Double Pleasure

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When I took my job with a big tech firm in northern California I met Paul, who had started just a few months earlier. We got to know each other at work, and found we had kids about the same age. As the years went by we often had family BBQs, as well as playing tennis, racquet ball, poker, going sailing, etc. together. Paul was really creative, and after about 10 years quit his job, and moved to southern Calif to start his own company, which has been really successful.

We kept in touch and I get down his way to visit once in awhile. They have a great house with a swimming pool, a separate ‘pool house’ which has its own kitchen and bath, that I stay in when I visit. Recently Paul bought a 30 foot fishing boat. The first time we went out on it we caught bunch of yellow tail and bass and had a great time. I had to be in their area for work a week ago and so called to see if they would be home to visit. Luckily they had no plans and said I should come and stay for the long weekend, and that we would go out fishing on Saturday morning. I got to their place late Friday afternoon, and found Joyce (Paul’s wife) out by the pool in a tiny bikini. This surprised me a bit since she had always been very demure and I had never seen her in anything but a full one-piece suit before. She is very athletic, quite thin with narrow hips and small breasts – but since that is exactly what I find attractive in a woman I thought she looked really sexy. I asked about their kids and Joyce said that their daughter was enjoying college (her second year) and that their son was really looking forward to going to college next year, and that he and some friends had gone camping for the long weekend.

Paul got home pretty early and we sat and had beers by the pool, then Joyce went in to start dinner. Paul fired up the BBQ, and then went in to get the meat to grill. I decided to get another beer and headed toward the kitchen too. As I stepped around the corner into the kitchen I saw Paul standing right behind Joyce, who was at the sink facing away from me. He had untied her top and was playing with her breasts, and kissing her neck. He was also humping his cock against her ass repeatedly. Joyce gasped a bit but then said “No, we can’t do it now you just have to wait until later.” I snuck quietly away before they saw me, and waited a few minutes before making some noise before I walked into the kitchen. Joyce’s top was tied again by then, but I could see her nipples sticking out much more than they had been before. Paul also seemed to have a bulge at the front of his swim suit, but then I guess I did too. Dinner was great, and included a bottle of excellent wine. We all went for a swim, then relaxed and talked for awhile.

About 10 pm Paul commented that he had gotten up very early that morning, and that they were going to call it a day since we had to be up really early for fishing. We said good night, and they headed up to their bedroom on the upper floor, which has a deck and looks out over the pool, and I headed for the pool house. About 15 min later I realized I had left a bag in the house, and went to get it. As I came back out on the porch under their deck I heard a very sexy moan from Joyce. Well, I guess I have a pretty strong voyeuristic streak and rather than heading back to the pool house I just stood there to see if I could hear more. Pretty soon I heard the bed squeaking, and more moaning from Joyce punctuated by the sounds of bodies slapping together. It was only about five minutes before they both climaxed and things went quiet, leaving me with a very hard cock in my pants. Although I thought about rubbing off a load, I was pretty tired and so slipped into bed and was asleep soon after my head hit the pillow.

The next morning the alarm woke me at 5 am and I sleepily rolled out and took a quick shower. I met Paul in the kitchen and was surprised to see Joyce there too since she usually didn’t go out fishing with us. I grabbed a coffee, Paul took a bag of pastries for breakfast on the way, Joyce brought a thermos of coffee and we headed out. We got out on the boat and motored out quite a ways, then started bursa escort throwing lines in. Before too long we had landed a couple of fish, but then things went dead. We trolled a bit, looked for kelp paddies to fish, but no more fish were to be found.

By late morning it was really hot, and wondered how long we should keep trying. I guess Paul was feeling the same way, and said “We’re probably not going to catch anything more today, how about a swim?”

Joyce responded quickly “Yeah, I’m hot – that water looks good!” and immediately pulled off her T-shirt exposing the bikini top she had on the previous day, then dropped her shorts revealing the skimpy thong bottom. Seeing her like that reminded me of hearing them the night before, and I felt my cock start to swell in my pants.

“No fair” I laughed, “I didn’t bring a suit.”

Paul chimed in “We’re out here all alone, we don’t need no stinkin suits!” and proceeded to pull off his shirt, then drop his pants and boxers with them. He quickly stepped to the end of the boat and dived off, and soon Joyce dived in after him. At this point I figured what the hell, and also stripped completely and dove in. The water felt great, cool but not too cold. I am a pretty strong swimmer and swam away from the boat, then turned so I could swim in big circles around it. I lost track of where Joyce and Paul were, but it felt so good that I just kept swimming. After maybe half an hour I headed back to the boat. As I approached the boat it struck me that I was nude and probably Joyce was already on the boat, but I figured since Paul had suggested we swim nude he couldn’t object to the situation.

As I pulled myself up onto the end of the boat the first thing I saw was Joyce kneeling in front of Paul with his hard cock in her mouth, sucking on it. She was completely naked too. As I came up into the boat she turned toward me, with Paul’s cock still in her hand, and said “Oh oh, I think we got caught.” then she looked up at Paul and started sucking him again. I will still horny as hell from hearing them fuck the night before, and my cock took about three heartbeats to fill completely and stick out straight in front of me.

Paul looked over and said “It looks like he doesn’t mind, in fact I think you really got his attention!”.

Joyce looked at me and replied “Yeah, I guess so, but maybe he’s lusting for you Paul.” giggling as she said it.

“No, I’ve had fantasies about seeing you without clothes Joyce” I said, “and I’ve seen Paul too many times in the locker room and he never did this to me.” as I looked down at my throbbing cock, which was bouncing a little with each heartbeat.

At this point I wasn’t really sure where things were headed, though I suspected that catching them had not been an accident. Joyce gave me another long look then curled her finger in a ‘come here’ motion. I stepped over closer to them. It wasn’t close enough and Joyce motioned again until I came within her reach, and she wrapped one hand around my cock while holding Paul’s in the other.

“We have a proposition” said Paul. “Joyce has been wanting to try two guys at once, and you’re the only guy we know who seems like the right person.” I swallowed hard as Joyce squeezed my cock in her hand and pulled gently on it. Joyce and I stared into each others eyes for a moment. “I wouldn’t want to deny my best friends if that is what you guys really want” was my answer and we all smiled.

Paul reached out and slipped a finger between Joyce’s pussy lips and said “Oh yeah, she wants it.” lifting his finger to his nose and sniffing it then licking it off.

Joyce pulled me over in front of her then proceeded to alternately suck on me and then Paul. Looking down I compared our hardons and thought that Paul might be slightly longer than me, but that I was noticeably thicker. Joyce’s mouth felt fantastic and I was so horny that I thought I might shoot right away, but the alternation between cocks made it so I could hold off.

Joyce was still kneeling on a towel in front of us, and had her legs slightly malatya escort bent. She has light hair, and her pussy had just little soft down above it. Paul lifted his foot and rubbed the top of it against her pussy as she continued to suck our cocks. It wasn’t long before she groaned and said “OK boys get busy here – I need to be fucked NOW!”. She pulled out a big mat and unfolded it, then spread the towel over it. She also reached into her bag and pulled out a small bottle, smiling and saying “We might need this.”

She took charge and told me to lie down on my back, which I happily did. She straddled me, and then widened her legs until her pussy was just touching my cock (which of course was still hard as a bone and pointing straight up my belly). She wiggled her hips back and forth sliding her pussy along the length of my cock, without inserting it. She was both very hot and very wet. She then told Paul to get behind her, and handed him the little bottle, which turned out to be lube. She smiled at him and said “You know what to do – get busy!”.

Paul reached under her and slid his hand in between Joyce and me and fingered her pussy. She moaned loudly, leaning over to kiss me moving her ass up higher than it had been. Paul opened the bottle and dripped some of the ‘personal lube’ onto her ass, and then started moved his hand over it, spreading it. He started to finger her ass and dripped some more lube there. Joyce was going nuts at this point finally gasping, “Oh fuck Paul will you please put it in!!”.

He dripped a little more lube on his cock, moving it up and down her crack, and then slowly pushed it in. “Oh yesss!” gasped Joyce as Paul pushed his full length into her. He made a few slow strokes, but then Joyce said “Now it’s time for one more!” and reached down to grab my cock. The movement was a little awkward with Paul’s cock stuffed into her ass, but she managed lift a bit and with my help slid my cock up into her very wet, tight pussy, which certainly did not need any extra lube.

Joyce had her head turned up like she was looking at the sky, and started rocking her hips back and forth, which had the effect of alternately sliding me and then Paul in and out. I reached up to play with her nipples and she gasped “Oh fuck that is soooo good. Oh God – fuck me boys, more more more!”. I had never done a double penetration before and was surprised that I could feel Paul’s cock move against mine through her as he slid it deep in her ass. The feelings were incredible.

The situation was so erotic for me I don’t know how I had held off cumming for that long. Joyce leaned over a bit and I pulled her down to suck on her breasts as Paul and I fucked her. When I bit down a little on her nipple that set her off and she started to cum, almost screaming and nearly incoherent. I then heard Paul mutter “Oh fuck oh fuck oooohhh FUCK!” and I could feel his cock throb. It was too much and I immediately started to ejaculate deep into Joyce’s pussy at the same time. I had been so horny for so long it was a huge cum, seven or eight big squirts of jizz, as I thrust as deeply into her as I could.

A minute later we were in a collapsed pile, all panting for breath, and slippery with sweat, cum and lube. Finally Paul raised himself slowly and Joyce shuddered as he slipped out of her ass. She then pushed herself up to a to kneeling position and then lifted her butt and I slipped out. She moved downward then and slipped my semihard cock into her mouth, slurping as she enjoyed the taste of our mingled cum. She slumped back against the bulkhead of the boat sitting on the towel, her legs spread and cum dripping from her pussy. She grinned “That was fantastic! I had imagined doing that many times, but it was even better than my fantasy, I don’t know if I have ever cum harder than that!”

Paul went below and got a beer for each of us, we clinked the bottles and Joyce chimed in “To hot sex and cold beer.” The beer was refreshing, and on our empty stomach’s created just a bit of a buzz as we had drained the bottles quickly. I thought I had emptied çanakkale escort my balls so completely that it would take a week to get it up again. I was looking at Joyce, sitting still naked with her pussy swollen and exposed to us, looking just so fucking sexy it was unreal. My cock had a mind of it’s own and started to swell again, and within a minute was hard enough that it flipped up against my belly again rather than dangling between my legs as it had been. Joyce noticed this and commented “So getting ready for round two, huh?”. I looked at Paul and his cock had started to grow again too.

Joyce took charge again, “OK” she said, “this time you guys switch places. I wasn’t sure I could take you in my ass John, you’re so thick, but now I at least want to try. This time maybe we can make it last a little while longer.”

Although I’ve had a few sex partners over the years, I had yet to do anal with any of them and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Joyce pulled Paul over so he was lying on the towel and mat, and kneeled over him, but facing his feet. “This time it’s reverse cowgirl.” Joyce said. She pulled me over so I as also kneeling over Paul, and handed me the bottle of lube. “Use alot” she said “you’re pretty big to fit in there, I am not used to one so big.”

I generously dripped lube on my cock, and her ass, and then pushed a finger in gently. Joyce moaned as I penetrated her tight ass with my finger. It was so tight I didn’t think I could fit my cock in. I finger fucked her ass a bit but then she turned as said “Do it – put your cock in now.”

I put the tip against her tight puckered hole and pushed gently. There was resistance, but gradually she relaxed and it started to make progress. I have kind of a big head on my cock and once it was in I felt her ass tighten around my shaft. “More!” she moaned, and I kept pushing it in. The feeling was different from her pussy but was fantastic. I finally gave a gentle push that put my hips tight up against her luscious buns, my cock fully inside. Her ass was like a clamp around the base of my cock.

Joyce reached down again and slid Paul’s cock into her pussy, I could feel it as it slipped in. We started rocking back and forth both of our cocks pumping her with short strokes. Paul had his legs together, and Joyce reached down and played with his balls. Fucking her like this was incredible, her ass was gripping my cock so tightly at the base, as the head slid around up inside her. She was leaning on one arm, with the other she played with her nipples, first one then the other. I reached around from behind her and started to play with both of them and her hand dropped to her pussy and she started to rub her clit. After just a minute or two she started to moan loudly, “Oh fuck oh fuck!” she gasped again as she started to orgasm. She moaned “Oh god, oh god!” over and over as we pumped into both her tight holes.

Since the first tuck had taken the edge off Paul and I last through her orgasm this time. Joyce calmed down a little, but then Paul started to thrust up harder into her pussy. In about thirty seconds Joyce practically screamed “Oh holy fucking shit I’m gonna cum again!!” as she went into throws of ecstasy. It was hard for Paul and I to coordinate fucking her hard at the same time but we managed, as soon as she started to calm down one of us would thrust hard and fast and put her over the top again. I don’t know how many orgasms she had, or maybe it was just one long drawn out one. After one big peak that Paul had stimulated he started moaning “Oh oh OOHHH YESSSS!” as he unloaded his cum into her pussy. This put me over the edge, and then Paul reached up and totally unexpectedly stuck his finger into my ass and that did it – I squirted another big load into Joyce’s rectum.

We collapsed and slowly disentangled again. Joyce murmured “I bet I’ll be sore later, but that was worth it!”. After we unwound a bit we dove back into the water to wash off the remains of our sexual escapades.

We motored most of the way back into the harbor nude, but then pulled on T-shirts and shorts before we were in view of others. As we pulled back into the slip our neighbors there asked how the fishing was. I had even forgotten about that part, but Joyce piped up “We caught a couple big ones early, and the boys kept working their poles but when I though I had a couple hooked they got off.” as she grinned at us. Man I am looking forward to going fishing again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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