Dangerous Fire Ch. 02: The Aftermath

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Mandy listened intently to the sounds around her. There was a dull blowing…maybe a fan or an air conditioner, she thought. Ah yes…the hotel. She almost forgot where she was. It had been a very long night. The waiting, the wanting…and definitely the pleasing had clearly taken a toll on her.

Her eyes fluttered open as she attempted to raise her hands above her head to stretch. Only…her hands were tied together! Panic stricken, she sat bolt upright in the bed, ignoring her nudity as the sheets fell to her waist. She glanced anxiously around the room.

She spotted him. He was somehow fully dressed in a clean shirt and jeans. He looked freshly showered and shaved. He leaned against the far wall with a pleased grin on his face. She looked down…embarrassingly past her bare breasts, nipples beginning to harden from exposure to the air conditioning to see her wrists tightly bound by the same satin cloth she had used on him the night before.

She laughed to herself…and a little out loud. That orgasm must have really been good if he was able to tie her hands, and get ready for the day without her blinking once. Then again…it had been the wee hours of the morning when she finally entered the elevator with him. She had probably slept like a log. She tried to free her hands frantically. She twisted her wrists, pulled, and tugged…all to no avail.

“Ok, Dan. I get it, darlin. You got me, but I really have to get to work. I have things to do today, baby. Can you just, untie me so I can get dressed?” Madison pleaded as softly and sweetly as she possibly could.

“Baby, I’m not going to hurt you, you know that.” He said as he walked toward her, eyes moving appreciatively over her unclad upper body.

Madison swung her legs over the bed and stepped away from the covers, ignoring her now unclad lower body. She stood before him completely bare and shifted her weight on one leg to show her annoyance with the situation.

“I know you’re not going to hurt me. It’s just that…I have to get home and then to work, baby. We can play naughty ropes and strings some other time.” She said.

He stopped right in front of her. He let his eyes sweep over her again…this time they went lower than her upper body. She could see the desire rise in those pretty 1864 izle hazel eyes, and felt a little electricity shoot through her body. She should be enjoying being half-way held captive, should she?

He walked closer to her. He was close enough that she could feel his breath on her. In fact, she was finding it a bit harder to breathe herself, but with each intake she reveled in the intoxicating smell of him.

“Dan…” She pleaded.

He didn’t say anything. He bent his head and took her lips between hers, softly, sweetly, very briefly. She knew she had to get out of this. This power shift, however nice it seemed right now, was no good for her attempt at being a bad girl.

“Baby…can you please just…untie me so I can get to work.” She asked again, not quite sure if she actually wanted to be free of him.

“I’ll untie you…if you agree to let me do 3 things.” Dan said.

Madison could only imagine what these three things could be. In fact, with him…she was sure they would be three very naughty things. She was also sure she’d probably enjoy every damn second, but…she couldn’t let him win, could she? She shifted her weight to her other leg and sighed.

“Three things…and then you’ll untie me?” Madison asked.

“I promise, baby.” He said in that sexy southern drawl with a mischievous smile.

“Okay…what is number one?” Madison asked.

Dan grabbed her by her bound hands and led her to the bed. He eased her head back onto the pillow and stretched her legs out straight down the bed before sitting down on it beside her.

“First, I want to touch you.” He whispered.

Madison could hear the arousal in his voice as his hand cupped her cheek…then his thumb brushed her kiss-swollen bottom lip. He bent his head to kiss her again. It was another quick, sweet kiss like before. The sensation made her want to close her eyes, but she didn’t think she wanted to miss any of this.

He straightened again and let his hand continue its journey. He slid his finger tips down her neck slowly…softly…and then moved his palm onto her right breast. He squeezed it gently, and then used his thumb and forefinger to tease and caress her nipple to attention. He then moved across to her right breast and gave it the exact 1899 izle same attention. Madison bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning out loud. He watched her facial expressions change with each new touch.

His hand then slid down her warm flat tummy, caressing her smooth skin. He gently spread her legs, and then…his hand moved down further…cupping her warm pussy. She noticed it made him moan softly when he made contact there. He didn’t leave his hand there long…he let it move down her inner thigh caress down the right side and up the left. Madison started to shift in the bed slightly, anticipating what was coming next.

His hand then moved back to her now swollen pussy. He slid his thumb over her clit and started to rub her there in slow circles. This time she couldn’t contain the moan and a low “mmmmmm” escaped from her lips. He continued his sweet torture on her clit for a few moments before sliding his finger between her slick pussy lips.

“Damn, baby. You’re ready for me, aren’t you?” he asked while sliding his finger up and down her slit.

Madison didn’t speak. She just closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation. Then she felt his finger easing into her…fucking her. She moaned again. He slid his finger deep inside her and back out again. It felt so good; she started to mumble to him.

“Oh fuck yes, baby. Fuck me.” She whispered as his fingers slid inside her over and over.

He began to move his fingers faster and faster. She could hear the squelching of her wetness each time he slid inside. She could feel that fire within start to build…she was going to cum soon! Then he slid his fingers out and looked at her. Her eyes flew open in disbelief. She was so close!

“Not yet.” He said in a hoarse whisper, clearly teasing himself as much as he was trying to tease her.

He stood and grabbed her by her bound hands again. He pulled her out of the bed and led her over to the wall. He leaned her against it, and spread her legs. He then stood and leaned against her and kissed her again. This time the kiss was more intense. It was passionate and hungry. His breathing was ragged. She could hear his heartbeat. This was exciting him, she knew.

“Next, I want to taste you.” He whispered.

Madison watched as 28 korkunç gün izle Dan eased to his knees between her open legs. His hands moved up her thighs and held on to her and he began to kiss her slick pussy lips. She moaned out loud.

“Oh baby. You make me feel so good.” She mumbled.

He slid his tongue down her slit and back up. Then he sucked her hard little clit into his mouth making her scream.

“Dan!” She yelled as he licked and sucked her pussy. It was all she could do to keep her legs from buckling beneath her he was making her so weak.

He then darted his tongue into her just-fingered pussy and started fucking her with his tongue. Each penetration made her buck her hips and cry out. There was that familiar heat again. She let her eyes close as her breathing escalated. She was going to cum soon, she knew it!

“Oh baby. I’m so close.” She moaned.

Dan stopped again. He stood and leaned into her. His breath now almost a pant. She could feel his erection pressing into her through his jeans. She knew what he wanted. He kissed her…sliding his tongue into her mouth. She could taste herself on his lips. She sucked her wetness from his tongue and bottom lip while moaning into his mouth.

“Number three baby.” He said as he quickly rushed her over to the little table in the corner.

He pushed her over the table quickly and spread her legs. She could hear him struggling to unbuckle, unbutton, and unzip his pants. He managed to free himself and she could feel the head of his hard, hot cock moving up and down her pussy.

“Fuck me, baby.” She whispered.

She heard him groan as if he couldn’t take it any more. Then the head of his swollen dick pushed into her pussy and back out. She could hear the smacking sound it made as it eased out.

“Oh fuck. I can’t take it baby.” He whispered before slamming every inch of his cock deep into her over-teased pussy so hard it made her pitch forward on the table.

Madison cried in ecstasy, pussy quivering and clenching around the sudden intrusion. He slid out again, and thrust hard into her one more time. She shuddered and convulsed, closing her thighs and starting to fall to her knees as she enjoyed and Earth-shattering orgasm.

Her orgasm then triggered him and made him cum as he held onto her for dear life. They collapsed on the floor together, sweating and panting in the aftermath.

“My sweet baby…let’s keep this fire burning forever.” He whispered as he held her.

“Yes.” She whispered as her eyes closed.

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