Dawn of Mistress Hannah

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I first met Hannah on one of those social media sites that people often frequented in their youth. It began as normal as any other friendship, we spoke about general things like music, hobbies and our love of all things fantasy. It later developed into more casual flirting and then sending of some suggestive images.

Our friendship developed and the flirting became less subtle and the images came to the point that there was little left to the imagination.

Hannah lived down south and I lived up north so there was never really the opportunity to meet up.

As expected in life we both met people and had our separate relationships. Howeve we would still regularly talk, flirt and exchange images to appease our sexual tension and frustrations. One of past times included sending each other links to sexy images on tumblr stating that we would love to try what was being shown.

Throughout our interactions I would say that I was always the dominant one and she was my slut. So much so that she would send me pictures of her dressed in her old school uniform, her perfect tits and cleavage spilling out of her semi open shirt. She had the word SLUT written on her forehead in lipstick and was sucking on a dildo taking the full length inside her throat again and again.

She would drive me wild and I would be come instantly hard when she sent me her slutty pictures. The fact that we were both in relationships made it all the more exciting.

Hannah is one of them girls that just seems to scream sexual deviant. Her eyes scream come fuck me. Her lips would look perfect wrapped around a cock. Her amazing tits and cleavage would tempt any man or woman to chance a glance and her curvy figure and ass just made you want her on all fours in front of you.

As we continued using each other as personal pornstars and wanking material. Our openness and kinks became more and more developed.

We would send each other rather risky sex gifs and links to porn that pushed the boundaries away from vanilla. It got to the point that we would often send each other bdsm or domme porn getting each other off stating how we would like to control each other. I think this is when the dynamic changed, I was no longer the dominant and she the slut we appeared to be equals Tuzla Escort switching roles where needed.

At some point the subject of pegging and strapons was brought up, after sending each other some raunchy images where a woman was well and truly in control of this man and was fucking him with such skill and passion. I told hannah that I’m pretty opened minded and would be up for most things.

This opened Pandoras box as we both explored the reaches of the Internet to discover each others boundaries. Suddenly I was no longer receiving links to sexy teens getting plowed by some well endowed stud but images of woman dressed in latex wearing strapons fucking men wearing stockings, panties and lingerie. I wasn’t put off by this, in fact I was intrigued.

One of my birthdays I got a message from hannah saying she had a special treat for me. One by one a series of images started to come through. My cock started to stiffen just at the thought of seeing her pictures. My heart racing with excitement I open the first one. It’s a video. She was wearing a black leather look bra (a favourite of mine) biting her lip in a seductive fashion and her eyes screaming come fuck me. The video pans down and see the top of a garter belt (she knows I love a girl in stockings) at this point I’m already rock hard. The video pans further down I see the tops of the lacey stockings reaching the top of her thighs. Between her legs however is unmistakably a cock. She’s wearing a fucking strap on.

She starts to stroke it back and forth along the length. I instinctively find myself touching my own cock trying to match her rhythm and pace. Pre-cum glistening on the head of my hard cock as I wank myself off to her images of her wearing a pretend cock between her legs. She looked so hot, so powerful and in control. This is when our dynamic changed again she was the dominant one and I was willing to be her slut.

Fast forward a few months and it’s Hannahs birthday. My turn to send her some sexy pictures. Thus far she’s pretty much seen everything, seen my body, my cock, seen me wank off and cum. I’m lost as to how I can make it special. My head starts racing through our conversations, links and pictures to try find inspiration. Then light bulb moment.

I Gebze Escort find myself rummaging though my girlfriends lingerie stash and then bingo. A pair of black holdups stockings. My cock stiffens at just the thought of putting them on. I quickly undress knowing I don’t have much time leaving on my tight white boxers. I pull the first stocking up my leg, being careful not to tear them. The elastic lace tops twang against my thigh and I begin to pull up the other. There we have it I’m stood in my bedroom wearing my girlfriends stockings my cock struggling against my tight white boxers. I stop and look at myself in the mirror. I don’t hate it, I love the way they feel I get so horny and excited I grab my cock and stroke myself through my boxers. I quickly remember the original mission and run across the landing to the bathroom where I take a few snaps and send them through to hannah.

My heart racing I dont know how she is going to react. Is she going to like it, will she think I’m weird. What if she shows people. I’m instantly regretting sending them. Too late I see her writing a reply.

The words “oo pretty,” appear on my screen.

This is now the dawn of mistress hannah.

Our conversations now revolve around me calling hannah mistress and her referring to me as slut, sissy and Princess amongst other names. And her telling me how she wants me in her panties as she pegs my ass.

Again fast forward a few months. Me and mistress hannah have finally agreed to meet up at a hotel down south.

I wake up in a haze, I have no recollection of the night before, I look around my head groggy. I appear to be in a hotel room.

I pull off the sheets and see my throbbing hard cock straining against a pair of what I can only assume are hannahs red panties, my legs are in stockings and I have the words “Sissy Slut” written on my stomach. Across my chest what I assume and hope is my own drying cum. I think to myself what the hell happend last night.

My phone vibrates next to me, its a message from Hannah.

“Morning princess, I hope you slept well.”

The message is followed by an image of hannah wearing stockings, a tight leather look skirt and strapon, she straddling my chest and is thrusting her Aydınlı Escort strapon deep inside my mouth.

“We had lots of fun last night.”

I start to panic, why can’t I remember what happened last night. I stand up my cock still throbbing hard in hannahs panties. I go to pull the down however I can’t, they appear to be stuck.

Another text comes through

“By now you’ve probably realised my little game, I don’t want our fun to end so soon. I’ve superglued you in my panties and stockings.”

Another picture comes through. It’s taken in the mirror I’m laid on the bed with hannah behind me, her tits exposed and her strapon pressing into my ass.

“Such a naughty slut.”

I panic and try to pull the items off but they’re seriously stuck. I think to myself why the fuck am I still so hard.

As If she knew what I was thinking I reveive yet another text saying

“oh and I’ve slipped you a viagra, that thing won’t be going away anytime soon.”

This time a video comes through. My cock slipping between hannahs perfect oiled tits sliding up and down.

I find myself unknowingly touching myself, stroking my cock through the panties as I watch my cock fuck hananhs tits. Precum oozing from my cock i shake myself as i realise what I’m doing.

Another message

“FYI check out is in 20 mins.”

Panic sets in. I scramble around the room trying to find my clothes or something to cover my self. “For fuck sake, hannah has taken my cothes.”

I sit down on the bed and think what can I do.

Just as I give up hope the phone rings. I quickly grab my phone and see that hannah is face timing me. I answer and see her face smirking back at me. I say to her “What the fuck am I meant to do,” she laughs and smiles menacingly saying “Qell i wasn’t done having fun with my little slut, and boy do you look hot dressed in my lingerie and your cum dripping down your chest,” she wolf whistles and looks me up down on the screen. As she does I can’t help but notice her cleavage showing at the bottom screen. As I stare I feel my cock twitch and throb nestled in her panties.

“Don’t worry I’ve got a way out for you, I’ve got a challenge for you, complete it I’ll give you some clothes and you can simply walk out.”

“Under the bed is a locked case with some clothes.”

“complete my challenge and ill give you the code.”

“If you fail, you’ll be stuck looking like the slut you are and housekeeping will find you.”

“In the bathroom is everything you need.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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