Desiring Another Man’s Wife Ch. 09

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Jen hurried from the bathroom, feeling unsteady in her high heels. It had gotten crowded. She looked for Michael but didn’t see him. Confused and needing to settle her nerves, she went to the bar and ordered a white wine. She drank it quickly, and ordered another.

“Party girl, that’s what I like,” Jen heard someone say behind her. She turned and saw it was Mark. She blushed, remembering how she had teased him a few weeks back.

“Don’t stop on my account,” Mark said, a big grin on his face. “I like a girl who knows how to have fun.”

“I was just thirsty,” Jen said, knowing how feeble her excuse sounded even as she said it. She turned back to the bar, hoping Mark would go away.

Instead, Mark offered his hand. “We’ve never been formally introduced. I’m Mark.”

Jen reluctantly swiveled to face Mark, and politely smiled. “I’m Jen,” she said, briefly grasping Mark’s offered hand.

“You and your husband – Mike, right? – you hang around with Victor and Monique a lot.”

Jen blushed again. “Sometimes we do,” she said. Did Mark know? Jen noticed that Mark watched her lips as she spoke, not her face.

“So … do you guys get together outside the club, too?”

“Well, sometimes,” Jen stammered, her discomfort magnified as Mark kept his eyes focused on her mouth. “Is it any of your business?” she asked defiantly.

Mark laughed dismissively. “Don’t get upset, I’m just making conversation.”

“I’m not getting upset,” Jen said defensively. She didn’t like this man. Jen judged him to be a rich lawyer with family money, a person used to getting whatever he wanted.

Mark smiled and moved closer so only Jen could hear. “So, are you giving us another show tonight?”

Jen looked bewildered. “Show? What do you mean?”

“Come on,” Mark said in a condescending voice. “I know your type. You like to show off your body.”

“I do not!” Jen said indignantly.

Mark looked at Jen knowingly, and she blushed, remembering again how she had exposed her legs to him a few weeks ago. He sniggered mockingly as he saw Jen’s obvious discomfort, humiliating her even more. He took a step back, and looked Jen up and down. His hungry eyes focused on her bosom. “That dress shows you off well. Nice choice.”

Jen flushed under Mark’s leering gaze. She knew she was showing off a lot in the dress. The dress barely reached her mid-thigh. To her horror, she realized her nipples were still erect and outlined through the thin stretching material. She wondered where Michael was. She wished he’d come and save her from this brute.

“Listen, you don’t need to play games with me. I know you’re swinging with Victor and Monique. My wife’s nothing much to look at.” Mark gestured over his shoulder, and Jen saw a woman sitting across the room, chatting with other girls. His wife (her name was Suzanne) was cute, but overweight.

Then Jen felt Mark’s hand on her knee. She looked back. He was so close his lips almost touched her cheek. “I hear your husband’s trying to do some business. I’m well connected. I can introduce him to the right people.” Mark edged the tips of his fingers under Jen’s dress. “Provided, of course, I get what I want.”

Jen couldn’t believe Mark’s blatant proposition. “No thank you!” Jen said coldly, putting as much indignation into her voice as she could. She pushed Mark’s hand away and slid off the stool. But as she did, her skirt hiked up exposing her stocking tops and garter straps.

Mark gasped at the sight. “Thanks babe, now I’ll have something to fantasize about when I’m fucking my wife tonight.”

Jen blushed deep red. She hadn’t meant to flash Mark, but it was clear he thought she had done it on purpose. Worst, Mark’s wife had seen what had happened, and was walking quickly towards her.

Suzanne grabbed Jen’s arm. “I saw what you did, bitch! You stay away from my husband!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re mistaken. We were just talking.” Jen tried to pull her arm away but the larger woman was too strong. She glanced around the room, hoping to spot Michael, hoping he would help her. Where was he?

“Don’t lie to me, bitch!” Suzanne hissed angrily. She was practically shouting, and people were turning to look. “I’ve heard about you! I’ve heard about the games you play! Flaunting your body, using your looks to seduce men!”

Jen saw that everyone had turned to look at her. She flushed red, feeling even more exposed in her revealing dress. “Please,” Jen pleaded in a low voice. “This is all a mistake. We were just talking.”

“A mistake?” Suzanne mocked. She, too, had noticed the crowd around them. She intended to do everything urfa escort she could to embarrass and humiliate the blonde slut. “Look at you! Your dress is practically see-through. Are you telling me you’re not trying to expose yourself? You’re a slutty exhibitionist! I saw you pull up your dress, exposing yourself to my husband!”

“No, it was an accident, I didn’t do it on purpose,” Jen pleaded, tears falling down her cheeks. Where was Michael? She needed him to save her from this!

“So you admit you exposed yourself to my husband? You slut! You look like a hooker, you should be walking the streets.” Suddenly Suzanne grabbed Jen’s long blonde hair, making Jen yelp in pain. Suzanne jerked Jen towards her so their faces almost touched. “Stay away from my husband!” Suzanne growled. “Or I swear to god, I’ll hurt you! I’ll cut off all your pretty hair, that’s what I’ll do!”

“Suzanne, let her go!” a stern voice commanded. Thank god, Jen thought, Michael had finally arrived.

But when Suzanne let go, Jen saw it wasn’t Michael. It was Victor.

Victor scowled into Suzanne’s face. “She made a pass at Mark,” Suzanne said, her arms crossed defiantly.

Victor glared at Mark, his muscular body towering over the smaller man. Mark took a step back, a wary look on his face. He was clearly intimidated by the large black man. The swagger Mark had shown just a few minutes before had vanished in the presence of the dominating Victor. “Come on honey,” he said conciliatorily. “Jen didn’t come on to me. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Suzanne scowled at her husband. “Whatever,” she finally said. She grabbed Mark’s hand and pulled him away, casting a final deadly look at Jen before disappearing into the crowd.

Jen wiped away her tears and forced herself to stop crying. Feeling embarrassed and completely humiliated, she quickly walked away in the direction opposite to Suzanne and Mark. The crowd parted to let her through, but all eyes were on her, and the room was full of gleeful murmuring and snickers. Jen tried not to listen to the cruel things people were saying as she passed. Just wanting to get away, she entered an empty parlor off the ballroom. She collapsed into a chair and started sobbing uncontrollably.

After a few minutes she heard the door open. She felt comforting hands on her shoulders. “Finally, Michael is here,” she sighed to herself in relief. But when she turned her head, it wasn’t Michael. Again, it was Victor.

Victor hugged Jen into his arms. “I know you’re upset. Don’t be. Suzanne is a fat bitch, and her husband Mark is a lazy ass-hole. They live off family money. You’re way better than them.”

“She called me a slut!” Jen cried, tears streaming down her face. “She said I looked like a prostitute!”

Victor kissed away Jen’s tears. “She’s jealous, that’s all. She hates you because you’re so beautiful and sexy.” Victor hugged Jen tighter, and he continued to kiss away the tears on her cheek.

Jen leaned into Victor. It felt good in his strong arms, pressed against his muscular chest. She felt safe and secure. Victor’s lips moved from her cheeks to her mouth. When he kissed her she didn’t stop him.


Michael watched the door to the ladies room, anxiously waiting for his wife to emerge. He couldn’t believe how hot she looked, the tight black dress exposing her wonderful legs to mid-thigh, and her shapely legs encased in sheer black stockings. He knew she was wearing a garter belt from the telltale bumps, even before fondling her in the car as they drove to the club. He hadn’t wanted to go to the club after seeing what she was wearing. He wanted to jump her right then and fuck all night. But he had already told Victor they would be going.

Michael’s heart leaped when the door opened and Jen walked out, followed a few seconds later by Monique. He moved towards her, and then paused. Something appeared wrong. Jen looked flushed, and had a confused look on her face. Monique had an odd expression on her face, too. Disappointment? He got hard imagining what might have happened in the bathroom. His curiosity got the better of him, so instead of joining Jen, he hid in the crowd, watching her.

Jen walked to the bar and ordered wine. Things became more interesting when a man approached her (Michael had heard his name was Mark). It was clear Mark was hitting on Jen. Michael was about to join his wife and save her from Mark’s advances when he felt someone press against his back.

“Hi there handsome,” said a sultry voice. Michael turned. It was Monique.

Monique balıkesir escort looked past Michael’s shoulder, at the bar. “Looks like Mark is hoping to get lucky tonight with your pretty wife,” Monique said in a playful voice.

“I need to get over there,” Michael said.

“No you don’t,” Monique said mischievously as she grabbed Michael’s shirt under his jacket. She teasingly ran her manicured nails over his back. “Let’s see what happens.”

Just then, Mark placed his hand on Jen’s knee. Monique sensed the sexual tension building in Michael’s body as they watched Mark caress Jen’s thigh, and edge his fingers under her dress.

“This really excites you, doesn’t it?” Monique whispered into Michael’s ear. “Watching as another man seduces your wife?”

They watched as Jen pushed Mark’s hand away, and then slid off the bar stool. Monique felt Michael’s breath catch in his throat as Jen’s dress rode high up her leg, exposing her stocking tops and garter belt. Monique smiled. “Very nice,” she whispered approvingly.

Suzanne grabbed Jen’s arm and started screaming at her. Alarmed, Michael took a step towards his wife, but Monique again pulled him back. “It’s okay,” she said reassuringly. “Over there, see? Victor is coming. He knows Mark and Suzanne better than you, he’ll handle it.”

Victor quickly diffused the situation, in the process humiliating Suzanne and Mark. Suzanne angrily stomped away, followed closely by Mark. Looking distraught, Jen hurried away in the opposite direction. Laughter and whispered gossip followed her as she disappeared into the east parlor, her face red with embarrassment and shame.

“Look,” Monique said, gesturing at Victor who was moving unnoticed in the opposite direction. “He’s going the back way to the east parlor.” She tugged Michael’s arm excitedly. “Come on, let’s go see.”

Monique led Michael to the hallway Victor had taken. It led away from the crowd, so they (like Victor) were unnoticed. They approached the door to the east parlor, but instead of going in, Monique pulled him into the room next door.

“Not many people know about this,” Monique explained as she pulled back curtains that covered one of the walls, uncovering a window into the east parlor. “It’s a one-way mirror. We can see them, but they can’t see us.” Monique flipped a speaker switch next to the window. “Now we can hear them, too.”

Michael gasped as he looked through the window into the parlor. Victor and Jen were locked in a passionate embrace, his mouth covering hers, his large black hands exploring her body.

Monique looked at Michael and saw the excitement in his face. She smiled, shaking her head in disbelief. “You really like this, don’t you?” She looked down and saw the tent formed in Michael’s pants. “You like watching your wife with another man.”

Monique reached down and unzipped Michael’s pants, pulling out his hard dick. He moaned as she wrapped her hand around his shaft. She glanced back at the window. Victor had pulled Jen’s skirt up around her waist, completely revealing the young blonde’s long stocking-clad legs. “Jen’s legs are soooo nice,” Monique cooed admiringly, and Michael nodded in agreement. Michael watched breathlessly as Victor snaked his hand into his wife’s panties, the filmy material straining against the black man’s large hand.

“Ohhh godddd,” Jen moaned as Victor fingered her.

“Get on your knees!” Victor commanded. “Suck my cock!”

Monique watched Michael as Jen got on her knees and pulled Victor’s cock out of his pants. She smiled when she saw the amazed expression on Michael’s face. “He’s really big, isn’t he?” she said, her eyes not leaving Michael’s face.

Michael glanced at her, and as he did Monique squeezed his penis, causing him to look down. Monique cupped his penis, almost all of it fitting within her small hand. Then Monique looked back through the window, Michael following her gaze. Even with both her hands, Jen struggled to hold Victor’s long, thick shaft. The size difference was startling. Michael looked back at Monique, and he found her looking at him, an amused expression on her face. Michael’s cheeks flushed red in embarrassment.

They heard a gagging sound and turned back to the window. They saw Jen with her mouth wide, trying to swallow Victor’s bulbous cockhead. She managed to swallow his cockhead and part of his shaft, but most of his shaft remained outside her mouth. He was too thick to swallow down her throat, and she gagged whenever Victor tried to stuff more in. Saliva flowed down her chin and covered her hands, the diamond of trabzon escort her engagement ring glistening from the slick moisture.

Michael panted excitedly, his eyes glued on his wife as she sucked Victor. Monique was wet watching Michael watch Jen and Victor. “You like watching Jen suck Victor, don’t you?” she said breathlessly.

“God yeah,” Michael grunted.

Victor pulled Jen to her feet. His heavy cock swung crudely back and forth as he moved Jen across the room until she faced a billiards table. He bent her at the waist so her tits pressed against the table’s velvet surface, and then pulled her skirt up passed her ass. With his foot, he pushed Jen’s legs apart, her high heels sliding across the waxed hardwood floors.

Jen gripped the sides of the table, bracing herself, as she felt Victor pull her panties to the side and position his cockhead at the lips of her pussy. “Ughhhh godddd!” she gasped as Victor penetrated her. “Oh god, oh god!” Jen wailed as Victor impaled her on more of his thick shaft.

Victor wrapped his black fingers in Jen’s blonde hair and pulled her head back so they were cheek to cheek. “You love my cock, don’t you bitch!” Victor hissed. “You want more of my big black cock, don’t you?”

“Oh god, yes!” Jen begged. She reached back and grabbed Victor’s pants, pulling him towards her. “Give it all to me!”

Michael and Monique watched as, inch-by-inch, Victor’s cock disappeared into Jen’s pussy. Finally he was completely inside, and then he began to pound her. Jen gripped the sides of the table as Victor savagely fucked her, her pretty face pressed against the velvet surface of the pool table.

It’s funny what you notice at times like this. Michael focused on his wife’s slim legs. Bent at the waist, her garter snaps dug into her tight ass. With each of Victor’s thrusts, she was lifted out of her heels. Then, after a particularly savage thrust, Jen’s high heels fell off her feet, and without interrupting their fucking rhythm, Victor kicked the shoes away. Jen had to stand on her tippy-toes as Victor continued his pounding, and Michael marveled at the beauty of his wife’s long legs as her thigh and calf muscles tensed with each of Victor’s thrusts into her pussy.

“Oh god, I’m cumming!” Jen cried.

“Not yet!” Victor growled. He pulled out and twisted Jen around so she faced him, pulling her legs around his waist. They both moaned as he shoved the full length of his cock back into her with a single lunge.

They started fucking again, but while just as desperate, their movements weren’t as frantic. Victor cradled Jen’s head in his hands, his lips covering hers, his tongue playing with hers. Jen’s legs were tightly wrapped around Victor’s waist, and her hands caressed Victor’s shoulders and neck. Michael realized with a start that they were no longer fucking, but making love.

In just a few more moments, both Victor and Jen tensed, and then they came together, their backs arching, each panting and moaning into the other’s mouth. After cumming they didn’t pull apart, but instead remained wrapped in each other’s arms. Finally Victor pulled out, and from his vantage point Michael could see Victor’s thick milky seed gush out of his wife.

“Oh my god,” Jen giggled as she stood, feeling Victor’s sperm run down her leg. Within moments her stocking tops were soaked. “I can’t go out there,” she said, concern in her voice. She pulled her skirt down, but her stockings were laddered at the knees from kneeling on the floor, and Victor’s sperm was running further down her legs.

Victor chuckled. “Don’t worry. Come on, we’ll go out the back way.”

“Wait, I have to find Michael.”

Victor waved his hand dismissively. “Don’t worry about him. I’m sure he’s having fun with Monique.” Victor saw the look of disbelief in Jen’s face and laughed. “You don’t think this is the only empty room, do you? I’m sure your husband has been completely occupied with Monique. I didn’t see him in the crowd, did you?”

Jen looked troubled. “No, but … I should call him, tell him where we’re going.”

Victor looked annoyed. “Whatever. Tell him we’re going to the Zebra Club. But do me a favor. Take off your wedding and engagement rings.”


“It aggravates me, to see you wearing those rings when you’re with me. When you’re with me, you’re with me. You’re not with him.”

“But … he’s my husband.”

Victor scoffed impatiently. “Where was he when Suzanne lashed out at you? Did he come to your side, defend you? No, I did. Where’s he now? He’s not with you, he’s with Monique. Listen, it’s all about respect. After what I’ve done for you — after the pleasure I’ve given you – I’m asking for some respect.”

Jen looked uncertain. Then, hesitantly, she pulled off her wedding and engagement rings, and put them into her purse.

Victor smiled. “Good,” he said approvingly. He took her hand – her ringless left hand – and led her from the room.

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