Danny , Jenny Ch. 08

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Anal Fucking

Posted: September 24, 2002 – 12:00:00 am

Eventually we managed to drag ourselves away from each other and after she’d helped me downstairs again, I took all the documents from Karen our solicitor, out from the desk where Jenny had filed them and sat down in the kitchen to look them over.

I noticed a definite familiarity in the letters between Karen and Jenny and wondered how friendly they’d actually been with each other at school!

From what I read, Karen seemed to be doing a bloody good job with our claim for damages etc, she’d included wages lost from work for both of us, stress and trauma, even the cost of replacing the clothes we wore that night, every thing I could have conceivably though of, she’d beaten me to it!

It took me quite a long time to read through everything, mainly because Jenny was cleaning up around me and still wearing that bloody mini skirt! She seemed to spend an awful amount of time with the vacuum cleaner, bent over trying to get at invisible specks of dust!

“You know Jenny?” I said, as once again I found myself transfixed by the glistening little slit peeking out from under the hemline of her skirt.

“What?” she said and switched the cleaner off.

“I think you should see the doctor about it!”

“About what?” she knew I was about to come out with some facetious remark or other, her face was curious but her eyes were laughing!

“About your nymphomania!”

Taking the flat end of the cleaner off and dropping it to the floor, she ran the long flexible pipe up between her legs and smiled at me.

“I don’t know, “oh fuck that feels good!” what you mean!” she giggled, “Oh yes baby” she drew the pipe out from between her legs and kissed the end lovingly,

“Run away with me lover, you can take me anytime you want my darling, I promise I won’t keep you in that little dark cupboard, I’ll –!”

“For Christ’s sake you bloody lunatic, behave yourself!”

I suspect that the pipe was about to be re-introduced to the haven between her legs, but the phone rang and she was still laughing as she picked up the receiver from the table near to where I was sitting.


“Oh hi Karen!”

“You have? Wow that was quick!”

Reaching over, I slipped a hand beneath her skirt and brushed my fingertips over the soft puffy flesh of her labia

She giggled and opened her legs even wider for me,

“What? No, I er, I’m just scratching an itch, that’s all!”

Turning her head round, she mouthed, “Bastard” silently at me, but made no attempt Taksim Escort whatsoever to remove my hand!

“Sorry?” she grinned and blew me a kiss,

“Yes that sounds like a good idea, hang on, I’ll just ask Danny”

Putting her hand over the receiver, she said,

“Karen has finished the claim and wants to know if she should bring it down this evening for us all to go over it together”

Using the hand that wasn’t exploring her sweet little cunt, I grabbed my groin obscenely and pursed my lips into the time honoured imitation of a pervert masturbating over a dirty book!

“He says yes, that’ll be fine Karen” and gasped as I eased two fingers into her suddenly dripping wetness!

“You bastard” she said again as she replaced the receiver and pulled away from me, but only so she could unfasten my shorts and free my rapidly growing erection.

“Hmm, I wonder what’s brought about this hard on all of a sudden”

Straddling my hips, she lowered herself down onto me and whispered,

“Go on then tell me, what got you so hard so quickly?”

“I’m not sure Jenny” I laughed as I began moving my hips, “Perhaps it was the same thing that turned your pussy into a fucking swamp!”

Her lips mashed against mine and her tongue fought with my own tongue, “Shut up and fuck me” she moaned, “And I’ll tell you all about it afterwards!”

I did and she did!

“She was my first love” she whispered as she stretched out beside me on the couch, skirt still up around her waist and my hand gently caressing the silky flesh of her thighs.

“But things had only just started to get interesting when her dad got moved to another posting and she left, I was really sad at the time and cried for ages afterwards!”

I seemed to recall the time she mentioned and said so,

“Was that when dad stopped your pocket money because you were moping about the house all the time in the summer holiday?”

“You remembered?” she was genuinely surprised.

“Yes of course I remember” I said quietly, “I was worried sick about you as well as mum and dad you know!”

She smiled and laid a hand on mine,

“Well she only started at the school six weeks before the end of the term, but I knew as soon as I saw her that she liked girls too, girls can tell these things you know!”

“Anyway, she didn’t know a soul there, so I sort of took her under my wing and showed her around the place before morning assembly, the head mistress saw that we were getting on well and did a bit of swapping Taksim Escort Bayan and changing, so that she could room with me. I remember her taking hold of my hand and squeezing it in the head’s office, neither of us said anything though, we didn’t need to, we just knew!”

“Did you sleep together?”

“Just wait, pervert!” she giggled, “I’m coming to that bit in a minute”


“We sat next to each other in every lesson and at dinner time we went for a walk in the grounds, I showed her where we could sneak out through the hedge at night to meet the boys from the school up the road and she just said, “ugh, boys”

No I don’t bother either, I said and she squeezed my hand”

I’m not sure whether Jenny realised it or not, but as she talked, her legs were gradually opening, subconsciously inviting me to stroke the delicious looking wetness between them!

“As we turned to go back for the afternoon lessons, we bumped heads and rubbed each other’s bruise playfully, she said it ever so quietly, so quietly that I didn’t hear it properly and asked her what she’d said, she told me that she’d said I was very pretty and before I knew it we were kissing!

Can you believe it Danny, but from the day she arrived until the day we broke up for summer, she never once slept in her own bed, not once? I was totally besotted with her, even in class I’d slip my hand under her skirt when no-one was looking, sometimes she’s stroke her pussy with a pencil and then pass it to me, we even wore each other’s knickers, can you believe that?”

“Yes sweet Jen, I think I can, you were in love!”

“Oh God yes, we were in love all right, we cried buckets when we had to come home for the holidays and then when I got the letter saying she was going to Germany the next day with her mum and dad, well I was bloody heartbroken!”

She sat up then and came into my arms while I stroked her back and nuzzled my face into her hair, I realised she was holding me very tightly, squeezing me even!


“What sweetheart?”

“It’s not too late you know, I can phone her and ask her not to come this afternoon!”

I’ll admit that I thought about it for a second or too, I think that briefly I considered her presence her might constitute a threat to what I’d found with Jenny, but on the other hand, the age old male fantasy of having two girls together (presumptuous I know) was in my mind too!

“No sweet Jen, that wouldn’t be fair, to her or to you, I’ll take my chances!”


My Escort Taksim God, she startled me with the ferocity in her voice!

“Easy Jen, easy baby, I just meant that knowing what you had once and her coming this afternoon, well you know!”

“No I don’t bloody know, enlighten me!”

“Jenny” I tightened my arms around her, “You’re without doubt the sexiest girl I’ve ever met in my life, in fact as far as I’m concerned I owe you my life, you brought me out of the coma, not the doctors, not the nurses, or the drugs, you did!”

“Bollocks” came the ladylike reply from somewhere in the area of my neck!

“It’s just that you and her, well you might want to get it together, you know!”

That bit made her sit up and wrap her arms round my neck,

“We’ve already spoke about that possibility” she said softly, “Both of us want it and that’s the truth, I won’t deny it, but I’ve told her about us Danny and I’ve told her that if we do have a bit of fun together, that’s what it will be, a bit of fun,

I love you Danny, with all my heart, I love you and if you think that I’ve gone through all this with you just to throw it away again, you’ve got another bloody think coming bruv!”

“These things can happen though Jen” I said and she sighed deeply.

Sitting up she straddled me again and took my face in her hands,

“Now Mr Saunders watch my lips” and in spite of my anxiety, I laughed at her.

“Karen is a very sexy woman, I think we’ve established that much already, right?”


“She also happens to be married to a man she adores, he’s independently rich and he’s the money behind her practice, still with it?”

“Yes” I smiled and kissed her nose,

“Do you know what he’ll be doing while she’s down here?”

“No, but I’ve got a feeling that you’re about to enlighten me!”

“Correct, he’ll be doing the same thing he does whenever she has to stay out of town for any length of time!”

I kissed her nose again, “Are you going to tell me, or do I have to put you over my knee and smack your bottom?”

“Er, hang on, I’ll have to think about that one bruv!” she laughed,

“No, we’ll save that for another time, what he’ll be doing is”

She smiled and said, “Will I have to dress up as a schoolgirl?”

“Get on with it!” I laughed,

“He’ll be looking after their twin daughters Danny, they’re three years old and she absolutely dotes on them!”


“Yes oh, my big strong sexy lover, do you really think that even if I wanted her to, she’d leave all that behind for me?”

“No I don’t, but I’ve got one more question”


Slipping both my hands beneath the back of her skirt, I cupped the cheeks of her sexy little bottom,

“Do you want spanking with or without your panties?”

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