Daughter Discovers Mom’s Secret

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I came home early from work. That was odd. The lights were off. My mom should have been here. I walked into the living room and was sure I heard voices or something, it didn’t feel empty. I walked back towards the bedroom, the door was slightly open and I could see light coming from inside. As I drew, near I could hear the voices more clearly. I was puzzled and peeked through the opening, pushing the door a bit. What I saw shook me. I found my mom alright. There she was, on my bed, having her pussy eaten and loving it. She was also eating some pussy herself. My mother was 69’ing with another woman! I couldn’t absorb what I was seeing, I went into a stupor. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sight. They were on their sides. My MOTHER had her face buried in this woman’s snatch, slurping and licking it. The woman at her pussy was doing the same with as much vigor. I watched a few seconds, hell it could have been minutes for all I knew, my mind was exploding. I backed out of the room and quietly left the apartment.

I’d have gone to a bar, but I’m not 21. Where could I get a beer? I wanted to get shit faced in the worst way. But I thought better of it. How could I explain getting drunk to her? Hahahaha!!! How would she ever explain what I saw to me? She was visiting me for parents’ weekend. I had been at work, but it was slow, so they let me go because of my mom. Right now, I was upset, so I went to a restaurant and drank coffee and ate pie. I laughed inwardly; my mom was having pie too. I hung out for about 45 minutes, then called my apartment. I figured I could call her, say my shift was shortened so she and whoever that was, could clean up. Surely 45 minutes was long enough for them to finish? She answered the phone and was amazingly composed.

“Oh, great honey! Come on home, my friend Julia is here. We hooked up today.” YEAH I saw that!

I walked in the door, with a smile on my face, or something resembling that. There they were, sitting on my couch drinking coffee, like it was a ladies’ social circle. So non-chalant. Julia rose and hugged me, saying how much I looked like my mom. She was about 35, around 5’6″ with mid-length light brown hair, very trim and nice looking. Her eyes were hazel. She was well turned out, especially for someone who had had her face ensconced in my mom’s pussy only a short while ago. Her hair, makeup and clothing were nice. She was casually dressed. My mom reminded me Julia worked with her in our home town but had moved here a couple years ago.

“Oh! I remember now”, I said. “You guys went to several seminars together.” HA!!! Now I was drawing a picture in my mind. Alone in another city, hotel rooms, Jacuzzis, wine. A full rendition of the scene was in my mind’s eye.

I sat with them, making polite conversation. I wanted to hate Julia for what she must have done to seduce my mom into a lesbian affair. But she was nice, and funny, and charming, and warm. I found myself liking her so much. I understood my mother’s attraction to her and it would be hot to me, if it wasn’t my mom. After about an hour, she begged off, saying she didn’t want to intrude any further. This was mom’s weekend with me. We said goodbye to her, mom hugging her and kissing her cheeks, but then mom always did that. Julia hugged me again and complimented me some more and off she went. But before the door shut, she gave me her card and said to call her. She would Uzun porno like to take me to dinner in my mom’s stead. My mom beamed! Oh great. Shera will do it!

What followed was the longest weekend of my life. I had to play along like I didn’t know what had happened. It was particularly hard when I got in my bed that night. My mom didn’t know I knew and I would never tell. It would destroy her marriage with my dad. So I kept my mouth shut and made it through.

A couple weeks later, at my mom’s insistence, I did call Julia. We agreed to meet at a nice restaurant the following Friday.

I went there, wanting to leave ASAP. I had dressed nicely, for my mom. I wanted to make a good impression. I made up my mind to keep my mouth closed about what I had seen. To my surprise, we had a wonderful dinner. We talked like we were girlfriends. She was knowledgeable about so many things. She discussed, at length, my schooling and plans. It was great. No wonder my mother liked this woman. A couple times, my mind flashed back to my bedroom, to Julia and my mom. I was surprised that it turned me on, as long as I blurred my mother’s face out. I looked at her lips and wondered how they tasted. I had to turn away from that thought.

When we couldn’t sit at the table any longer, the waiter was having kittens at us; we decided to go back to my place. Her husband and kids were home. She wouldn’t be able to talk to me without being interrupted a dozen or more times.

She followed me home, stopping to pick up a bottle of wine for us, since I couldn’t drink at the restaurant. We got in the door, opened the wine and sat down to talk. I couldn’t get over how easy she was to talk to. We ran the gamut of topics and drank wine. She reminded me again of how much I looked like my mom. I blushed. She reached out and pinched my cheek. I smiled some and blushed more. Her hand lingered at my cheek and then brushed at my hair. She moved closer to me pulling my hair back from my face, exposing my neck, and then kissed it.

Julia bent down to kiss my cheek and let herself out the door. I lay back in the sheets, luxuriating in the afterglow. I hugged the pillow where she had laid her head and took in the sweet smell of her perfume. My mind played clips of what had transpired. The first kiss, deep and soft. My bedroom, where she took my clothes off…running her hands over my breasts as she removed my bra. Her hand, massaging my venus mound…fingers entering me…I moan. The anticipation as she laid between my legs…her face lowering…her tongue flicking my clit…how I quivered. My first orgasm as she sucked and finger fucked me…my hips grinding into her face. A kiss…I can taste me on her.

My turn…I couldn’t wait to suck her tits…her nipples so beautiful…they hardened as I blow on them. The first taste of her pussy…so neatly shaven…beautiful the pink folds…the heady musky scent…the sweet tangy flavor of her. I don’t know what to do…she guides me. I tickle her clit…fuck her with my tongue…lost in texture of her. My delight at having brought her to orgasm.

We lay side by side…scissor legged…clits rubbing together…smacking sounds…we grind together until we cum. 69’ing…I can’t taste her enough…her pink wetness engorged…how beautiful.

My mind roams over all of it. She was so desirable…she made me feel desirable Öğrenci porno too. I lay in a haze of lust. She confessed before she left, she saw me at the door the night she was with my mom…but my mom didn’t know. It would be our secret…as would this.

I wondered about that. Would she tell? I couldn’t, not without revealing what happened with Julia tonight.

In the morning, I pondered how did I feel about sharing a woman with my mother? I had, in some bizarre moments, contemplated sharing the same man, truthfully, my father, but this was different. I would need to sort this out. Last night I was too caught up in Julia. She was so sensuous. I couldn’t resist her. The pleasure I found in her body surprised me. I had never been with a woman. Her sexuality was powerful, making it completely natural to partake of her.

I didn’t need to get up for a while, so laid in bed. As I contemplated and replayed events, my hand drifted to my pussy, it was hot and wet. My clit was swollen, still, or because I was in a finely tuned state? I moved my fingers, drifting in the folds, imagining they were hers and thinking of her pussy. How like a flower it was. Pink. The petals yielding, opening with a small kissing sound. Soft and velvety; the aroma sweet and musky. The well, filled with tangy elixir. I played in my own wetness, teasing my clit…swollen…sensitive…longing for more relief. I moved my hips under my touch. My fingers rubbing both sides of me in a V and then back to my clit. Massaging slowly then quickening the pace as my need had to be served. Faster, faster, I came thinking of my face buried in her pussy.

It was a lovely night. Julia was on her way here to see me. We gave up and decided it was best to have dinner here, why pretend? We had met for coffee a couple times after that first night, to ascertain our feelings, or rather for her to ascertain mine. If I was OK with what had happened. Each meeting ended at one vehicle or the other locked in a deeply impassioned kiss and some not very sly groping of breasts and crotches. At one meeting, she had a skirt on and once she had groped my breast, I went for the gold, shoving my hand up under, pulling aside her panties, inserting a finger in her. She moaned kissed me harder, then pulled away, “later darling, later…”

I had a meal ready to go, but honestly, I couldn’t eat. The anticipation of her arrival had my heart thundering. If the coffee meetings were any indication, we were going to end up in bed naked and doing more than groping.

I didn’t have to wait very long. Julia arrived right on time. I opened the door, she hugged me, giving me a bottle of wine. We walked into the kitchen to open it. I turned to let her do the honors, but she took me by surprise wrapping me in her arms and kissing me deeply, passionately. “Put the wine in the fridge. Let’s work up a thirst”, said she.

She took my hand and led me to my bedroom. She bade me sit on the bed. I did. She knelt next to me, taking my face in her hands, she looked into my eyes. She said I was more like my mom than I knew. Stroking my hair, she kissed my neck while cupping my tit. My mind raced. In a heart beat she had my shirt and bra off and I was lying back on the bed, her on top of me.

We spent the next? Who knows? Exploring each other. It was all very quick to the first orgasm, both of us so eager with anticipation. We each came while we finger fucked each other side by side. I couldn’t wait to taste her though, so I took the lead and moved swiftly to her pussy. GOD! It was better than I remembered. Her pink heaven, slick from the first cum, juicy, so delicious. I was all heat. I didn’t tease her much, I dove in tongue first. I licked her like an ice cream dish, trying to get every drop. She guided me so I could get her off, licking her clit and sucking it all in. She liked my fingers too. I kept my face in there, her legs clamping me and her hands in my hair. I licked and sucked her; she came bucking in my face. I didn’t stop until she lay still.

We relaxed, my head on her thigh, idly stroking my hair. When Julia regained her composure, she got busy on me. Sucking my tits, laying on top of me again, she stroked my pussy with her hand, rubbing my pubis, slapping at it. Then she took two fingers, licked them and inserted them in me. She curved them and located my G spot. I squirmed on them. Kissing my belly, down to the hair, she stopped the finger fucking and got into position. I can’t explain all of what happened next. She started with my clit, tickling it. Then her tongue fucked me and her mouth sucked me and her fingers fucked too. I lost control when she slurped and didn’t stop. I fought closing my legs on her but held her head tight. Grinding my pelvis into her, I came in a rush of adrenaline. She knew how to work me, extending the climax, her mouth all over me at once.

We lay side by side, I think we slept.

When we woke, we were famished. We put on some large tshirts I have and went out to the kitchen to make some food. We drank wine, ate and talked for a long time. She told me the story of her and my mom, it made me feel like a voyeur. Should I know the intimate details of her and my mom? I listened and took it as if Julia talking about her and another woman. I couldn’t relate to the story being about my mother.

I had guessed right, it started on the road, but it was the first time for both of them, which I wouldn’t have guessed. That made me feel better. They only kept it up on the road, never at home.

When Julia moved here, they had to limit their trysts to a couple times a year. Now I knew what mom had been doing. She said she was going to Julia’s, but they always managed to make plans for out of town so they could be alone.

She had no other lovers, only my mom and now me. She was unsure why she was taking this step with me. She was drawn to the naughty aspect of having a mom and her daughter. I divorced myself from the thought of my mother having sex with her and just let mom be a faceless lover. I found that exciting.

We ended up in bed again, slowly finger fucking and sucking each other in 69. It was impossible to wait for turns, we both wanted to do it at the same time. Her fingers and tongue and mouth worked their magic. I came in shuddering waves. I worked hard, but enjoyed every minute to give her the same. Her lovely pussy, so pink and wet; so tasty. I licked and sucked every part of her, learning what she responded to. Her clit, swollen and hard was so irresistible. Her climax became my own. Her pussy pulsing as she came.

We ended up scissor legged again, on top of each other, rubbing pussy to pussy and kissing.

When it was time for her to go, she showered, for obvious reasons. She couldn’t go home smelling like my pussy. I don’t know where this is going, but I like where we’ve gotten. We will meet for coffee again next week. I went to bed just as I was, covered in her aroma, hugging my pillow, in total bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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