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I was drunk, my head was numb. I’d gone to a party of a friend, got into a vodka drinking challenge and think I lost?

I can remember the fourth tall glass that we both downed, then going to take a piss, after that I don’t know what happened? All I knew was that I was sat on a sofa and couldn’t get up!

Someone was sat beside me on the sofa, but my brain couldn’t make out what he was saying, I just smiled back drunkenly. I had no idea what time it was, but knew I’d be staying the night as I couldn’t stand, far less walk.

I must have dozed off to sleep but was woken from my hazy slumber by a hand running up and down my right thigh. This didn’t bother me much. Each time the hand moved up and down it got higher up my thigh. Eventually I felt the hand trace the outline of my cock, I was too drunk to care, all I wanted to do was sleep.

My cock was more awake than I was and I felt it start to stiffen. The massage continued. It felt good as the mystery hand kept rubbing and squeezing my now semi erect dick.. I offered no resistance as I felt my belt being loosened and the button being undone my zip was peeled open exposing my satin black bikini briefs. I gaziantep escort heard a gasp and smiled drunkenly as I guess whoever it was liked what came into view!

I glanced to the right and saw a guy with a big grin, this startled me as I had thought it was a female hand giving me this pleasure. I made a feeble attempt to push his hand away but it was only a token one as I was enjoying the attention my cock was receiving.

I didn’t care it was a guy! It felt so good.

His hand slid down to my crotch brushing along my cock on it.s way to cupping and squeezing my balls. His middle finger ran slowly up to the tip of my cock and back down to the base, each time his finger reaching the tip and making my dick twitch. His forefinger and thumb found my cock head and started to jerk me off gently, I moaned, it felt so good. A wet spot of precum had appeared at my cock head and he rubbed this with his forefinger whilst still wanking my cock. My bikini was damp with my juice and getting wetter!

The rubbing stopped and I wondered if he was just a tease? I needn’t have worried as I felt my left cowboy boot being held and then pulled off. My right boot was next, but as he pulled, it didn’t budge. He tugged at the boot a few more times and I felt myself move to the edge of the sofa. I felt my leg being held between his legs and a final pull had the boot off, as it hit the floor with a thud. My jeans were next to go as he pulled them from my legs and they too found the floor, he left my socks on.

My hand had found my cock and I rubbed the wet spot the way I liked it a thousand times previously, but as good as it felt my new found cock wanker had been doing it better, He pushed my hand away and I waited in anticipation for his return to jerking my dick.

I felt his hands slide up my thighs again waiting for the rubbing of my cock to continue, instead I felt his tongue slide over my satin covered cock from base to tip. My briefs were soon soaking and I guess he liked the taste of my combined precum and piss.

My moaning was getting louder as the enjoyment rippled through my body. His lips slipped over the head of my cock and he began to slowly blow me through my bikini briefs.

Man what an amazing feeling!

His head bobbed up and down slowly as his mouth went lower to the base of my cock with each bob of his head. I wanted to cum as my cock brushed the back of his throat.

I felt my briefs being grasped on both sides and slowly pulled down, the waistband snagged on the base of my cock, I felt the briefs slide down my cock and snagged again on my cock head. The waistband cleared my head as my cock sprung back and hit my stomach with a thwack!

I heard a laugh as the briefs slid down my legs and I lifted my feet to aid their removal, but he left them dangling around my right ankle.

I desperately needed to sleep and felt my cock soften a little despite the pleasure it was receiving, he sensed this too as his tongue licked around my freed cock head. Engulfing my head he licked my cock as he sucked, increasing his pace and sucking more deeply. I tensed a little as his tongue licked and slurped om my cock, I moaned and felt that familiar feeling as my cum started to rise. My cock was aching as it erupted like a volcano, filling his mouth full of cream.

It may have been the best blowjob I’d ever had but I was to fucked to appreciate it!

I felt his cock brush along my lips and I opened my mouth trying to return the blow job, I tried to lick the head like he had done to me but I fell into a deep sleep before I could blow him, I think?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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