Debra Gers Owned

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Big Dick

Chapter One

Debra slept the night away. Twice she got up to go to the washroom but fell right back into a sound sleep. In the morning as she lay curled up in her bed, she took one sniff of herself and knew she needed a shower in the worst away. When she rolled on her back, she gave out with a small groan. Her bottom was still tender from the spanking that she received and her butt hole was soar from the fucking that Julie gave her and she knew that it would take a day before it returned to normal.

She made a pot of coffee and headed to clean up. The first thing was to brush her teeth and gargle to get the taste of sex out of her mouth, than she stood under the shower and let the hot water cascade over her body to wash away the aches from the day before.

With a towel wrapped around her and a mug of coffee, she sat in the same chair that she ate Anne to two orgasms. That was when the reality hit her of what took place yesterday; she broke down and started to cry.

She was not type of women but why did she feel those emotions and another thing, she never had a lesbian experience before yesterday.

Than the thought hit her “What will happen if Anne mentions this to her friends, some of her friends are mine also?” She had to get a hold of her and explain these things to her.

Debra found her phone number and punched in the number. After a half dozen rings, she finally answered the phone.

“Anne, this is Debra.” I need to talk to you about yesterday.

“Yes, you were quiet the little slut.”

“Please Anne; what took place yesterday cannot go any further than you and me. I have a reputation to uphold.” Debra said before she started to cry.

“For fuck sake, stop your sniffling. Come over to my place after work on Wednesday and we will talk about it.” Anne replied. “And bring your collar with you.”

Chapter Two

For some for shaken reason, Debra felt her self getting excited as she drove over to Ann’s house. Her underwear was clinging to her and the nipples on her breasts were getting hard.

“Hello Debra.’ Anne said as she opened the door. Before Debra had a chance to reply, Anne gave her a deep kiss on the lips. The feeling Debra felt was one of surprise and also very sensual

“Anne what happened last week is not what it seems to be. ” Debra said once they were seated and each with a drink in their hands

“To me it seemed that you enjoyed it. ” Anne said with a grin.

“I did not enjoy it. It was very humiliating and degrading.” Debra replied as she put on a brave front. She could not let Anne know that she enjoyed it.

“Let me see. You came once after the spanking and another time while you were licking your cunt juices from my hand. Am I right?

“Yes.” Debra replied. The second orgasm she had was from licking the slime from Anne’s fingers which came out of no where.

“Than you had two orgasms while Julie fucked you up the ass.”

“I think you enjoyed it very much. And that is not including eating Julie and me out if you came than or not.” Anne said with a smile. “You know, I think you could make a good pussy eater with a little more practice. “

Debra did not know what to say. Everything that Anne said was true.

“You really want to become my bitch, for me to own you and treat you like a slut.”

Debra just hung her head.

“Speak to me bitch.” Anne ordered as she slapped Debra across the face.

“Yes. I want to be your slut.” Debra cried.

“Strip! You old whore.” Anne ordered. Anne was thirty five, not that much younger than her soon to become slave.

Debra stood and removed her clothes. She stood naked with her head hanging down and more turned on than she could ever remember.

“Where is your collar and leash?”

Debra went to her purse and removed the items and attached the collar around her neck.

“Get over my knee for a spanking for what you just put me through.”

Debra lay over Anne’s lap. Lying balanced over her knees made her feel naughty as if she was a little girl which got her juices flowing.

“You do enjoy this, you old whore.” Anne said as she ran a finger along Debra’s wet pussy.

Anne started spanking her with her bare hands. After twenty five swats, Debra was crying and by the fifthly she was begging Anne to stop. But during the whole spanking, she felt her juices running. The feeling was painful and humiliating but oh so nice,

Anne pushed Debra off her lap and stood over her. “Julie said that you licked her asshole pretty good.’ Anne remarked as she pulled her slacks and panties down.

Anne was lying over the foot stool with her legs spread.

“Come girl, unless you want another spanking but with a belt this time.”

Debra spread Anne’s checks and licked the crack of her ass. The scent was strong from Anne wearing cloths all day. There was a slight tangy taste but Debra found she enjoyed licking Anne’s ass. She licked the whole length. The scent was turning her on even more. Up until last week, she had never licked anyone’s ass in her life and now she wanted to pleasure her mistress by xslot tongue fucking her asshole.

“I want to feel both of your hands on my ass so that I know that you are not playing with your pussy while eating me.” Anne said with a groan as Debra’s tongue entered her asshole.

For the next fifteen or so minutes Debra licked and sucked Anne’s ass. She was close to coming also, if only she could finger her pussy. Anne let out a groan and pushed her ass into Debra’s face as she came.

“You are a good butt licker.” Anne said as she watched Debra catch her breath.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yes, Please.” Debra begged

“Play with yourself. I want to see how an old whore finger fucks her self.” Anne ordered.

Debra had never masturbated in front of anyone .She lay on the floor with her legs spread as she was ordered to do. She had two fingers in her pussy and the other hand was pinching the nipples of her breasts. She never thought that she could get this sexually aroused from masturbating while someone watched her. Within minutes she was in a mist of a beautiful orgasm.

Without being told, Debra brought her fingers to her mouth and licked the juices from her fingers. This brought an approving nod from Anne which made Debra happy.

“Now that we are both sexually relieved, there are a few rules for you to understand.” Anne said. “I am not a mean mistress but I do expect you to obey me at all times.”

“There will be no more wearing of underwear unless I tell you. I will allow you to wear a bra for the time being.”

“When you go to the washroom, you will lift the toilet seat and squat to do your business.”

“From now on you will refer to me as Ms. Anne.

“In return, I will keep your secret as my slave from your family and friends.”

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ms Anne.” Debra replied.

“One more job is required and that is getting your pussy shaved.”

Anne led Debra by the leash on her hands and knees to the washroom. As she sat on the counter with her legs spread, Anne lathered her and started the process of shaving her pubic area clear of hair. Debra had never felt another woman hands on her pussy. She always kept that area shaved a little. Every time Anne touched her, it felt like little eclectic shocks going through her.

“My old slut likes this. Turn around so I can shave your ass.”

This was humiliating as Debra knelt on the bathroom counter with her ass in the air. Within minutes Anne was washing her down with a damp cloth.

It felt strange as she drove home that night with no underwear and her pussy as bald as the day she was born. Anne had warned her that if she did not keep her pussy area free of hair a severe spanking would be in store.

As soon as Debra got home, she stripped and got on the bed and masturbated. With a bald pussy the feeling was different and Debra had two orgasms. She had the feeling of contentment even though her mind told her it was wrong.

Chapter Three

At work the next day, Debra was horny all morning. Even going pee and wiping her self sent shivers up her body. Finally at noon, she could not stand the arousal any longer and went into the lady’s washroom and took a stall at the far end. She sat on the toilet and spread her legs. As her fingers entered her pussy, her thoughts turned to Anne and the naughty things she would do to her. She pressed down on her clit and bit her lips to stop from crying out as an orgasm washed over her.

She was meeting Anne at Anne’s house for dinner. She noticed Anne was home as she pulled her car into the driveway. She opened the door to the house with the key that she received the night before.

“How is my little slut tonight? ” Anne said.

“Come here and give your owner a kiss.”

Debra timidly gave Anne a kiss on the lips.

“You can kiss better than that.” Anne retorted as she took Debra in her arms and gave a deep open mouth passionate kiss. Their bodies were pressed together and Debra responded by returning the same kiss with their lips locked and their tongues playing tag with each other. Her pussy was throbbing as the kiss lingered. After a bit, Anne broke the kiss off.

“I think my whore likes kissing woman. Now get out of your clothes.” Anne ordered.

“Please, don’t spank me Ms. Anne.” Debra begged. Her ass still hurt from yesterdays spanking and she didn’t want another.

“You have been a good slut. I want you naked when the pizza is delivered.

“I can’t. That’s to embarrassing.” Debra pleated.

“You will do it and I will be watching from the kitchen but out of sight.” Anne replied.

Debra hung her head and removed her clothes as she was ordered.

“And another thing you will do. For a tip, you will ask the young man if you can suck his cock.”

“Please Ms. Anne; don’t ask me to do that.” Debra cried.

“An old whore like you must of sucked hundreds of cocks.” Anne laughed. “You do suck cock, don’t you?”

“Yes. But only with men that I dated.” Debra replied.

“Well, this will be something new.” As Anne reached xslot Giriş out and twisted Debra’s exposed nipples between her fingers. Debra cried out in pain as Anne twisted her nipples a little harder.

The doorbell rang and Anne released Debra’s nipples and retired to the kitchen where she had a good view of Debra and the pizza delivery person.

Debra opened the door with dread. It was the pizza guy and from a quick look, Debra guessed he might have been in his late teens or early twenties. The young mans eyes just about popped out of his head at a sight of a naked lady opening the door.

“That will be $18.70.” The young man stuttered.

Debra gave him a twenty dollar bill and swallowed a couple of times before she asked him the next question.

“I do not have any change for a tip but how would you like a blow job?” Debra asked.

The young man kind of laughed. “Hell lady, why not.”

Debra closed the door and leaned over and unbuckled his blue jeans. She could see the beginning of an erection through his underwear. As she pulled his underwear down, his cock sprung free. She knelt on the floor and took the head of his cock in her mouth. She tasted the pre-cum as she took more of his cock in her mouth. She learned a long time ago to keep a hand around the base of a cock. That way you have control of how much cock that you put in your mouth. This guy had a nice size cock that she guessed to be about seven inches. She started on making him cum by licking the head of his cock and at the same time giving a little sucking back and forth with her lips. Simultaneously, the hand that she had at the base of his penis, she was slowly jerking it. Her other hand was lightly caressing his balls. In about five minutes, she felt his cock expand and knew he was going to cum. Debra loved giving head and acquired a taste of cum long time ago which she had no trouble on swallowing his load.

“Remember to ask for Joe the next time you want a pizza.” The young man said as he went to get into his car.

“You did well, my little whore.” Anne said with a grin.

“Come and get a slice of pizza before it gets cold.”

“No thank you. I am not hungry.” Debra replied.

“I can see why you are not hungry. That young man must have dumped a good load.” Anne said with a chuckle.

“Can I get washed up and dressed? I want to go home.” Debra replied with irritation in her voice.

“Listen bitch,” Anne shouted. “I have other plans for you tonight and you better get used to being my slut.”

“Sucking that guy off made me feel cheap and dirty.” Debra replied as she started to cry.

“I will give you something to cry about. It will all depend how you perform my next task of how severe you will get spanked.” Anne said as she picked up another slice of pizza.

Debra did have two slices of pizza and waited with dread on what her next task would be. Anne allowed Debra to get dressed in her skirt and blouse, minus the bra this time.

“We are going over to a sex shop to get you some supplies.” Anne said as she fastened the leash to Debra’s collar.

As they got in the car, Anne ordered her new slave to pull up her skirt and play with her exposed cunt, but not to cum. Debra played with her exposed pussy as Anne drove. She could not understand why she felt herself getting excited and her pussy getting moist. Twice at stop lights, truckers looked down at her while she was playing with herself. One even honked his horn and gave her the thumbs up to her embarrassment.

Anne pulled into a strip mall at the edge of town where there was a small sex store at the far end. Debra did not know if she should stay in the car as Anne got out.

“Come on you horny old whore.” Anne said as she opened the door and took the leash.

Debra got out of the car and Anne lead her in the store. To say she was embarrassed was putting it mildly. A week ago she would of never imagined being lead around by a leash with not underwear and braless. Thankfully there was no one in the store except the woman salesclerk.

Anne and the salesclerk must have known each other. The two talked for a few minutes while Debra stood and watched. The salesclerk name was Tara and she looked to be in her early twenties with dark hair and a little on the plump side.

“What can I help you with Anne?” Tara asked

“I need a new strap. It seems my old strap has no effect on my slave’s behaviour problems. Maybe a new one will make her obey my orders more. ” Anne replied.

“I have a few new straps that came in just yesterday that you might like.” Tara said as she went into the back room to get them.

When she returned, she had four straps and laid them on the counter. Two of them were made of word and the other two were leather. One of the leather ones had the word ‘SLUT’ in bright red letters imbedded in it. Anne gave Debra a pull on her leash so that she was closer to the counter.

Picking up the leather strap, she showed it to Debra.

“What does it say?” Anne asked.

“Slut” Debra replied.

“And who is a slut?”

“I xslot Güncel Giriş am Ms. Anne.” Debra meekly replied as her face turned red with humiliation.

“Can I also get a ball gag and a butt plug?” Anne casually asked.

“I did not know what size of a butt plug that you wanted. So I brought three different sizes and colours.” Tara said.

Anne took a look on the different ones and picked up a three inch black plug.

“I think this one will do.” Anne said while taking it out of the package.

Turning to Debra, she handed her the plug. “Here put it where it belongs.”

“Where can I go to put it in?” Debra asked.

“Put in your ass right where you are you silly girl.” Anne ordered.

“Or do I have to try out this new strap right here in the store.” Anne said with that tone of voice that made Debra feel funny inside.

“I think I will lock up. It is just about quitting time anyways. “Tara said as she put the close sign on and locked the door.

Debra had no chose but to obey her owners orders and besides she needed to get on the good side of her to avoid another spanking.

She took the butt plug and put it in her mouth to get it moist.

It looks like your slut has sucked a few cocks in her time.” Tara said with a chuckle while the two women watch her sucking on the plug.

With dread, Debra lifted her skirt and squatted a little and put the tip of the plug to her asshole. It was tight but with some of her pussy juices running down the crack of her ass while she was masturbating in the car made it easier. As she pushed, her anal ring opened more. Her asshole was stretched wide as the main part of the plug entered her.

Debra went to smooth her dress down, but was stopped by an order from Anne to lean over the counter so that Tare and she could see the butt plug in place.

The two women stood behind Debra as she spread her ass cheeks.

“Your slut must like this from the look of her puffy pussy lips.” Tara said.

“Yes, she is a horny old whore.” Anne replied as she tapped the plug with her fingers which send a wave of pleasure up Debra’s ass.

“Anne, I will make you a deal. I will give you the employee discount on this stuff and throw in the ball gag for free if you let me take your slut into the back room so that she can eat me out. My boyfriend was here earlier and he gave me some loving, but I am still horny.” Tara asked.

“That sounds like a fair deal.” Anne replied.

Tara grabbed Debra by the leash as she followed Tara into the back room. It was a combination storage room and an employee lunch room.

“I hope you are good at eating pussy.” Tara said as she undid her slacks and pulled down her underwear. With her clothes around her ankles, she sat in the chair. Debra did not need to be told what to do as she knelt between her legs and dreaded having to perform oral sex on Tara. Tara was a woman that did not trim her privates as Debra looked at a mess of black pubic hair.

“If you are lucky, you might find some of my boyfriend’s leftover cum in me.” Tara laughed as Debra started her disgusting job.

If Tara had washed today, any sign of it was well past. The scent Debra smelt was strong and she had to hold her breath. She could tell that Tara and her boyfriend had made love with spots of his cum on her pubic hair.

“Take it slow bitch. Lick around the edge of my pussy.” Tara ordered as she gave a tug on Debra’s leash.

Debra tried to get this bitch to have an orgasm quickly but Tara would yank on her leash if she got going to fast. The only constellation she received from her was the moaning from Tara. Debra was kind of proud of herself in a disgusting way with making Tara moan with pleasure.

“Okay bitch” Tara moaned. “Eat me. Get your tongue in there.”

Tara’s female juices were mixed with her boyfriends discharge which just about made her throw up as Debra tongue fucked her and finished Tara off by lightly biting down on her clit with her gums.

Tara held Debra’s head to her pussy with orders for her to keep licking as she recovered from her orgasm. Finally she pushed Debra away and stood up and pulled up her clothes.

“You can wash your face in the sink over there.” Tara pointed.

“Did the old whore do a satisfying job?” Anne asked as Tara led Debra back.

“She is good.” Tare replied. “Maybe we can make another deal down the road.”

Debra was ordered to left up her skirt and to masturbate as they drove home but not to cum. Her juices were flowing and she had a hard time not to have an orgasm especially with the butt plug in her ass that sent waves of pleasure through her body.

“You redeemed yourself a little with my friend Tara but you still need to be taught a lesson.” Anne remarked as they entered her house.

“Get your skirt up and your ass over the chair and take your butt plug out and put in your mouth.” Anne ordered.

“I am going to give you five swats instead of the ten that I was thinking of.” Anne said while she stood next to Debra.

The first swat landed across the right cheek of her ass. The new strap stung but not as bad as the other strap. The second swat was across both cheeks as were the third and fourth. The last swat was between the cheeks of her ass which would have made her cry out if she did not have the disgusting butt plug in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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