Dillon Court Neighbors Ch. 03

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Dillon Court Neighbors — Ch. 03

Neighbors in four homes enjoy group sex

This is a three part story about a place the author lived for a while. The chapters will be posted on consecutive days. Chapter 1 is a warm up for the subsequent two chapters.

* * * * *

Mike and I talked about the Winslow party on and off the following week. I felt good about it because it seemed to bring everyone to the same level of erotic play. I saw each of my neighbors and found they all felt good about the party, everything they’d done or that happened to them, and, like Mike and me, eagerly awaited other get-togethers of a similar nature. We all wanted to go all the way and enjoy unrestrained with each other.

The other leveling that occurred at the party concerned the depth of our romantic feelings for each other. While there was a mountain of lust that had dictated our evening, there were also emotional attachments that deepened between each of us.

I ran into Maddy one afternoon as she was coming home from one of her college classes at the local campus. She greeted me enthusiastically, “Hi, Mrs. Franklin. I’m so glad to see you.”

I laughed, “Maddy, after having me give you many minutes of French kisses and watching me jerk off your brother, I think you can call me Dory from here on out. My mother is Mrs. Franklin.”

Maddy accepted that with a big smile. She said, “I really enjoyed myself. Mom told me the party was the first they’d ever had that ended up with sex — well, just shy of people actually fucking. I thought it was spectacular, but I haven’t been able to talk to anybody about it. She swore me to secrecy.”

I laughed, “You can come and talk to me about any part of it you want. I’m open-minded, and I had a great time too.”

She nodded and then blew my socks off. “Dory, I have a favor to ask.” She paused for along time, and I could tell she was screwing up her courage to ask a favor. Finally, she spoke, “I’m a virgin — I’m almost nineteen, and I still haven’t fucked anybody. Oh, I’ve had a dildo in there, although Mom doesn’t know I found her toys, and that’s beside the point. I’ve never had a cock in my pussy. I’ve been felt, fondled, and fingered, but never fucked. What I’d like … if you’re willing … and he’s willing … I’d like Mike to be my first.”

Maddy looked at me with an eagerness that only belongs to the young.

I pulled Maddy to me and gave her a big hug and kiss. “Oh, Maddy that is so special, but that decision is Mike’s and not mine. If you want, I’ll talk to him about it. I feel compelled to ask, are you sure he’s the right guy. I mean he won’t end up a boyfriend; he’s my husband … well, he might end up as some sort of special male friend, but he’s not going to take you on dates or go to fraternity parties with you — things like that.”

Maddy said, “Oh, I’ve thought about him for weeks. I haven’t been stalking him, but almost every weekend last summer I watched him mow your lawn and do chores around the house. He’s so handsome and manly. I admit I have a crush on him, but I’m not trying to steal him away from your or anything. I just want to borrow him for a bit. I want to make love with him. He cinched the deal Saturday night when he ate me out to about ten orgasms. I didn’t even know I was multi-orgasmic until he turned me on so. He’s experienced, and that’s what I want, not some college Joe in the backseat of his car or on some fraternity house mattress. Ask him, please, for me. I’ll do anything for him — for you — for both of you.” She giggled, “I’ll even be your sex slave afterwards.”

That evening, Mike nearly fell off the kitchen stool when I told him about Maddy’s request. True to form, he felt honored with the request and raised the same points to me that I’d raised to Maddy about his suitability for the job. Finally, after some serious thought, he said he’d consider the privilege but only if Eric and Liz approved. Mike’s wisdom again amazed me.

I didn’t see Maddy again until a second Saturday afternoon. When I did, she ran across the street to see me. I broke the news to her that Mike was willing, but only if her Mom and Dad knew and approved of him as the lover who would turn her into a woman.

That pronouncement made her pause and think about the situation. She said, “I’ll talk to them. I need to find the right time, but I will ask, and I will get their approval and blessing. This is so important to me; I want it done right. It’ll give me an experience with a man I’m entranced with and that I’ll happily remember the rest of my life.” After a pause, she added, “And, I was serious about the sex slave offer. I’m not sure what’s involved, but just the title sounds like fun.”

I responded to her offer, “Well, let’s take care of your womanhood first, and then we can talk about you becoming our sex slave. I must admit just hearing that term makes my pussy gush. I could see you becoming a sex slave to the whole neighborhood; think about that.”

Maddy grinned enthusiastically.

Five days later, I had a one o’clock appointment bursa escort with Liz for my afternoon photo shoot. She had her professional persona on when I arrived. She interviewed me about what I wanted in the way of photographs, how I’d use them, who’d be on the receiving end, the image I wanted to project, and things like that — all good questions.

I explained that besides the professional pictures, I wanted a loving shot I could give to Mike, a ‘daughterly’ shot I could send my parents, and then some risqué shots — even pretty graphic or pornographic — that would be for Mike only. I called the latter shots ‘jerk off material’ for when Mike traveled, something he was doing about a few days and nights a month. Liz laughed and said she knew exactly what I needed.

I had brought several business suits with me as well as a few pieces of lingerie. I took no mind of changing in front of Liz. We’d both seen about all there is to see of each other at their party. I’d put on an outfit, Liz would check my makeup, spend a few minutes posing me, coax various expressions on my face, and snap away. I’d put on the next outfit or top, and we’d repeat the process. Finally, Liz declared all the obligatory pictures had been taken.

Liz’s whole attitude changed suddenly. The professional mask fell away and the fun loving, sexy neighbor returned. Even Liz’s voice changed, become more animated, and enthusiastic about what we’d piece together to turn Mike on.

Liz asked, “How far do you want to go with this next set of shots, I mean how pornographic?”

I grinned and said, “Lead on. I want some of the best porn Mike’s ever seen with me as the star.”

Liz said, “Ooooookay. You stop me when things get to your boundary. I’ve done this before for people, and we produced some really triple X-rated stuff with them as the star. Just so you know, I’ll involve other people — Eric, and maybe Kevin if he’s back from classes.”

The thought of Eric and Kevin as part of my porn scene excited me. I hadn’t screwed any of the neighbors yet, and maybe this would be the day, all in the name of some private porn. I had the free pass to use when the opportunity presented itself, and here it was. I knew something like that would turn Mike on to the utmost; he’d cream his jeans just seeing another cock in me.

As I slipped into the lingerie I’d brought, Liz said, “Maddy tells me she’d like Mike to be her first lover. Are you OK with that?”

I smiled at her, “I don’t think you’re asking the right person. Mike kicked the idea back to Maddy and told her you and Eric had to approve his ‘deflowering’ her. He’s honored by the request, and promises to treat her tenderly and lovingly. He has a big soft spot in his heart for her, and she has a large crush on him. I think it’d be an ideal match. I reminded Maddy several times that he’ll never be the boyfriend of her dreams for several reasons, but she persists.”

Liz smiled, “I know she has a huge crush on Mike. She’d become his sex slave if he’d let her, and I think that’d be a good summer job for her.” Liz laughed at her own humor, and I wondered just how serious she was. I shared with Liz that I thought it might be fun to have a sex slave around the house or the neighborhood.

Liz continued, “Tell Mike that both Eric and I approve wholeheartedly. We throw the ball back in his court. I suggest he take her out to a romantic dinner, wine and dine her, and then fuck the living daylights out of her in his own bed if you don’t mind. You can even watch and assist as far as we’re concerned.”

I told her I’d pass along the message.

As Liz started to pose me against a more seductive backdrop, I asked her, “Liz, you can tell me to butt out, but I’m curious; have you and Eric involved Kevin and Maddy in your sex play in some way? I didn’t feel what happened at the party was a first for them in many ways — nudity, seeing you fooling around, and the like.”

Liz said, “In a way, yes. Eric and I have been open about having sex with them around; I’ve had Kevin sucking on my tits while Eric fucked me. We drew the line at intercourse, but we’ve done nearly everything else with them. I taught Maddy how to give blowjobs using Eric for practice, and then Kevin. Eric taught Kevin how to do cunnilingus on Maddy and me. We were just in that process when we held that impromptu party; that’s why Kevin was watching how Mike went down on Maddy so closely. It’s also why Maddy didn’t freak out about having her brother performing next to her on Sara.” Liz thought for a minute and added, “Not to shock you, and you don’t seem to be the kind of person that shocks about this kind of stuff, but I’ve been rethinking the no intercourse decision. The kids are old enough now, more mature, and … well, I love them dearly, and in ways many other mother’s don’t. If the right opportunity came up … I’d be more than tempted.”

I got posed in a dozen different positions, and Liz coaxed me into some seductive looks. Slowly, the layers of lingerie came off or got rearranged malatya escort to display me in some way. Liz lowered a Murphy bed out of one of the studio walls — a room that doubled as a guest bedroom in their home, and did some messing up of the linens and bright bedspread. I did a series of boudoir shots with her directing me.

Liz moved two cameras into position, changed some lenses, refocused on me several times, and then she stripped off her clothing. As the thong flew off to the side, she said, “Men love to see their girlfriends or wives in lesbian situations. You and I are going to fuck for a while, but I’m going to have to reposition the cameras now and then.”

Liz lay down beside me, and we made out. Occasionally, I hear the snap of one or both cameras and the rapid flash of the strobes would signal some image had been captured. We moved into a sixty-nine position and started to eat each other; our tongues extended to tickle clits and such. I think she must have taken about five hundred shots just of that part of our sitting.

Dildos and vibrators came into play, and some pictures got taken of me with those sticking in various holes in my body, and then feeding them into Liz’s cunt or ass. A set of pictures got taken with Liz and me using a double-headed dildo; we both came as we played with that one. Both Liz and I kept having one orgasm after another; this was the best photo session I’d ever been in.

After that set of photos, Liz said, “Are you ready to be fucked?”

I took a deep breath, “Yes. Let’s do it. I’ve looked forward to making love with Eric a long time.” I grinned at her. This would be a monumental moment. I wondered how soon I’d be able to share it with Mike without spilling the beans about the surprise about my naughty pictures.

Liz sauntered out of the studio, and came back about five minutes later leading a naked Eric by his erect cock. I started to go to Eric to kiss him hello, but Liz stopped me. “Wait,” she said; “Let me capture everything you do on film.”

She grabbed one of the nearby cameras, and said, “OK, now.”

I flowed into Eric’s arms, and he kissed me with great abandon. Our naked bodies rubbed together in so many ways, at so many points of contact. Liz moved around us, moving up and down, snapping pictures almost every second.

We openly positioned ourselves so he could fondle my breasts. I fondled Eric’s cock, and then started a blowjob that got captured from all angles. Before he came, Eric stopped me and turned the tables, starting a fabulous bout of cunnilingus that brought me to two orgasms as Liz kept taking pictures. For the most part, I ignored her unless she gave us some direction.

About that time my second orgasm from Eric passed, we all heard the front door open and close. Liz smiled and said, “Kevin is home. Are you ready for a threesome?”

I nodded enthusiastically.

Liz disappeared again however, I went back to giving head to Eric, and he kept encouraging me with a string of appreciative dirty talk, even describing what a slut I was to be taking on father and son. I liked being called a slut by someone I cared so much for.

Liz reappeared with Kevin. He’d stripped down to his boxers, and shed those when he saw how naked the three of us were. Liz posed us next to the bed, and then had me start alternately blowing Eric and Kevin, as I held their cocks and guided them into my mouth. She got a series of shots of me with both their cocks in my mouth at the same time.

Liz announced, “OK, its fucky fuck time. Who’s first?”

I looked at Eric and Kevin. They both shrugged and looked at me.

I pointed to Eric, “Come and make love to me, and Kevin don’t go too far away, I want you too.”

I lay back on the bed, and Eric positioned himself between my legs. He’d done this before, and I wondered what other women in town had the privilege of his cock driving into them as the event got digitally captured. He spent several minutes dragging his cock back and forth across my slit as Liz directed the action, and then just the mushroomed shaped head of his cock found my opening, and then his entire cock sank into me. Liz even got close-ups of the penetration.

Kevin joined us, and he penetrated me as Eric stood by and watched. He explained this was the first time his parents had actually seen him fucking anybody. After a series of shots, Liz arranged me reverse cowgirl on Kevin. She got some wonderfully gross shots of his cock pushing into my pussy.

Liz said, “Ass? DP?”

I said, “OK, but take it slow, and I need to be lubed up.”

Liz tossed me a tube of Astroglide, and as I greased up my ass, she talked to Kevin about how to penetrate a woman’s ass so it was pleasurable and not painful. Kevin was well endowed, yet he was careful, slow, and allowed me to pace and move until he was buried in me. Liz shot the entire scene.

After Kevin fucked my ass for a couple of minutes, I leaned back on top of Kevin and spread my legs. Eric moved between them, çanakkale escort and positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. After some shots, he pushed into me, and I was being DP’d for the first time in my life. I nearly came every second as the two men slowly moved in and out of my body.

Liz took a hundred more shots from every angle. Finally, she said, “Cum?”

I nodded. Both men read my response, and they picked up their pace. Eric started to strum my clit with his thumb, and I rose and higher and higher up some mystical and heavenly pathway leading to the “Big One.”

Kevin blasted off first, closely followed by his father. The combination was too much for me, and I burst apart in a million pieces of orgasmic bliss in a kaleidoscope of colors and light. After I’d fully imploded, I grabbed Eric and pulled him into a kiss that Hollywood would only hope to capture in some movie sometime — a one in a million kiss of love and passion and ecstasy.

Eric slowly withdrew, and I felt Kevin’s cock also slide out of my ass. Liz took a hundred rapid pictures between my legs, and then I reached down and pulled some of the cum from my pussy and brought it up to my lips and sucked on my fingers. I repeated the gesture and offered my fingers to Liz. She handed her camera to Eric, and he played photographer as she moved into the picture and sucked the cum off my fingers.

* * * * *

Liz sent me home to clean up, and told me to return in two hours. I kissed the boys goodbye, dressed, and left. I’d asked her for a few photos for me to show Mike that night. I didn’t want to keep secret what had gone on that afternoon, although he knew I had the photo shoot, I doubt he had in mind anything close to what transpired with the three of them.

When I returned, Liz was at the large screen computer in the corner of her studio-home office. She’d downloaded and backed up all the pictures she took in the afternoon, and was culling out about thirty or forty of the erotic photographs that ‘told a story,’ and I joined in the process. She started sending our unmodified selections to the printer.

As the printer chugged out the prints we’d selected, Liz said, “You know a few hours ago; you asked whether we’d involved our kids in our sex play.” I nodded, recalling the question. “Well, since you left and came back, my answer has changed.” She gave me a sheepish grin.

Liz admitted, “I was so horny after you left, I had Kevin fuck me while Eric watched. Eric hadn’t recovered from fucking you, but a twenty-one year old man bounces right back. Oh, Dory, it was wonderful. He lasted a long time, and it felt so loving. We’re the closest we’ve been in years, and now I’m walking around with my son’s cum in my pussy. I love it. I know we’ll do it again; Eric even encouraged it.”

“Wow. I think that’s cool. I like it when people break rules that society lays down, or some old men legislate. I’m a rebel at heart.”

Liz acknowledged, “Me too. I guess we’re a little strange, particularly in this area of our lives, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Liz collected the thirty-six high gloss prints and in fewer than fifteen minutes, aided by a laminating machine and a binding machine, she had created the most erotic coffee table book anyone might ever want in their home. We giggled and laughed as only women doing naughty things could do as she created the book. I kissed Liz to say thanks, and we almost got carried away with our sex play again.

Liz said, “I’d love to be there when you show Mike this. Heck, I’d love to have his cock in my cunt when he sees this. I confess, I have wanted to fuck your husband since that first night we had dinner at your house.”

I thought for a moment, “Why don’t we have ‘dessert’ at my house tonight. I’ll wrap this up and give it to Mike when you’re there — oh, and I’ll invite the other neighbors if they’re available.”

Liz glowed, “Oh, Thank you.”

We set up a time, and I went home, and called Ellen and Sara. I also texted Mike to guarantee he didn’t try to get into one of his late nights at the office, but he was good with getting home at the regular dinner hour. I did tell him we were having company for dessert, but I didn’t let him know whether that was code for ‘having sex’ or only dessert.

I’d started dinner when Liz called. She had an epiphany about how to present the book to Mike, yet have it be something we could all appreciate. After she described her idea, I was leaping around the kitchen I was so happy and horny. When Mike came in, I nearly jumped his bones. I had to restrain myself and save some of both our energies for some later sex play.

I rushed off and showered, and then fixed dinner. I had enough fixings on hand to serve strawberries and ice cream for everyone. So I prepared that with Mike’s help. I could see he was keeping his expectations in check, believing that this evening really was only about a cordial dessert with friends.

Liz was the first to arrive with her laptop computer and several wires that allowed her to connect the unit to our large screen television in the family room. Mike was curious what was going on, but I suggested he not be too curious just yet. The way I said it let him know something extraordinarily sexy would soon occur. I don’t think his analytical mind made the connection between my photo shoot and what Liz might show later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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