Daddy’s Lunch

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A short story in which I visit daddy at work. Please comment and leave me some feedback, I haven’t wrote anything in a long time so my story isn’t great, but they will get better again!

I pop into daddy’s workplace wearing a cute little floaty summer dress, the one you picked out for me this morning. It is light and girly, not too over the top but just enough for a soft amount of sophistication. I always adore my outfits when you pick them out, it makes me feel special and extra pretty. I walk into the garage and ask where you are; you’re working in the pit so I make my way over. You don’t hear or see me until I am sat, my legs dangling over the edge and I cheerfully say “Hi Daddy! I brought you lunch.” whilst spreading my legs and letting my dress ride up my thighs.

I am not wearing anything underneath and I just know you can smell my needy little cunt. You growl and let out a “Mmm fuck” which makes me giggle.

You put your tools down and grind your face into my cunt, spreading my legs and lifting them onto your shoulders. I know that there are some members of staff around from when I walked in so I try to not let out an obvious moan but your tongue feels so good as I’m already so needy for you, the drive to work and thinking about you has made me more desperate for your touch than when I left the house. Your gloved fingertips are pressing into my legs as your tongue works it’s way around my clit. I have one hand on the ground, pressing into the concrete trying to görükle escort keep myself up whilst the other is tangled in your messy dark hair. My hips begin to grind into your face, you know I am getting close to an orgasm and my little needy whines are driving you insane. You stop what you are doing and come up and kiss me, your eyes filled lust. You finally take off your oil soaked gloves and get out of the pit, pulling me up after without saying a word. The car is abandoned in mid job as you drag me in the direction of your office, past your staff who have quite clearly just saw what has happened. I am embarrassed but this is not the first time daddy has made his stance known to his staff, they’re more than aware that you are daddy and I answer to you.

We get into the office and I am practically used to close the door as I’m pushed quickly up against it, your mouth immediately on me. Your full soft lips are eager to be on my skin again, your tongue dancing with mine. I can taste myself on your tongue and I let out a little moan as your hand grips my neck. I can feel your cock bulging through your pants, pressing into me and I am desperately awaiting but but enjoying your kiss.

You pull back from me, your hand still on my neck and direct me over to your desk. I am pushed backwards onto it until I am lying on my back. Your desk is metal and my senses are heightened with the coolness of it, my nipples reacting. I can feel them stretching the lace of bursa escort bayan my bra, the friction adding to the sensations in my body. You lower yourself down and spread my legs again, going back to my now soaked cunt.

My head drops back and I let out a gaspy “Fuckk” as your finger enters me the same time as you snake your tongue around my clit.

You work my clit so easily then add another finger, picking up the pace. I’m writhing on the desk and it doesn’t take long before I’m gasping “Daddy, please.”

But daddy doesn’t let me cum until I ask properly, it is one of my rules. I’m too needy and close to string a sentence together but I know I can’t cum until I ask.

You stand up between my legs, removing your fingers but using your thumb to brush over my swollen and sensitive clit. I catch my breath as the sensation changes, the rough pad of your thumb feeling different to your warm tongue.

“Baby, do you need something?” You voice is heavy with power. I can only nod pleadingly, my eyes big and round staring up at you but you don’t take that as an answer. “You came to work to tease daddy, didn’t you?”

With a little smile I reply, “No daddy, I was bringing you lunch.” Before I had finished the word lunch your cock slams into me, causing me to let out an unexpected scream, my hand quickly reaching up to cover my mouth, conscious of the staff and potential customers. You pull my hand away and start thrusting into me, hard and bursa escort fast. My head drops back over the desk, my cunt being stretched. Daddy’s cock is big and thick and I am just small, the feeling of being stretched is something I am always up against when you fuck me. But it was the exact feeling I was craving for when I walked into your workplace. Your fingers go back to my clit, causing my body to jerk against you. It’s not long before I am close again and you know it.

“Do you need to cum baby?” you ask, your voice low and filled with desire.

I immediately respond with “Yes please daddy!” You growl and pick up the pace, both with your fingers and your cock.

“Cum for me baby.” Hearing those words, I immediately release, my body shaking and convulsing as my orgasm rips through my entire body. I forget where I am and my voice escapes, no longer being conscious of where I am as my screams echo in the room. You watch as my body becomes limp, which is when you allow yourself to cum. You turn animalistic, your hands gripping my thighs and your moans turning into deep growls as your hot cum begins to fill my cunt. I look up at you and you grab the back of my neck, pulling me up so you can kiss me. My moans dancing in your mouth as you begin to slow down your thrusting, your balls emptied.

We’re both breathing heavily as we begin to take in what just happened. You pull away and kiss me on the head and I put my head on your chest, feeling you heartbeat. Your cock is still inside of me, your hand on my hair. You kiss the top of my head and say “Thank you for lunch baby.”

I giggle and reply “You’re welcome daddy.”

“Now baby, are you able to go and grab us some food while daddy finishes the job you made me leave, hmm?”

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