Date Night with My Wife Pt. 02

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As we entered the bookstore we realized how late it had become, without noticing it was already after 2 in the morning. That was OK since our favorite store is out away from towns and city’s so it doesn’t get more than trucker traffic and since it’s the weekend there are not a lot of them out and about. Shawn and I were following my sexy wife Debbie around watching her tight ass sway inside that leather skirt just kinda of waiting to see what she had in mind. As we went up 1 isle and down another I could see her mind working, what’s next in our night to remember!

As we were making our way around admiring Debbie’s tight ass she left the video isles and headed towards the toy section. For some reason this always makes me uneasy, maybe just inadequate who knows? Anyways, Debbie was drawn to the big black dildos it seemed, that’s the section she lingered at anyways, she seemed to like the feel and width or length, only she can tell really. After making her selection we headed to the checkout stand and were slightly surprised to see a woman behind the counter. Nothing against women but in a place like this in the middle of the night a woman behind the counter by herself is not what you expect.

As we checked out it seemed Debbie and the checker lady seemed to hit it off, they small talked and such about fake dildos and it ended up with the clerk giving us a few free tokens to the back rooms. As we were heading back there Debbie was kinda laughing so I had to ask why, she just looked and said you know that was a guy right? I was dumbfounded, I didn’t even realize it, he looked just like a woman, and a guy discussing dildos with a woman comparing feelings is a little creepy to me. But anyways we headed back to the rooms with the TVs. As we entered we could see that the movie on was a gangbang. Shawn and I just sat on the bench and waited to see what was next for us.

Debbie seemed to be mesmerized by the scene playing out on the screen in front of her. It was a smallish woman being triple teamed by very muscular black men, a pretty common movie theme it seems. She was a quite the picture before us standing in her leather skirt with red frilly top, leather fuck me boots and holding her dildo purchase. As the scene played out a little more we could see her hand moving down her body towards her sweetness. She just stood before us with her back to us and started rubbing her crotch. Very quickly she realized she couldn’t do a good job of it with her skirt on so she unzipped and standing right before us was my wife holding a black 10″ dildo while wearing only her lacy bra and thong panties while slowly rubbing her moistening glorious pussy. As she was rubbing out it with one hand she dropped the toy and we could see her caressing those luscious tits with the other. I’m not sure if it was that she did such a great job of pleasuring herself or she was just that turned on but she quickly brought herself to a shuttering orgasm which made her a little wobbly and that resulted in her tumbling to the ground against the wall.

As she was sitting there in all her glory catching her breath she noticed something poking her in the back of the head. As she put her hand zorla sex back to see what it was she was she was for some reason surprised to find a soft cock sticking through a gloryhole. She slowly turned away from the wall and got up to her knees which brought her to a perfect height. Debbie slowly started to stroke that now hardening cock. Once she got it all hard and ready to go she quickly engulfed it

all the way till her nose was against the wall. She would suck that hard cock for all she was worth for a bit then grab it at the base with 1 hand and rub the head with the palm of her other hand. As she was rubbing the head we could hear the lucky guy on the other side of the wall moaning and groaning.

Shawn and I are sitting on this bench watching my beautiful wife Debbie, while on her knees in her bra and thong, sucking that cock that’s sticking out the gloryhole. I leaned over to Shawn and pointed at the dildo that was sitting on the floor and suggested that he us it. He looked around for some lube after opening the package but there was none to be found, I saw him shrug and then was shocked to see him shove it in his mouth. Right there in front of me was my wife on one side working over a warm cock through a gloryhole and a guy I’ve known for years running a big black dildo into his mouth, it was very surreal.

As Shawn moved behind my kneeling wife there was a knock at the door of the room. I figured why not and opened the door to see the clerk still dressed as a woman standing there with a smile on her face asking if she/he could join us? Again, why not, Debbie said night to remember! The burning question was answered quickly when she/he lifted the skirt to reveal a already rock hard cock. He said he could hear what was going on and just had to take a chance, he said Shawn was just to damn good looking to pass up. Shawn heard this a turned to look our way with the dildo still in his mouth. The clerk just looked at him and walked towards him telling him to put that dildo in that hot pussy before him since he had something to replace that dildo with. I was surprised again to see a smile on Shawns face as he got down behind Debbie and looked toward our new friend. The clerk moved to Shawns head while raising his dress exposing his hark cock again. Shawn didn’t hesitate and engulfed that cock quickly and continued to slobber all over it.

There before me was my wife sucking cock through the gloryhole and my old buddy Shawn sucking a thick cock while the clerk was still holding up his dress. I told Shawn not to forget that pussy before him and taking his mouth off his warm suck toy he moved behind my wife and slid that thick cock into her wet snatch. The clerk moved closer to him so the sucking of his cock could continue. Now I’m hearing moans all around, the guy on the other side of the gloryhole was moaning from my wife’s talented mouth, Debbie was moaning from Shawn fucking her hot pussy with the big black dildo and the clerk was moaning away from Shawn slobbering and sucking his engorged cock.

Of course with a cock in her mouth and a dildo in her wet pussy, Debbie was still in charge. She took her mouth off porno indir the cock in the wall for a second and turned her head to see what was happening. Even with Shawn still sliding that dildo in her pussy her mind was still thinking. She told Shawn to take over on the cock sticking from the hole, which he greedily did, exposing his ass to the clerk because he was on his knees bent over sucking that cock. My wife told the clerk to get Shawn ass ready to go cause she was giving it to him. The clerk kneeled behind Shawn and started to rim him right before me eyes. As this was going on Debbie deductively crawled over to where I was sitting and took my hard cock into her mouth.

As she was expertly sucking me I watched the clerk move up behind Shawn and ease his hard cock into Shawns ass. As Debbie was sucking my cock and with Shawn getting spit roasted, I got an idea. I turned my wife around so her beautiful ass was towards the wall, I attached her new dildo to the wall with the suction cup and she slid it into her wet pussy with a heavy sigh! I moved back in front of her and created a second spit roast inside the little room as I feed my hard cock to Debbie. As Debbie was sliding the wet pussy over that big black dildo in rhythm to her hot mouth sucking my cock I heard a thump on the wall and a hard sigh and realized the guy on the other side had cum in Shawns mouth. As I looked over there was cum ramming out of his mouth and down his face and just as the cock in the hole pulled out a giant black cock popped into the hole.

Shawn looked in heaven as he was being spit roasted between a guy wearing a dress pumping his ass and a BBC sliding into his mouth. While this was going on I hear Debbie’s breathing getting faster and I can see her tensing up and as she takes her mouth off my cock I can see she’s having another earth shattering orgasm. After coming down she gets another idea seeing what Shawn is doing. She’s stands right in the middle of the room and decides to rearrange things. She asks Shawn if he thinks he can take that BBC in his tight ass. She’s never seen 2 guys do it for real let alone 3 so she was going with her imagination on this. She got down on her knees and really slobbered on that BBC to get it good and wet then eased Shawns ass right down on that big dick, slowly taking more and more until his ass checks hit the wall. After adjusting to the size Shawn started to slide back and forth on that huge cock. While he was moaning away the clerk got on his knees right in front of him and feed his moaning mouth his cock that only moments before was in Shawns ass.

As that new spit roast was going on Debbie crawled behind the clerk and started rimming his ass. Upon seeing this I thought I was free to enter her way pussy but she had other ideas. After getting the clerks ass all wet and ready she looked at me and said remember all the times you tried to fuck my ass? Well now I’ll give you the chance to fuck this ass right in front of us. After thinking for just a split second of course I’m in, this is a night to let loose, let it all out, a night to remember after all. I moved behind the clerk and since Debbie had rimmed ensest porno him well and had been slobbering on my cock earlier his ass was all lubed up. As Shawn was still sucking on the clerks cock I slid right in the clerks ass, that made him jump a little which forced his cock farther into Shawns mouth which made him gag but he kept at it like a champ.

I’m sure this was a real interesting picture to Debbie, Shawn was before her getting spit roasted between the BBC in the gloryhole and the clerk still wearing the dress and with me sliding easily into the clerks hot ass. We eventually found a rhythm and then Debbie handed me her new dildo and slid on her back under Shawn and took his hard cock into her mouth. After pulling her legs just right I was able to feed that dildo right into her extremely wet pussy and start pumping!

It must have been a real site. 1 guy being spit roasted between a BBC through a gloryhole and a guy in a dress while getting his cock sucked by a 60 something year old woman who is getting her pussy fucked with a dildo by her husband who is also fucking the guy in the dress in the ass! As things progressed Debbie had another huge orgasm around that new dildo while she continued to suck Shawns cock which probably is what put him over the edge. With a cock in mouth grunt he unloaded in Debbie’s mouth but kept rocking back and forth between that BBC and the clerk. After her orgasm and with a mouthful of Shawns cum Debbie was done for a while.

Next to go was the clerk, he unloaded a huge load in Shawns mouth and then asked me to pause for a second, he moved back away from Shawn taking his cock out of his full mouth and bent over so I could resume fucking him. They were now face to face both getting fucked in the ass. The clerk and Shawn were looking each other in the eye then it happened, while both were rocking back and forth on cocks they both paused and entered a deep kiss sharing the clerks load that was in Shawns mouth. They broke there kiss back to fucking the cocks in their asses for a few seconds then went back to sharing that load of cum!

All the while Debbie was kneeling next to me talking in my ear asking me how I liked fucking a hot tight ass, was I ready to explode yet? Her hands were roaming my body and finished on my ass and she started playing with my asshole. That was all I could take, I unloaded a huge hot load deep in the clerks ass. He slid off my cock and started pushing Shawn harder onto that BBC, maybe that was the trigger, I don’t know but right before us he slammed his ass back and we heard a groan from the other side of the wall. We were all imagining that BBC pumping Shawns ass full of cum. As Shawn slid off that cock with a pop noise cum started gushing out of his ass and running down his balls and his legs. To our surprise the clerk laid down under Shawn and started taking that cum right in his mouth! Licking his ass and balls all clean then kneeling down right in front of me and took my now soft cock right into his mouth cleaning my cock of his ass!

As we were gathering ourselves the clerk just pushed his dress back down and left the room back to his post at the register. After he was gone Debbie asked how I liked my first ass, I just smiled and took her head in my hands and gave her a deep kiss and said thank you I loved it, but it’s your beautiful ass that I wanted! As we were leaving she just looked at me and said “I love you and the night is still young!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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