Dane and Dana Pt. 06

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Big Tits

Dane told his mom and sister to get him a pair of old jeans and bring them to him.

His mom and sister got their old jeans and brought them to him.

He set about cutting them into the shortest “Daisy Dukes” one might ever see. He then instructed them to put the shorts on, telling them to turn around to survey his handiwork.

The back was cut high and showed the bottom of their gorgeous, flawless ass cheeks. He had them turn and face him, whistling as the view came into sight. The crotch panel was no more than an inch wide.

One could see their bald pussy lips.

We’re going to the mall, so put on a blouse.

Dane grabbed his keys and walked out to the car with the women following.

On the way to the mall, Dana got Ann talking about herself.

Ann said she first remembered getting turned on by being exposed once when her string bikini bottom was lost in the ocean at the beach in Hawaii when she and her father were on their honeymoon.

Dane and Dana laughed.

Arriving at the mall, Dane instructed his mother and sister to walk around and shop as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

He also said that they were to get a lot of things off of the bottom racks and shelves to try on or look at.

Also, when at the food court, they must sit with their legs apart. Not enough to be arrested, but enough to show the curious on-looker some twat meat.

Ann and Dana walked around talking and giggling like a pair of schoolgirls. They were acutely aware of the attention they were receiving. The men and boys would stare and point, the females would point and scowl at their near nudity. One older woman told them they were shameless hussies.

Dane followed at a distance, capturing all the action with his cellphone camera and cloud storage.

In the shoe store, when they bent over at the waist, their slick glossy cunt lips swallowed the narrow strip of cloth that was the crotch material of their shorts.

Ann was very attractive and trim, measuring five foot six inches and weighing one hundred and eighteen pounds with a thirty-four inch “C” cup tit, a thirty-inch waist, and thirty-six-inch hips.

At five foot four inches, Dana was a smaller version of her mother with thirty-four-inch “B” cup tits, a twenty-eight-inch waist, and thirty-four-inch hips.

Both had naturally red hair.

They went to the food court and had lunch with lots of people straining to see their naked cunts.

After lunch, they walked out with Dane and got into the car. Both Ann and Dana stripped off the tight “Daisy Duke shorts.”

By now, this has become a natural thing to do. Both women sat slouched, with their legs apart for maximum exposure.

So, tell us more, mom. Is that time in Hawaii the only time you had a wardrobe malfunction?”

Ann replied, “No, over the years I’ve devised several wardrobe malfunctions to put some spark into my life.” It always worked to get me hot. Sometimes I would come on the spot.

“Damn mom, you’re a twisted cunt.”

They all laughed. Ann replied, “You both love it, and Dana is just like me.”

“So, was there anyone else? “Come on, fess up. Dana asked.

Ann replied, “Well yes, but it was only once.”

“Who was it? “What happened?” asked Dana.

Ann replied, telling the story of her adventure. I was shopping in the department store at a shopping center in town. I wasn’t wearing panties under my skirt.

I was in a back corner near the fitting rooms when I bent over. I didn’t realize there was anyone behind me.

Dana said, “Go on.”

Ann continued. Anyhow, I bent over and my ass and twat were exposed to Rufus escort karkamış Green, who stepped up behind me and placed one large hand on my back to hold me in place.

Dane asked, “Mr. Green, the black man from the other side of town?”

Ann replied, “Uh ha.” and continued with her story.

Then, with his other hand, he ran his long, thick finger up my wet cunt causing me to cum on the spot. I tried getting up, but he pushed me to the floor and held me while he unzipped his pants.

Dana was getting hot and said, “Then what?”

Ann continued, then he pulled out his cock, rubbing it up and down my excited wet cunt slit. Next, he centered his cock at the entrance to my twat and flexed his hips, lodging his monster into my cunt.

I started to protest but he shushed me, telling me he knew I wanted it because I was so wet. Then he reached around and started to rub my clit while pushing that monster cock into my tight cunt.

I could hear people in the store. Hearing that and fearing we’d get caught caused me to cum. The additional lubrication eased the path for that big cock to sink completely into me.

I never felt so totally stuffed in my life.

He started working his massive prong in and out of my tightly stretched cunt with increasing speed, causing me to have multiple orgasms.

He put his hand under my blouse and squeezed my tit through the bra.

When he reached his peak and started hosing down my cervix with cum. I saw his black hand.

Pulling that massive black cock out of my cunt he told me to suck it.

Dana interrupted her mom, asking, “Did you?”

Ann said I didn’t want to, but the thought of sucking a black man’s cock was very enticing.

I sucked his cock and licked his nuts while giving him a hand job. He rewarded me with a taste of his black sperm.

“Damn Mom,” Dane exclaimed, “you weren’t afraid of what dad would say or do?”

Ann replied, “No, he had no room to talk.” He knocked up a woman named Rose. “

That little tidbit shocked both Dane and Dana.

Dane said, “Wow, we have a brother or sister?”

Both replied to their mother.

Dana changed the subject, saying, “Fuck, this shit made me horny as a cat in heat.”

Dane said we were just about at home as he pulled into the private roadway.

Ann and Dana took off their blouses, preferring to be naked when at home.

Going into the house, Ann and Dana stopped in the living room. They turned to Dane. Ann wrapped her arms around his shoulders, embracing him in a hot loving kiss while Dana worked his belt loose and pushed his shorts to the floor.

Ann grabbed his shirt, pulling it over his head as Dana grabbed the waistband of his underwear, pulling them down to join his shorts in a puddle on the floor.

Dana engulfed her brother’s semi-hard cock in her mouth while reaching up to finger their mother’s cunt.

Ann dropped to her knees, licking Dane’s cock when Dana pulled back.

Dane dropped to the carpeted floor, letting the women serve him. As Ann swung her legs over Dane’s torso, Dana centered Dane’s cock to the entrance of their mother’s cunt.

Go, mom, fuck your son, grind your horny bald cunt on his cock. You know you want him to blow a load into you. “

Ann hisses, “Yes, Dane, my beautiful son, fill me with your cock, fill your mother’s slut cunt with your load.”

Dana straddled Dane’s face, yelling, “Eat me, eat your sister’s hot slut cunt.” Make me cum. Eat me. ” as she was embracing her mother. Mother to daughter, tit to tit.

Dana screamed out, “I’m Cuming,” as she climaxed, karkamış escort bayan dousing Dane’s face with her juices.

Ann was next, screaming out, “I’m Cuming, sobbing. I’m Cuming Dane, fill me, fill your mother’s cunt with your cum.

Dane grabbed her waist, pinning her down on his cock as he exploded, sending squirt after squirt of his incestuous cum into the cervix of their mother.

All three got up, went to their bedrooms, and slept.

Getting up in the morning, Dane got up, and walking to the hall, he saw Dana, still sleeping, in her room, naked as usual. He took a minute to admire her firm young thighs, flat tummy, and the wide gap between her thighs, which left her cunt open for viewing.

Looking around, he saw she had some porn magazines open to women with pierced tits and cunt lips. Another showed a device that used suction to enlarge and elongate the nipples. A third one showed a woman bound and gagged with weights suspended from clamps attached to the inner cunt lips.

Dane smiled and left Dana’s room, walking towards his mother’s bedroom. She was sleeping, naked, with her legs spread and her dildo laying between them.

His mother also had porn magazines showing women with body modifications, piercings, and tattoos. There were clamps attached to their cunt lips with weights that stretched the lips to maybe three inches of protrusion.

Dane thought, wow, that is hot as he turned and walked to the kitchen.

Later, as Dane was sipping his coffee, Dana walked into the kitchen.

She bent and kissed him running her hand from his shoulder to his chest lovingly.

Pouring herself a cup of coffee she returned to the table to sit across from her brother.

They sat in silence until Dana spoke up. “Dane, I would like to get another piercing”

Dane played dumb responding, “Your ears are already pierced.”

Dana stood up and said, “I know, but I was thinking somewhere special, like here.” Touching her inner labia which barely protrudes from her labia majora.

Dane continued his act to determine just how badly and how much she wanted this. Looking at Dana he asked, “Why?”

She replied, “I think it would look sexy.”

You are already sexy, besides, your labia do not protrude enough to have nice jewelry. You would have to stretch them a little.

Dana replied, “I know, I’ve been reading up on it and I’ll stretch my inner lips with your help.”

Dane replied, “Are you sure.”

She replied yes, “I know you bought all kinds of equipment for the B&D shows and you must have clamps.”

Dane said nothing as he got up and left the room. A few minutes later he was back with a box of devices and accessories.

Sitting down, he selected four small but versatile clamps resembling common chip clamps with smooth silicone rubber gripping edges. He then selected four-quarter-ounce weights that were attached through a hole in the clips.

Looking at Dana he said, “Come here.”

She got up and went around the table standing in front of him.

He reached out, lightly pulling on her inner labia and attaching two clamps to one side then two to the other.

Looking at Dana, he instructed her to leave them on for no more than twenty minutes. Then remove them for at least the same time.

He told her that over time she would get used to the weight and sensation. When it feels natural, see him for more weight.

Dana nodded her head saying, “It hurts, a little bit.”

Dane nodded and said “If you change your mind, it’s okay”

She responded, “I won’t.” But, he already knew karkamış escort that.

Looking at her he asked about nipple piercings, she said yes.

He then told her it would be best to stretch them as well for a better selection of jewelry.

Reaching into the box he produced a pistol grip vacuum pump with a hose splitting at a “Y fitting and ending in a clear silicone rubber cup designed to cover the nipple and draw the nipple in under vacuum.

Looking at Dana he asked, “Do you want to try it?”

She nodded her head, Dane set it up, adjusting the elastic straps to center the cups and go around her back to keep them in place.

He then handed her the pump explained how it worked and instructed her to pump just enough to draw her nipple against the cup, but not too much or she could cause herself pain and tissue damage.

Dana squeezed the pump’s pistol trigger three times and stopped. Then said, “Wow, that feels strange.” Remember, take them off after about twenty minutes or you will have pain and tissue damage.”

The nipple pump tubing had a valve that allowed one to disconnect the pump without losing a vacuum.

Just then, Ann walked in seeing her daughter with the nipple suction cups. Then looking down to see the clamps on her daughter’s barely visible inner labia.

Ann said, good morning children, I want them also while pointing at her daughter.

Dane said. “Come here then mother.” He fitted his mother with the same clamps, weights, and vacuum cups as Dana was sporting. He explained all of the steps and precautions as he fitted her.

Looking at the both of them fitted with the clamps and vacuum cups he asked'” How do they feel?”

Dana answered first saying, “They’re starting to hurt, but they feel strange.

Ann said, “Strange but exciting”

Dane looked at Dana and said take them off for twenty minutes then show me you can put them on by yourself. Do not clamp in the same place.

Looking at his mother, he says, “What does not excite you?”

Ann looked at her son and said the thought of not living with you and your fabulous large cock.

Dana gained shock as she exclaimed, “Mother, you’re such a trashy slut.”

Ann replied, “like mother, like daughter.”

They all laughed as Dana leaned in and kissed her mother open-mouthed while her mother flicked Dana’s hyper-sensitive nipple with a finger.

Dana exclaimed, “Wow my nipples are super sensitive.”

Dane said time to put them back on.

They spent the rest of the day cleaning and doing chores around the house. It was Sunday, they were all off from work.

Dane and Danna had quit their regular jobs. The insurance on their father and their weekend gigs provided them with more than they needed. Mom continued as a nurse for appearances.

The rest of the week, they spent at home, Ann and Dana were up to half-ounce weights on all four clamps and drawing more vacuum on their nipples.

Dane inspected their nipples and cunt lips daily to be sure they were not damaging their goodies.

Their mother’s nipples and labia were progressing quicker than one might expect. Her labia hung down three-quarters of an inch below her outer labia. Her nipples were protruding a solid half inch. Both areas were sensitive, and any contact caused her to cum.

Ann didn’t wear the weights or vacuum cups during work hours, as that would be inappropriate.

Dana wore everything almost all day. Her inner labia were protruding, and her nipples were starting to look like erasers on a pencil.

As one could imagine, she was also becoming sensitive, much like their horny slut mother.

Their modifications did not go unnoticed by their patrons at the club. Many comments of praise and the tips got bigger. Their mom was a real crowd pleaser as she could squirt cum nearly four feet out of her horny cunt.

They drew lines on the stage to measure the distance placing bets on the measured distance, Ann could squirt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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