Early Morning Phone Call

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4:10 a.m., and the phone rings: “I didn’t want to scare you, baby, by ringing the doorbell. Can you come unlock the door?”

I wipe the sleep from my eyes, grab my housecoat, and make my way to the door, groping for the lock. There you stand before me, hat pulled down almost to your eyes, heavy coat and gloves. The rush of cold air hardens my nipples through the thin fabric of my robe. You rush in, and I close the door behind you. I start to make my way back to the warmth of my bed, but you have another thought on your mind.

You grab me, push me against the wall in the entryway and part my robe. To your delight, I am completely naked underneath. My erect nipples are an invitation for your tongue to graze over their hardness. I throw my head back, and my eyes close in ecstasy. You know how your tongue on my nipples can awaken my latent desire. I grab your head with one hand, and thrust my other breast closer to your mouth with the other. I want you to pay them equal attention! Your tongue flicks rapidly from one nipple to the other, causing the wetness between my legs to turn to a deluge.

You work your way back up to my neck. I start to tell you to not suck too hard, but your mouth covers mine, extinguishing my words. You slide Escort Keçiören your hands behind me, grab my ass, and pick me up. I wrap my legs around you, and feel your raging hard-on though the fabric of your jeans. You make your way back to my bedroom in the dark, with me holding on for dear life. You lay me gently on the bed, and light one candle on the dresser, just so you can see my silhouette.

You begin to undress, and I lie there and enjoy the view, making no move to assist you. You are obviously in charge this morning. First your hat and gloves, then your coat; my eyes widen. Then your shirt and t-shirt; I bite my bottom lip. Then your shoes and socks; I grin. Then your pants; I lick my lips. Finally your boxers; I begin to salivate. As the waistband lowers, your dick springs out and I gasp. Although I have seen it before, it is still incredible to me.

You look down at me, my naked body glowing in the candlelight. In the dim light, I can see the ravenous look in your eyes. I know what you will be dining on for breakfast. You start where you left off – at my mouth. You hover just high enough above my body that I can feel your dick touching my thigh, but I cannot reach it. You pin my outstretched arms so I am Keçiören Escort helpless, and begin to make your way back down my body, gently biting each nipple on your descent.

You finally release my arms, and lift my ass, sliding a pillow underneath. You then lower your head to feast on my body. The first flick of your tongue sends shockwaves through my body. But you stop. I protest. Your tongue traces a pattern down my thighs. I try in desperation to grab your head and force you back to my pleasure zone. You chuckle, and flip me onto my stomach.

“No Fair,” I object. “I want to watch.” You don’t even respond to me. So I resign my fate, and relinquish what little bit of control I think have to your capable hands. You lift up my hair, and kiss the back of my neck as your hands part my legs. You slip your dick in between my thighs, but not into my pussy. I squirm and try to get your hardness inside of my wetness, but you pull back, prolonging the teasing. Your tongue and lips trail kisses down my back to my ass. I moan loudly into my pillow as you come closer to your destination. I pray silently that you do not detour, and go directly there.

I feel your warm breath on my ass, and your fingers are underneath, Keçiören Escort Bayan working their way toward my throbbing clit. You spread me wide open, and lift me up onto my knees. “Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm,” you repeat, right before you dive in. As your fingers pleasure my clit, your tongue plunges into my asshole. My fingers claw at the sheets as I feel my first orgasm building up. You continue to plunge and lick my ass, and pinch and squeeze and massage my clit. I can hardly breath – the blood has all rushed to my pussy and I am drenching your hand with my cum. You turn onto your back, and pull my pussy right into your mouth so you can drink all of my juices.

“Fuck me baby,” I cry. You have now lost your composure. I know what it takes to send you over the edge. You arise, and grab a hold of my ass, plunging your cock deep into me mercilessly. I scream as I feel your pulsating hardness invade me over and over. I collapse onto the bed, and you fall right with me. You are grinding into me, and move your hand underneath me, to pleasure my clit as you continue moving.

Just as I know your orgasm is close, I hear “beep,beep, beep, beep.”

“What the hell!” I say. It’s my alarm clock. I reach out to silence it, and turn over only to see you sleeping peacefully. This was just a dream – a very erotic one at that! I lift the covers and move next to you. My hand discovers that your dick is completely erect. I wonder if you were having the same dream as I was. I take you into my mouth, to awaken you in the most delicious way!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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