Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 38

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It was a finger-Daisy was sure of it. There was no hesitation, just a finger plunging abruptly into her anus. She yelped against the gag in her mouth, but no one seemed to notice. The finger sank in deep, then began to fuck her ass in short, quick thrusts. As suddenly as it had entered her, the finger withdrew, and Daisy breathed a sigh of relief.

Then suddenly she felt something cold and wet between her cheeks, and something pushed once more against her asshole. But this wasn’t a finger. This wasn’t even a cock. It felt enormous. The liquid helped to ease its passage, but even so, the girth was unbelievable. Daisy gave a muffled scream, but still her anus widened. The crowd began to urge her on, or perhaps they were only encouraging the person who was stuffing her. She turned her head and tried to see what it was, but it was too dark, and the curve of her cheeks hid the object from view. She caught a glimpse of something orange, but then someone grabbed her head and forced her to look straight ahead.

The full pail had been moved away, presumably so that it would not be knocked over. The cinder blocks were also removed, so that Daisy now knelt once more on the dais, her tits hanging heavily beneath her. They were so sore and swollen that when someone got down on their hands and knees and sucked one of her nipples into her mouth (it was indeed a woman, Daisy realized), it ached too much to feel good. The woman sucked for a while, but at last withdrew and reported loudly that she was out of milk. Daisy would have felt relief, but at that moment the object being forced into her ass pushed its way past her sphincter. It was enormous. Worst of all, it didn’t immediately enter her, but left her gaping open as wide as she had ever been stretched. Daisy couldn’t see it, but she could feel the cool air inside her. The guests clapped and cheered for an agonizingly long moment before at last the object sunk into her bowels. To Daisy’s surprise, when her anus finally yawned closed, it didn’t close around anything. There was nothing protruding from her asshole. The object was completely inside her. Daisy felt a wave of panic.

That didn’t last long, however. The second object was already entering her.

“She loves it, guys, look!”

Daisy felt fingers swipe across her pussy lips a second time that night, and knew she was even wetter than before. Her anxiety, coupled with the sensations in her ass (which she had always enjoyed, even when they were uncomfortable) had turned her pussy into a fountain. She was probably drooling all over the dais.

“Fucking slut,” came another voice. “This is the second one she’s taken.”

Daisy knew what was coming then-one final push, and her already horribly dialated anus was widened just enough to allow the second object to enter her ass. This time, it didn’t slip inside her-not until yet another object was pushed into her gaping asshole, forcing it inside.

“She’s taking a third!”

“Good. Fill her up!”

“Stuff that pussy, too.”

Daisy winced as she felt something thrust rudely between her pussy lips. It was thick, though not remotely as thick as what was being forced into her ass. This felt good by comparison, and aided by her juices, it slid right in with a squelch. “Fuck yeah,” said one woman, her language incongruent with her civilized attire. “Fuck that nasty cunt.”

“I’d rather fuck yours,” Daisy heard a man say, and the woman laughed. Suddenly there was a rustle, and the crowd cheered. Looking up, Daisy saw a naked woman standing in front of her. She was young, probably in her mid-twenties, and slim. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were very shapely, and she had small, sweet pink nipples to match her small, sweet pink cunt. The woman smiled down at Daisy for a moment before she turned and bent over the couch in front of her, revealing her backside to the other guests. A man followed, absent his trousers and boxers. His long, rather thick cock bobbed Demetevler Escort in front of him until he gripped it in his fist and guided it into the woman’s waiting pussy.

The crowd cheered as the two fucked, the woman moaning almost theatrically while her partner thrust into her again and again, grunting softly. Several people drifted over to get a closer look. One woman collapsed in the armchair beside them and hiked up the long skirt of her taffeta gown. She was naked underneath, and with yards and yards of delicate red fabric gathered around her, she spread her thighs and began to stroke her clit.

Daisy had just witnessed an orgy begin much the same way, and expected the whole group to begin fucking each other. And a few did-one man pulled the woman’s tits out of her gown and began to knead them, while another knelt between her legs, watching her masturbate and occasionally using his tongue to help her. But the activity around Daisy’s backside did not cease, and by the time the fornicating couple in front of her had finished, she had managed to take another three enormous objects into her ass. Whatever it was in her pussy now moved only from time to time, occasionally sliding out entirely and plunging back in, sometimes just fucking in and out of her in short bursts. Whoever was doing it seemed distracted. Daisy wondered if might have been a single person stuffing both of her holes-not that it mattered.

With so much inside her ass, she knew her belly was beginning to distend a bit. There simply wasn’t anywhere for the foreign material to go. Someone noticed this and announced loudly that she was beginning to look pregnant.

“Let’s make her look REALLY pregnant!” Daisy heard someone say.

Suddenly her gag was ripped away and a tube was inserted into her mouth. Water flowed out of the tube, and Daisy was forced to drink. She was terribly thirsty, so she didn’t need much coaxing, but after awhile she began to feel sick. She knew her belly was even bigger now, but she couldn’t help it. When someone offered her a bite of a sandwich, she accepted. She was starving. She was given a few bites, but then the sandwich was taken away.

“Please, I’m so hungry,” she begged.

The guests seemed to think this was funny. At first, Daisy thought that was only because they meant to torture her by withholding food, but then she realized they had a different plan entirely. A woman approached the dais and got down on her hands and knees. She manuevered herself so that her ass was only inches from Daisy’s face, and when she hiked up her skirt, there was a stack of crackers, complete with slices of cheese, shoved into the crevice between her cheeks. The woman swayed her hips back and forth enticingly. Beneath the proferred snack, her fleshy twat glistened.

Daisy hesitated only a moment. With a deep breath, she pressed her face into the woman’s backside and took the cheese and crackers in her mouth. The guests went wild. As she chewed and swallowed the tiny meal, someone pulled the woman out of the way and yet another ass was presented to Daisy. There was only the hint of something between the shapely cheeks that Daisy couldn’t reach or even see properly. Observing this, one of the men reached down and spread the woman’s cheeks apart to reveal a cocktail wiener peeking out of her anus. When Daisy pulled it out with her teeth, the woman moaned. “There’s another one, love,” she said over her shoulder, and suddenly her anus began to dialate. Daisy was afraid she was going to shit in her face, but no-it was another wiener. Daisy was so hungry she let the woman push it out into her open mouth.

“Still another one there,” said the man who held the woman’s cheeks apart, but her asshole did not open. Daisy glanced down and saw a third wiener protruding from between the woman’s pink labia. She didn’t hesitate this time at all. Using her lips, she sucked the hotdog Otele gelen escort into her mouth. Daisy could taste the woman’s pussy juice, but she chewed and swallowed all the same. When she was finished, she leaned forward and slid her tongue into the woman’s twat. That earned her a startled cheer from several onlookers, and the woman herself gave a surprised little gasp.

After a moment, the woman rolled onto her back. Her large tits had been pulled out of her gown, and across them, someone had written “SLUT” in whipped cream. They had also covered her nipples with little white swirls. Before Daisy knew it, the woman was shoving her large tits into Daisy’s face. She sucked the cream off her nipples, then licked the letters off one by one. The woman giggled and moaned, then leaned back and, in front of Daisy and the other onlookers, began to touch herself.

She had a lovely body. This was the woman with the corset and the plunging neckline, but with her tits pulled out and her skirt hiked up to her hips, the gown covered very little now. Her jugs were huge and perky, but shapely enough to look almost real. Between her thighs, she had spread her generous pussy lips to reveal the delicate pink in between. Her clit, which she now stroked languidly, was rather large and had a tiny barbell through it. Daisy watched, fascinated, as the woman tugged on the barbell and moaned. Moisture was literally leaking from the hole between her lips. Daisy found herself wanting to lick it out.

The truth was that as much as she was humiliated by everything that was happening, Daisy was aroused, too. She couldn’t help from responding to the things that were being done to her, even if much of it was uncomfortable. The object in her pussy was sliding in and out now as if she were being soundly fucked, and Daisy let out a moan. In front of her was a beautiful woman, as beautiful as any of the women who had participated in the little fuckfest on the patio earlier that day. Daisy couldn’t help but want to taste her.

But before she could, she felt something shift inside her. Her bowels were beginning to expell the objects inside her, and her anus, weakened as it was, couldn’t hold them in. She felt herself opening up from the inside.

Someone behind her noticed, too.

“Look, her asshole is starting to gape.”

“Oh shit, you can see the ball. Look, it really wants to come out.”

“Try to hold it in, you little slut. Oh, you can’t, can you?”

“Her loose little asshole just can’t take it. Look how fucking wide it is!”

Daisy felt her anus dialate once more, as wide as it had ever been. But this time, something was being expelled, instead of being forced in. Whatever it was, she felt it come out in a rush, like a flood, but a flood of enormous objects that seemed to pop out of her one by one in quick succession.

“Fuck, here they come!”

She heard the objects hitting the dais-ping, ping, ping. There was a slight delay, and she felt her anus try to close.

“Nope, don’t do that,” she heard someone say, and a hand smacked her ass. “You’ve still got-what, three more?”

“Oh, here it comes.”

Daisy screamed. The fourth object emerged, forcing her ass wide open. Suddenly she was cumming, hard. The friction of the object against her sensitive anus was so intense that she actually squirted a little around the object buried in her pussy. Then the thing inside her ass popped out, followed by two more. Pop, pop, pop. Daisy gasped for breath.

Suddenly something was forced into her gaping asshole. It sounded strange, like compressed air. Daisy’s heartbeat sped up-she knew how dangerous that was.

“Dude, wait for her ass to close. Fuck, she’s too loose.”

“No, there she goes-it’s closing. God, I want to slide my dick in there.”

“In that loose hole? Fuck that.”

“Looks tight enough to me.” Daisy felt a finger push against Balgat Escort her sphincter. She tried to resist it, but her anus was loose indeed, and the finger slid in easily. “Just give her a few minutes.”

Daisy waited for what felt like hours. The object in her pussy continued to fuck her sloppy cunt. The woman in front of her, either drunk or nearly out of her mind with arousal, was moaning obscenely. Her legs spread wide, she used one hand to slap her own pierced clit while the other was half inside her pussy. Daisy stared, wishing suddenly that it was her own hand. The woman was young and beautiful, her tits so full and round. Daisy had tasted her nipples, but it wasn’t enough. She wanted to suck on them, harder. She wanted to suck as much of those tits into her mouth as she could until-

“Now, slut!” The voice was loud and commanding, and accompanied by another slap across her asscheeks. “Push! Shit out that whipped cream. Go on, push it out.”

Obediently, she dismissed her fantasies and focused again on her ass, trying to push out whatever was inside her. She knew her anus was distening, but she had just shit out six enormous objects from her ass, so she wasn’t too worried about appearances. Daisy heard a sputtering, airy sound, then felt something squirt out of her ass. The guests cheered.

“Fucking nasty little slut.”

She felt a tongue on her anus. Whatever was inside her pussy began to fuck her again.

Then the woman in front of her was pushed out of the way, and another girl on her hands and knees presented herself in front of Daisy. Her skirt was already pulled up, revealing a perfect, round ass and a pretty cameltoe pussy. The girl reached back and spread her ass cheeks, and suddenly, with a grunt, her anus distended and expelled a rocket of white cream. Daisy turned her head just in time so that the white goo splattered across her cheek and down her throat. The crowd roared.

Cautiously, Daisy turned to watch, unable to look away as the girl’s asshole fluttered open. It produced a few brief, airy queefs before expelling yet another thick stream of whipped cream. This time the white goo oozed out of her hole and down to her pussy, nearly coating the pink flesh. The girl was giggling and using her middle finger to stroke her clit as she shat out the white stuff. When she pulled her finger away, the tip was coated in white goo. Still laughing, the girl brought the finger up to her mouth and sucked it clean.

Someone instructed the girl to back up, and suddenly her ass was in Daisy’s face. Her nose, cheeks, mouth and chin were immediately coated in whipped cream, and she ate just to be able to breathe. She scooped the cream out of the girl’s ass crack with her tongue and used her lips to suck what remained from her anus. Daisy was rewarded with a mouthful of warm, sweet goo.

She found the girl’s clit with her tongue and swept upward, cleaning the neat, tidy crevice of her pussy. Then she licked the puffy labia slowly, again drawing her tongue up the length of the girl’s pussy towards her ass. At last, it seemed she had eaten everything. In fact, by now she was feeling rather full. She knew her usually-flat stomach was hanging beneath her, grossly distended from not only the food she had eaten, but the liquid that she had been forced to drink. Daisy was vaguely aware that photos were being taken of her, photos of her belly and, behind it, her violated pussy. She felt so full.

When the nozzle was inserted into her asshole, Daisy moaned. It wasn’t only the humiliation of receiving an enema in front of a heap of strangers; she knew she was physically reaching a limit. Mercifully, someone removed the enormous object inside her pussy, relieving at least a little pressure, although the air that was expelled from her pussy in the moments afterward nearly made her burst into tears.

By now, the liquid was being pumped into her bowels, filling her even fuller. She knew her belly was expanding, trying to contain the sheer volume of liquid inside her. Daisy gritted her teeth. Her nipples were beginning to leak again, either from the stress or simply from the additional pressure on her internal organs.

There was pressure elsewhere, too.

“Please,” she murmured to no one in particular. “Please let me use the bathroom. I need to pee.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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