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Every summer my brother and I go to stay at my grandparents house out in a small town. Me and my cousins stay there for a week and basically do whatever we want. The problem is my brother is 8 and the only other cousins who stay there are 6 and 12 years old. I am 16. So while I try to keep busy it can get kind of lonely. So this year I invited my friend Jacob to come stay there for the week.

First let me tell you about myself, my name is Mike and im 16 years old. Im 6 feet tall and weigh about 170 pounds. I don’t have a perfect body by any means but I am also not at all fat. Jacob on the other hand is 6 feet 2 inches tall. Very skinny but very muscular. Anyways, my grandparents had a fairly large house and lots of property for us to do whatever on. The sleeping arrangement however was that one cousin had a room to herself, the two young kids slept in the same room and my grandparents had their room. That left only one room and two of us. So it was decided Jacob and I would sleep in my grandparents motor home parked about 150 feet from the house. So back to the actual events, after we arrived Jacob and I decided to wander around town for the afternoon. So we got driven into the small town and were left to wander until we wanted to get picked up again.

“What do you wanna do?” I asked him

“uhhh doesn’t matter whatever you want”

“alright let’s just walk that way I guess”

“sounds like a plan”

So we began walking down main street glancing into the occasional store and just talking about whatever. It was a very hot day and he was wearing just a tight fitting tank top and shorts. He like to wear his shorts and pants reaaallly low. More than half his boxers were constantly showing. I ended up walking behind him at one point where we were forced to go single file and I couldn’t help but eye his ass through his boxers. The town we were in was a beach town and so Jacob took his shirt off letting his six pack show. I kept fully clothed not having much to show off. As we walked more I found myself staring at his abs. luckily he didn’t notice me though and the afternoon passed without incident.

After dinner that night we watched TV until about 12 o’clock. Everyone else had gone to bed except Jacob and I. we decided it was time to go to bed and so I let him go ahead to the motor home to get ready. I told him id be there in about 5 minutes. About a minute after he left I had an idea. I shut everything off and quietly made my way out to the motor home. The lights were on inside and I saw his silhouette move. He was in the main part, completely out in the open rather than back in the bedroom section that he could have closed off. I took a deep breath and flung the door open and stepped in quickly. My plan had worked perfectly; Jacob was standing in the middle of the motor home completely naked. In order to keep up the appearance it was an accident I only had about a second to take it all in. I saw his dick dangling there with a neat patch of short trimmed hair right above it. Then reluctantly I shielded my eyes and turned away.
“woah shit sorry man I thought you’d be done by now” I said pretending to be a little put off by what id just seen.

“whatever doesn’t worry about it just gimme like a minute and ill be done ok?”

“yeah yeah no problem sorry dude”

I left the motor home and stood outside the door amazed I had had the courage to do that. I noticed that my dick was rock hard. I wasn’t too large; I was about 6.5 inches hard. From what I had seen I guess Jacob was about the same. A few minutes later I went back in and he had finished and was just sitting on the bed reading.

“sorry about that” I said sheepishly

“nah man don’t worry about it we’ll just pretend it didn’t happen”

we laughed and talked as if nothing had happened until we decided it was time to go to Sex hikayeleri sleep. The next two days passed without incident. Although an idea had begun to grow in the back of my mind. During the one second I had seen Jacob’s penis, I had decided it was my goal for that week to give him a blowjob. The problem is im bisexual and he is as straight as they come. But I swore I wouldn’t give up. That evening while we watching TV I decided I would make my first move. I got out my phone and typed a message, which read:

“Please read this whole thing. We’ve been really great friends for about 6 years, we go way back and I need a favor from you. I think I might be bisexual and as a test I was wondering if I could give you a blowjob. I have no one else I can ask and I really need this favor from you”

I handed him the phone with the message and waited out the awkward silence while he read it, then the awkward 20 seconds or so of silence after he had finished.

“…..are you serious about this?” he asked, breaking the silence.

“yes I am, I don’t want it to change anything between us though.”

“look I really want to help but I can’t do this. I have a girlfriend man I just can’t do this im sorry”

“Nobody is going to tell your girlfriend! Only the two of us know and neither one of us can tell anybody.” I said, trying not to sound desperate.

“I don’t know about this. Im not gay.”

“it’s not gay for you! You’re just getting a blowjob. Nothing gay about getting your dick sucked. And yeah it’s gay for me but that’s the point!”
he was silent for a few seconds before getting up and pacing for about a minute.

“I don’t know. Ill have to think about it. Im going out to the motor home.”

With that he walked out. I was concerned I had scared him off and perhaps ruined a friendship. So I watched TV for another hour or so and let him go to sleep if that’s what he wanted. However when I went out to the motor home the lights were still on. When I went inside he was sitting at the table. We looked at each other for a second.

“I thought about it” he said.

“look if you don’t want to I totally understand I don’t know what I was thin-“

“Ill let you do it.”

I was speechless for a second. I didn’t know how to react at that point.

“oh….are you sure?” I asked.

“yeah. It’s to help you out right? That’s what friends are for. But not tonight, you can do it tomorrow night. Im too tired right now. Goodnight.”

“yeah….ok thanks……uhm goodnight….”

We both went to our beds and I couldn’t help but smile in the darkness. The next day went buy surprisingly well. We never brought it up all day and passed the day as just two normal guys having a relaxing day. That night however Jacob got up at around 10:00. which is very early for us. And announced he was going to the motor home. I took the hint and went out five minutes later. I found him sprawled out on my bed in the back wearing gym shorts and nothing else. This was what he had been sleeping in. I went back to him and saw he was playing his PSP. I stood there for a minute before awkwardly asking,

“erm….you okay to do it tonight?”

he put his game down and turned to face me in the doorway.

“yes but I have a few conditions. Number 1, I will most likely have my eyes shut the whole time, or I will be playing my PSP. Number 2; don’t talk any more than necessary as I will be trying to imagine it is my girlfriend doing it. You still want to do it?”

“yes. And thank you again for helping me.”

He got up and walked out to the couch and took off his shorts leaving him completely naked. He sat down and opened his legs letting his gorgeous dick dangle there. I became aware of my own dick’s hardness and asked him one question.
“I know this may be weird but if you’re not watching it shouldn’t Sikiş hikayeleri matter, is it ok if im naked too?”

“well…..yeah I guess that’s ok.”

Excitedly I stripped down until I was naked. I then got on my knees between his legs. He was leaning back with his head looking up, his eyes closed.

“are you ready?” I asked


so without wasting any more time I took his penis in my right hand and pulled gently on it until it began to stiffen slightly. I then took the head in my mouth and sucked gently on it. While I continued to suck I slid my hand up and down the rest of his semi hard shaft. After about a minute he was fully hard and I was able to take more into my mouth. I was taking about 3 inches into my mouth before clamping my lips down on his dick and sliding my head back only to repeat this over and over. Meanwhile my tongue was sliding all around his cockhead. I felt the precum seeping out and eagerly licked it up. I kept licking up and down his shaft. Then I grabbed his dick and pointed it upwards and stroked it. I felt brave enough to try something and so I gently let the tip of my tongue run up the middle of his ballsack. I couldn’t hold myself back though and buried my face in his balls, licking like his nuts were a puddle of water and I was a man stranded in the desert. I looked up and noticed that despite what he had said, he was watching me lick his balls. I again felt brave and so I got on all fours and stuck my ass up in the air as high as I could. I then took his cock back into my mouth and began to bob my head up and down quickly.

“oh shit keep that up” he said

I was amazed he spoke at all let alone told me he enjoyed what I was doing. So of course I kept at it, making sucking and slurping noises. I was eventually able to take almost all of his dick in my mouth. I slowed down and tried again. I got all of it this time. I could feel the head in my throat. My chin resting against his balls. Then I shook my head from side to side.

“OH FUCK YES MIKE” he practically screamed

I again started to bob my head quickly up and down his shaft. Feeling the need to take care of myself I moved my left hand back to my raised ass and circled my hole with my finger. Running it up the crack, then back down and around the hole. After about a minute more he couldn’t take it.

“Im gonna, oh fuck im gonna cum, holy shit it’s coming right now unghhh” he moaned

True to his word his cock began squirting. I kept my mouth clamped firmly on his shaft, not wanting to spill a drop. I moaned in delight as his cum coated my mouth. It seemed it would never end as I caught the 8th, 9th and 10th spurts in my mouth. After he had come down from his orgasm I sucked gently on his penis with all his cum in my mouth. Then he said something I never expected to hear him say.

“Show me all my cum in your mouth”

taken aback I managed to tilt my head back and show him all his cum. I felt so sexy doing that. Knowing I made him happy. The cum was a reward as I saw it. It was what I worked so hard for.

“wow that’s a lot of cum! Swallow it now.” He said

again slightly confused I did as he said. Swallowed his whole load and then opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to show him. Things then got quiet for a while as we both just kind of sat there naked. Then he broke the silence.

“So I feel a little badly you didn’t get off”

“oh don’t worry about me. Ill just jack off in a few minutes.” I said

“well listen, I won’t give you a blowjob or a handjob, but I did notice you were rubbing your ass. If you want I could fuck you in the ass? It’s a win win the way I see it. I get anal sex, which my girlfriend thinks is nasty, you get to cum and it’s a definitive test to see if you are bi.”

I was speechless. Completely blown away by his question. Erotik hikaye But I was certainly not about to refuse having his perfect cock up my ass.

“Yeah that sounds good. Thanks.”

I noticed his dick was hard again, maybe he wasn’t as straight as I thought he was. I took it in my mouth licking and slobbering as much as possible to get it nice and slippery. Then I spit a big glob of saliva into my hand and put it on my asshole. I turned around so I was in doggy style position and I felt him grab my hips from behind. Next thing I knew I felt the tip of his penis against my tight opening. He pushed in gently and let me adjust to him for a second. Then pushed more and more in. eventually he got all of his dick into my ass. The feeling was unbelievable. Id had things in my ass before but nothing is quite like a real live cock. He pulled out slowly and pushed back in. I knew he told me not to talk but I couldn’t resist.

“mmmmm yeah that feels great. Fuck me in my ass. Fuck me hard and deep” I said

he didn’t respond but he did speed up and start pushing in harder. I felt my asshole stretching and then relax as it became accustomed to his size. There was no pain at this point and I just wanted him to ram his dick up my tight little shithole. Which he did. He started pounding in and out of my ass. I was in a daze of pleasure. I realized however this was not enough to make me cum.

“wait wait wait, let’s try a different position.” I said

he stopped pounding me and stood there catching his breath while I flipped over onto my back. I grabbed one leg in my left hand and held it up near my head. The other one I pulled back and used the underside of the table to keep it pulled back. In this position I was presenting my ass to him, but would be able to see his cock entering my ass and if I wanted to, I could jack off while he did it. He put the tip back against my asshole and pushed in. he resumed pounding my ass as it we had never stopped.

“yes yes yes yessss pound my asshole with your big hard cock” I said.

I could tell he was starting to not care about appearing to be straight. He looked me in the face and eyes while he rammed his dick up my ass and started talking dirty back to me.

“yeah….yeah you like that eh? Take it. Take my cock” he said quietly

“yes give it to me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” I could barely handle it anymore, I took my own dick in my right hand and started to jack off, within a minute I felt the cum rise up in my balls.

“keep pounding me im gonna cum!” I said almost pleadingly

He sped up and rammed me as hard as he possibly could. I couldn’t stop myself. I blew a load all over my stomach, chest and hand. I just let my body relax from the orgasm and let him fuck me like I was a rag doll. The sight of me cumming on myself must have pushed him over the edge and he tensed up



he exploded deep in my anus. I felt his warm cum coat my rectum. I guessed he let about 4 spurts go in there and somehow he had more. He pulled out and let the last three spurts land on my face.

“mmmmm fuck yes” I moaned as I licked the cum off my lips and scooped the rest up with my finger before licking it off.

I then rubbed my own cum all over my torso. I flexed my bowels and pushed his cum out of my asshole. I lay there exhausted yet extremely satisfied. After about 30 seconds Jacob looked at me and asked

“so what do you think?”

“about what?”

“are you bisexual?”

as an answer I sat up in front of him and licked from the bottom of his ball sack to the tip of his cock head. I then took his cock into my mouth tasting my ass on his shaft. I looked up at him with his cock halfway in my mouth and moaned.


he smiled down at me and I knew from that moment on we would have a lot more fun.

This is my first story guys please give me constructive feedback so I can make better stories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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