Double or Nothing Ch. 06

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Finally, I had the house to myself for the day. I decided to use the time to work on my tan. The deck on the back of my parents’ house was secluded, and I often lay out there in my bikini, when the men weren’t home, to catch some rays.

I was lying face-down on a towel on a lounge chair, and to help with my tan lines I had untied my top and let the strings fall down to the ground. The warm summer air was seductive, and I closed my eyes briefly, thinking that I would just rest them for a moment.

I think I realized quickly enough that I was dreaming. The lounge chair pressing against my bare breasts and the rest of my near-naked body became my younger brother. We were standing, pressed together, in a dark place. We were both without clothing. We were unable to move, bound together like this somehow.

My bare breasts were pressed firmly against his ribs, and his penis, erect and so warm, was against me, too. I could feel his breath in my hair, as I knew he could, mine, near the nape of his neck. As our mutual bondage stretched on, I noticed my breathing becoming attuned to his.

It was so intensely intimate sharing the very rhythm of life with his body, his skin, his soul, and my memory flashed to the touch of my hand to his fingers in another place.

In my dream, we stood there, bound together, immobile, but even without motion I became aware that his stiff penis was throbbing against me. Without warning, it erupted, spraying warm liquid onto the both of us, the liquid reaching up to my breasts and running down the curves of my belly toward my sex. As it flowed and cooled, I shivered, and shivering, I awoke.

Aware of a presence there in the waking daylight, I turned my face toward him and I saw my younger brother there, on a lounge chair beside me. He was nude, and at first I thought, “Wow! ‘Full of cum’ is right.”

But he was not there to play our game. He had a brown bottle of Coppertone in his hand and he was massaging a calf with the white lotion. I glanced quickly toward his middle and saw that his penis was soft. So, it wasn’t “like that.”

“Hi, little bro,” I murmured sleepily. “You’re home early.”

“Yeah, slow day,” he replied, adding suntan lotion to the tops of his pale white feet. “I figured I’d join you tekirdağ escort out here and work on my tan lines,” he added, glancing pointedly down at his own nakedness. Then his eyes returned to me.

“More like you figured you’d come over and stare at my ass,” I retorted. “Stop it!” I chided him, and I slapped him playfully on the arm.

He finished putting on lotion and laid back, lacing his fingers behind his head. He stared off at the treetops and still I saw no signs of an erection.

Meanwhile, I was kind of stuck there on my belly. My top was untied, and it would have been much easier to re-tie it if I could have sat up first. With my brother there, I couldn’t do that.

I know, he had seen me completely naked not that long ago, the day that Emily was here. That didn’t make me any more willing to show him my bare little breasts again just now.

Since I was apparently not going anywhere for a while, I relaxed and turned my thoughts to the things I wanted to talk to him about.

I began.

“Do you like Emily?” I asked.

“Uh, yeah.”

“I think she likes you, too.” I reached back and adjusted my bikini bottoms, for no better reason than to tease him with my bum. “You should ask her out,” I went on, “but after what happened the other day, you need to start really slow.” In this, I was sincere. “If you want my advice, don’t even try to touch her on the first date. You should let her decide.”

He listened quietly to me and said, “yeah, I guess I can understand that.” In the heat of the moment, in our family room, after he had put on a display of stroking his dick for two horny college girls, Jordan had come a second time while Emily was cleaning him up.

If he really wanted to woo her, after that kind of beginning, he seriously needed to start all over again.

I remembered how he had tried to caress her little butt through her dress that day, and how she had stopped him. But it hadn’t stopped her from what she was doing to him.

I went on. “Jordan, Emily is my best friend; she’s really special. Take the time to find out why.”

Another pause. “I think I can do that.”

We sunned then together in silence. I worked myself up to the next question, one that at once I did, and did not, want to know.



“The other day, when Emily told you to imagine that it was me, you know, doing that to you?”

“Mmm hmmm?”

“Well, you came in an instant.”

My brother cleared his throat. Was he as uncomfortable as me? It didn’t matter; this had to be aired. “Yeah, yeah, I did, didn’t I?”

Another long pause as I made the words come out of me.

“Is that what you want?”

He rolled halfway towards me, resting his head on his hand, his flaccid penis falling against his thigh. “Honestly? No,” he said. “I mean, it’s fun doing the things we’ve been doing, you know? But…”

I cut him off. “Then explain why you did it so quickly, because I ….”

“Yeah,” he answered, “I know how it looks. But believe me, I like playing together the way we’ve been doing, but… you’re my sister. It’s cool being able to show you that stuff, but… sis… I don’t want to touch you.”

“That’s how I feel, too,” I agreed. “So, why…?”

“I guess it was just, she was touching me and saying that, and it was so, I don’t know, dirty, you know? But you’re my sister, for Christ’s sake. Isn’t there a difference between looking and, you know …” and he let his voice trail off. “You… understand?” His voice was so pained then, I wondered if he was crying. I was close, myself.

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I know.”



“Don’t get … hard right now, ok?”

He said nothing.

I needed to know something about touching, about him. About us. I reached my hand across the small divide between us and touched his maleness. I was immediately struck by how truly soft the skin felt on my fingers. And I was struck, too, that I felt nothing like the electric connection of touching hand to hand, fingers to fingers, as had happened between us that day.

This was just a touch. Brothers and sisters pushed and patted and elbowed each other every minute, every day. And I could do it, too, without connecting our souls.

His penis felt cool, and I let my hand roam down it further. His balls beneath felt decidedly warm and, well, fuzzy. I measured their weight in my hand. I just wanted to get this past us, and then the touching would be done.

“Thank you,” I said, and I could see his breathing was quickening. As I trailed my hand off of him, his control was giving way to a growing erection. I gave him a squeeze as we parted.

I watched with sisterly curiosity as he rose, beat by beat of his heart, into firmness, my hand no longer upon him.

He was hard now. I understood. I admired it. And I gave him permission. “You can take care of that, if you need to.” I looked in his eyes. “It’s ok.”

He started, as I had done myself shyly before, by rubbing his thighs, before gradually taking himself in his hand. For my part, I remained face down on my lounge chair. It was nice to realize that I could watch him take care of himself without feeling wild uncontrolled desire rage in myself. Until now, each time we had played our little game, there had been some ratcheting up of the stakes, some escalation. This time, for a change, I felt I could just watch him and not add more fuel to the fire. I held to his eyes, like I had made him do for me once before, making myself relax and absorb the erotic feelings.

My brother, too, seemed more relaxed and casual than before. There was no urgency to his pleasuring touch. I did feel a familiar warmth start inside me, but I resisted it, and lay still on my belly focusing instead on the sensations of a light summer breeze, knowing that he was gazing at me.

I could have resisted my brother’s temptation, but he whispered to me, “I have to confess, it’s a nice ass.” And while we laughed, nothing had ever made me so aware of the little bikini just hiding my essential places, and exposing my feminine curves.

The warmth inside me had grown to a thing that demanded attention.

“Close your eyes for me, please?” I whispered. He did, and I turned myself over, exposing my breasts to the sky.

I peeled myself out of my bottoms, reveling in the breezy feeling of bareness there on the deck.

Lazily, I touched myself, like my brother beside me was languidly doing.

Then I whimpered, whispered his name, Jordan, quietly, as I enjoyed a soft orgasm. When it finished, I turned my face toward him. Sensing me there, he opened his eyes. I smiled then at my wonderful brother, and he, without fanfare, released soft streams on himself, again and again. His eyes slowly closed in contentment.

Then I stood, collecting the pieces of my swimsuit, and headed indoors.

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