Delicate Asian Doll

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I introduced myself to Yunjin when she arrived at my beach estate. We walked up the beach and over a grassy sand-dune down to an old Toyota Landcruiser utility parked under a big old tree. There are almost no roads on the estate and the track across to the other side is fairly rough in places. Occasionally when I changed gears my hand would brush against her thigh momentarily. Yunjin has trouble stopping her short skirt from riding up her buttocks because of the bumps and corrugations along the way. She gave up and just let it creep up well past her thighs, her bare butt cheeks stuck to the old vinyl seat with perspiration. Her small breasts jiggled and bounced in her bikini top whenever we hit another patch of corrugations, making her sensitive nipples to become somewhat erect!

Luckily it wasn’t that far to the other side of the estate, upon entering the compound there are well kept gardens. Showed Yunjin to her room. ” I will start a fire on the beach so we can enjoy ourselves and relax a bit. What do you think Yunjin?” I asked her politely. ” Yes. I think that would be nice John.” I patted her ass and gentle squeezed her butt cheek. ” It is finally nice to you, Yunjin.” Yunjin tried not to show alarm at my intimate gesture and my hand stayed on her ass for another few moments before I walked away. We arrived back near the beach and I held the Landcruiser door open for Yunjin as she stepped out. Her short skirt rode up again as she slid across the sticky seat to hop out. She had her bikinis on she knew, but they were very, very brief, just those little g-strings and she wondered if I would try to peek up her skirt at her crotch that she knew would have been in almost full view to me. She thought she had caught me steal a quick peek. if only for a brief second.

I left Yunjin to enjoy the beach while I went back to the house alone to bring the salad and steaks I had defrosted earlier for dinner. I was going to cook them on a grill that is heating up on a small fire I had built on the beach. I grabbed the chilled wine and a couple of glasses. The sun had set over the beautiful sea and it is beginning to get dark. I knew there was going to be a full moon and there is not a cloud in the sky. Soon we would be able to see again as clearly as daylight. Our steaks were good and as Yunjin and I sipped our wine. We talked and laughed for a couple of hours, she did catch me stealing glances at her occasionally. Later on as the conversation died down, Yunjin went for a stroll up the beach to stretch her legs. The walk did her good and she returned to the welcoming fire and twenty minutes later discovered that I was awake still!

I smiled at her as she sat back down on the rug. ” You should have no trouble sleeping.” I look at her as I spoke and she feels a slight tingle in her pussy knowing that she is alone with me. ” You can stay as long as you like John,” She purrs, as she laid back finishing her fourth glass of wine for the evening. I nod and smile. I’m sitting near her feet and she notices my eyes wander down her body slowly and back up again to meet her gaze. Yunjin did not mind as I made no attempt to hide the fact. She knew I was just ‘checking her out.’ My gaze is still on her, she feels herself moisten up slightly at my interest. She feels sooo relaxed. ” I hope you don’t mind me saying so Yunjin, You are a very attractive woman.” My openness took her by surprise and she feels herself blush slightly. ” Thank you John, and might I say that you are a very handsome man.”

Her heart skipped a beat when she said that and she wriggled her toes subconsciously. I glance down at her small feet and without saying a word, reach down placing my hand beneath her right ankle and lift her foot onto my lap. I begin to gently massage the sole of her foot. It feels heavenly and she made no attempt to stop me. ” Mmm…that’s sooo nice John. You have the magical fingers,” She moaned softly. Her bare foot looks so tiny in my hands. I did not favoer just her right foot though and wordlessly I pick up her other foot to give it equal attention. She laid back and closing her eyes, enjoying my touch. She is aware that I now can see up her short skirt. Yunjin knows that if I cared to look closer between her slightly parted thighs that I would notice her bikini is partially damp where her vulva seeped a small amount of juice.

She didn’t care. She is in heaven enjoying every moment of my attention. She feels my hands wandering up her smooth calf muscle rubbing it slowly before I move up further, behind her knee drawing small circles lightly. Yunjin feels wonderful at that moment, the moon, the wine, the warm air wafting across the sand and me caressing her legs. My fingers move up past her knee to her thigh where I continue to draw small circles with just the tips of my fingers. Occasionally it tickles her and she moves her butt around, grinding the blanket into the soft sand, and I move up closer to her upper thigh. Then she feels my fingers slowly caressing her inner thighs, only a couple of inches away from her moist pussy. Yunjin wondering at how daring I’m going to be and she squirms at my touch. When she feels my other hand attempt to open her slightly parted legs wider she finally snaps out of her almost total serenity. She wonders what she might have let me do had she had more wine.

” Thank you John, that was very pleasant. You have a wonderful touch,” She said courteously as she withdrew her feet from my lap and sat back up, tucking her legs beneath her. It felt good, that is the problem, and it is because it is feeling just a bit too good that she had to stop me. Yes, it is a full moon and looking out over the gently lapping waves as they caressed the sloping shoreline she clearly sees the yacht resting at anchor. The setting looked so serene she is tempted to go for a swim. There is a nice aromatic smell in the air. It came from the smoke of the small dry pieces of native cypress I had placed on the fire earlier to keep the few insects that were around away.

Yunjin looks back over at me again. I’m quiet since she had pulled her legs away and had sat back up. I’m now resting back on my elbows staring at the flames. I sensed her gaze and I looked back at her smiling. ” So my dear what do you think of my little estate so far?” I asked, breaking the long minutes of silence. ” I think it is beautiful John. The water, it looks so clear and inviting with its beautiful clean white sandy bottom. I was just thinking how nice it would be to swim now under this lovely bright moonlight.” ” Would you like to do that Yunjin? I am sure you will find the water very pleasant at this time of year. I will watch you if you wish?” ” Mmm…just watch me? Surely that sounds a bit suss’. Why wouldn’t you like to come in also John? I would feel more relaxed if you were nearby.”

” Yes. I could go swimming with you if it makes you feel more comfortable.” Yunjin has her bikinis on beneath her skirt and tee-shirt so that was not a problem either. ” Yunjin, I will come in with you if you wish, but I must warn you that I do not swim in my jeans. It is far too restrictive and not good for the material. Now my concern for you is this; beneath my jeans I wear nothing! Are you quite sure you still want me to accompany you?” Yunjin sighs. She is no shrinking violet and she has seen men naked before. She tried to show me that there wasn’t any problem with my predicament. She is excited at the prospect. She had heard the rumors and innuendos about me, she is curious to find out if there is any truth in the rumours and innuendos.

” John, I will try not to look when you disrobe, okay?” She stood up removing her tee-shirt, dropping it onto her large towel that is folded on the blanket. She looks over to where I’m sitting noticing me watching her with my dark piercing eyes. I casually look her in the eye smiling. She had to admit that for a man in my fifties I’m ruggedly handsome. Yunjin has never found a older man that attracted to her before. ” Well are you coming?” She asks me as she undid the button and zipper to her skirt letting it drop to the ground before stepping out of it. I’m looking at her in a polite admiring way as she stood no more than eight feet from me in nothing but her tiny black bikini. ” Excuse me for admiring your body Yunjin.” She is facing me and she feels embarrassed by my open compliment. She took a gulp turning around slowly walking down to the shore. Yunjin knows that I’m checking out her bare buttocks where just the thin strip of my g-string is visible as it emerged from between her two firm cheeks.

” Come on John. Don’t go changing your mind on me?” She calls to me as she walks down closer to the gently lapping waves.
” You will not have to ask me again Yunjin!” I called. She walks into the cool water till it is up past her knees then she turns around kneeling down facing the beach back towards where she can see me removing my clothes by the fire. This time it is her turn to check me out as I purposely walk down and into the water near to where she is kneeling. I’m within ten feet of her before stopping and splashing the cool salty water upon my body with my hands. The moon is behind me and she has a direct view of my nudity. I stood before her completely unashamed of my nudity in her presence. I’m only in knee deep water. ” The water is nice Yunjin?” ” It is very nice, thank you John. Are you going to come in further?” The bright moonlight lit my body up like day.
” So now it is my turn to admire. You are the first older man I have ever seen naked John, and I am not disappointed.” She looks me up and down from my chest to my flat stomach and narrow hips. Such a fit looking man. I didn’t appear to have an ounce of fat but I had body hair. Then Yunjin looks closer at my groin, mmm…there is curly pubic hair above my very impressive looking penis. So the rumors and stories are true she confirmed.

I move closer to her and my long thick penis swaying from side to side. It is then she notices something unusual about my cock; it appears to have a series of raised bumps running down the top of it and ugle veins snaking around it. She gasps and quickly looks away, pushing off from the sandy bottom and swimming out further. The sight of my penis still sharp in her mind. I swam out towards her keeping a distance of ten or fifteen feet away. ” I am sorry if I scared you Yunjin.” ” No, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have been staring; it was very rude of me. John.” She is now intrigued, ” May I ask what happened?” I laughed, ” It is all right Yunjin, it is just a legacy of my younger days.” ” Is it some sort of embolism? It looks so painful,” She ventured inquisitively.
” No, it is neither, although it certainly was painful when I had it done.” ” You had it done? On purpose?” She asks bewildered.
I laugh again, ” Why of course. You see this?” I held up something that hung from my neck, it appeared to be a large black Sex hikayeleri pearl on a leather thong. It is absolutely beautiful.

” Yes, it is very nice. Is it real? It looks sooo big!” ” I can assure you it is real. Very real, and not even cultured artificially. I found this while diving on the reefs many years ago.” ” What has it got to do with your….” She trails off, to embarrassed to say it.
” Do you really want to know?” Yunjin nodded her head, her eyes bright with the intrigue. ” Okay then. You see I have six of these, not as large of course, and they are of a deep white luster. I had them implanted beneath my skin a long time ago Yunjin.” ” Why, I don’t understand?” ” Ah! For pleasure Yunjin, for pleasure.” Yunjin didn’t get it. How could pearls embedded beneath the skin of my penis give me any pleasure? I sensed her quandary. ” Not for my pleasure. Well not mine alone. Pearl divers sometimes have it done to give their women pleasure!” I explained patiently.

She had to think about it, she must really be dumb because it still took awhile. ” Are you still unsure? Do you wish to know more detail?” Yunjin nodded her head looking at me bewildered. ” Well Yunjin, if the angle is right, my six pearls make beautiful music with the sensitive clitoris of the woman I am with. Believe me, some women love it immensely. I can assure you!” Her mind boggled and her pussy tingling. Oh my God! How erotic is that! she told herself. ” Your wife must be a very lucky woman John, lucky indeed!” ” Thank you Yunjin for saying so, and I am very lucky to be here with you now sharing my little secret.”
We talked some more about my past and present for awhile. Yunjin tries to listen, but she is distracted, her mind drifting back to my penis and my six pearls.

Suddenly there is a splash nearby, probably just a fish she told herself it scared her and she squealed. She asks me about sharks in the area and I assured her she was alright as the sharks here were only attracted to white skin. Yunjin guessed I was joking but I sensed her nervousness suggesting maybe she should move closer to me where I could keep an eye out for any danger!
We are fifty yards off shore and she is a little out of her depth, she swam over to me knowing that I could touch the bottom. She asks me if she can rest a hand on my shoulder for awhile so she did not have to tread water continuously. Of course I said I didn’t mind and I place an arm around her waist to support her further. Yunjin relaxes again and we continue discussing my businesses. Yunjin feels my hand gently caressing her back. My God, she realized she is practically naked in my arms and I’m naked. She feels tingly all over.

Yunjin feels me pulling her in closer and I gently kiss her neck. This intimacy suddenly made her feel anxious again. What if he tried to go further with me out here alone? Yunjin feels her nipples harden beneath her small semi-transparent bikini top, and she is sure I noticed. She is almost breathlessly, as butterflies flutter in her stomach. I kiss her neck again running my hand down her back to her bare buttocks, squeezing them playfully. She feels herself melting in my arms. “Mmm…I tell you what Yunjin; tomorrow if you like we shall play a little game, just a friendly game of ‘cat and mouse.’ Do you see that headland over there by the end of the beach?” She nods. I have her intrigued. My hand is resting on her butt, and I spoke again. ” It takes roughly half an hour to get there by foot from where our fire is upon the beach. If you like, we shall pretend that your rescuers await for you there. I shall even give you a fifteen minute head start. If you make it to safety…you win!” ” I win? I win what?” She asks cautiously.

” Yunjin, as an incentive to you, if you do get there first then I shall give to you this black pearl that I am wearing around my neck. Mmm? We shall see just how quick you really are. What do you think are you still game to try?” I ask her. My other hand is now fondling the front of her thigh so lightly. My touch is warm against her smooth skin. ” If I were to loose? If you do catch me, what is your incentive John? What is in it for you?” I look her in the eye closely and said softly, “If I am lucky enough to catch you my Yunjina, I will reward myself by giving you not one… but six pearls!” I chuckle pulling her even closer to my body. She now feels my penis growing hard against her leg and she stares at me for several seconds as the true meaning of my words sink in her wine fuzzy brain. ” We better go back in John.” “And our game? Are you confident in winning?” I ask. My hand snakes between her legs and I grip her vulva firmly, she quickly places her hand over mine to stop me from going further and I hesitate.

” Are you game to try and win my Yunjin?” This time I rub my fingers along her labia slowly manipulating her bikini to one side as I did. Yunjin looks me in the eye again jumping slightly when she feels my finger touch her bare flesh then quickly part her hairless lips, stroking her several times as I did so. She couldn’t move, it all seems to be a dream, her alcohol befuddled brain tries to figure out how this had happened so fast. I’m bolder now and I move my hand in closer. Instead of clenching her legs shut tightly she allows them to float apart wider. She lets me inch a finger part way into her juicy slit for a moment. Through her glazed eyes she sees the confidence in mine. Yunjin suddenly snaps out of it when she hears some splashing. I lean close to her ear whispered softly, ” You are small Yunjin …quite small and tight, I think that maybe if you were to loose the game I may only be able to give you four of my six pearls of pleasure. I ask you again, are you game?”

” I’m game John, but don’t be too confident will you,” She told me hoarsely then she quickly disentangles herself from my clutches and begins to swim for shore. It was later, much later, well after I went to bed. Yunjin has completely sobered up by then and she is able to think clearly about the night’s events as she lay in her room. Yunjin can’t help thinking about my game that I had proposed. She thought it would be nice to show me up and win that extraordinary pearl of mine. She also wonders if I really meant my implied threat of ‘giving’ her my six pearls if she did loose the challenge. Surely I wasn’t serious? Then she remembers my hand on her pussy and the way I stroked her, oh my God, she should have slapped me, the bastard! But it had felt good … oooh sooo good!

Yunjin slept restlessly that night, she just can’t erase from her mind my little game. The next morning she is dressed in only a singlet and a pair of low waist satin shorts that she had worn to bed the night before. The legs of her shorts are quite wide and loose fitting and she found them very comfortable to sleep in. ” Yunjin, I have a present for you,” I said, as I passed her a white plastic shopping bag. ” It is a book, a short story of one incident that happened here many, many years ago. I hope you find time to read it and you also find it interesting.” After completing her chores she packed herself a small lunch and went to the beach. She is dressed only in her favourite bikinis, she had wrapped a colourfull tie-dyed sarong over the top.

Up on the grassy sand dune near some tall palms is a rough looking shelter made out of palm fronds and timber. It afforded good shade without blocking out the breezes and the beautiful view of the bay. It will do nicely as she had decided she had sunbaked enough for a few days. She set her blanket down under it and sat down to read the very old book that I had given her. I quickly read the book with a curious interest. The book had her intrigued that she read through it easily. It is after three in the afternoon before she is able to put it down and eat her lunch. She looked up towards the headland that I had pointed out the night before. Yunjin wondered if I’m serious about my ‘game’. After reading the book it all seems so romantic. She decides that if the opportunity presents itself, she will accept my challenge. First she would walk up to the headland by herself in daylight and be prepared for the challenge. Yunjin walked along the white sandy beach and realised that it is possible to make it there in around half an hour as I said. It is a nice view from up there and she could clearly see the yacht at anchor and the broad curvature of the beach around to the next point. I caught her eye again. ” So Yunjin, did you enjoy the book?”

She told me that she had, immensely, and thanked me for it. ” I am going to catch you tonight. That is if you are still game enough for my challenge?” Yunjin slowly stood up brushing her sarong down then turning and proceeded to walk away. ” Do you have a watch? Fifteen minutes head start right?” She then begin to walk briskly down the beach before I could reply. She wonders how much that beautiful black pearl of mine is worth and she is determined to win it. I will use my watch.” I called out over the rhythmic sound of the waves rolling up the beach. ” There is a large flat rock on the point, reach it first and you win Yunjin.” She knew the rock, she had seen it when she was up there earlier in the afternoon. She isn’t going to let on to me that she had already been up there and spoil her advantage.

She is feeling the effects of the wine now, her pace is slow with the soft sand and only the moonlight to guide her. She falters occasionally wondering if she had made the right decision. She hardly knew me and she is now unsure how serious I’m going to be if she did loose. Yunjin avoids the trap near the rocks detouring up the small escarpment where she is pleased to find a narrow path heading through the patchy coastal scrub towards the headland. She wishes that she had worn her sandals because the pathway way is littered with rocks and she had to watch carefully where she stepped. She is fairly sure she is making good time and if I’m still on the beach waiting for her to backtrack from the rocks she is sure she will beat me in the end. Yes, that large black pearl is going to be hers as she is taking that part of the challenge serious. My girlfriends back home were going to be sooo jealous when they see her trophy, she thought.

It was another beautiful evening; a warm onshore sea breeze wafted through her long hair gently and caught her sarong where it is lapped over and parted the thin material to her waist. She finally emerges from the undergrowth and out into the clearing. Not too far to go now, victory is almost hers. Yunjin almost feels disappointed that it is going to be so easy after all the build up and implied innuendo. Give her six pearls indeed. Sure! Maybe it is just a joke and my black pearl is not real. She sees the rock ahead. There is no one there, the moment she thought she had made it she senses someone come up behind her. Before she has time to run a hand Sikiş hikayeleri roughly covers her mouth and an arm encircles her waist. The suddenness gives her a hell of a scare and if it wasn’t for the hand clamped firmly over her mouth she would have certainly screamed.

Her mind is racing. Oh no, he’s caught me! She feels herself being lifted off the ground and carried forward towards the rock ahead, the goal that she came close to achieving. It is then that she notices someone step out of the shadows of the lone tree near the rock. She takes a sharp breath! It is John! She is confused; who is it then that had her in their vice-like grip? I stood next to the large flat rock that is some fifteen feet in diameter and roughly three foot high. Her captor brought her closer. She sees something spread out upon the rock; it looks like a large thick blanket or even a sleeping bag. My body glistened in the moonlight and she realized I’m wet. I had swam around the barrier of rocks to beat her, she told herself. I would not chance her taking the alternative route. How did the blanket get here?

My captor let her stand on her feet again when we were only a few feet from me. Her captor released her and left, I grabbed her placing my hand over her mouth, sliding my other hand up and over her breast, squeezing her flesh roughly. I then manuvered my hand between the folds of her sarong pulling her bikini top to one side, releasing one of her breasts rolling her long nipple between my fingers. “So Yunjin, not quite quick enough. But so very close I must say. I was worried when you did not backtrack from the barrier of rocks below. I was going to wait there a bit longer, I saw that your tracks had led off the beach toward the escarpment detour. So very cunning!” I whispered in her ear. I stopped fondling her nipples snaking my hand down from her breasts towards her stomach. The wrap of the sarong is such that it split completely down one side and once my hand had found the opening she is at the mercy of my exploring touch. Yunjin feels me reach her bikini bottoms and she tries to stop me from going any further. It is no use, I’m too strong and I effortlessly slip my probing fingers inside the narrow waistband of her g-string to rub along her small slit as she tries to clamp her thighs together. I whisper in her ear again that her pussy feels as good as it looks, and I roughly try to force a finger into her small tight unwilling passage.

” Sit down next to me Yunjin,” I said as I sat down on the blanket drawing her towards me by her wrist. Her heart is beating rapidly at her sudden capture. Was he really going to take his prize? She wondered. Yunjin did not have to wonder for too long. No sooner was she sitting next to me I made my intentions clear! ” Would you like to remove your clothing Yunjin? You may find it more… pleasant,” I suggested graciously. I didn’t wait for an answer; I simply reach for her sarong where it is tied between her breasts and undid the loose knot letting the thin material separate in front of her. She is to shocked to move and offered no resistances at all. I folded the upper part of her sarong down to her hips and she notices that her small bikini top is still askew from my groping hands moments ago. She feels my fingers loosen the thin straps to her top and it fell into her lap. Her mind is going haywire; I’m going to do this!

” I see your breasts are very brown, you sunbake topless? Or maybe you like to sunbake in the nude.” I cup her breasts in my hands lowering my mouth to suckle on her engorged nipples, my teeth gently nibbled and bit her drawing out along the length of her buds. ” They are beautiful, your nipples, they stand out so proud and hard. Are they very sensitive?” I commented before continuing to lick and suck them ravenously. Her nipples are very sensitive and her breasts are small her dark nipples stand out like thimbles when totally aroused or when cool air touches them. She knew they were like that now and she looks down at them. Yes, they now stood out as far as the first joint of her ring-finger and just as round, they are fully erect.

I stop working her breasts and gently laid her back on the soft blanket. She closes her eyes when she feels her sarong being laid open. She feels my fingers gripping the narrow straps of her bikini tugging them down gently. She lifts her buttocks slightly as they are eased down past her thighs. I’m licking her erect nipples again continuing to fondle her small firm breasts. Without opening her eyes she realized that I had removed her g-string. Oh my God, this was not supposed to happen but she now feels completely helpless to stop me. ” John…please…I …I just couldn’t,” She pleads pointlessly. It is all happening sooo fast! ” Please…no….mmm….” She opens her eyes suddenly and is cut off in the middle of her anguished plea when she feels my tongue rasping over her labia toward her super sensitive clitoris! It is like an electric shock, only a very, very pleasurable one. She raises her head just enough to see my head between her thighs, my tongue darts in and around her pussy rapidly. The feeling is absolutely exquisite; her lust is rapidly overpowering any remaining rational thoughts that she may have had!

I move my hand down to my penis. She gasped when she feels it. Her small hand could not encircle it, not even close! She ran her fingers up and down along my hard length feeling my pearls for the first time. They are spaced out evenly along the top of my shaft. Yunjin remembers me telling me the night before that maybe I would only be able to give her four of my six pearls and she feels a wave of anxiety as she realized I might not have been joking. My hard cock is both thick and long, very long.
I work a finger into her while I continue to give her some of the best cunnilingus she has ever had. Yunjin knew her orgasm is fast approaching and she pushes my head down harder pumping her hips forward with the beautiful sensations she is experiencing. ” Ah yeah…ah yeah…that’s it… that’s it ….mmm…” her climax sweeps over her with intensity. Then I drive my fingers into her hungry cunt. She jerks my thick cock erratically as her orgasm peaks, then gradually subsides. The release is absolutely beautiful and the first orgasm she had achieved in days.

Her pussy is still contracting when she realized that I had removed my fingers and had moved away from between her quivering legs. Yunjin looks up through her glazed eyes at the same time I roll on top of her. She didn’t have time to recover from her orgasm. It is going to happen, she knew it then, I’m going to take my prize. Yunjin opens her legs wider to accommodate me and I move up her body. She feels me nudge against her pussy rubbing myself along her wet opening. ” Are you ready Yunjin? I will be gentle, do not worry,” I whisper softly in her ear, a moment later I applied more pressure and she feels me entering her. Her eyes open wide and she looks at my face as I withdraw, and then push forward again. My ministrations helped she knew, there is mild discomfort when my large cock-head slips past her tight opening and went in deeper. ” It is as I thought Yunjin, you are very small but your lubrication is flowing and that will help me.” Yunjin can’t believe it! She actually feels the pearls as one by one are popped into her pussy. Four, she counted four. I withdraw almost completely and enter her again. Five! That time she is sure there are five, yes definitely five!

I begin to slowly fuck her with my big cock. Never before can she remember being so completely filled. My strokes are long and gentle as I had promised, it isn’t long before she has become more use to my size and she then starts to fuck me back passionately. I raise myself on my hands looking down upon her. My muscular chest and shoulders bulging with my effort.
Yunjin is able to raise her head enough to see my length disappearing again and again into the pale white folds of her hairless pussy. I look so big between her slim thighs and she can not believe I’m fucking her with my huge cock. I sense her acceptance as I increase my pace gradually. Yunjin is enraptured feeling another orgasm building. Her whole body is moving back and forth with my effort and she is becoming lost to the pleasure of my fucking. She rolls her head from side to side and in the bright moonlight she clearly makes out the yacht at anchor, the mast light twinkling dimly. Through her dazed eyes she makes out the small campfire. She is up here being fucked by me. Strangely she feels no guilt or remorse, which would probably come later, at the present she only feels pleasure, wonderful pleasure.

I stop, without ceremony I remove my cock from her hungry, squelching pussy with a noticeable plop. ” What are you doing?” She cries. She is sooo close to coming again. ” Why are you stopping? Fuck me John; I want you to fuck me! Oooh…don’t stop!” I begged and begged. I stood up my big bobbing up and down in the night air, she is now beyond caring waiting as I move toward her again. My eyes are filled with lust and urgency. I roll her over onto her stomach raising her hips so she is kneeling on the edge of the flat rock. The thick blanket protected her knees. She laid her face onto the blanket arching her back so as to push her pussy outwards wantonly. I quickly rub my cock along her juicy, swollen vagina leaning forward. Yunjin gasp is loud as my length enters her wet cunt without hesitation. I push in deeper, leaning over her laying on her back my arms reach around grabbing her breasts firmly. I lick the back of her neck, as I pull her back onto my long cock so that it went in further I withdraw all the way then plunge in roughly again and again. I’m grunting with every stroke as my pace increases rapidly. Yunjin feels her lost orgasm returning with every brutal thrust of hard cock. ” Yunjin, I will shoot my seed in you.” She hears me saying.” I will fill your pleasure tunnel with my semen.” Yunjin barely comprehends the implications of this as she is completely lost in her own lust, and her orgasm sweep over her. She moans in absolute delight at the hard fucking I’m giving her. ” Yunjin, milk my shaft with your tight passage!” I cry out.

My pace increases in tempo and a thought suddenly materialised from her orgasm induced delirium. ” No John… you can’t come inside of me…aah…ahhh …please …nooo …” it is too late! She feels me tense up my loins jamming myself in as far as I can. I explode shooting load after load inside of her. Yunjin trying to pull away but my grip around her chest is to strong. I cry out, calling her names, dirty names while I emptied my hot loads of cum against her cervix. I’m breathless as I finally withdrew my spent cock from her sopping, abused pussy. Yunjin collapses onto the blanket; her sarong is bunched up next to her. She is laying on her stomach gasping for breath then drifts Erotik hikaye off to sleep. An hour later she feels herself being rolled onto her back. She looks up at me seeing the glazed look of lust on my face. ” Please John…not yet…please…” She pleaded in vain with me, I positioned myself between her legs again. ” Oooh…I don’t want to do this…John …aagh …aagh …” She cries out when I thrust my hard thick cock back inside of her impatiently.

I’m up on my arms and she watches almost mesmerised as my black pearl necklace swings to and fro while I fuck her hard and deep. ” Now you are ready…mmph…mmph…my Yunjin … mmph… for the sixth pearl of pleasure” I groan, as I tried to enter her completely before she can respond. Oh my God! Yunjin feels my cock spearing her cervix. I’m right, she is now ready, my bigger, thicker cock is filling her up totally. I change my angle of penetration and she feels it. First one, then two, three…my pleasure pearls one by one rubbing against her erect clitoris. The feeling is absolutely incredible! “Ooooh…yesss…aagh…yesss…oooh John..” She coos with with every thrust, she is in heaven. Within moments of me pleasuring her this way she feels another orgasm approaching. Only this time it is far more intense than before. I keep up the long, deep strokes, each time my six pearls ripple over her blood engorged clit.

” I’m coming …I’m coming…” Yunjin keeps saying over and over. Her hands hold her legs high and wide apart as she feels her toes start to curl as the first wave of her orgasm engulfs her. I’m slamming into her like a pile driver; sweat is dripping from my brow onto her heaving breasts. I rode her through multiple orgasms, she had experienced in her life and I continued slamming into her relentlessly. ” I am going to plant my seed again Yunjin,” I grunted as my pace increases twofold. ” Nooo….not again John…nooo…please….nooo…” I’m not listening; I didn’t care at that moment. There is no stopping me and she feels my cock swelling even larger as I scream out into the night air. The force of my ejaculation this time surprises her. She has never felt anything like it before.

Yunjin raises her head weakly and sees me buried in her to the hilt. My cock continues jerking and throbbing inside of her for several more seconds. Then I collapse next to her on my side, pulling her over with me so my length is still partially embedded in her sore stretched pussy. She slowly got her breath back whimpering to me, ” That was amazing.” She laid there in the afterglow of her orgasms, gradually regaining some strength in her aching loins. She can just make out the campfire down the beach. She thought to herself while my cock is nestled in her pussy, she needed to go. The fingers of guilt and remorse begin to prod at her emotions. ” I have to go…please…I have to go!” My cock slips out of her as she gingerly moves away to gather her things. She feels the sperm from me begin to ooze out of her formerly tight little pussy and run down her inner thighs. Yunjin feels sooo dirty now, what had she just done.

” Please John…no one can ever know about this…what we have just done. I beg you, it must remain our secret,” She appealed to me. I had been reclining on the rock next to where I had just fucked her stroking myself to another erection. I stood up and came around behind her as she leaned down to gather her bikini bottoms off the ground beside the rock. As she straightened up I reach around cupping her breasts in my cool hands allowing her still hard nipples to protrude between my fingers. I lower my face to her neck starting to nibble on her ear. She feels my hard cock pressing into the crack of her ass and I’m grinding it into her. ” No more John…please, not now…I must go.” She said while clutching her sarong and bikinis to her body. Again I did not listen as one of my hands found its way down to her sopping pussy where I easily insert two of my fingers beginning to finger-fuck her. ” I like your pussy Yunjin, and I want you again,” I said dryly.

I tried to force her back over to the rock and she resisted as much as she could, but my lustful energy is too strong for her and I soon had her lying back down on the rumpled blanket. She feels so weak and sore as this virile older man easily positions himself over her prying her legs apart again. ” No not soo soon..John please I must go…” It is no use, she did not have the strength to stop me from continuing. In just a matter of seconds I’m close to entering her abused pussy as she vainly tries to twist away from me. My hard prodding weapon found her entrance and I flex my buttocks forward driving myself between her swollen, wet inner-labia in one urgent hard thrust. Any further resistance from her is futile and she closed her eyes hoping I would be quick. I’m fucking her like a piston, fast, hard and deep. I reach behind her legs pulling them up high pumping into her even harder. Yunjin feels the hard unforgiving rock through the thick blanket against her back with my brutal strokes again and again. She hoped that I would let me go after I had finished with her. She knew she will have difficulty walking after this.

I pull her to the edge of the rock raising her legs higher by gripping her ankles. I force her to bend her knees back against her breasts with my feet on the ground to give me leverage to continue my assault. Her long black hair is splayed out wildly as she feels some strands pull out when it got caught in the folds of the blanket. I power fuck her for several minutes before she finally senses my impending climax fast approaching. Unbelievably she manages to enjoy it and has managed a couple of minor orgasms, nothing like earlier. I stare at her with my mouth open grunting like an animal from my effort, my body covered with a slick sheen of sweat, suddenly I pull my slippery cock out of her battered pussy and with a few quick strokes of my fist I blew shots of long thick streams of semen up and over in an arc of globs landing across her stomach and breasts. I collapsed down next to the rock breathless saying nothing. Yunjin is gasping for air and her chest is heaving as she drew deep breaths in to recover. I’m smiling and shaking my head slowly as she lay on her back, her legs askew and my come dribbling down her side. The smell of sex is thick in the now still evening air.

Yunjin looks over at me again appealing to me to keep her secret. ” Nobody must know, John, my music career is important to me and I would hate for someone to find out what I have done tonight.” I chuckle deeply, ” I will share a little secret with you Yunjin and I hope it helps you feel better about our beautiful time here tonight. You must also keep this a secret and not anyone under any circumstances, okay?” She nods her head weakly looking back at me puzzled at what I might be about to tell her. ” Yunjin…in my past there is many women who has visited me here, I have women here all the time, there has been some times when I have them staying at my home. My six ex-wives know I’m a womanizer with a insatible sexual appiette.” I sigh, ” Not so long ago… I knew I had to have you here, it is one of those beautiful experiences that rarely happens. I always enjoy pleasuring a beautiful woman. What I have with my circle of beautiful women is special. I must admit those women do not mind at all either.” I added with a chuckle.

Yunjin looks on dumbfounded. Wondering if I was telling her the truth or was I trying to make her feel better? One part of her wanted to believe me and another feels betrayed. Yunjin supposes that if it is true then things are fair. “Thank you for telling me John, it does help my guilt somewhat and I promise I will keep it a secret.” Again she got up off the blanket, more tired and sore now stepping past me. I reach out grabbing and yanking her hair, pulling her head back, forcing her back down on her knees. I push her forward on her hands and roughly push her legs apart again. Yunjin is shaking her head pleading with me to stop. I lean between her cheeks, and her hands reach back to part them. My tongue extends touching her asshole, causing her to shudder as shock waves emanated throughout her body. I pull back spitting on her hole, clutching her pulled-back hair in my hand. My tongue reaches back down circling the outline of the hole, before momentarily plunging in. ” You are really tight, you nasty little slut. I bet your ass is tighter than your pussy.”

I stand up, she takes a deep breath. She hears me spitting in my palm, then feels me rubbing the saliva over my cock, my other hand bruising her ass with sharp smacks. ” By the way, I just want you to know, I forgot to bring lube, so I hope this is enough spit.” She is about to protest, but before she can, my cock head invades her tight virgin anus. I press in until I feel resistance, and then pause. She moans, and I knew she wants this so bad. It’s like I wasn’t just taking what I want. I press forward, forcing about half of my cock into her virgin hole. ” Does that feel good, baby?” A whimpering ” Yes!” is her response. She has never felt so full before, she wonders if she will be split open. I pull my cock out until only my head remains in. She starts to rock her hips, trying to get more inside of her. ” Then this should feel amazing,’ I grunt, cramming all nine, thick inches of cock inside her. It hurt so bad, burning deep inside her, but she has never felt so good. She feels like my massive cock is going to split her in two- she has never had anal sex before. She realizes she is holding her breath, exhaling another ” Yes.” Then she is mine.

I pull my cock most of the way out of her ass, slamming it back home. ” Does my little Asian whore like it?” I ask, pulling back out.
” Yes,” she responded as I cram it back inside her. ” Will you let me fuck your ass whenever I want,” I ask, ” my little Asian whore Yunjin?” ” Yes,” she respond as I slam my way back deep inside her. My balls slapping her clit as I pound her, each thrust deeper and harder than the one before. ” Are you my Asian whore? Does your ass belong to me? Will you let me fuck you whenever I want and where ever I want?” ” Yes. Yes. Yes!!!!” She feels her ass spasm around me, I knew that she is cumming so hard from being taken so many times. I keep pumping into her ass, finally pausing to hold my cock buried balls deep, and she is violently moving her hips in a circular motion, her hand reaching between her legs to rub her clit as her orgasm takes her to another dimension.

She collapses in exhaustion, struggling to regain her breath. ” I hope you don’t think you are finished,” I said, snapping her back to reality. ” My cock now owns you.” Our cruise back to New York was safe and uneventful . Except that I horny all the time and I could not keep my hands off her, taking her whenever I wanted. Till she finally begged me to leave her alone ’cause she was getting sore. I liked it when she said that, she was sore from my stamina. Each night after I had finished with her, she lay awake thinking I would soon let her rest and recover from our long sessions.

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