Emily , Mary Ch. 01

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Big Tits

Emily was moaning as we fucked, but in between the moans she talked about her younger sister, Mary. “She plays with herself all the time now, Daddy. Uhhhh. I swear, every time I go into our bedroom I see the sheets moving where her hand is frigging her little pussy. Ohhh, yes, Daddy, that feels good! She’s such a liar, though. She always says she just had an itch. Mmmmm.”

“Maybe she’s old enough to join our games,” I said, still screwing her.

Emily’s frowned a little, but she started to fuck me faster. “I thought I was your special slut!”

“You’ll always be my special slut,” I reassured her, firmly grasping her long auburn hair while I did it. “But don’t you want to teach your sister how to make men happy?”

Emily looked even more excited. I watched her pretty breasts bounce up and down as she rode me. “You mean I can teach her, Daddy?”

“Absolutely. In fact,” I added, while starting to pull hard on Emily’s hair, “Mary can be your special slut toy. You can tell her what do to to please Daddy. And naturally you’ll have to make her fuck you too, so she learns how to please other girls.”

Emily obviously liked that idea a lot, because she started to scream, “Oh yes, Daddy! Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohfuckohfuckohfuck!” as she came all over my cock.

Emily was panting after her orgasm, so I let her catch her breath for a minute before I whispered in her ear, “I want you to go to the door of the bursa eve gelen eskort bayan bedroom very quietly, and then open it very quickly. I think there will be a surprise waiting for both of us.”

Emily smiled and tiptoed to the bedroom door. When she snatched it open, Mary fell forward into the bedroom, with her right hand still firmly wedged up her blue nightshirt and down her cute striped panties. She looked awfully embarrassed, but Emily, who has always been a little bossy with her younger sister, grabbed her by her short red hair and dragged her over to the bed. Mary was trembling as Emily announced, “I caught Mary listening at the door, Daddy! AND she was playing with herself!”

“No I wasn’t!” Mary protested.

“Yes you were!” Emily insisted. She grabbed Mary’s hand and held it out to me. “See? Her hand has her pussy juice all over it!”

I took Mary’s hand and gently smelled it … then licked it. It was delicious. It turns out that I have two very tasty daughters! Mary quivered as I licked her pussy juice off her hand, and Emily started to squirm with envy. Eventually, Emily interjected, “How are you going to punish her, Daddy?”

I smiled. “It seems to me that you used to listen at the bedroom door too, Emily.” Emily now looked a little embarrassed herself, but I think it was mainly because she was being taken down a peg in front of bursa eskort bayanlar her sister, who was smiling a little at this revelation. They both looked surprised, though, when I said, “So I think you both need to be punished.”

Emily was already naked, but I ordered Mary to strip. When she went slowly, Emily quickly tugged her nightshirt and panties off. Mary was also wearing white tube socks. Emily started to pull those off of her too, but I said, “No, she can leave those on. They look cute.” Once again, Mary looked a little pleased, and Emily looked a little jealous, and I smiled at the thought of the payback Mary would be getting later. “Now,” I continued, “both of you bend over the edge of the bed, side by side.” They did, and I admired their plush, round, sexy asses. I reached to my pants on the floor, and slid my belt out. I thought this was a good time for some girl-girl bonding, so I said, “You’re both in trouble with Daddy for being snooping sluts, and you’re both going to get punished.” And with that I let the belt come down hard on Emily’s ass. The smack of the leather hitting her flesh echoed through the bedroom. Then I twisted slightly and brought the belt down on Mary’s ass: smack. I continued, alternating like this, through several turns, and added some verbal abuse to the mix:

smack Masturbating sluts!
smack Sluts!
smack Whores!
smack Cum sluts!

I görükle escort bayanlar could imagine the mixture of pleasure, pain, desire and fear that they were feeling now. They were very vulnerable and open emotionally at this point, so I ordered, “Hold each other’s hands.” They turned their upper bodies toward each other. Now their asses were side by side, but their arms were tangled together, and their faces were right next to each other. smack smack “Now kiss each other!” I ordered. They readily complied. I had overheard them in their room before playing games like “Mommy and Daddy” or “Daddy and His Secretary,” so I knew that they had kissed before. So I was not surprised that they easily and expertly started to kiss each other. At first it was gentle, with girly lips softly meeting and reassuring each other. But soon their tongues were finding each other, and they were passionately kissing.

I was about to order them to start playing with each other’s tits, but they started to do it spontaneously. I decided not to punish them for acting without permission. Instead, I put the belt down, and got some hand lotion, which I applied to their sore, red bottoms. The both sighed, each enjoying the combination of feelings of Daddy ministering to her aching ass, and her sister kissing her mouth and caressing her breasts.

I leaned over the two of them, enjoying the feeling of my two-girl “harem” underneath me, my hard cock prodding both of them as I moved across them. “What do you think Mary needs to learn next?” I asked Emily.

My girls broke their kiss, and Emily smiled. “She’s been afraid to eat my pussy. I can tell she wants to, but she’s afraid to.”

“Well then,” I said, smiling myself, “we’d better make her do it.”

(To be continued…)

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