David Drops the Soap

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A while ago, David’s wife was out of town overnight and he was on his own. Occasionally, he works out in a local gym, and that evening was one of those times. It was late when he went there because he prefers it when the gym is almost empty and the various exercise machines are readily available. The men’s locker room was also almost empty when David left the gym floor and went there after his workout. Only one man was there but that was enough because he was tall and young and he was standing under a shower, slowly masturbating a prodigious erection.

David’s asspussy tingled with anticipation at the sight of the big cock. “What a waste of a perfectly good hard-on,” he said to the young man.

“Oh? Do you have something better in mind?”

“Would you know what to do if I came in there and dropped my soap?” The question was actually hypothetical because, for safety and ease of cleaning, the gym provides liquid soap in dispensers attached to the wall.

“Yeah.” The man in the shower nodded his head to emphasize that he knew.

“Wait right there. I think that’s about to happen.” David hurried back to his locker and examined the supply of condoms he had in his gym bag, selecting the largest one. As he rushed back to the shower, he opened the packet and tossed the wrapper in a trash container.

In his absence, the young man had rinsed the soap off his stiff cock. When he saw the big, white shaft and the bulging pink head, David became even more enthusiastic. Happily, he gaziantep escort knelt before the man, and took it into his mouth. This was no more than a preliminary, to make sure it was hard enough to slide into his ass, but David liked doing it. He really enjoyed the hard, thick roundness of the shaft as it surged between his lips and the feel of the smooth, tightly-filled skin against his tongue. As good as it felt in his mouth, though, he knew it would feel even better in his asspussy.

“That feels great,” the young man told him. “Would you rather just suck me off?”

David removed his mouth from around the cock that had filled it so superbly. “It feels good to me too but it’ll feel even better for both of us in my asspussy.”

After putting the condom on the wet cock and lubricating it and himself with the liquid soap, David turned around. “Oh, clumsy me, I dropped my soap,” he announced, and got to his hands and knees in front of the man. As he crouched there, he reached back and spread the cheeks of his ass, showing off the soapy hole. The tall man proved he really did know what to do when soap was dropped in front of him, quickly kneeling behind the older man.

A thrill of delightful expectation swirled through David’s body when he felt fingers pulling open his sphincter and the head of a hard, youthful cock pressing against the opening. “Ahhhh,” he sighed as the tip popped through. David arched his back, presenting his asspussy even more fully to the man behind him and moaned with delight as he the head of the cock wedged inside him.

“Mmmm, your pussy is nice and tight. You’re right; this is a lot better than jacking off.” The man gave a firm thrust and more of his cock entered the tight channel that was being offered to him.

Waves of pleasure poured from David’s ass, inundating his whole body. The bliss he felt was intensified with the second stroke when the hard cock started to massage his prostate. After it was plunged into him the third time, he was able to time what the tall man was doing and fucked back to meet the cock that was being driven so strongly into where both men wanted it. With a few more strokes, it was all the way in David’s ass. The young man put his hands on David’s plump hips and both men settled into a rhythm of long, slow and mutually satisfying strokes.

David moaned from the intense pleasure every time the big cock surged into his asspussy. With every thrust, ecstasy radiated out from its path, flooding his body and making him writhe involuntarily in front of the man who was doing the fucking. David’s cock was hard and he held it in one hand and increased his pleasure by stroking it in synch with the bigger one that was going in and out of his ass.

“Ah! Ah!” the man exclaimed and started ramming his cock harder and faster into the tight ass in front of him. The man was going to cum, David knew, and he pumped his cock faster and fucked back to match the increased speed of the other man’s thrusts.

“Uh!” he grunted and jammed his cock even harder into David, his balls swinging forward and colliding with those of the man he was fucking. With a few more short thrusts, he was through cumming and his grip on his partner’s hips relaxed.

“Ahhhh!” David sighed, as he also climaxed, squirting his semen onto the cement floor of the shower room. The big cock was still hard and was buried deep in his asspussy, sending pleasure pouring through his body, but David could feel the man relaxing and knew the fucking was through for the night.

Carefully, the man removed his cock from the ass where it had given and received so much pleasure. “You know,” he said to the man who had shared the pleasure with him. “I look at the girls in the gym and see their asses and titties bouncing around and I get really horny. But when I try to approach one of them, I get shot down. Your ass – your asspussy – is probably as good as anything any of them have got and I’d like to fuck you some more some other time.”

David smiled. The feeling was mutual and he had an address book in his gym bag that he kept just for times like this. The name and telephone number of the tall young man would be a very welcome addition to his list of potential sex partners.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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