Diane “My Story” Ch. 01

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My names Diane, I’m a 46 year old divorcee. I have been divorced for 18 months now, I met my new guy about 8 months ago, and I have decided to keep him anonymous so that anyone reading this story can imagine them for themselves. I’m 5 foot 4 inches tall, I have shoulder length straight black hair with some red tinges in it, my breasts are a 36C and I am quite trim for my age, I do have a little middle age spread but it is only a little. I like to keep my pussy shaved except for a small landing strip of well trimmed pubic hair.

Up until I got divorced I had led quite a conservative life regarding sex. I had met my then to be husband in my high school years when we were both 15 years old; we dated for 10 years then married. We didn’t have any kids as I couldn’t have them. We were married for 19 years when I found out he had been meeting men for sex in public toilets and off the internet. I was disgusted that he was having sex with men and not just men, strangers; I felt dirty and betrayed and instantly threw him out of the house.

I met my new guy from off the internet, we met in a chat room and after several month of chatting we decided to meet up in a public place to see how we got on. We had already swapped e mail addresses and mobile phone numbers and we had sent pictures of ourselves to each other. We hit it off instantly and after about 10 more meetings we finally had sex together.

The one thing that really made him stand out to me was that before we had sex and even during sex he would make me feel special, he would ask me what things I would like him to do to me and he would also ask me what things I would like to do to him, he made me feel that I was a big part in this sexual relationship and that I could have a say without feeling embarrassed about it. He also made it quite clear that nothing sexual would be done without us both discussing it first and then if we tried it and one or both didn’t like it we would never have to do it again. It was all about trust and honesty to him as he believed that without being open and trusting each other that the sex would just be a case of one person feeling humiliated or worse, it had to be a two way thing.


Here I was laying on My Kitchen Island my legs wide open and high in the air, his face buried deep in my pussy, his tongue running up and down my soft sensitive inner. I could feel every movement as he licked, sucked and fucked my pussy with his long fabulous tongue.

My hands gripped the edges of the island as I could feel my orgasm building up inside me, I released one of my hands and pinched my Karaköy escort nipple just as I had pinched it I felt my orgasm explode as I raised my hips and thrust my pussy hard on to his face I shut my eyes and let out a guttural moan….. OHHHHH FUCKKKKK …… FUCK AHHHHH YEAHHH YEAHHHHH.

My body collapsed on top of the island, my legs and body now a limp mass of sheer blissfulness, he slowly licked and kissed up all my juices then slowly lifted his head and laid his chin on top of my pelvis.

Hmmmm, you taste really good, I love the taste of your sweet smelling pussy I could lick it all day, he said.

I lay there trying to catch my breath and to gather my senses; I looked in to his deep blue eyes and smiled at him.

He stood up and started to run the head of his 7 inch, thick cock up and down my already ultra sensitive pussy sending little shockwaves all over my body, the anticipation of him pushing that lovely cock of his was unbearable.

Mmmmmm put that big thick cock of yours in my wet pussy, I said.

You want it now? He said.

Yes now, I want it, I need it, fuck me with it now and stop teasing me, I said.

He chuckled a little to himself, are you sure you want it. He said. And he pushed just the tip of his cock in to my soaking wet pussy.

I tried to push myself on to his hot cock as I said, YES I WANT YOUR BIG FUCKING COCK IN ME NOW, I half shouted half begged.

He lifted my legs and put them around his waist as he started to push his length in to me, slowly inch by inch he edged deeper in to me, my legs gripped his body and pulled him deeper in to me, I could feel every inch and bump and vein of his rock hard hot cock entering deeper in to me, I longed for the long slow then hard strokes of his magnificent cock.

He started to push his cock in and out of me slowly with long purpose filled strokes, his cock would almost exit me, then he would slowly push it all the way in, until I could feel his big heavy balls touch my arse cheeks.

For several minutes he purposely slowly thrust his thick cock deep into my pussy, my hands were now playing with my tits, kneading them and rolling my nipples in between my fingers. The muscles in my pussy were gripping on to this cock for grim death as I ached for all the feelings this masterful cock was driving in to and throughout my body. He then pulled his cock all the way out of me and then slipped it all the way back in again, this was sending me wild, he would pull it out run it up and down my sensitive slit until it came in to contact with my swollen clit and then he would slide it down Kayaşehir escort bayan again and push it in to my hole.

I started to really moan louder, I was biting my lip and grinding my teeth as I could feel another orgasm building with in me.

He pushed his cock in to me and said; tell me how much you like my big cock.

Oh yeah, I love your big cock. I said

Can you feel every inch of it fucking your tight hot wet pussy, he said.

Fuck yeah I can feel every inch of it, pushing all the way in and out of me. I said.

Tell me what you want me to do to you. He said

I want you to fuck me with that big cock. I said.

You want this big cock to fuck your wet pussy? He said.

Yes, I want that big fucking hot cock of yours to fuck my aching wet pussy, I replied.

He then told me to climb down from off the counter and bend over it.

I slipped off the counter and turned myself around and rested my hands on the top of the Island and bent myself over showing him my wet ready pussy.

He slipped behind me and put his hands on my hips then I felt him take his cock and slide it up and down the outside of my pussy, then he took his cock and slipped the head of it in to me, I instinctively pushed back on to it and he pushed it all the way in to me forceably and hard.

I let out a load moan and looked back at him …..OH BABYYYY, YEAH FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG HOT COCK, DRIVE IT DEEP IN TO MY HOT WET PUSSY.

He really started to fuck me fast and hard as he drove his cock deeper and deeper in to me, I could feel it brushing against my G spot, his balls were banging against my flaps and my clit. His thrusts were becoming more purposeful and faster and harder and I could feel his cock starting to swell within me, my own orgasm was building within me and I knew it would not be long before we both came.

His breathing was heavy and erratic and he was saying things to me like, I fucking love your pussy, I love the way it grips my cock begging to milk it of it’s hot cum, pulling my cock deeper in to you.

Hearing him say these things sent me over the top and my orgasm exploded and soaked his cock with my juices, I could imagine my juices running over his cock and down through my pussy soaking his balls and legs as it gushed out of me.

He was close to Cumming now and I really wanted his cum.

He pulled his cock out of my pussy at the last second and I felt his hot cum explode all over the outside of my pussy and arse, I could feel the hot cum running over my arse hole.

We stood like that for several seconds, Escort Küçükçekmece both of us trying to catch our breaths and composure. It was then I felt his fingers running up and down my pussy making me giggle like a silly school girl then I felt his thumb running over my cum soaked bum hole.

The intensity of the sensitivity and sexual heat was electrifying, I had never had anal sex before but at this moment in time I couldn’t care less what this hot fucking guy did to me. I pushed back against his hand and wriggled seductively so I could feel his hand better on me.

Slowly his fingers stroked the folds of my wet pussy as his thumb continued to play with my virgin bum hole, my body was drained and my mind felt as if fireworks were going off inside, I felt steady pressure on my bum hole as his thumb started to slowly push into me. It took him a little while to get his thumb into me, but I guess due to my relaxed condition it made it a little easier for him added to the fact he was using his own cum as a lubricant.

It felt strange to me that someone was invaded my sacred virginal hole and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was willing to allow this to happen, and I always knew that if I didn’t like what I felt I could say so and it would never happen again.

As his thumb entered my tight bum hole the pressure felt strange and alien to me, he left it in there for a while and slipped two of his fingers in to my pussy, he started to finger fuck my pussy curling the tips of his long fingers to my G spot sending moans of pleasure out of me, my pussy had become dry and tight and this new attention was driving me wild. Without me even knowing it he had started to slowly fuck my bum at the same time and it was that attention to detail that really sent my senses in to overdrive.

Once again this incredible guy had me wriggling and writhing under his outstanding attention to detail when it came down to pleasing my body and mind, his fingers and his thumb fucking both of my holes was truly amazing, I had never felt so naughty but at the same time entirely satisfied and happy with this new introduction to anal foreplay. My moans were steady and audible my body was pushing hard on to his hand to allow him more pressure and access to me, just as my orgasm started to build I felt a different pressure as he pulled his thumb from my bum hole and replaced it with his tongue, WHOAAAAA I gasped, as he started to lick my bum and then he was licking and fucking my bum with his tongue.

I came instantly, I’m not sure, but I think my bum came as well as my pussy.

H stayed there lapping up all my juices rotating from licking my bum and my pussy, I was helpless I couldn’t do anything but lie there and let this expert drink all of me.

He stood up and lifted me off the island turned me around and kissed me deeply and passionately, and then he thanked me for being such a wonderful and understanding woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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