Ellen’s Coming Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Admittedly, even with the mind-blowing evening we’d shared, not to mention the following day when we literally spent the day fucking one another’s brains out whenever we felt like it, I couldn’t help but wonder afterwards if that wasn’t nothing more than a onetime shot borne out of pure simple eroticism that wouldn’t be repeated again anytime soon. Especially when Ellen came to her senses and realized that she was fucking her sister’s husband after all, even if Mattie encouraged it or not.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it didn’t. Even as I came down stairs having first gotten ready for work the following Monday to grab a quick cup of coffee and a Danish on my way out the door, I was greeted by both Mattie and Ellen sitting at the kitchen table already up and on their third cups when I came down. Both wore simple robes as they busily poured me a cup or served up a hot pastry for me to eat, neither of which was securely tied in front, so I sat eye-balling both of their luscious tits as they made all too infrequent appearances while leaning over to serve me, or turning this way or that way as I sat there letting my coffee get cold.

“So what are you two up to today?” I finally asked, “More shopping?” I noticed Ellen toss a quick secretive glance towards her sister with a sly smile that she tried to hide behind a pastry as she bit in to it.

My wife on the other hand maintained a stoic expression to my inquiry without giving away that they were up to something, but as far as I was concerned, Ellen had already done that.

“Couple of places I thought we might go window shopping yes,” was all she told me. “I already have a nice roast that I took out of the freezer to thaw for dinner tonight, so we don’t really need much by way of groceries either, though if you wouldn’t mind dropping by and picking up a couple of bottles of wine to go with it, that would be nice, and would save us a trip.”

As usual, Mattie managed to divert the subject letting me know only what she wanted me to. Whatever the girls were up to, I’d find out eventually, and hopefully this evening, as I really hated not knowing what was going on. I did receive a nice affectionate little kiss from each as I headed out the door, walking out to the car, opening the door and turning to wave good-bye as I always did. In return, the girls stood side-by-side in the doorway watching me leave, and then as though previously planned, which I’m sure that it was, both opened their robes fully, showing me as they did so they were completely naked underneath. Before I could react one way or the other however, they had just as quickly closed their robes along with the door, and disappeared from sight.


I had a hard time working, grateful when the hands on the clock finally told me it was quitting time. I soon after drove to the store, picking up the wine that my wife had requested, and headed home.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was the delicious aroma of the roast cooking along with the smell of hot fresh rolls.

“Welcome home honey,” my wife said greeting me as I came into the kitchen. Ellen was nowhere in sight, though my searching eyes was an obvious enough question that she responded. “Ellen’s getting dressed,” she said simply. “We’re having a bit of a special dinner this evening, so go upstairs take a shower, and put on what I’ll come up and lay out for you to wear.”

“Good hell sweetie, do we really have to dress for dinner? I haven’t done that since I was a kid!”

“Don’t argue, and don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll mind it one single bit!”

By the time I had showered and shaved again, Mattie had left my outfit all nicely spread on the bed. She’d given me a pair of black silk pajamas some years ago, but there really was hardly an occasion for me to ever where them for one thing, and for another, I never wore anything to bed.

“That’s interesting,” I mused as I put them on, and then bounded downstairs like a kid waking up on Christmas morning. By the time I arrived, dinner was all set and waiting for me on the table, along with both opened bottles of wine, giving them a chance to breathe, soft lighting, equally soft music playing in the background, and two very soft erotic looking women on top of all that.

“Well? What do you think?” Mattie asked showing off the rather sensual display, though at the moment I wasn’t looking at the scrumpscious food they’d prepared, but at them.

“Wow!” was my one worded response, though I doubled it. “Wow!” I said once again really meaning it.

The girls obviously had gone shopping indeed, each of them still standing by their respective chairs waiting for me to seat them, which I soon did, but not before taking in the delightful provocative scenery first!

Mattie had chosen to wear a long very sheer floor-length black gown that did little if anything to hide all those luscious curves beneath it. Strategically placed folds of additional material covered, though more than hinted at her marvelous Beylikdüzü Olgun Escort breasts, as well as the area between her legs that more or less played peek-a-boo with me as she turned allowing me to more fully appreciate the way she looked as I held out her chair for her before moving over to perform the same service for her sister.

Ellen had taken a slightly different route in her attire still elegant, but in a very sultry way that allowed both of her nipples to be openly shown while surrounded by just enough material of her emerald green gown that let me know they were there, all hard and pointed, though the fullness of her breasts was cleverly concealed beneath the form fitting bodice, matching patties and gartered stockings. I’d never really been a fan of green colors, but I certainly was now. Having helped Ellen into her chair, I finished walking around the table towards mine where I’d been seated in the middle between the two of them. My prick already having doubled in size though not quite fully erect, still pressed obviously enough as it was against the thin material of my pajamas as I walked, soon seating myself.

“I think he likes the way we look,” Ellen said grinning.

“I noticed,” My wife told her sister nodding her head, her eyes having followed me all the way over to my own chair, though she added as an afterthought. “Enjoy your dinner honey,” she said sweetly. “But don’t eat too much, we wouldn’t want you having your desert on a full stomach!”

As delicious as everything looked and smelled, I hardly remember even eating it as I sat there. Watching the subtle movements of their breasts throughout dinner had kept my erection hard and full, a constant reminder of just how aroused I was for one, and still wondering what else might lie ahead of me for another.

We finished dinner, pouring additional glasses of wine, which we then took with us downstairs to the den where the girls had once again obviously prepared something else by way of entertainment. Though I was of course now expecting something, I was still taken by surprise as I was led into the room. Soft lighting once again greeted me of course, but it was red now, a sense of eroticism bathing the entire room in its glow. The girls had pushed most of the furniture aside against the walls, opening the middle of the room where they had spread out an enormous very comfortable looking blow-up mattress with several large throw pillows covering it. Having been led into the room, I began to walk towards it, intending to position myself right down in the middle of it, but Ellen stopped me, grabbing onto my hand before I could.

“Not yet,” she said seductively. “Take a seat in one of the chairs, enjoy your wine first.”

I did so, now wondering more than ever what they were up to, until they stood beginning to undress one another, slowly… which I knew to be for my benefit, as they seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time undoing ties or laces, or whatever else it was that kept their clothes on. But I found myself loving every minute of it too!

When they stood fully naked, I half expected for the two of them to come back over towards me, and perhaps perform the same sensual removal of my clothes that I’d sat watching and seeing them do. Instead, I caught the naughty wink and smile from my wife that I had learned a long time ago told me something very special, and very erotic was about to happen. I certainly wasn’t wrong either.

Hidden beneath the pillows as both girls sunk down into the sea of softness below me, I watched as Mattie withdrew what appeared to be a giant-sized prick, a two headed prick actually, which as she held it up for me to see, flipping a small switch as she did so, also began to emit a soft humming sound as she held it.

“Would you like to help us with this?” she asked innocently without obviously being so.

I sat my wine glass back on the corner table after draining it, then followed my hard firm erection which pointed the way as I crossed over towards the girls who had now positioned themselves down on their backs, legs overlapping one another, pussies just barely inches apart.

“Would you be kind enough to put each end of it inside us?” Mattie asked in the sultriest seductive tone of voice I had ever heard her use before.

“Fuck!” I moaned by way of response taking the almost life-like feeling toy from her and laying it between them initially, more or less bridging the gap between them. Just reaching over to spread the lips of my sister-in-laws cunt with my fingers sent chills of desire running up and down my spine. As I did so, briefly exposing her hard pink little clit that now winked at me from where it had previously been hiding, I heard Ellen’s soft moan of expectation and excitement. Already the pre-lubrications of her arousal pooling between her lips, a white almost frothy cream coating now clinging to her swollen lips which I again remembered playing with, pulling up and stretching with my fingers Beylikdüzü Otele Gelen Escort just a few nights ago now. Rubbing the toys prick head against her clit briefly by way of introduction, then likewise sliding it up and down between her even juicer sucking lips, I finally pressed it, easing it just inside her, watching the head of the prick suddenly disappear inside her with a nice squishy little welcome along with another deep-throated moan of approval.

I now took the other end, doing the same thing to my wife’s cunt, as Ellen lay unmoving, expectantly, teasing my wife’s precious clit with the head, though in doing so, not initially realizing I was also causing and giving unexpected stimulation to Ellen’s cunt simultaneously.

When both women were properly impaled with the toy, I sat back on my heels waiting expectantly.

“Take a seat baby,” Mattie purred. “Pull you chair up closer to us…and watch.”

I had turned on the vibrator to its lowest setting so that it did nothing more than give off a faint gentle stimulation as the girls began to slowly move against one another with the toy now fucking between them. I wasn’t sure that this qualified as an incestuous act, maybe it did, but they only touched themselves really, watching as I did, their hands kneading and toying with their own breasts in the way they obviously enjoyed and preferred doing. And though the toy certainly connected the two of them together, their movements and pleasures complimenting one another, it was for me a simple erotic act, and adventure of seeing two beautiful women together, pleasuring themselves while somehow pleasuring one another.

“Take it out baby, I want to watch you,” Mattie finally spoke through glazed eyes as she continued to fondle and mold her tits with her hands, fingers pulling on hard extended nipples, pinching and twisting them just the way she loved it whenever I did. Likewise, Ellen too held her breasts, though teasing her own erect little nubbins with the tips of her fingers, sometimes flicking them against each, often lowering her hand to feel the head of the prick as it slid in and out of her, teasing and caressing her swollen hard clitoris that had now grown to twice it’s normal size, no longer hiding beneath the protective folds of her lips.

I was glad to get out of the pajamas, though they had certainly felt comfortable earlier. My cock was now rigidly hard, swollen purple in color as I looked down at the two of them, still writing and undulating against one another so erotically, so sensually like cobra’s entwined after a fashion as they slithered back and forth against one another there on the bed.

I stood up then, now standing as I looked directly down upon them, watching the toy first going inside one, and then out, while the opposite occurred for the other. Both women openly moaning and groaning their combined pleasures, looks that became vulnerably exposed, eyes that sparkled with the intensity of lust, wanton desire and need.

I stood, squeezing my prick, watching the large thick fat droplet of precum ooze from the head of my dick, slowly extending itself in a long sliver of pearly cum-string that I dangled, and then tossed like a fisherman with his fly, seeing it land perfectly upon Ellen’s breast, capturing her nipple which she now tickled and caressed, using the essence of my lubrication to further her own pleasure and enjoyment with.

I continued to stand, fisting my prick, slowly, teasingly, once again urging forth another droplet that I again milked until it hung suspended from prick-tip nearly reaching my wife’s cunt before separating, falling of its own accord to mingle with the wet slick-sounding juices she was already producing now with fingers furiously encircling her clit, sometimes exploring and joining the pink-headed monster that fucked ever so deeply, ever so constantly in and out of her slippery sounding sex.

“We want to see you squirt baby,” Mattie told me.

“Yes, yes we do!” Ellen said joining her sister. “I want to watch your prick spraying on us from above, see you squirting on us, on me…on my tits, my cunt, my face, wherever you want to,” she added almost challengingly.

“Yes! Yes!” Mattie stated, her eyes showing lust-filled agreement with her sister’s request. “Watching us cum, watching us fucking one another as we do, making one another climax as you stand there, your prick spurting it’s fuck juice all over the two of us!”

At that precise moment, Mattie reached down switching the toy to the second highest setting, I saw the sudden surprised look on her sister’s face, followed by an intake of air, her lungs filling, holding, her fingers now openly spreading her lips apart, her clit once again even more fully exposed, harder, larger than I’d thought possible as she lay there allowing the new enhanced vibrations of the monster cock to work its magic inside and upon her super-sensitized flesh.

“Oh yeah Rob, yeah! Jack it honey!” she asked me almost Beylikdüzü Rus Escort pleadingly now, “Jack it off, make it spurt, make it squirt, make it cum!”

Though I had certainly been doing just that, I was hardly even aware of it, my eyes feasting on first one, and then the other, going back and forth, watching how each woman responded to the new stimulations, each reacting slightly differently, yet just as passionately aroused as the other. Mattie now humping herself against some unseen lover perhaps, her ass bouncing up and down against the bed, one hand almost violently stretching, tearing at a nipple as she pulled upon it, the other between her legs, two fingers likewise vise-gripped about her own extended little clit as she held them there masturbating herself with an up and down motion just as I now stood doing myself.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” I announced, feeling that first delicious tickle as my balls hardened fully, no longer bouncing up and down beneath my hand, now stiffly attached to the movement of my cock as I pulled it, milking the head for a moment, letting go, milking and squeezing the head once again, feeling the tingle of release begin to slowly make its way up and then out of my shaft. “Here…it…comes!” I groaned, my teeth almost gritting, my face grimacing in ecstasy, watching the sudden almost magical appearance of my semen as it exploded from the tip of my prick, split streamers of it as though I’d purposely planned it that way, bending at the knee, hovering, watching as my ejaculation splattered almost simultaneously against each woman’s cunt, bathing it in thick milky white cream that momentarily obscured their precious pink clits from view.

Almost methodically, I turned back and forth between the two of them, my prick now lurching, spending itself repeatedly over and over against them until there was nothing more to give, even though the throbs continued, the pulsations still coursing through my entire being as my legs gave out, weak in the knees stumbling backwards again reclaiming my chair.

Two distinct eruptions of orgasmic bliss accompanied my own, Ellen frantically hand-patting her mound which suddenly erupted with its own little volcanic spray as her pussy suddenly shot one tiny little streamer of watery juice high into the air which was followed quickly by another and then another. Mattie meanwhile was coaxing her own sweet nectar out of her cunt, still manually jerking off her clit with two fingers, I watched as the white frothy foam of her spending completely enveloped the large thick fuck toy, bathing it in what almost looked like cum-bubbles, wrapping around it, then dripping out to add to the frothy, cunt-suck-fuck noises I so loved hearing her make.


Mattie had a way of getting me aroused all over again within a reasonably short period of time. Something that surprised Ellen for some reason, though she explained that her soon to be Ex usually fell asleep, or grew impatient with her afterwards the moment he had finished, whether she’d had an orgasm or not. Ellen confessed that most often, she would sneak off into the bathroom and finish masturbating herself, which is when she first learned she could really often squirt if she did it a certain way. Again, something her husband found thoroughly disgusting when she first showed him.

The one nice thing about a second, or even sometimes a third climax in one evening for me, each took just a bit longer to arrive at, thus ensuring Mattie, and now Ellen that there was no rush, nor any big hurry for us to be in. It truly was all about pleasure, and pleasuring one another. Now finally being invited onto the enormous bed they’d created, the girls simply took turns mounting me, fucking at whatever leisurely pace, or even quick one they desired, while I played, touched, fondled or sucked on a pair of boobs while all this was going on, and while the other waited her turn. Looking at the clock, seeing that it was already past two in the morning, I knew there and then I’d be calling in to work, taking the day off the next day. We soon after fell asleep in one another’s arms just as we lay, each of us content beyond understanding.


Mattie unfortunately didn’t have the same option that I did. She worked part-time three days a week at a clothing store, so though we’d stayed up fooling around half the night, she had to get up and go into work. While she showered, I made coffee and then headed upstairs to take her a cup while she dressed. “So what plans do you have for the day?” Mattie asked.

“Nothing really,” I said sheepishly, hoping to get in a little naptime.

“Well try and spend some of it with Ellen,” she said seriously. “I know she seems to be doing well, but I know this is still hard on her. And something else too,” Mattie said which surprised me a little. “Don’t be afraid to show her some affection today either.”

“Affection?” I asked looking for some clarification here. “Like a hug here and there?”

“That too, but you know what I mean,” she smiled softly.

We hadn’t exactly discussed it in any length up until now. It had been one thing to include Ellen in our own intimate play, and certainly having Mattie always there and well aware of things was one thing. But I had had no inclination to even imagine doing anything else while Mattie wasn’t there.

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