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I’ve always wanted to get you to a point of total submission by giving you the most amazing sexual experience of your life. I had been close before, but last night you gave yourself to me completely for the rest of your life. This means I will have your body to use in any way I want whenever I want. It was quite an experience you had.

It all started innocently enough when I had the guys over for poker night. We had a few drinks and played some cards for a few hours. You had made yourself scarce until about midnight when you came out of the bedroom for a snack. You were only wearing a nightgown and the three guys who were left got a nice view of your hard nipples against the fabric of your silk gown as you passed by. You sat in the den watching TV for a while and our game died down. The only guy left was John. John is a very good looking guy who is about 7 years younger than us and I know he likes flirting with you. We had just been BS’ing when John asked where the bathroom was. I told him and sat waiting for him to return. Little did I know he wouldn’t be back to the poker table that night…

As John came around the corner, he saw you with your nightgown up around your waist, with your fingers invading your bald, wet pussy trying to get yourself off. He stood staring until you noticed him and said “Darling, come over here and help me out”. John got to his knees immediately and started lapping at your pussy as you spread your legs to help him out. His tongue darted into and around your hot cunt making you cum within 30 seconds. His hands were pinching those huge hard nipples of yours as he was working over your glistening hole just like you like it.

Meanwhile, I started getting worried about John and went into izmit sansürsüz escort the den. I was shocked to see his face buried in your crotch and you clutching the back of his head in ecstasy. I watched you for a while with your eyes glazed over in total bliss. I cleared my throat to get noticed because I wanted to see how far you would go tonight. I had no idea…

You both jumped up when you heard me and John looked like he had seen a ghost. You walked over to me and gave me a deep kiss and whispered into my ear. “I want to take on both of you tonight. If you let me, I’ll make all your dreams come true.”

“Take off that fucking nightgown, right now” I tell you which was the answer you were looking for.

You don’t hesitate and lift it over your head to reveal your tight, bald pussy and amazing round 38D tits with your giant nipples standing at attention. John is still standing in the corner wondering what the hell is going on. I wink at him and now he knows that he’s going to have some fun tonight. You take his hand and walk in front of him into the bedroom so he can watch you move that gorgeous ass. I follow right behind both of you. When you reach our room you drop to your knees and start taking John’s pants off. His rock hard dick pops out and into your waiting mouth. He gasps as you take no time to deep throat his 7 inch rod and continue working it. He tells you when he is about to cum, which doesn’t take too long, and you pull his cock out, pump it twice with your hands and get bathed in his hot cum. Your face is covered and your tits get splashed as well. You’ve only let me do that once and I know that you’re really going to break down some taboos tonight.

It’s izmit escort bayan my turn now. I walk over and take you to the bed. I put you face down on the comforter and pull the straps out from under the bed. I quickly tie you up as John watches his limp cock come to life when he sees how you’re going to be positioned. I tie you on your hands and knees but the twist is that I pull your hands back between your spread knees. Now you are balanced on your shoulder with your ass and pussy sticking straight into the air and you can’t do one thing to defend yourself or your modesty.

I walk to the edge of the bed and start slapping your little ass. John’s eyes are wide as I spank your ass for at least 5 minutes making it red and sore. You are whimpering a little with each slap on your ass so I stop and tell John to move in behind you. I throw him a tube of ass lube and tell him I don’t want his cock in your pussy, but he can do anything else he wants to you. I strop down to nothing and move in front of your face. I shove my cock down your throat as I hold your head up by your hair. John lubes your asshole and sticks his thumb in it to get you ready for your being used to the hilt before shoving his massive dick up your tight butt. I’ve only fucked your ass twice in the 9 years we’ve been married. Once you were too drunk to care, and the other time, you enjoyed it, but couldn’t get over the thought of having a dick in your ass, so you wouldn’t let me try it anymore. Now I think you are enjoying the pain because I hear you grunting around my cock as his length in your bowels makes you feel like throwing up, but my cock is stopping you from doing anything with your jaw. John is now working his otele gelen escort cock in and out of your ass hard and fast causing you to go all the way down on my cock as you try to get away from him pounding you in your ass. I thrust my dick as far down your throat as I can, driving you back on his cock. After a few minutes of this John finally screams as he starts shooting his hot load into your ass. You are sweating, crying, screaming and cumming every time he pumps your ass. After he drains his dick in your ass, he quickly gets down and starts eating your pussy. This drives you to the point of no return and you are babbling over my cock but no words are formed, you are just reacting to the pleasure you feel. I start to shoot my load into your mouth and just as I finish up, John bites your clit and you pass out in ecstasy and drop my cock out of your mouth. Cum dribbles out onto your cheek as you lie there unconscious from the wildest night of sex you’ve ever had. I untie you and let you sleep for 15 minutes.

When I walk back into the bedroom, you are awake and I tell you that John has left with the best story of his life and that I love the way you took control and let your lust take over. You look at me with glassy eyes and I know you are mine now. You hand me the lube and just roll over and prop your tight little ass in the air for me without saying a word. Now this is the life! I stick my cock up your well used ass and it is heaven. You start to cum as the head of my cock touches your butt and don’t stop cumming until I blow my wad on your face 15 minutes later. You roll back over and say “I give up honey, you have me where you always wanted me. Anything you ask, I’ll do it for you. You were right when you told me that I’d enjoy sex even more if I let go so I’m willing to do that for you. When can we have our next crazy experience?”

“I can’t wait.” I say. “Doesn’t John have a gorgeous wife?”

“Yes he does, but if I have to eat pussy, I get to take on ALL the guys at poker night next time”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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