always come home to his whore.

Pulling up on her leash to halt her, he straddles her ass, pulls out on the butt plug. Lets it draw back in.

“You’re an ass-whore too, aren’t you?” he mocks.

“Yes, Master,” she answers, her obedience to him fully apparent.

Cupcake suddenly realizes there’s another dimension to things she had no idea existed. “He doesn’t think he could fit that monstrosity of his in her ass, does he?” she wonders to herself.

He teases her gruffly, “But right now you need this cock in that cunt, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir, please,” she answers with hope in her voice.

She has stopped at a spot that gives Cupcake a direct view of her dripping cunt and Daddy’s heavy hanging balls as he squats to maneuver his monstrosity into position. Mommy’s thick cunt lips are wet with her juices, his huge cockhead is oozing. Cupcake’s hand inches toward her own wet pussy.

“Oh Master, help me” she whispers, fighting to preserve herself for him.

Daddy pushes in, Mommy pushes back, does all she can to accomodate him. As it slowly forces its way in, his bare buttocks tighten, his calves flex.

“Ooh…that feels good,” Mommy purrs.

He grunts as he strokes in and out, his animal side gripping him once again. Mommy’s cunt lips slip along his shaft, his balls swing violently, stretch his scrotal tissues. The carnality of them together, their burning heat, has Cupcake spinning.

“Unh…unh…unh,” grunts Mommy.

Daddy goes deeper. “Is that whore-itch getting scratched?” he grits, the veins bulging in his neck.

“Yes, Master…thank you, Sir,” she puffs breathily.

Then pumping her hips, she opens her ass crack wider, rubs hard against his pubic stubble. Banging her harder, he ripples her ass flesh, drives the butt plug deeper!

“Yes darling…both holes…that’s perfect! Oh…Oh…Oh!” she shudders and pants.

Her slutty whore-talk pushes Cupcake to the edge. She slumps to a sitting position, her back against the wall, her knees up and wide apart. With a low whine in her throat, she fingers her ragged clit with abandon while Mommy and Daddy groan their pleasures on the other side of the door.

“Oh Master, I can’t help myself. Please forgive me,” she pleads sweetly as her sore little pussy takes its due.

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