Diane , John Ch. 04

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Big Tits

This is the fourth in a series of “Diane and John” stories. They are about a young girl’s introduction to love and sexuality by an older man. “Part 1 – Diane” is her version of the story. “Part 2 – John” is the same story from his perspective. Diane and John hope you enjoy both versions.


Part 1 – Diane

We had started the day with a drive to Bodega Bay in the little red sports car. I had never ridden in a car without a top, and it was fun. My mind wasn’t totally on the drive, though. I’d had my first experience with sex, and I wanted more, more, more. From time to time, John reached over to give my pussy a little caress. I found myself thinking about making love and ignoring the scenery.

We checked into our motel shortly after noon, and I was thoroughly kissed as soon as we got into the room. I’d found out about kissing recently, and I wasn’t able to go very long without it. John and I shared a long, loving shower, and I gave him a nice hardon with my soapy hand. I loved doing that.

I wanted John to take me to bed right then, but he said there would be plenty of time for that later. He was hungry, and wanted to go to lunch. I’m a big eater, so I didn’t argue. Besides, he promised to take care of me … thoroughly later. That make me giggle, but I looked forward to it.

We had lunch at a nice restautant where we could watch seals playing in the bay. We held hands, and I was very much in love.

We drove to the beach and had it almost to ourselves. Since it was Sunday afternoon, the weekenders were mostly gone. We walked along the shoreline holding hands, and the few people there probably thought we were father and daughter.

I may be about the right age, but my feelings for John certainly aren’t those of a daughter for a father. There are millions of his sperm swimming around inside me, too, and I’m sure that isn’t something daughters usually have. It’s a lovely feeling to be around strangers and share that secret with my lover. It’s a little hard to get used to the fact that I’m what Mom’s magazines call “sexually active.” Well, I’ve been sexualy active once, anyway. I got my cher…. I’m not a virgin anymore. Not after last night.

John was carrying his camera, and a nice fisherman we met took a picture of us with our arms around each other. I tried my best to look at John as a daughter would, but I don’t think I succeeded. I’m sure if anyone had given us more than a casual glance, they would have known we were lovers.

We climbed around the rocks on the breakwater until we found a secluded spot, out of sight of anyone. John wanted to take pictures of me. Just for fun I pulled my tee shirt up over my braless breasts as he was taking a picture. One thing led to another, and I found myself wearing less and less as more pictures were taken. I was standing on top of a big rock, wearing nothing but RayBans and sneakers when there was a loud whistle behind me. I turned around to see that three fishermen in a little boat had come around the point and were only about twenty yards away. I yelped and jumped down to hide behing the rock, and I could feel myself blush from the ends of my short blonde hair to the tips of my toenails.

After getting my clothes back on and lots of holding and reassurance from John, I finally recovered from my embarrassment. A nice, deep, passionate, body rubbing kiss did wonders for getting me back to normal. In fact, it got me into the mood for being taken back to the motel and fu … made love to. It was just last night that we made love, but I want it again already. I wonder how often people … do it. Is there something wrong with me? If there is, it sure feels good.

About an hour after the episode of those fishermen seeing me nude, I was getting ready to go naked in public again. Well, not quite, but my new swimsuit sure didn’t cover much. It was the first time I’d had worn the little yellow bikini since I’d tried it on at the store. It wasn’t one of those thong bikinis, but it was sure a lot smaller than the one piece black suits the nuns at school had grudgingly let us wear at the pool. There was no way I would ever wear something like that out in public without John close by, and even then I wore the robe over it on the way from the motel room to the pool.

The day had turned warm and sunny, and the pool was protected from the ocean breeze. Perfect conditions for working on a tan. There were a few older people around the pool, and I could see some middle aged male eyes on me when I took the robe off. I had thought I would be bashful about appearing in front of strangers in that bikini, but I wasn’t. Well, not too much. I decided it was because John was there with me. With my Ray Bans, nobody could tell where I was looking, and it was fun to watch the men watching me. One fat lady glared at her husband when she saw him staring at me. John said I looked positively edible in my bikini, and that made me feel good Escort Kız but gave me the giggles.

John said, “I like the way a giggle makes your tits wiggle.” That made me giggle (and wiggle) just that much more.

I had been keeping a journal of all the things that happened to me by dictating into a little microcasette recorder John had bought me. I wanted to keep it up to date, but I hadn’t said anything to the recorder for two days. It seems like I’ve had a lifetime of experiences since I started my journal just a few days ago. Can it only be two days since I sat on the patio at school, wearing that stupid uniform, and talking to my recorder about my first two days and nights with John? I was a virgin then, and I hadn’t even taken his big, warm penis in my mouth. Huh, I’d never even seen a penis, and I sure didn’t know what semen tasted like. I still had the ponytail I grew up with. My cherry, too.

So much happened on Friday and yesterday, expecially yesterday. I think that was one of those days that are never forgotten. I wouldn’t be surprised if today is another one. Tomorrow, too, and the day after. This is my once in a lifetime chance to experience a real, live fairy tale, and I’m going to love and remember every minute.

I asked John if he thought it would be okay to use my tape recorder there by the pool. He said that would be fine, except that I had to keep my voice down so that the other people around the pool wouldn’t get the news about what we had been doing. He gave me the little card for the door to our room, and I trotted to the room and came back with the recorder.

I spent about an hour (and three tapes) making a narrative of what had been done to me, for me, by me, and with me since my last conversation with the recorder. What I’m writing at this moment is from one of those tapes. I kept the recorder close to my mouth and my voice very low so that even John couldn’t hear what I was saying. Those thoughts were very private, and I didn’t even want John to know everything I was thinking. All those things happened in the last 48 hours! Definitely the most eventful and momentous two days in my life. There would sure be some heart attacks if certain people ever listened to these tapes!

I noticed John looking at me and I asked what he was doing.

He pulled his chair over until it touched mine and quietly said, “I’m admiring you, Sweetie. You are absolutely beautiful, and looking at you makes me feel good. You have a gorgeous face, and that new hair style is perfect for you. You also have the most perfect legs I’ve ever seen on a woman. You’re still a little slim in the hips because you’re so young, but your body is just about perfection. Did they take your measurements at the dress shop when they fitted you for your new clothes?”

I was blushing with delight at the compliments, but I answered, “Yes, Darling, but they’re not very impressive. I’m 30-18-28, with an A+ bra size. We cheated a little, and my new bras are B cup. I hope I grow into them. Oh, I’m four feet ten and weigh 84 pounds.”

“Diane,” John said, “those measurements actually are impressive. It’s the difference between your tiny waist and your bust and hips that counts, and anything over ten inches is spectacular. You’re just in miniature; tiny and flawless. You’re a lot different than the skinny nine year old who used to call me ‘Uncle John.'”

I giggled and said, “I was in love you even when I was nine, you know. In fact, I was eight when I decided I was in love with you. I can’t even remember not loving you, John.”

“I guess you know now that you were much, much too naive to really be in love when you were nine,” he said. “Some people would say you’re still too young.”

I said, “Oh Lover, I didn’t know enough about it four days ago to really be in love with you. I thought I was, but now I know that it was just a crush of a girl for an older man. That all started to change, though, the first time you kissed me. Gosh, was that only last Wednesday? That was my first real kiss, you know. You’ve taught me a lot and I’ve learned so much about myself in the last few days. Now I know about love from an adult point of view. I know what it is, and that’s changed everything. Now I really do love you as a woman loves a man, and I seem to love you more every minute we’re together. Any don’t you even think about me being too young for anything.”

“You have a lot still to learn, Honey,” John said. “You’re on the right track, though, and your hormones are definitely in the right place. I’m very lucky to be the one who watches, helps, and shares as you grow and learn. That fat woman over there with the sunburned husband is staring daggers at you. I think she resents a female who is young and beautiful and can wear a bikini like yours.”

“I don’t think she likes me,” I giggled. “Her husband has been staring at me ever since we came out to the pool. It’s fun wearing my Ray Bans so I watch men look at me. I never noticed it before. Do you think it’s because they can tell I’m not a virgin anymore?”

John laughed and said, “No, Sweetie, I think it’s probably that bikini you’re wearing. It doesn’t leave much to the imagination, you know. You have a lot of flawless hide exposed. I don’t blame men for staring at you. Hell, I do it myself. I know what’s under those few scraps of yellow cloth, though, and that makes it even better for me. I look at that tiny bra and think of breasts with silky skin and pink, puffy nipples. I think about what’s under the bikini bottom, too. Firm, smooth butt, hairless little mound, and that part of you that can’t be seen.”

I giggled, “Do you mean my pussy, Lover?”

John smiled and said, “Yeah, that tiny little pussy I love to kiss and the big, sensitive clitoris that responds so nicely to my lips and tongue. Did you know your vagina squeezes my cock when you come, Honey?”

I could feel myself blushing as I said, “You mentioned that when we were … doing it. I was sort of busy, though, so I didn’t ask you about it. I didn’t know I was doing it. What was it like?”

He said, “Not just a squeeze, Honey. It was squeeze-relax-squeeze-relax, like your pussy was sucking and milking my cock. It was incredible, and I’ve never felt anything like it. You have a very talented pussy, Sweetie.”

I was still blushing, but with pleasure, and I said, “I’m glad you like it, John. It’s all for you. It must be just the right size for your penis, because he made it big enough to fit. I wasn’t nearly that big before he arrived. He’s just a little too big for me, and that’s perfect. That means I get filled completely and then stretched to make room for more. I love that feeling of being full and stretched. Lover, do other couples talk like this in public places.”

John laughed and said, “I don’t know about other couples, but it seems natural for us. Let’s just keep our voices down. I have to turn over on my stomach now, Honey. Talking like this has given me a hardon, and I have to hide it before I get arrested. You go ahead and finish your tapes, and I’ll just lay here and look at you.”

I blushed, but I loved hearing that John thought I was attractive. He had told me before, but it was something I never got tired of hearing. I was still insecure about being attractive to such a mature, sophisticated, handsome man, and I needed all the reassurance I could get. Besides, what woman doesn’t love to be told she’s beautiful?

I went back to my recorder and told it, in great detail, about the wonderful things that had happened the night before when I’d lost my virginity.

Along with the new feelings and experiences I’d had in the past several days, I had also been introduced to quite a few new words. I asked John what a word meant when I didn’t know, and he was very patient about answering my questions. He liked teaching me things. As I talked to my little recorder, I occasionally asked John how to spell a word so I would know when I went to type it into my computer. I spelled those words out on the tape, and John seemed to get a kick out of the things I wasn’t sure how to spell (cervix, Grand Marnier, testicle, champagne, fallopian, uterus, etc.).

He laughed and said, “Honey, it sounds like you’ve been doing nothing but drinking and studying genital anatomy the last few days.”

I giggled and asked him how to spell ‘genital.’ What it meant, too.

By the time I had brought my taped diary up to date, my shoulders were starting to feel hot from the sun, like I was getting a little sunburn. Also, telling the recorder about what had happened the night before made me want more of it. The conversation John and I had about my pussy just added to the feeling.

I had heard people use the word ‘horny’ before, but I had really never appreciated its meaning until then. I could even feel my pussy moistening, and I didn’t have to be told what that meant. Is it really possible that I was a virgin less than …….. um …. sixteen hours ago? I sure seem to be getting into this sex thing in a hurry. Well, why not? It’s not only the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, I can’t even remember what’s second best. Well, love is right up there, too. Love and sex are really the same thing, though, and I can’t imagine having one without the other. That combination is my favorite thing.

I turned off the recorder and asked John for the door card so I could go to our room for a couple of minutes. He gave my bottom a little pat as I was putting on my robe. There’s no way I would walk around in this bikini without a robe over it.

When I got to the room, I gave my pussy a good washing. For what I had in mind, I needed to be nice and fresh down there. I dried myself thoroughly and got back into my bikini bottom and robe.

I wore very little makeup, but I freshened it. I didn’t bother with the blusher. I’ve been blushing so much today I really don’t need this stuff.

When I got back to the pool, the wind had gotten stronger and dark clouds were moving in from the ocean. My shoulders were warm from the sun, but the rest of me was getting a little cold and I was ready to go inside. Actually, being chilly on the outside had nothing to do with wanting to go inside.

I leaned over close to John and said, “Lover, would you do something for me?”

“I’d do just about anything for you, Baby, and you know it,” John whispered. “What would you like me to do?”

“Well, first of all, I haven’t been kissed in over an hour, and you’re going to have to take care of that very soon.”

John laughed and said, “I promise we’ll get you kissed the very first second we’re alone. Is that all you wanted?”

I was suddenly embarrassed, and I stammered, “Well, there’s one other thing. … um … would you please take me inside and … kiss my … uh … kiss my pussy? I’d really like that. I just washed her, so she’s nice and fresh.” I could feel myself blush from head to toe.

John seemed to ponder his answer for a moment, then he said, “I suppose I could do that, but only if I can kiss your lips, suck your nipples, and lick your thighs first. Oh, and do you want the long, drawn-out, teasing kind of pussy kissing, or would you prefer the kind that gets you there in a hurry?”

I giggled and stood up, and as I was putting on my robe I quietly said, “Yes, definitely, to all those first parts, Lover, and I’ll take either one of the options. How about both?”

I added, “Can we go right now, please? I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I’m getting wet …. down there …. again. I’m already getting a damp spot on my bikini, and I don’t think I can wait much longer.”

John laughed and stood up. As we gathered up our things, I made sure I had my recorder and those tapes I had made. Wouldn’t it be a disaster if someone got ahold of those!

As soon as the door was locked I slid myself into John’s arms and we kissed very passionately. It was one of those kisses that made me feel like I was floating about an inch above the floor and that my pussy was positively gushing.

While we kissed John slid my robe off and unhooked my bikini bra. I got it off without breaking our kiss, and I loved the feel of my bare nipples against his chest. Well, they were really more against his stomach since I was so much shorter. Our kiss caused a nice bulge in John’s swimsuit, and I rubbed myself against him for encouragement.

John had me lie on the couch and he kneeled alongside and kissed me deeply. I put a hand behind his head to pull his mouth hard against mine while I slid my tongue between his lips. Still kissing, he reached down and slid the bikini down over my bottom to my knees, and I hooked it with a toe and pulled it off completely. I was already breathing deeply and moaning from want, pleasure, and anticipation. Thinking about those things while talking to the little tape recorder had really gotten me excited, and John’s kisses had started me tingling.

He kissed my throat and down to my breasts, and soon he had one of my nipples gently sucked between his lips while he circled it with his tongue. The nipple he was sucking swelled and hardened, and the other one did the same without even being touched. I looked down, and they were like little red berries standing out on my pale breasts.

John kissed his way downwards, stopping to put the tip of his tongue into my belly button. That caused a tickly but nice feeling that made me giggle. Then he brushed his lips down my flat tummy and nuzzled his nose and mouth through what would have been pubic hair if I’d had any. That lovely tingle I was feeling grew stronger as his warm lips kissed towards my pussy.

I parted my legs in anticipation, and he put his hands under me and moved my bottom to the edge of the couch and moved the chair over for me to put one foot on. There I was, wide open, knees wide, and ready. The only thing I was wearing was a little makeup and some clear nail polish. Oh, and White Shoulders. I hope my pussy hasn’t gotten too wet.

John was kissing and licking the inner part of my thighs. He looked up at me and said, “Diane, the skin of your inner thighs is the smoothest and softest anywhere on your body. There and the skin on your breasts just below the nipples.” I guess he would know, he’s kissed almost every inch of me. I’m sure glad he likes kissing my skin. I love it.”

He kissed the very top of my cleft and whispered said, “I think I’ll tease you until you beg me to let you come. Does that sound okay?”

“That sounds wonderful, Darling.” I whispered and pulled his hair to get his mouth where I wanted it. “Please start right … there.”

He spread my inner lips with the tip of his warm, wet tongue, then I felt it slide right up into my vagina. Mmm That wonderful tongue of his explored inside me until it felt as if I was flowing like a river. I whispered that I hoped I wasn’t getting too wet, but John’s mouth was too busy for him to answer, so it was apparently okay.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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