Dark Roots Ch. 06

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A/N: This is a very long chapter. I do hope everyone enjoys it. I had a lot of fun writing this.

Ch. 6 — The Mother, The Son & The Lamia

Seattle, Washington

9:00 PM

Hidden Underground Civilization

Albert was standing in the dark and in the presence of many nonhuman creatures, creatures he only thought existed in children’s tales and video games including movies. Yet here he was looking at satyrs, golems, trolls, and many more races he was unfamiliar with. Although it was dark, he had no issue seeing perfectly in pitch darkness. The interior of the black palace was, well, very black. Whereas the outside walls were a dark brown color as earth normally is. The walls of the palace and the interior were made of black earth, not obsidian but pure black rock. He wondered how on earth got this black. It didn’t look to be painted nor did it looked to be burned either. But that wasn’t the most pressing matter. No, there was something else happening.

The torch lights turned on all at once together inside of the throne room, revealing a plethora of creatures present, alongside some human males. There were short green men that looked to be goblins or how they are popularly portrayed in different forms of media. There were giant hairy men with bulbous noses that looked to be trolls wandering around with other creatures in the back. There were fair-skinned men and women with long pointed ears, clearly not human, and most likely elves who were talking with nearby humans. He watched his mother and her friend stand before what he thought was a giant snake, but was in fact a Lamia. A woman with a snake’s body starting at her navel down to her legs which was a long tail. She was a black woman with large breasts. Her lips were as dark as her areolas. Her hair which was wild and unkempt she kept in an Afro. Her two arms were covered in tribal markings, including her abdomen and breasts.

Albert picked a small corner of the throne room closest to where his mother was at. He watched as she and her friend spoke as if they were snakes, with a lot of hissing for some odd reason. They made short and long hisses. Something deep within him recognized the language but could only make out the word, ‘Help me’. He wasn’t sure how he knew this. After the Lamia hissed back accordingly to his mother and her friend, Lisa and Morania turned to face each other and began to undress one another.

First, Lisa tore open Morania’s button-up blouse. With her buttons popped and her shirt open, she was free to show off her large breasts that everyone in the room could see. Lisa threw Morania’s shirt to the side and burned off her own shirt, jacket, pants, bra, and panties in a quick flash of light. Albert was impressed by this as he had never seen her do that when she was with him and Indigo. Morania pulled her panties down her legs and stepped out of them.

“Do you love me Morania” Lisa asked her softly.

“So her name is Morania…what kind of name is that? Is it Bulgarian?” Albert thought privately.

“I think I always have, since the first time I met you. You’re so beautiful. Too beautiful to be with just one man or woman. It’s not fair.” Morania answered.

“As beautiful as you think I am, there is one more beautiful than I. My beloved son whom I love more than my creator. He has the privilege of fucking me whenever he pleases.” Lisa whispered into Morania’s ear, seductively.

Albert blushed when he heard this. Although she whispered this to her friend, he heard it crystal clear as if he were in Morania’s place. Was that odd? How on earth did that happen.

Morania blushed brightly and attacked Lisa’s large round breasts. Licking and sucking eagerly on her nipples. Lisa sighed and blushed. She caressed the back of her friend’s head softly. The men around them inched closer as they started to smirk and laugh. Albert became defensive of his mother and almost let everyone know he was there until the Lamia held up a hand, signaling the men to stay where they were.

“Yes, suck on those nipples! Suck them as my baby does. Ahh yes.” Lisa cooed as she fingered herself.

“God I wish I could drink the milk out of these huge fucking tits! I wonder what it would taste like” Morania growled.

Lisa smirked and blushed. She pulled Morania back by her hair and kissed and licked her along her neck and jawline. She squatted down in front of her and pressed her lips and mouth firmly between Morania’s legs and ate the raven-haired woman out.

“Agh!” Morania cried out placing both hands on top of Lisa’s head and thrusting her pelvis back and forth and rolling her hips In a gyrating motion. The feeling of Lisa’s long tongue flicking around inside of her wet pussy drove her insane.

“Eat that fucking pussy, you crestfallen bitch!”

“Mmm, Mmm, hmm, haah!” Lisa growled back.

The more Morania cursed and growled with sexual delight, the more Lisa flicked her tongue inside of her whilst also fingering her asshole. The pleasure sent her buckling and caused her to fall on her hands and knees. gaziantep escort bayan Lisa stood back up and caressed the side of her friend’s face. She turned to look at the Lamia who nodded to all of the men watching and masturbating intensely. The first one to join was the male goblin who stood at 3 feet and had oversize balls but small cocks. They might have been small but they used them with sheer aggression, meaning there was no love when they mated. They positioned themselves behind Morania and beneath her. One pushed his cock inside her asshole and the other slid himself inside of her wet cunt.

“Ooh, black hair lady tight behind” cooed the goblin who took her ass.

“She wet and tight in her birth hole!” said the one beneath her as they both fucked her hard without any care for foreplay.

A beautiful elf and a muscular one at that with a long cock approached Lisa, who she smiled back at out of courtesy.

“You must be descended from elven royalty, no human woman like you can be this beautiful and not have any royal elven blood in her. Please, mate with me and bear my children. They shall rule this world of men.”

“I appreciate the compliment their pretty boy, but I already have a child. Didn’t you hear me earlier? And I already have a man I love. I appreciate you wanting to strengthen your bloodline by mingling blood with me, but I cannot bear any more children, so I’m–“

“Then if little woman can’t have babies, then it be okay to fill you with my seed, over and over again!” interjected a giant man standing 15 feet tall!

“Well well well, I didn’t think I’d find one of my nephews and my son’s cousin here. You are a true Nephilim aren’t you big guy. The child of a human woman and an angel. And you’ve inherited your father’s size, whoever your father is. “

“You aunty? We mate anyway, NOW!” The giant said. As he reached below to touch Lisa, she repelled him back with a telekinetic blast that almost caved his powerful chest in, nearly killing him.

“The only one allowed to mate with me at this moment is this Lamia who I have business with tonight.”

“Well then my sweetness, I don’t see your son here, do you?” asked the Lamia.

“No I do not Madam Mya” Lisa replied, addressing her by name,

“Then let us mate, you and I” Lamia Mya hissed seductively.

Lisa approached Mya. Albert watched his mother approach the giant snake woman who curled her tail around her legs and back. Mya’s breasts were massive. The entire length of her body from the crown of her head to the tip of her tail measured 35 feet long. Her snake scales were multicolored when in a regular mood, but when she became excited; they turned red and gold and seemed to shimmer.

Something about this she-creature was oddly intriguing but also terrifying. How his mother was not terrified of her was amazing. Then again his mother wasn’t human much like this giant snake woman placing her index finger and thumb on her chin. She pulled her in for a long passionate kiss. Lisa kissed her back as passionately as she received it. Mya pulled her in closer so their bare breasts pressed against each other. Their intense kissing made their nipples erect and rub against one another. Mya picked Lisa up with both her hands and suckled intensely on her breasts as she played with her herself.

“Oh, does your pussy require attention too,” Mya asked Lisa.

She grew another pair of arms from the sides of her body and used those to spread Lisa’s legs apart. She pressed her firm plump lips on the fallen angel’s pussy and eagerly ate her out. With a long forked serpentine tongue, she flicked wildly inside of Lisa’s vagina and swirled it around inside of her with such ferocity and eagerness, that it forced the fallen angel to cry out in pleasure.

“Oh, Father!” Lisa cried out. Her cheeks were red, her eyes watery and drool hung down the side of her open jaw.

Albert grew angry watching someone else pleasing his mother, more than he ever could. But he remembered why he was here and kept his presence hidden as much as possible. Still, the sights and sounds of his mother moaning in delight and her friend practically gagging on the cocks of different rotating male creatures was an assault on his libido. There was absolutely no way he could keep his hormones suppressed for much longer.

“Tell me you want it, tell your ex-wife you want it inside of you!”

“Ex-Wife?” Albert said under his breath, shocked.

“I want you to fuck me with your snake cocks, daddy! Fuck my disgraced pussy you hissing bitch!” Lisa demanded.

Mya’s pussy which was closed all this time, opened up, revealing two purple-colored clitorises and inner cavity. Stimulating her cone-like clitorises, they grew and expanded rapidly into two large purple cocks with similar appearance to humans except they had natural bumps and ridges all around the shaft and head. Lisa squatted over the two snake cocks and positioned one at the entrance of her vagina and the other beneath her ass. Mya snickered and thrust gaziantep escort telefonları her snake body upwards, pushing her cocks inside of Lisa.

“FUCKK!!” Lisa cried out loudly.

“Yes, that face, that beautiful face, how I missed seeing it. Does your son make you feel this way. Can he even make you feel the way I’m making you feel right now?!” Mya teased Lisa.

“Don’t talk about my only ray of sunshine you–”

Mya covered her mouth with a hand to silence her. She used two of her other hands to fondle her breasts and play with and pull her nipples. With her last hand, she rubbed and twisted and pulled on her clitoris. The pleasure from all different directions assaulted her senses and caused her to cum over and over again, squirting all over her ex-wife’s large breasts with great force. It was like poking holes in a bottle of soda after shaking it violently.

Lisa trembled, having no energy left in her body, but the Lamia knew better. She turned her ex-wife around on top of her so her back was facing her. Stroking her erect clitoris, faster and harder, she was able to manually transform her small clitoris into a large cock. With one hand, Mya stroked her ex-wife’s cock as she continued to fuck both of her holes again.

“Yes, oh sweet darkness! Your holes are tightening around my cocks even more than before. Do they really feel that good, stretching your filthy whore holes apart?”

“Agh! Auughh! Hahh!” Lisa moaned loudly and deeply.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Hahh!” Mya howled, pumping Lisa’s holes full of cum.

“Aahh! Oh, God!” Lisa came screaming, firing hot ropes of semen from her own cock onto the scaly tail of her ex-wife.

Lisa fell on her hands and knees, cum guzzled out of her spent ass and cunt as her cock retracted back into her body.

Morania too was pumped full of cum from goblins, elves, and even the Nephilim who came all over her face and breasts. Her face and chest were painted white as were her insides. She coughed up saliva and cum in globs. She looked over at her friend Lisa who was struggling to stay up on her hands and knees.

“Morania, our business here is–“

Then a blast of cold air blew from one specific corner of the throne room. A bright light shined brighter than anything inside or outside. Lisa was shocked to see her son standing there, staring knives at her and everyone else. The hair and clothes on the right side of his head and his body shined a blistering white. It was like white fire engulfed only that side of his body. His right iris changed from its normal color to snow white.

“Baby what are you doing—I, how much did you see” Lisa sputtered nervously.

“Enough mom. You told me that all the women you had would be mine. I’m still waiting. I’ve shared my girlfriend with you. This isn’t cool.”

“Baby I did promise you that, but right now I am doing this for you. This is important.”

“My my my, so this is your son. His power and aura are so much different than the dimwitted giant over there. This is one that is literally radiating raw power and glory. My sweet dear, did you enjoy watching your mother and me mate? Would you like to ravage my body like I did your mother?”

Mya turned into a tall beautiful voluptuous woman, with long dark pink hair. Albert turned his gaze away from hers and walked over to his mother. Mya, rejected, grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. One gaze from him placed her in a mental prison of fear. The giant came to her aid and tapped her once on her shoulder, breaking her mind out of the illusion she was placed under.

“I crush small cousin no matter how–“

Albert, in a blur, punched the giant and sent him crashing into a group of vampires and elves, getting laughter from the goblins and trolls.

“Albert, my God, your powers, they’re starting to leak out!”

“What were you doing here mom, tell me or ill go!”

Lisa had flashbacks of her beloved Amidio leaving her when she heard her son’s words.

“Don’t leave me! Don’t walk out on me like your father! I’ll tell you” She shouted desperately.

“When you were growing inside of me. I placed a seal on you. To keep your powers and latent abilities sealed for as long as possible. When half angels are sired or born, they can either turn out in a variety of ways. Giant and mindless. Regular height but power-hungry or born with a plethora of magical abilities. When the child is a boy, the seal breaks when he engages in sex for the first time. When it’s a woman, it when she first gets her period. Although for girls to be born from a union is extremely rare already. Plus, there is still a war going on. All half angels like you, even quarter angels are either sought out by other celestial powers to do their bidding or are hunted by the archangels. Hell even wants them if it will bring them small victories over heaven. And so I came to an old ally and… ex-spouse to help me. She has access to all sorts of magic and people who can gaziantep escort videoları help you and protect you.”

“And you couldn’t tell me this back home?”

“I was afraid of how you would take all of this. Plus I have no experience training half angels. I don’t know what you go through.”

“You did a pretty decent job raising me on your own. Why would this be any different.” Albert turned from his mother and walked away.

“Albert wait!” Lisa shouted.

Mya slithered over to Albert and placed her hands down on top of his shoulders. He stopped only to turn and stare at her.

“Perhaps you should listen to your mother sweet child. After all, she was only looking after your well-being. And I know you enjoyed watching us mate. How about getting back at her and letting her watch us mate.”

“Watch what you say to my son!” Lisa said loudly.

“Relax babe, this is not about me or you, it’s about him. This sweet, handsome young man.”

Mya pressed her large breasts against his back. He felt her nipples rub against his back. He did enjoy watching them mate. He gave his mother a curious look and turned to Mya. He took her breasts, as much as he could in his hands and began to massage them. She sighed pleasantly and relaxed back.

“That’s right baby, use my body as you wish. Lisa, make sure to watch closely. I wouldn’t want you to miss a single moment.”

Lisa scowled back at her ex-wife but understood why her son was doing this. He sucked on the large black nipples in front of him that were as long as his middle finger. He licked around her large areolas and tugged on them with his teeth. Something about him, not so much his actions, but for him, caused her to become more sensitive than ever. Mya began to pant. Her cunt became wetter. Unable to control herself, she grabbed him by the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. Her long forked tongue coiled around his and locked his lips with hers. With her extra pair of hands, she pulled his pants down and pulled his shirt over his head. Mya gazed at the erect cock in front of her that in her eyes had a faint glow to it.

With strength that came from within. Albert pulled away from her kiss and positioned himself behind her giant breasts. He pressed them tightly together and pushed his cock in between them and fucked her giant black titties mercilessly.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my huge titties dear! Fuck them just like that!”

Albert panted and moaned. Lisa blushed and touched herself. She rubbed her clitoris and fingered herself watching her son fuck her ex-wife’s giant tits. Albert thrust and slapped his groin greedily as he neared his first orgasm. With each slap, Lisa fingered herself more and more. The cum from her ex-wife continued to ooze out of her cunt and onto her fingers and hand.

“Aaghh!” with a loud cry of pleasure, Albert fired ropes of glowing cum that painted Mya’s face that caused her to spontaneously orgasm.

Her body trembled and her cunt leaked and squirted uncontrollably all at once. Lisa watched in utter amazement as her son jumped off of Mya’s body and took a breather. She knew her son was special, being the product of man and angel. An already very rare coupling to begin with, but his sexual, no, his supernatural sexual abilities were an exception to an exception.

“Let’s go home, mom.” Albert told her as she approached her.

“But Albert–“

“WAIT!” Shouted Mya. She grabbed Albert by his wrist and pulled him back again.

“I don’t know what you did to me. Maybe it was your semen making contact with my skin. Maybe it’s your aura. But I have never had an orgasm like that. It was like a million little exploding orgasms that ravaged me until I was no longer without any strength. Please, by my husband. I need you. I need you all for myself. I will even bear your children if you want me to!”

Albert stared back at the sweaty and cum covered Lamia that had the craziest look in her eyes.

Lisa heard enough and grabbed her ex-wife’s wrist and pulled it off of her son. “Who my son decides to marry and father children with is his decision. However, who he decides to bed and fuck to his heart’s content, that’s a different matter. I promised I would share with him all the women I had ever bedded, and you are no exception.”

Lisa whispered into her son’s ear and smiled devilishly at her ex-wife who looked a little concerned.

“Fine, snake woman. You want me again? I will give you more. But my mother is going to join me this time!”

“W-What? What are you talking about” Mya stuttered.

Lisa jumped on top of her, pressing her down onto the ground with her super-strength.

“This is what we’re talking about,” Lisa said.

Lisa and her ex turned to see Albert push and slide himself back inside of Mya, much to her delight. He thrust inside of her as fast and as hard as he could. Mya panted and tugged at her nipples and massaged her tits uncontrollably. Lisa walked around her son and sat down behind him. She whispered to him, telling him to stop for a moment as she pressed her breasts against his back. She needed a moment to change her clitoris into a cock. As it sprang up with new life, she positioned the head just behind her son’s shaft and pushed herself inside of her ex-wife. Mya’s snake pussy was stretched out even further apart with her ex-wife’s larger cock now inside of her with her son’s.

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