Desert Delights

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“Wanna climb a rock?” Crystal didn’t wait for an answer from her boyfriend, already knowing the answer; Mark was always ready to scale the literal and metaphorical heights, a perk of being 6’2″ I suppose. Though what she was doing could hardly be considered climbing, the walk up the chunk of Aztec sandstone was steep, but more than doable with her sturdy hiking boots. Was it really climbing if you didn’t even need to use your hands?

Forty vertical feet later, they stood together marveling at the view offered them by their new vantage point. The dry, sandy wash they had been hiking through stretched out in either direction, winding its way through the red rock, following the path of least resistance. She envisioned the water when it came, a scant few times a year, being compelled ever downward by the inexorable pull of gravity, joining larger and larger tributaries before finally emptying into Lake Mead, twenty miles downstream.

Unlike yesterday’s hike through the White Domes section of the Valley of Fire, the trail was completely deserted; they hadn’t seen or heard a single other person since setting out from the parking lot, two miles down the wash. Crystal turned her face to the sky, reveling in the gentle warmth of the February sun, such a welcome change from the frigid temperatures she had escaped from in Minneapolis for the weekend. And to think this was what Nevada called “winter.”

On an impulse, she whipped off her t-shirt and dropped it onto the rock beside her, suddenly craving more of that delicious sunshine, and a head start on her summer tan. Mark had been busy investigating a shallow cave in the sidewall of the canyon, first attempting to find a path to scale up to it, and failing to find one, contented himself with photographing it with the camera he pulled from his backpack.

Turning back to Crystal he was pleasantly surprised to see her stretched full length on the rock, her shirt abandoned next her, showing off a large amount of winter-white skin. He grinned, turning the viewfinder upon her. She grinned like a Cheshire cat, arching her back for the camera. A naughty idea occurred to her, and sitting up she quickly surveyed their surroundings, verifying that there was no one to be seen or heard at all, just as it had been all day. They might as well have entered another world, population them. With this assurance, she crossed her arms over chest and deftly tugged her sports bra over her head. Generous breasts bounced free, peaches and cream with rosy nipples, lightly puckered from a faint chill, despite the sunny day. Her khaki shorts were next with Mark humming his approval of the lacy red thong beneath them.

Crystal postured for him, lacy panties juxtaposed against the no-nonsense hiking boots and tightly braided pigtails. Twirling a pigtail, or with hands planted on jauntily angled hips, she stood with feet wide apart, turning and bending a moment later to show off her firm, round ass, beckoning for a squeeze. She looked at Mark who continued to murmur in appreciation, but had ceased to take pictures. “Done so soon?” she asked.

“Well,” he replied with a Cheshire cat grin, grey eyes twinkling, “I wasn’t wanting to abuse the privilege.” His tone remained light and nonchalant, but the noticeable ben bu boşluğu nasıl izle bulge growing beneath his waist band belied the intensity of his feelings.

Crystal’s smile broadened, “you should absolutely abuse the privilege.” Mark needed no other encouragement as Crystal slowly reclined at his feet, surprised at the chill of the stone, despite the warm day. She reveled in the freedom to feel the sun on her stomach, her breasts, her thighs, and felt a familiar warmth growing deep in core, of a telltale moisture gathering there. What would it feel like to fuck right here, out in the open? Beneath the endlessly blue sky without the inhibitions imposed by the rest of society?

But no, she decided, coming back to herself. They were too exposed, visible to anyone who might walk by, however unlikely that might be. Reluctantly she closed her legs, doing her best to avoid rubbing against her aroused clit, and set about putting her clothes back on.

Properly attired, she and Mark descended their little island and continued up the wash, watching as the walls grew taller and steeper keeping, an eye out for an escape route in the incredibly unlikely event of a flash flood. They easily passed through each of the scrambles marked on the map before coming to another area with an easily scalable rocky outcrop.

The main attraction of this trail had collapsed years earlier, leaving them with no true endpoint, you simply hiked up the wash until you got tired. The plan had loosely been to hike until they found a good place to rest for a snack and to read the paperbacks they had brought with them, before retracing their steps back to the car. The formation before them seemed like just such a place, one that would command an even better view of the beautiful, flowing landscape than had their previous perch.

Within a few minutes they found themselves atop the outcrop, able to survey for miles the rugged nature of the land surrounding them. Mark was all feigned innocence as he pointed out “oh look here! A little shelf we could hide behind. From up here we could get into all sorts of shenanigans without anyone being the wiser.” Crystal’s mind was made up in an instant. With one last survey up and down the wash to confirm their isolation, she shimmied out of her clothes, dropping them a few feet away, turning expectantly to Mark who was in the middle of the same process. Crystal’s sudden acquiescence came as a surprise, but not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, was he.

“So how should we do this?” asked Crystal, wearing nothing but her hiking boots, a cool breeze puckering her nipples and raising a line of goosebumps along her arms. “I don’t think kneeling on the rocks would be very comfortable.” A feeling of nervous apprehension made her talk faster, and Mark could understand the sentiment, it may have been the off season, but this was still an established and frequented hiking trail, with multiple sets of footprints of varying ages to prove it.

In a few steps, Mark had closed the distance between them, lightly trailing callused fingers up and down her arms, gently drawing her closer. He loved the thrill of wide-open spaces and the feeling of being the only person in the world, biz kimden kaçıyorduk anne izle free of any inhibitions or societal constructs. Crystal was not quite such a free spirit though, and he appreciated her stepping out her comfort zone with him. His hands drifted lower, fingers brushing between her legs while his head lowered to gently part her lips with his own, hoping with the movement to reassure her and sooth any frazzled nerves.

With his hands still on her, briefly stroking her clit, he guided them backwards to a tall stone lip on the edge of their outcrop, guiding her hands down to it so she was bent at the waist. “That should save your knees,” he said with satisfaction, admiring this addition to the striking red-rock landscape, where the flowing red sandstone complemented the gently blushing curves of the woman in front of him. Crystal smirked over her shoulder at him, watching him watch her, her inhibitions sliding away to be replaced with the pride they took from the other’s body. Him with proud Viking features and the chiseled body of a conqueror to match, and her with her hourglass figure and the long lines of a dancer.

Moving into position behind her, he palmed her with one hand, kneading it appreciatively, while the other reached around in front to first tweak a nipple, then find its way back to its former place between her legs, parting her folds and expertly caressing the sensitive area. Crystal moaned softly, arching her back and pushing backwards in to the touch. Mark loved it when she was greedy for pleasure like this, more than happy to give it to her. Within a very short time, she was wet and ready for him, squirming and panting, and he himself needed very little stimulation to come to full attention. The hand on her ass moved to his thick, hard cock as he threaded between her legs poised at her entrance, running the tip through her juices, unable to resist the urge to tease just a little.

Slowly, he eased himself inside, spreading her open even as her inner walls constricted gently to hold him. He paused halfway, withdrawing slightly before sliding back in, no deeper than before. She whimpered, attempting to push back against him in an attempt to draw more of his long, hard length within her. No such luck. His only response was to flex the tip of his hard cock against her inner walls, playing her body like the saxophone he used to play in high school. God, she loved/hated his ability to do that, he was a master of the tease. He kissed and nibbled his way along the nape of her neck and across her shoulder while his fingers kneaded and caressed her breast, tugging on the nipple until it was standing in a hard, proud, point.

Thus distracted by the added attention, she gasped in surprise when without warning he suddenly plunged his full length into her tight, slick channel. Mark drew himself out again with agonizing slowness, trembling with the effort of control while Crystal clenched around him in an attempt to hold him where he was, doing her best to torment and tease him the way he had her. While unable to keep him in place, Crystal’s cock massage was successful in another way. Mark had already been trembling with the effort of self-control, bizi ayıran çizgi izle incredibly turned on by their open, wild surroundings, and the glowing effect of natural light on Crystal’s muscled thighs and smooth skin.

Mark hissed, wavering on the edge of control with both hands coming to grasp her hips, vibrating with the effort. One more pulsing twerk from Crystal was all it took for that final thread to snap and him to begin thrusting in earnest. His fingers dug into her hips as he slammed into her, again and again, urged on by the way her back arched, giving him deeper access. She braced herself with her hands against the sandstone ledge, pushing back against him, wishing she could stroke herself, but unable to spare a hand, his thrusts were so powerful she doubted she would be able to stay upright braced with just the one.

Her moans became louder, turning to mewling cries, and finally ecstatic screams that echoed off the canyon walls around them. Marks hands tightened on her hips, groaning and straining. The cool breeze flowing down the canyon juxtaposed the warmth of the sun, further sensitizing fevered flesh, a gentle reminder of just how exposed they were. The thrusting increased in speed and intensity, sac slapping gently against her clit, until with one final shuddering jolt, he buried himself, cumming in waves and spasms, vibrating against her, the contractions of her pussy milking him of all she could. They stood there, trembling, breath ragged.

Crystal was still jerking spasmodically against him, straining for something. Mark collapsed forward, one hand coming to join hers to prop himself up. She lifted a trembling hand and began stroke herself, rubbing her clit, stroking over and around the well-lubed area while the already over-stimulated nerves began to work overtime. She worked herself harder and faster with Mark still buried to the hilt in her pussy and nearly as hard as if he hadn’t cum at all. Another hand, never mind whose, went to work on her breasts and nipples with a renewed fervor. Her cries began to escalate again as her hips bucked wildly, straining for that final release, desperate to break through that glass ceiling, until suddenly, she shattered, going to pieces in Mark’s arms.

Her body hummed as she milked the pleasure from both herself and Mark, shaking with the aftershocks of her orgasm. Who knows how long they stayed like that, their heavy breathing and pounding hearts the only sounds to be heard in the desert, apart from the breeze as it whistled through the canyon. Eventually, Mark disengaged himself with a plop, and watched with satisfaction as his cum slowly leaked out of Crystal’s slit to splatter on stone between her boots.

On shaky legs, Crystal lowered herself down to recline on the rock, out of sight of potential passers-by. Nearby, Mark was pulling his clothes back on, making no effort to hide his roving gaze, she was eye candy and he had a sweet tooth. Meanwhile, Crystal she preferred to air dry before reclaiming her panties, reveling again in the freedom of the gentle sunshine on the full length of her body and marveling such a huge portion of the population had ever agreed to relinquish this feeling by going around covered up all the time.

For the first time that day, they heard the sound of human voices not their own, echoing along the wash far ahead of their owners, and she checked again to make sure she was invisible to passerby. Satisfied that to these strangers she may as well not exist, she settled back down against the cool stone, closing her eyes. Soon, she would put her clothes back on. Soon, but not quite yet.

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