Days of Summer

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

If male bisexuality offends you, hit your ‘Backspace’ Key now.


Chapter 1-1st Saturday

Taylor White and her best friend Tyler Whitcomb tired of playing video games and decided to walk around the neighborhood.

“Yes, go outside, outside is good, get sun, fresh air,” Taylor’s mother Soong White shrilled.

The plump Asian-American girl shut the door on her mother’s complaints and she and Tyler aimlessly trudged west on Batio Street. The previously lower middle class neighborhood was seeing an upturn, thanks mainly to the opening of St. Elizabeth’s Trauma Center.

Taylor’s father, Norman White was an EMT for St. Elizabeth.

Tyler wasn’t sure what his father did, because he wasn’t sure who his father was. His mother had never met a cock she didn’t like. And her ovaries had never met a sperm cell it didn’t like.

He was the fifth boy out of eight children altogether, and was the sixth in line.

They stopped and watched a young man laboring in his front yard. The home had previously belonged to the Minzelle family. Taylor and Tyler had gone to school with Erica Minzelle, but had not been friends with her as she hung out with other Latins at Northside High School.

Then the police did a raid on the home and busted up Mr. Minzelle’s meth lab. Taylor and Tyler did not know what had become of Erica, nor did they care.

“Hey, how’s it going?” the man asked, smiling at the two eighteen year olds.

“Hey,” they both agreed.

“So, why you panting them holly bushes?” Taylor asked.

“Burglars don’t like having to go through holly bushes get to a window,” the young man explained.

“Oh, smart,” Tyler agreed, pulling up his sagging jeans.

“Name’s Justin Breaux,” the man said, brushing his blonde hair out of his eyes.

“Oh, well, I’m Taylor White; this is my best friend Tyler Whitcomb,” Taylor introduced them.

“Well, I’m just about finished up out here; was planning on going in and popping a brew,” Justin said, brushing the dirt from his hands. “Y’all want to come on in?”

“Sure,” Taylor answered for them.

“All right, I’ll go around back, get out of these filthy things and come open the front door, all right?” Justin said.

“Okay,” Tyler agreed and he and Taylor walked to the front door of the house.

It took about five minutes. Taylor was about to knock on the door when Justin opened it.

He had changed out of his jeans and tee shirt and was now wearing a robe that reached to just above his knees.

“Place is kind of a mess; just moved in and I’m still unpacking,” Justin apologized as he herded them to the kitchen area.

There was a small table and four chairs near the window and he waved them to that.

“Can’t even find the couch; I’ve got the window curtains draped over it,” Justin said as he grabbed three cans of St. Elizabeth’s Ale. “That’s my next project. Then I’ll finally be able to walk around my own house naked if I want to.”

Both Taylor and Tyler giggled slightly at that suggestion.

“Oh, hey, y’all are eighteen, right?” Justin asked as he put the cans of beer on the table.

“Yeah; we’re seniors over at Northside,” Taylor said.

“Graduate in about a week; can’t wait,” Tyler chimed in.

“Go Defenders,” Justin said. “Class of twenty ten.”

Taylor and Tyler looked at the blonde man. In his tee shirt and jeans, he had appeared to be muscular. Now, as his robe slipped slightly open, they could see that the handsome man did have a muscled chest. His thighs were also thick, muscular.

He was tall, at least six feet, two inches.

Tyler was trying desperately to push his slightly chubby belly into his chest; he did pushups and sit ups every morning. At five feet, ten inches, the red headed boy weighed one hundred and eighty three pounds.

Taylor was also a chubby girl. At only five feet tall, she weighed one forty five; genetics got some of the blame. Her father was also a little on the chubby side. Her mother’s love of sugary foods also did not help.

They chatted about school, about sports, about video games.

Then a clock chimed and Justin looked at his watch.

“Damn, well all right,” he sighed. “Break’s over. I need to get these curtains up sooner or later, might as well make it sooner.”

Oh, okay, you want help?” Tyler offered.

“No, no, but thanks,” Justin said, ushering them to the door.

“All right, thanks for the beer,” Tyler said.

“Hey, what Mass y’all go to?” Justin asked.

“Mass?” Tyler sneered.

“We don’t,” Taylor said.

“Well, I go to nine thirty at St. Patrick’s,” Justin said. “But why don’t y’all come over for lunch? I’ll grill up some tuna steaks, huh?”

“Sure,” both Tyler and Taylor agreed.

“Wear shorts,” Justin said, as he prepared to close the door.

“Shorts? Why?” Tyler asked.

“Because I like shorts,” Justin smiled, closing the door.

Chapter 2-1st Sunday.

Taylor only had one pair of shorts her mother Eskort Kız would let her leave the house in; they reached almost to her knees. Tyler’s mother wouldn’t care if Tyler left the house dressed in nothing but a catcher’s mask.

“You know, Tyler, you got a cute butt,” Taylor teased as they meandered toward Justin’s house.

“Thanks,” Tyler smiled, pleased at the praise. “Like yours too.”

“Mine is just fat, Tyler,” Taylor corrected.

“Yeah, well, most Asian girls don’t have nothing back there,” Tyler said.

“And I got way too much,” Taylor said.

Justin was dressed in snug black nylon shorts and tight tank top and both Taylor and Tyler admired his muscled body.

“And as you can see, I got the curtains up,” he said as they walked toward the rear patio.

“Yeah, did you walk around naked?” Tyler asked and Taylor giggled.

“Did I walk around naked?” Justin whooped, putting a friendly arm around Tyler’s waist. “No, Buddy Boy, I went in every room and did a hula dance in all my naked glory.”

“Damn, where’s my camera?” Taylor joked.

“I want pictures too,” Tyler said, then almost gasped.

He hoped Justin and Taylor would think he was just kidding.

“And I’ve got some squash and zucchini and cherry tomatoes,” Justin said, pointing to the skewers on the grill. “You want those steaks rare, medium rare, or medium?”

“I like steaks well done, almost burnt,” Tyler said.

“Cow, maybe, but these are tuna,” Justin smiled. “Anything past medium and they’re ruined.

“Medium,” Taylor decided.

“Same,” Tyler shrugged.

Within a few moments of entering the house, they were seated at the table, enjoying the meal.

Tyler had to admit, any further cooked than medium and the fish would have been inedible.

“Now what?” Taylor asked as she put her plate in the dishwasher.

“Was going to tear up that ugly ass linoleum,” Justin pointed to the kitchen and dining room floor. “Got some blonde ash hardwood on order; should be here by Friday. But seriously? Feel kind of lazy right now. Probably just smoke a bowl.”

“Smoke a what?” Tyler asked, bending to put his dish into the dishwasher.

“Wow, Tyler, cute butt,’ Justin said.

“Uh, thanks,” Tyler said, blushing from a man praising his butt. “Smoke a what?”

“A bowl,” Justin said and indicated a hookah that was sitting on his coffee table.

“A bowl? Of what?” Taylor asked, looking at the odd contraption.

“Got some great Jamaican,” Justin said as he sat on the couch.

He slid open a drawer secreted underneath the coffee table, pulled out a plastic bag and dug out a good amount of the marijuana.

Then he dug into the drawer again and pulled out a vial. Using the eye dropper from the vial, Justin squirted a couple of drops onto the bowl of marijuana.

Taylor and Tyler sat on either side of him and watched him make the preparations.

He indicated the hoses that came out of the base of the hookah and Taylor and Tyler each eagerly grabbed one.

“And…” Justin said, lighting the marijuana.

“Whoa,” Tyler said, recognizing that this was potent marijuana.

“Cannabis oil,” Justin confirmed. “Went to Denver, brought back two bottles of it. Just a couple of drops and you’re super fucked up.”

“No shit,” Taylor agreed, letting out the smoke she’d been holding in her lungs.

“Nice entertainment center,” Tyler noticed.

“Thanks; Miller’s Electronics came out and did the install. Fifteen hundred bucks for everything; guy said it was last year’s model,” Justin said.

“Got any games?” Taylor asked, straining to hold the smoke in her lungs.

“Some, Grand Theft, Halo, that kind of stuff,” Justin said.

“None of them took the initiative to turn the television on, though. They just smoked until there was no more smoke coming out of the instrument.

“Damn, I been fucked up before, but shit!” Taylor said, slumping back.

“Man, no shit!” Tyler agreed.

“Candy asses,” Justin teased.

“Graduate next week,” Tyler reminded Taylor.

“Yeah? Then what?” Justin asked.

“Then nothing,” Tyler said. “Grades are barely good enough to graduate, damned sure ain’t going to college.”

“Same here,” Taylor agreed. “Mom’s threatening move back to Cambodia and Dad’s threatening to let her and they’re both saying I need get my ass out.”

“Huh,” Justin said.

He did not prepare another bowl of weed; the two teenagers were in no shape to smoke any more anyway. A clock chimed and Justin looked at his watch.

“Shit, better get busy on this shit,” Justin said.

“Need help?” Tyler asked and Justin had Taylor carry the chairs out of the dining area into the living room.

“I like this carpet,” she said

“Yeah, should have seen the shit they had there before,” Justin said as he and Tyler carried the table into the living room. “This electric blue shit. Must have been some Mexicans living here before.”

“Yeah, no, wait, I think they were Columbian, but they might have been Mexican,” Tyler agreed.

Then Justin and Tyler pulled the refrigerator out and Justin began scraping up the linoleum from behind the refrigerator.

Taylor silently motioned Tyler over and pointed toward Justin’s upturned buttocks.

His eyes went wide as they could both see Justin’s heavy balls sticking out the leg of his shorts. Tyler tried hard to stifle his laughter as Taylor acted like she was going to reach out and squeeze the heavy orbs.

“All right, got that, “Justin said and then realized his balls were dangling free. “Shit!”

He tucked himself back into his shorts and pulled the loose floor covering out.

Then he and Tyler pushed the refrigerator back.

After that, they left Justin to his labors.

“Damn, are all balls that big?” Taylor asked.

“How would I know?” Tyler lied. “Like I go around looking at other guys’ packages?”

“Well no, but you got a package; yours big like that?” The girl asked.

Tyler did not answer.

The final week of school kept the two friends fairly occupied. Then they were out of school. With nothing to do.

Ruby Whitcomb did not care; at least Tyler had graduated. Ben, her oldest, had not; he was in prison for possession with intent to distribute. Annette, her oldest daughter also did not graduate and already had two kids of her own. Annette had inherited her mother’s love of cock and distaste for monogamy.

Chapter 3-2cd Saturday.

“You go! You no sit around all day!” Soong, Taylor’s mother yelled at the two teenagers as they sat on the couch, playing video games.

“Justin’s?” Tyler suggested.

“Yeah, whatever,” Taylor agreed.

Justin was dressed in just his short black nylon shorts when he answered their knock.

“Wow, great timing,” he teased. “Just finished the last board.

Tyler admired the man’s muscular chest and torso.

When he turned to lead them down the hall, Taylor admired his taut buttocks.

He proudly showed them the hardwood floors and both Taylor and Tyler were impressed with the results.

“So, what you do?” Tyler asked as Justin popped open a can of beer.

“Accounting, work for St. Elizabeth Parish,” Justin said. “Monday through Friday? I’m a suit and tie.”

“I love a man in a suit and tie,” Taylor admitted.

“So, what’s next?” Tyler asked.

“Well, finished the inside,” Justin said. “Now, got to work on the outside.”

He led them outside on the back patio.

“Out here? Already got a good deck, got my grill, was kind of thinking put a pool back here, what you think?” Justin asked.

“Ooh, a pool?” Taylor asked, scanning the barren back yard.

“Yeah, y’all come over swimming?” Justin asked, resting his hand on Tyler’s rear end for a moment.

“Skinny dipping?” Tyler asked.

“Would have to put up a privacy fence,” Justin smiled, playfully slapping Tyler’s butt.

“Tyler doesn’t care,” Taylor teased and squealed when Tyler slapped her on her chunky rear end.

“Y’all got time for a bowl?” Justin asked

“Uh, I’ll try to make time,” Tyler said.

“I guess,” Taylor feigned resignation.

“Oh, hey, y’all don’t want to,” Justin laughed.

He prepared the marijuana and they sucked greedily on the hoses.

“Damn, this is good shit,” Tyler said.

“So, now what?” Taylor asked when they’d finished that bowl.

“Like I said, I finished all the inside; oh, hey, let me show y’all the rest of the house,” Justin said.

He showed them the guest room, since it was the closest room to the living room. They admired the simple, modern furnishings.

Then the hall bathroom and both Tyler and Tayler admired the claw foot tub.

“Short as you are, you could go swimming in that,” Tyler teased Taylor.

“Shut up!” Taylor protested.

The second bedroom had been converted into a home office and again, the furniture was sleek, modern, chrome and glass.

Then they entered Justin’s bedroom.

“O. M. G.; what is that?” Taylor asked, looking at the hanging bed.

“It’s a flying saucer,” Justin said.

He gently pushed the rim of the bed and it swayed gently.

“You can sleep in that?” Tyler asked.

“One night in this thing, you’ll have a hard time sleeping in anything else,” Justin assured him. “It rocks you to sleep.”

He then nudged Tyler.

“And once you’ve fucked in it? You’ll swear it’s the only way to fuck,” he said.

He then showed them the master bathroom with its walk in shower with two separate shower heads.

“Oh,” Taylor said, looking into the large walk-in closet.

She gave his suits a deep sniff, admiring the manly smelling cologne that clung to the suits.

“Lagerfeld classic,” Justin answer her question.

“Sorry,” Tyler said, accidentally bumping into Justin.

“No problem,” Justin said, looping an arm around the young man’s waist and giving him a one-armed hug.

“And that’s the whole house,” he said, squeezed Tyler once more, than led them back to the living room.

“Sorry,” Tyler said when he accidentally bumped Justin again.

“No problem,” Justin smiled and kissed Tyler on his lips.

Taylor and Tyler stared at Justin. Justin just grabbed a few cans of St. Elizabeth’s Ale and sat back down on the couch.

Taylor and Tyler again sat, flanking the man and opened their cans of beer.

Taylor looked down at Justin’s muscular legs and noticed that his legs were hairless.

“You, uh, why you don’t have any hair on your legs?” she asked.

“Same reason you don’t have any on yours,” Justin said. “Shave them.”

He stood and flexed his body.

“Shave everything from shoulders down,” he announced.

“Everything?” Tyler asked, brown eyes wide.

“Everything,” Justin affirmed and sat back down again.

“So, how old were y’all when y’all first did it?” Justin asked as he crushed his empty beer can.

“Uh, I, I’ve never,” Tyler admitted.

“Uh, me either,” Taylor echoed.

“What?” Justin asked and looked from one to the other. “Tyler, dude, you mean, cute as she is, you never?”

“I’m cute?” Taylor scoffed.

“Or, hey, maybe see’s not your type, huh?” Justin asked, playfully nudging Tyler.

“Well, how old were you?” Tyler hotly asked, avoiding Justin’s supposition.

“”First time with a girl?” Justin asked. “Eighteen, but it really doesn’t count; it was my step-sister. First time with a guy? Nineteen. Tony, my dorm roommate.”

“You, you’ve done it? With a dude?” Tyler asked, shocked.

He was shocked that anyone would admit such a thing.

“Yeah,” Justin admitted. “Sucked his cock, then he sucked mine, then he fucked me up the ass.”

“You, how, what was it like? I mean, did you like it? Up the ass?” Tyler stammered, freckles obscured by his hot blush.

“But you like girls, right?” Taylor asked.

“Love me the ladies,” Justin said, squeezing her pudgy thigh in his hand. “Eating pussy, eating ass, making love to them. Can’t get enough.”

“But you, you still do it, with guys?” Tyler asked.

“Love me the dudes too,” Justin said, rubbing Tyler’s thigh. “Hard to tell what I love more; sucking cock or eating pussy.

The three sat in silence. Tyler’s cock felt trapped in his far too tight shorts. Taylor was sure there was a wet spot on the back of her shorts, a wet spot that was leaking onto the leather couch.

“But, really? As pretty as y’all are, I can’t believe y’all have never,” Justin said, rubbing his hands up and down their thighs.

“I uh, I got to go,” Tyler declared and burned a path to the door.

“I better…” Taylor said and blazed out of the house too.

“Can’t believe you were going to just leave me in there!” Taylor screamed at Tyler when she caught up to him. “Huh? Alone with him?”

“Sorry,” Tyler mumbled, scurrying to his house.

Inside his living room, Justin turned on his television, fixed another bowl of marijuana and hit ‘Play.’

“Two Dicks, One Chick” began to play. The first scene showed a man sucking another man’s cock while a cute Asian girl sucked his cock.

Then the Asian girl turned around and got on all fours. The man whose cock she was sucking slid his cock into her pussy. His friend knelt down behind him and slid his cock up the man’s ass.

Justin stroked his fat cock slowly while he smoked his weed. When he finished the weed, he fixed himself a large garden salad, drenched it liberally with Ranch dressing and ate the entire bowl.

That night, Tyler masturbated several times. Taylor too hunched her pillow several times.

Chapter 4-2cd Sunday.

After breakfast that Sunday morning, the two friends met at Taylor’s house and played video games until Soong chased them out.

“You uh, you want to go to Justin’s house?” Tyler asked as they stood at the end of Taylor’s driveway.

If she said ‘no’ Tyler planned to say he didn’t want to go either. Then, after a while, he’d ditch her and go over to Justin’s house on his own.

Taylor wanted to go to Justin’s house; her pussy grew wet at the thought of what his hairless cock and balls must look like. She grew wetter thinking about him putting his mouth on her sparsely covered slit.

“You?” she asked, not willing to admit she did want to go to the man’s house.

“I guess; nothing else to do,” Tyler shrugged.

“Yeah,” Taylor agreed.

Justin was relieved when he heard their knock on the door; in the sobriety of morning, he had worried he might have gone too far yesterday. He was worried he might have misread Taylor’s interest, misread Tyler’s homosexuality or bisexuality.

“Hey, come on in,” he said, stepping aside.

They did and he steered them toward the kitchen.

“Fixing make lunch; y’all ever had a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich?” Justin asked.

“No,” Tyler said.

“Ew, sounds gross,” Taylor said, screwing up her pretty chubby face

“Okay, assembly line,” Justin said. “Tyler, spread peanut butter onto the bread, Taylor, peel the bananas and I’ll do the rest.”

He had them make five sandwiches in all, fried them in a large skillet, then they sat at the table.

They had to cut the fifth sandwich in half; Taylor and Tyler wanted more.

Tyler froze when Justin rested his hand on his butt as they both bent to put their dishes into the dishwasher.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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