Detention with Vernon

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I sat there watching him move. Not hearing a word he was saying. “I hate government!!” The only plus was I got to sit there and imagine fucking him. He looked so pathetic. Like he hadn’t had a real women to show him what fucking was all about. I sighed. Knowing nothing could ever come of my daydreams. I laid my head down on the desk. Ready for another nap.

I woke up to the bell ringing for the next period. I quickly grabbed my books and headed out of class. “Shawn, I want to see you after school today.” Oh just great!! Another meeting with Vernon Tenny!! I called him Vernon witch really pisses him off. It makes my pussy hot just watching his otherwise unreadable face light up with anger. Any reaction I get from him makes me hot and wet.” fine Vernon, I’ll be here” I smiled as I left. Knowing I would be getting a double lecture for that remark.

I looked out the window on the bus ride home that night. Watching the trees go by. Thinking about school and college next year. “DAMNIT!! I forgot the meeting with Vernon. He’s going to bight my head off tomorrow for sure!!!”

I cam to school the next day. Second period government. I walked into class. He came right up to my desk and laid the detention slip on it. I read. “Shawn is to serve detention in Mr. Vernon Tenny’s room after school today. 3 to 4:30. “Damn!!” I said to myself.

I finished the in class work with about 25 minutes left of class. I was bored and daydreaming about being fucked by Vernon right there on his desk. Or, maybe across a desk……. I started to doodle on some paper. Writing things like ” I want to fuck Tenny or God I want him. I even drew a picture of me laying across his desk with him fucking away at my pussy. I was hot just from thinking about it and was thinking about taking a trip to the bathroom when I noticed there was only about 30 seconds left of class. I quickly wrote my name on top of my homework and handed it up with the rest of class. The bell rang and everyone got up to go to there next class.

It was 6th period and I was thinking about Vernon again. wanting him badly. I opened my notebook up to the page I was doodling on earlier and got a surprise! The page was missing. And in its place was my homework!! Oh shit!! I wrote my name on that page and handed it in. Escort bayan I quickly excused myself from the class and ran down the hall to his room. I peeked into the room and saw that he was gone. Probably on his lunch break I thought. I tried the door. It was actually unlocked!! I slipped in and quietly closed the door behind me. I searched through his piles of work and found the stack of homework papers. My face turned pale as I realized the papers were already graded. I ran out of there as fast as I could back to my class.

I slowly made my way to his class after school. Knowing I was in deep shit. I walked in and couldn’t meet his eyes. I just sat down at my desk. I laid my head down on the desk and listened to him fiddle with the papers on his desk. I heard him walk towards my desk and he laid a paper on my head. I sat up enough in my chair to grab the paper and then I buried my face in it. I read.

“Shawn, I know you are a young woman now, I know that you think you know all about sex but it is dangerous to have lewd thoughts. Please understand that sexual thoughts about a MAN is a bad idea. MEN are different from boys. You should think about someone your own age who doesn’t have as much experience under his belt as an adult.” I was furious. He could have said nothing that would have pissed me off more!! Who did this pantywaist think he was? Him, know more about sex than me?? Not likely. I stood up so fast my seat fell over. I looked around the room and noticed the door was shut. I walked over to it and shut the door. I turned around and looked straight at him. I reached behind me and undid the clasp holding my hair. I walked over to him and pushed him down in his chair. Its one of those swivel chairs. The one with the cushion on it.

He was scared. I liked it. It felt good to have that much power over someone. I wanted more. I climbed on top of him with my mini skirt hiked above my waiste. I started humping back and forth along the length of him. I looked him in the eyes. He was looking for somewhere to run I could tell. “You can’t run Vernon. I won’t let you. I’ll cry rape and you’ll be kicked out of school. I want to show you what this immature little girl know about sex. I want to ride your cock.”

I smiled as I saw his face turned pale. Bayan escort I thought it ironic that this 28 year old man had never had a women tell him that before. And I only 18. 🙂 I reached down and took my shirt off. Then my bra. I cupped my own breasts in my hands. Massaging them pinching and pulling on my nipples. All the while still humping back and forth across his now evident hard on. I looked him in the eyes as I did this. I loved the scared little boy look I saw there. My pussy was drenched. I got up off his lap and I saw a relieved look on his face witch quickly turned back to panic as I undid my mini skirt and brought both my skirt and undies of in one motion. I grabbed my black lace panties off the floor and stuck them in his face. He looked disgusted at first.

I told him to breath deeply. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “That’s me, Vernon. You like the way my pussy smells? You better because your going to be eating it pretty soon. Feel how wet the crotch is? That’s for you.” I sat up on his desk. Leaned back on my elbos. “Come over here. Get down on your knees and lick my pussy.” He came over to me and timidly licked my pussy lips. I could tell he had never done this before. I spread my lips apart with one hand. “Now I guess the rolls are reversed Tenny. I get to teach now. This is my clit. And this,” I slowly dipped a finger into my wet fuck hole, “is my cunt. Do you need any more instructions?” He shook his head no. “good now eat my pussy”. He did as he was told and soon I felt an orgasm coming. I didn’t want him to think he could get me off so I made him stop.

“Sit down in your chair Vernon” He did. I walked over to him and unzipped his pants. I rubbed his hard cock through his jeans and watched his eyes. I could tell he was really liking it. He quickly averted his eyes. “Well, well, Old Vern gets embarrassed too” I said. His face turned red. I reached into his pants and brought out his 6 1/2 inch cock. I quickly reached under him and slid his pants off to his ankles. Then I took his shoes off. Leaving his sox on. I then took his pants the rest of the way off. “Take your shirt off” He did. I stood back and looked at my handy work. His tool standing straight and proud. Laying against his surprisingly flat stomach. He tried to cover Escort himself up. “NO! Don’t even try it. You get to look at me” I said as I stretched my arms out wide. “Do you like what you see Vernon?”


“What? I couldn’t hear ya Vern. You have to speak up.”


“Good.” I sat back on his desk. Opening my legs. He just stared at my shaved pussy. “Fuck yourself Vern. Watch me play with my pussy and play with your cock.” I don’t think he knew quite what to do. “Ver., I’m getting impatient with you. I slid off the desk and over to him. I grabbed his hand. Placing it on his cock. Slowly running it up and down. “like that. See, you can do it” His face turned even redder as I made fun of him. I went back over to his desk and got into position again. I started rubbing my clit and then dipping a finger into my pussy. I slowly rubbed his cock up and down. I could see it getting even harder. “Stop” I said. He did.

I got up from the desk and slowly walked towards him. I spoke to him as I slowly made my way to his chair. “I’m going to fuck you Vernon. I am going to show you what you have been missing. This teen pussy is going to show you what you’ve never had.” I Climbed on top of him. Reached under And guided his cock to my pussy. I rubbed it along my slit coating it in our juices. “I want to here you say it. I want you to ask me. No, to beg my to let you fuck me Vern. Beg me. Beg this little girl. This immature little girl to fuck your brains out. Tell me what you want.” ” I…. I.. ” You have to do better than that” I grabbed his hands. Placing them on either ass cheek. He immediately started squeezing them and it was all I could do to keep from moaning my pleasure. My cunt juices were dripping down my leg I was so hot. “Tell me Vernon. NOW!!”

“I… I want you to… to…. fuck me”

“What Vern? I can’t here you”

“Fuck me Shawn! Please! Show me what I don’t know! Fuck my brains out!!” I slowly sunk onto his cock. I watched his eyes roll back into his head. I started fucking him hard and fast. Up and down. He moaned my name over and over agien.
“I’m gonna come, Shawn. Oh god!!”

I pulled him out and quickly climbed off of him. I started sucking his beautiful cock. I exploded his load into my mouth and I swallowed every bit. I climbed back up to his face. Kissing him deeply. Letting him taste the mixture of cum. I nibbled on his lip a little and then stood up, put my clothes back on, and left him there just like he was.

Stay tooned. 🙂

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