Drum Beats

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Standing quietly in the half-light, watching her undress, he felt already naked, exposed, and humbled. His hands trembled with apprehension. He swallowed the dry jagged rock forming in his throat and felt his chest heave as she slowly unrolled her nylon stocking from a leg that would weaken the knees of all the world.

She would quiet the horns and barking cars. She would quiet the incessant crying and whining of the masses of people and the chorus of the city, the wrenching and churning shrieks of road crews, gurgling engines and the acrid smell of smoking brakes and screeching rubber. Hush the sirens, hush the beeping and clacking of workers working, building their empires of crumbling wealth. Silence the deafening clamor of worrisome stress and the incessant thumping of migraines, sharp shoulder aches and loosen the seizing grip on backs and necks. She would quiet them all. Hush them softly away until you feel the rhythm of long flowering up-to-your-knees grass swishing against your walk; feel their tips gently paint the palms of your outstretched hands with the sound of certainty. They caress your long fingers like the strings of a Spanish guitar, picking out songs that still your soul and quiet your gentle heart. Feel the softly consistent and brazen thump of tribal drums, a steady beating diet for your heart, of courage and fear, doubt and bravery, hunger and satiety.

Standing, watching her shame all his greatest imaginations, he realized that in those supremely perfect moments, she had just measured the weight of his existence. He stood before her as a small boy, staring up the coppered and milky walls of the Grand Canyon, humbled, acutely aware of his insignificance. Here he was staring at a creation that, in a moment, in a look, a soft curl of her lips, could erase decades of noise and frustration, strivings and failures, hopes and daring fantasies and transport him to a far off place covered in tall grass swaying to Spanish guitars riffs and tribal drum beats that move his heart to believe, yes believe, despite his terrible forgettable existence, that all her mystical movements could spirit him away to her.

The blackened night was pegged to the roof of the sky with gems and rhinestones, serving as the backlight that poured in through the window where the path of light, cut by the moon, led straight to her, and ended at her. She was the destination, the purpose. She stood glowing there, marionetting her shadows to dance across the floor as she slowly slipped from her dress. One step and she was free. She trolled her fingers up her sides and into her hair, alerting her bare skin to jubilant attention. She purred softly, tossing her hair back as she turned her face toward the window and addressed the night with a triumphant smile.

In a moment she was looking back at him, fixing her terrifyingly beautiful eyes and attention to him. He could no longer just stare. He was supposed to do something, something great, something magnificent, but all he could do was exactly what he had been doing, stare. The comfort of watching her had orphaned him to the ravenous feeling of expectation. But what was he to do? Staring back into those eyes wasn’t just looking into gold flecks that violently attacked their green surrounding; he understood the intention that kept them lit with desire. He wanted to sing out, to croon, if he could, but instead he stood stock-still. He wasn’t a movie star, he wasn’t a rock star, he wasn’t any sort of star and he surely couldn’t do what her eyes implored him to do. So, he stood there, paralyzed by her, bathing in both the pleasure and the fear of her gaze.

She effortlessly glided across the floor and took his face in her hands. She studied him. Her breath was hot on his face and neck and her eyes looked through his walls and all his attempts to conceal his insecurities and weaknesses and she held his gaze until he stood before her, short of breath, and completely exposed. He shut his eyes to release himself from her. He felt her breath closer, dusting his chin and lips with sparks, igniting the tiny specs of explosive black powder on the fuse crackling through his body until they lit his skin on fire and all the hair on his neck stood on end. He opened his eyes. She looked inside him and he was finished. She gently pulled his face to her and softly whispered lyrics of honey on his mouth and let her lips form the words across his. She poured out her song on his lips and tongue while her hands and long fingers carefully undressed him, and he drank it in, intoxicating himself.

She dragged her nails down his chest and kissed his neck with an open mouth, sucking and kissing as if trying to free the skin from his flesh. She left a glistening trail of evidence of her mouths attention all across his neck, coaxing his heaving lungs and ever-ragged growing breath to disappear altogether. Gently, and with soft affectionate brushes of her lips down his throat she drew his arms about her waist, cinching herself to him. She paused gaziantep escortları to watch him watch her, to see his eyes pour over her body. That night he memorized every curve and detail of her body the way others would learn their prayers. She knew it and vowed inside to burn those memories to his soul like a brand across his heart.

She spun in slow motion in his arms, spinning the delicate skin of her back and belly in his hands until she was turned from him, arching her back so only her head and fantastically perfect ass rested against him. The brewing coals in his belly burst to flames and he felt himself harden against her. She purred again, basking in the moonlight and warmth of his tightening body. She turned her head to see him, biting her lower lip playfully, and snaked herself against him. She traced lazy swirls and patterns from his shoulders down his sides until her palms pressed and groped the taught muscles of his belly. His cock grew against her as she writhed and danced her body down his; letting his hands slide up her sides and stomach, past her ribs until each finger left its print across her erect nipples. She moaned gently. He swore under his breath. She was Aphrodite and he, a poor wretch, helpless to the melody she sung, spellbound to the charms with which she adorned him.

There was no hurry in her voice, no rush in her hands.

Patiently, kindly, she allowed him to roam her body freely and, at times, crudely. She lay her head against his shoulder and encouraged him with whispers of pleasure. Soft instructive moans, simple songs of delight, led his hands where she wanted them, and the gasps for breath taught him how she wanted to be touched. He laid a track of kisses across the back of her neck and slipped his hands across her hips and down toward her wet pussy. She arched her back and pressed her ass against him, cooing out her encouragement. She reached behind her and wrapped her hands around his massive throbbing cock. It felt warm and smooth, soft in her hands, but rigidly stiff. Her mouth began to water and her stomach skipped with excitement. She gently rocked her hips against his fingers, maneuvering them to lightly rub her clit. She moved her hands with each gentle sway of her hips, pulling and tugging on his cock with her hands and coaxing his grunts with a pouty playful moan. She looked up at him from his chest and half-opened her mouth.

“Tonight, I’ll do anything you want. I’ll be whatever you want me to be.” Her voice hung on his ears like the smoky notes of a coppered saxophone. “I want you to make me do exactly what you say. Make me beg you to fuck me.” She plead the command and fire ignited her.

She bit her lip and turned to face him. Her invitation changed him and he felt a boldness come over him like a sticky syrup. He smiled wryly and put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

“Put your hands on your ass,” he told her, “and open your pretty mouth again.”

Her body became electric and shot jolts through her belly and into her pussy. She felt herself get wetter. He let the tip of his cock brush across her lips. He stepped closer to her so the underside of his shaft rubbed slowly against her open mouth. Her lips felt thick and soft. The upper lip folded and contorted sideways as his cock shifted from side to side. Her tongue flicked out and whipped him as she contracted her lips into a dozen kisses.

“I know you want to taste this cock. You want it to fill up your mouth, don’t you.” Her eyes closed as her mouth opened with her nodding head. “Good. Now, spread your knees as far as you can go. Spread them wide so I know you want me to fuck that little pussy.”

She obeyed. He reached down and brushed a strand of hair away from her eye and curled it around her ear.

“You can lick my cock from my balls to the tip, but you can’t put it in your mouth. Understand?”

She didn’t wait to answer. She held her ass in her hands and deftly lathered his penis with her tongue, stopping only to add a thick layer of sucking kisses on the underside of its swollen head.

“Is that what you want? Am I doing it how you want me to?” She queried with confidence.

He ran his fingers around to the back of her head and tilted it back so he could look into her eyes.

“Yes,” he whispered through is growing smile, “now, I want you to suck it. I want you to try your best to take the whole thing in your mouth and swallow it. Put it down your throat so you can feel my balls on your chin. If you can do it well, I’ll let you touch yourself.”

She opened her mouth slowly, playfully. It was her acceptance and invitation. He guided his cock inside her opened mouth and watched her expertly inhale it. She slowly let it fill her mouth and slip over her soft, wet tongue until it hit the back of her throat. She looked down the length of his shaft and realized the challenge before her. Her stomach danced and her fingers pressed into the cheeks of her ass. She felt herself get wetter, craving to touch herself. She moaned lightly and came up his cock. She repeated, bobbing slowly at first, gaining momentum and distance with each downward impalement. She held his hips in her hands and looked up to him and asked him what he wanted to hear.

“I want you to fuck my mouth. Please.”

He took his cock in his hand and held her head with the other. He pressed it into her mouth and against the inside of her cheek, pulling it almost out and then thrusting it down her throat. She moaned with delight and reached down to rub her pussy. He played with her mouth, stretching it to its limits and allowed her tongue to coat his shaft with sloppy saliva from the base to the tip of his sensitive head. The more he played with her mouth, and the longer she rubbed her clit, the more aggressive she became. Soon, she had two fingers inside her and her mouth and lips and tongue were devouring him, finding a hunger inside her that needed him. She needed to feel him fill her up, to choke down his cock until it reached her belly and that somehow satiety would only be granted the more of her insides had felt him.

She feasted on him and her hunger grew. She moaned on him, reverberating her wanton lustful melody all over him, rocking her body so her mouth mashed itself against him. She still had not taken him in her hands, allowing his rigid cock to snap from her mouth and slip over her face. Her breath was hot and ragged, gulping for the air his cock had stolen.

She was magnificent, an expert in her craft. She needed no hands to assist her and she knew it. It was only a matter of time before he could no longer withstand. As it stood, he squinted his eyes in pure concentration, trying to hold himself back before he released himself, brandishing the explosion of his manhood down her moaning cock engorged throat. She decided it was time and released him with a good hard sucking pop on the tip of his cock. She looked up at him with saliva and pre-cum smeared across her face so it glimmered and shone in the glowing light from the window.

“Baby,” she said with pleading in her voice, “I want you to fuck my mouth until you cum. Please, baby! I can take it, I promise…I can swallow it all…please, please cum in my mouth. I want to taste it all. I’ll clean up that cock and suck every last drop of cu…”

He jammed his cock past her precious delicious lips and pulled her mouth to him until he felt himself against the back of her throat and heard her gag out the last words of her begging plea. He couldn’t hold it any longer. To hear her beg him to unload in her mouth was more than he could bear. She begged him! He felt his balls tighten and constrict, pushing his sticky load of cum through his swollen cock. He expanded in her mouth, the head of his cock ballooning like a giant mushroom. She could feel him reading himself to unload, hear his ragged breath held, exhaled in a deep guttural moan, held again. Her pussy ached. Her fingers dripped with her juices and she could feel her own climax approaching. She craved his cock in her mouth, relished the feeling of his manhood fucking her with abandon, making her take his entirety down her throat. He controlled her and she willingly submitted her body to him.

She gagged out her excitement for him to finish, “uuuhuhhh…ggaaawwwd…uuugggghh…oooooohhhh…ppuuuhhleeas…”

He unloaded. Semen erupted from his cock, splashing the back of her throat, coating her mouth. She gulped it down, eagerly swallowing everything he had to give. She now took his spurting cock in her hands and guided it back and forth in her mouth, gently licking and sucking every last drop of him.

He moaned an almost sobbing cry, “Holy shit!”

His knees buckled and she cooed her delight. She rubbed his penis across her lips and smiled up at him, her emerald eyes glowing with playful lust.

He exhaled long and deep. He was dizzy and lightheaded.

“Stand up,” he panted. “Stand up and go sit on that ottoman.”

She obeyed.

“Good. Now, spread your legs as far as you can. Arch your back so I can see those perfectly erect nipples pokin’ out at me.”

She obeyed with a greedy grin.

” ‘Atta girl. Now, raise your feet like you’ve still got those high heels on.”

She lifted her heels off the floor so her calves popped and only the balls of her feet and her little toes touched.

“Good. Very good.”

“What about my hands? Where would you like them?” Her voice queried.

He marveled at her. Sitting on that damned ottoman, with her glistening pussy exposed, she was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. She oozed with seduction and her words seemed to be soaked in liquid sultriness as she spoke.

“Lick your fingers. Get them really wet. Then you can pinch your nipples. You can’t touch that perfect pussy, yet. I want to see you move your hips like you’re fucking me, but you can’t touch it. Just your tits, got it?”

“Yeah, baby, I got it.”

She licked her fingers and then started to rub the saliva all over her nipples. They were already erect, hard and aching. He leaned against the wall and watched her roll her nipples between her thumb and index finger. She purred and bit her lip. Her knees opened and closed in rhythm with her rocking hips. She frowned slightly and furrowed her brow, looking at him watching her.

“C’mon, baby…I need that cock in me. Look at my pussy…it’s soaking wet for you! C’mon, please…please come and fuck me.”

Her tone was playful, but he wanted it needful and full of lust and desire. She needed more time.

“No, Hun, you aren’t ready yet.”

His cock stiffened again as he watched her roll her head back and concentrate on her tits. She moaned louder now and seemed intent and focused.

“Baby, I’m ready…I’m ready now…please come to me…”

He walked toward her and saw her eyes widen and light on fire. He reached down to her shiny wet tits and took each nipple in his hands. He pinched them, rolling them back and forth across his index fingers. He tugged them toward him.

“You want to me to take care of that pussy, for you?” He grunted.

“Oh, please, will you? I need that fucking cock in me!”

“A little more patience, baby, a little more.” He smiled at her and took her by the hands pulling her up to him.

He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. She pressed her tongue through his lips and wildly sought his. He pulled her bottom lip away from her mouth and sucked it gently, then quickly mirrored her open mouth and danced his tongue to hers, sparks and embers filling their mouths and burning their throats to their bellies into bonfires. She whimpered in his mouth and again began to lay whispers of yearning across his lips like hot coals for a roast. He spun her around so she now faced the ottoman she had just sat on.

“Bend over and spead your legs for me,” he commanded hoarsely.

She rested her forearms on the cushion, spreading her legs wide exposing herself to him. She knew it was dirty, but her stomach was doing backflips and her pussy ached desperately for him. He slapped her ass hard, and she winced in pain, her cheek reddening instantly.

“Fuck!” he bellowed. “That ass is fucking perfect!”

She smiled and teased, “Spank the other side, then!”

He kneaded the other cheek roughly in his hands, squeezing and pulling, gripping her entire cheek in his hands, then WHACK! Her ass smarted on the other side. She whimpered in pleasure. He knelt behind her and began sucking the back of her ass and thighs.

“mmmhmmm…” she moaned out.

His mouth lathered kisses across her inner thighs and around the lips of her engorged pussy. She gyrated her hips against his face and let out a gasp when his tongue plowed inside her. Her hips bucked and her knees gave. He gripped her ass cheeks in his hands and forced his tongue and mouth into her pussy. She was dripping wet juices all over his face and could feel the bridge of his nose rubbing against the bottom wall.

“Yes! Just like that! Oh, shit that feels good!” She clawed at the cushion of the ottoman and pushed her ass back against his face.

“You like it dirty, don’t you…” he gurgled against her leg. “I bet you want me to fuck that ass of yours too, don’t you.”

Waves of pleasure shot through her body at the thought of him ravaging her. She whimpered softly and nodded her head in affirmation. Her pussy contracted and she knew she was close to an orgasm. He continued to assault her with his tongue, darting in and out of her wetness. His rotated until he could reach her clit with his tongue and flicked lightly against the hardened bud.


He lapped her clip, spreading out his tongue as fat as he could make it and pressed it against her. She quivered and shook as he sucked it from its little hood. He knew she was ready and shot a wet finger inside her pussy. Finally, penetration. She spasmed and felt the rush of her orgasm wash over her body like a hot wind. She fell forward to her stomach and lay quivering, breathless and shuddering.

“We’re not done, yet, baby,” he said, wiping her juice from his face.

Her left leg folded at her knee and lazily lopped over the side of the ottoman, raising her ass slightly in the air – its azure fabric stretched tightly across and fashioned to its wooden side rails with decorative nail heads –darkened and deepened from it’s natural flashy turquoise to a deep nightly blue against her creamy thighs. Her arms dangled to the floor so her fingers lay curled against the carpet. Kneeling still behind her he imprinted the image of her lying before him, oblivious to everything and so keenly aware of her own tingling body. He had done that to her, caused her to quake and tremble from his touch. She had tasted the tips of glory at his hand and now he would ensure she knew satisfaction. He would become the expectation other poor wretches would unwittingly try to meet. He would make sure they would never succeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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