Deeper: Garth , Courtney

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It all started innocently enough. Garth and Courtney had the windows open and the warm May breeze brought in the cool of the evening. The smell of flowering trees was heavy in the air. They say on the edge of the king size bed, looking at the unpacked moving boxes, and beyond our across the Boston Bay through the huge paned window of the loft. The waterfront of Charleston was lit orange by the setting sun.

“To our own apartment,” Garth said.

Courtney held up her longneck. “To our own apartment,” she repeated, smiling. After a long drink she laid the bottle to the side of her neck and then drew a hand across her brow. “I’m hot,” she said.

“I’ve been known to have that effect on women,” said Garth, trotting out the old line in a mock-serious tone to reinforce the campy sentiment. Courtney gave him a shove, playfully. He pushed back and they started to tussle.

That was when they heard it. It was a woman’s voice, moaning. Nearby. Through the wall. Again. Moans of pleasure.

Courtney looked at Garth, eyes wide, and raised an eyebrow. Then she giggled.

“Ohhhh yes,” came the voice. And then there was a thud against the wall. Garth and Courtney each fliched.

The rooms were high-ceilinged lofts in a converted marble warehouse. The walls, dropped in by the slapdash developer to transform it into a yuppie co-op, were not structural, just a lightweight wallboard.

Another thud, and a definitive creaking, as of a boxspring. Another and again and now there was a rhythm to it. Garth and Courtney were both smiling now, quiet, listening, and the woman’s voice rose.

“Oh yes. Ooh yes. Oooh yesss.” In rhythm, rising in pitch. Garth and Courtney looked at each other, shocked and enraptured by their accidental voyeurism. Almost unconsciously, they had turned and crawled up to the headboard of the bed, and laid their heads against the wall to listen.

“Oh yes, oh fuck me, fuck me with that big love stick… deeper… YES! Oh God, oh God you’re huge tonight you’re… oh Yesss…”

“This is so hot,” whispered Courtney.

“Oh… yess…. Let me feel that big Italian cock… deeper…deeper… pound away, baby, pooouuunnd meee….” In gasps punctuated by the steady thump of the headboard against the wall now.

“Why don’t you talk like that?” Garth asked, devilishly.

“Oh, I could,” Courtney whispered demurely, “but I didn’t think you liked such forward women.” And while whispering, she reached her hand down into his shorts, deftly freeing his great erect member. He shimmied a bit and his shorts rode down below his hips. “I could talk like that, but it’s just that so often I can’t…” Courtney said, looking him in the eye while sliding backwards towards the foot of the bed, “… because my mouth is so full of cock.” And she jammed her head down, engulfing his rod, held one for one glorious, white-lipped moment, and then with a small gag, sat up and began long plunging strokes, her hand around the base of his member, rubbing his balls.

Garth was in heaven, listening to the high, Italian screams next doow and mussing his hands through his fiancée’s hair. He was quickly losing control, and he pulled her up, kissing her deeply, loving the soft, supple feel which cocksucking gave her mouth.

Her clothes were off in an instant and she lay on her back, looking up, and said, “Put him to shame.” She always did have a competitive streak.

They did their best to kill each other, on that new bed, creaking and banging, sometimes in rhythm and sometimes out, with the thuds coming through from the other side of the wall. Eventually the thuds on the far side stopped, and Courtney, uncharacteristically, yelled, “Keep fucking me, baby!”

There was a bang on the wall, as of a fist, which made Garth look up, and Courtney hissed, “Keep fucking me, don’t you stop…”

There were more raps, a real knocking now, and Courtney turned her head in passion and pride and yelled, “Can’t you hear I’m busy!”

Then she let out a deep soulful moan and Garth, overwhelmed by the intensity of the moment and his wife’s ardour, came forcefully and collapsed down onto her still heaving chest.

Soon, Garth rolled over and Courtney threw on a linen robe and went to the windows. She threw Garth a knowing wink and said, “I think we’re gonna like it here.” Then she put her head through the open, screenless window frame and took in the dusky night.

At that moment, the window in the next apartment opened. A little, raven-haired thirty-something woman leaned out. She looked at Courtney and then made eye contact.

“I hear you are our new neighbors,” said the woman, smiling demurely.

“It’s nice, I guess,” said Courtney, looking for the right words, “to meet you in person.”

“It is Springtime, you know,” the woman said.


The woman started to withdraw, then leaned out again. “I forgot, we have a housewarming gift for you,” she said, turning with a smile.

“That’s sweet, but there’s no need…”

“It’s champagne, and if we don’t give it to you soon, urfa escort someone here will drink it!”

“Alright, thanks. Anytime.”

“Really? Can I bring it now?”


“I’ll give you a minute.”



Half an hour later there was a knock at the door. She was perhaps thirty, with small breasts and strong, curving hips. He was a little older, with a strong build and Italian features.

They toasted the new loft, and new friends. Courtney was in a robe, Garth in jeans and a t-shirt. They drank the champagne.

“This is wonderful champagne,” said Courtney

“Actually, it’s prosecco. We were in Italy this summer and after we discovered this we couldn’t get enough. I think we spent the second week floating on prosecco. We brought some cases home, and it’s great on a warm night.”

Courtney took another mouthful and collapsed back against Garth with a little sigh of pleasure. “I am such a sucker for good champ… I mean prosecco!” she said.

“You’d better be careful or Courtney will be over the next time she hears a cork pop…” said Garth.

“I think we heard one of those earlier!” Fleur snapped back, then blushed and blurted out, “oh, I’m sorry, it that rude? I don’t mean to be rude, but these walls…”

But Courtney was already laughing, convulsing in uncontrollable giggles, and it infected all of them. “I heard some… popping… too.” She said between breaths, “I’m sorry, I can’t help it.”

“Was that a double magnum I heard?” joked Fleur in mock surprise, then fell gracefully across her knees, head shaking and hair dancing as she held her sides.

Courtney finally caught her breath and said, “Well. My goodness. All that talk about cock popping… I mean corks…” and all four started in to laugh again until the tears rolled from their eyes, as Courtney kept spouting, “Corks, I meant corks, oh damn…” Amid the laughter Courtney and Garth were flung together and pushed each other gently on the couch. The tension had left the room, and the warmth of the wine set their muscles at ease. Garth squeezed her ribs and rubbed the sides of her hips casually as the feigned their lack of control amid the laugher. Courtney flopped back into his arms and the tie of her silk robe loosened, such that when she sat up to focus again on her guests, her chest and left breast were in plain sight. She held out her glass and said, “Oh my. I think I need another tipple.”

Fleur raised an eyebrow as she reached for the bottle, and Courtney looked down. “Oh dear,” she said.

“A nipple for a tipple,” said Fleur, and then, “don’t worry, we’re kind of exhibitionists ourselves.”

There was a long pause, and the room got quiet as the implications of Fleur’s comments left the party speachless for a moment.

BRRRING! The silent man’s cell phone went off loudly, and he stood up quickly, fumbling in his pants pocket and then pulling it out. He held it up close to his eyes to silence the ringer, but everyone else’s gaze was fixed a little lower. The light, pleated slacks he wore pulled taught by a monumental cylendar which stood straight out and then curved thickly downward, pulled by down by the taught pressure of the fabric. He switched the phone off, and then looked at his hosts, saying, “I’m sorr…” but he did not finish the word before he saw the slack-jawed look of amazement in Courtney’s eyes, and feeling the throbbing pressure knew the show he’d put on. He turned quickly back-to, saying “I’m sorry about that too,” while Garth and Courtney could see his arms moving quickly to smooth his pant-front, while facing away.

“Wowsers,” said Courtney, a little too breathlessly, and then, “No, really, it’s OK. I guess I started it.” Fleur was silent, and Garth was shaking his head a bit and staring at the floor, surprised that he was feeling his own cock harden at this development. Courtney was similarly affected, feeling a warm, silken wetness between her legs and still a bit shellshocked at the sudden vision of cockdom she had just glimpsed at such close range. And so, Courtney began to talk to keep from saying what was really on her mind, which was, “I can’t believe how big that thing was!”

“You know, I’ve always thought it was a little unfair,” said Courtney, prattling on while the silent man was still working to smooth himself, “that women get judged by their breasts each and every day, that they are always out on display to see who’s who, so to speak, but with men, it’s only at the beach or the pool, and even then only with the European men or competitive swimmers. Sure, it’s not comfortable to have your bust-size known, but that’s the way of it and by high school people get used to their lot in life. Poor men are never brought out of the closet, so to speak, and so they go through life never really knowing where they stand, and of course when a breast slips loose it’s just a little slip, but if a man gets caught bouncing an erection around, everyone blushes! I mean, it’s a little embarrassing, not that you have anything balıkesir escort to be embarrassed about with that mountain, uh, I mean member… uh, with the way you are, but I…”

And by now the silent man was seated, with a hand raised for her not to feel embarrassed. Even seated, with the other hand in his lap, Courtney could see the long barrel of his member lying parallel to his left thigh, held down level with his pantleg by the pressure of his wrist at the base. He was trying to be nonchalant, but there was no hiding his wonderful endowment. Fleur came into the conversation to say, “You know what, I think you’re right. I think we should make men wear Speedos to the prom, and we should show ‘em a good porno in the limo so we’d get the real deal when they walked in.”

“Yes, and then we wouldn’t be embarrassed when we saw something like, well… I could just say, ‘What a nice penis you have,’ and be done with it.”

The silent man nodded in thanks and smiled a warm and relaxed smile.

“It is a nice one, isn’t it?” said Fleur. “I’m sure yours is very nice too,” she said to Garth.

“I’m just going to stay seated, if it’s all the same to you.” Said Garth, smiling.

“My we’re like old friends with no secrets, now.” Said Courtney.

“Well, there is one thing,” said Fleur. And she paused.

“Go on,” said Courtney.

“No, no, it’s too much. We only just met you, and…”

“Go ahead, we can a bottle of our wine,” said Garth.

“Well, it’s just that I think we’ve raised the tension to a level where this night is going to be hard to forget. And I think I might find it just a little hard sleeping, and you might too, and then will we tap on the wall every time and wonder what’s happening on the other side? I mean, sometimes imagination can be more shocking than seeing…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” she said, and she slid a hand across and rubbed the silent man’s cock, “Lazlo and I here are pretty free spirits, and if it would help you sleep a bit to have a little more revealed and a little less imagined, I mean, I think we might be willing to put on a little show.”

“A show?”

She laughed, and said, “No, just, I must say, the second we get back home, we’re gonna do it again, and you’re probably going to hear it, and wonder, so maybe we can just stay over here in the corner for a minute and you guys can open some more wine, or not, or whatever?”

“Is this…” started Garth.

“I don’t know what it is, let’s not name it…” and then there was a brief pause and she reached over and kissed the silent man. It was a long, deep kiss, and Garth and Courtney looked at each other. Each felt their stomach drop and a surprising and awesomely pleasurable tingle in their loins, followed by a hard, insistent pulsing. Fleur was back-to now, and the man has opened her shirt and was sucking at her breasts while his hands roamed and massaged her legs and ass. She flung her head back and shivered her long hair down her back. Neither was looking at Garth and Courtney, and they sat silently for a moment. Garth was paralyzed. Then he started a hand towards Courtney but she was up and into the kitchen in a flash. He followed her.

In the kitchen, he caught her and she was giggling and her eyes were wide, “What the fuck is happening?!” she said, “Is this really happening? For real?” and he looked back at her and said, “I think it is.” And he kissed her promptly and hard on the mouth. Then he took out and opened a bottle of red wine, and poured two glasses. Courtney took more of a glug than a sip, and winked at him and then tiptoed to the edge of the doorway. She peered around, then snapped her head back and mouthed, “OH MY GAHD” to Garth, with a look of incredulity. He came up and peered around and she looked too and this is what they saw:

Fleur was kneeling on the sofa cushion and the silent man was facing her, in profile to the door, his pants on the floor and his shirt unbuttoned. One of Fleur’s hands was braced on his far hip, and the other struggled to encircle the base of the largest erect cock either of them had ever seen in real life. It was strong and tan, perhaps ten to twelve inches long, not freakish or bent, but like the perfect specimen of penile perfection, one and half times life-size. The juxtaposition of the veined, throbbing obelisk with the fine features and hands of Fleur made Garth’s mouth go dry. Fleur was staring at it, taking a deep breath as before diving to the bottom of a pool, and her mouth was hanging slack and open as she inhaled. Then she fell on it, with a hunger and avidity that was palpable across the room. In disappeared the cock, quickly gone the head, then four, five, six inches of the shaft. She paused for just a beat, and raised her shoulders and neck, while drawing his cock down to the horizontal. Her whole torso was lined up straight, eyes wide, parallel to his long member, and then she pushed forward again, with resistance for a moment and then with small groan her mouth was amazingly trabzon escort down at the base touching her own fingers, the entire length consumed. She held for a moment while he moaned lightly and then withdrew, gave a small cough, and began stroking his cock vigorously with her hand while, with the other, she wiped away a long thin trailer of pre-cum that was drawn out from her bottom lip to the tip of his crown.

“DID YOU SEE THAT” Courtney mouthed. And then “DEEP THROAT IS AMAZING.” Again with overdone enunciation. She could feel that she was dripping wet between her legs. As they watched, Fleur began to feel herself, inserting her fingers, and moaning. Fleur then looked across the room and smiled, and withdrew her hand.

“C’mon honey, c’mon like this right like this, I don’t want to muss the sofa myself,” she said to the silent man. And she increased the pace. His breathing increased as well. Then she went in for another impaling lunge, and Garth swore he could see the top of her throat bulge when she went to full volume at the end. Out and back and then slurping at the sides and with a twisting motion of the wrist, she kept a variety rhythm, until at last, he groaned out loud, and then louder and his hips flexed and she plunged far down and he convulsed once, twice, and then she pulled back a bit as he convulsed a third time, and then she say up and another convulsion threw a long string of cum up onto her chest, which she clasped and then clasped him to her. It was over, and Courtney and Garth were flush-faced and overcome with the sight of their passion.

After some deep breaths, Fleur stood demurely. “May we use your bathroom to clean up?” she asked, and Courtney pointed meekly to the doorway.

When the bathroom door closed, Garth and Fleur kissed long and deep, their inhibitions fallen in tatters on the floor, and with an urgency and heat their fumbled with the robe belts and buttons. Quickly his hands were at her warm, wet lips, fingers sliding greedily inside and then up, rubbing and pressing and she thrust her head back against the door, as he worked his mouth down, over the left breast and then right, the stomach, and finally the sweetly perfumed warmth of her pussy, which she opened gamely with one foot up on the barstool, knee bent, with him on his knees at her front. He felt for that little nub of pleasure in the soft, glistening folds and found it and went back and forth with his tongue, up and down and round and round and then pressed his tongue-point down on the top of it until she shivered. On his third lap around the clitoral course, she came, drenching his mouth and dripping onto his chest.

She hauled him up, under his armpits, and said, “That was awesome” in a throaty whisper into his hear.

“I love the taste of you coming in my mouth,” he said back.

“That is so sexy. You’re in for it now.”

She leaned him against the barstool and bent over to take him into her mouth. Garth had always considered himself well endowed, if not the king, and for all that Courtney felt they fit well, she had never taken the whole of him into her mouth. He felt her now, as she plunged down on his cock, pressing his crown against the back of her throat. There was still an inch or more to go. She pushed again, then gave a small gag and pulled back, with a cough. At just that moment, Fleur was emerging from the bathroom, saw Courtney, and stopped with a look that seemed to ask permission. Courtney heard the door and looked up and smiled, and said, “Well, you caught us. It’s OK.”

Fleur caught her meaning immediately, and turned and said something to the silent man, who remained in the bathroom while Fleur shut the door.

“That was some trick of yours,” said Courtney.

“I can help you,” said Fleur.

Courtney smiled and nodded. Garth looked on in amazement, frozen by the moment.

Fleur bent down, looking only at Courtney, next to her now. “You need to get it all level, all lined up,” she said. Courtney did as she said, but still that stubborn cock stopped at the back of her mouth, as it had before.

“It feels like it won’t happen, can’t happen, and then somehow you relax and ‘pop’ it’s done,” said Fleur, and then, “Take your time.”

Courtney tried again, and again, and then sat back, winded, and said, “God, Fleur, I can’t believe you can do this!”

Fleur shrugged and smiled.

Courtney paused and then said, “OK, you’ll have to show me up close,”

“Garth or Lazlo?” asked Fleur.

Courtney looked up at Garth, and Garth looked back at Courtney. Something tender passed in their gaze and then Courtney said, “I think Garth’s the one with the problem right now.”

“OK,” said Fleur, and then, looking up at Garth, she said, “Hi there. Hang on.” And shifting over and positioning herself in front of Garth she grabbed the base of his swollen cock while Courtney stroked it and gave it a kiss on the side. Then with a single strong motion she engulfed the entire thing, and Garth felt the tip meet and push past the back of her mouth into her throat and the firmness and newness and mind-blowing image of Fleur’s nose pressed against his abdomen caused him to lose control and as he felt him self begin to come, he said “Oh God, oh here it comes, here it comes!” and Fleur was pulling away and he managed to string his cum across both women, to all of their surprise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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