Employee Appreciation Day Ch. 01

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I stand in a line with the other men; all different shapes, sizes, and colors, all of us shoulder to shoulder. This is a day I’ve dreaded since I first hired on and heard about it. This is the first one of these events I’ve had to participate in. The company calls it “Female Employee Appreciation Day”. It’s the company’s way of saying thanks and empowering all the female employees, giving the men an appreciation of all the ladies, no matter what their role.

It’s also HR’s program of cross-training, inclusion, diversity, and all that other bullshit HR is famous for coming up with and likes to harp about monthly. It’s a day where all male employees are chosen by a female employee to help them throughout the day. I personally have had no problems appreciating the ladies I worked with and for in the past so the whole concept, to me, seems silly. The way it works is all the ladies that want to participate have their names placed in a bingo style cage and then they are drawn one at a time.

The males’ participation is mandatory, which I personally think is total bullshit, but I haven’t been here long enough to voice my opinion about it. As each lady’s name is called she steps up and picks one of the guys standing in line. That guy is hers for the day… to help and do whatever task or tasks she would like him to do. File papers, go get coffee, make copies, get lunch, take notes in meetings, or clean her office, whatever suits her fancy. Furthermore, the lady gets to grade her “helper” and the grade becomes part of the guy’s yearly review, which, in turn, becomes a factor in his end-of-year bonus.

I stand in line, thinking to myself, “I should have taken a job somewhere else. This was never mentioned during the interview.”

As the ladies’ names begin to be called, each one steps forward and chooses their helper for the day, amid cheers and claps and laughter. I’m kinda new so I haven’t been around long enough to know many of the people and understand what the laughter and cheers for some of those chosen mean. I stand there, thinking about several things I need to get done, waiting to get chosen.

As ladies choose and walk out with their male helpers I think about what a waste of time this is, although it is rather amusing, and I try to get into the spirit because it is supposed to be a fun activity. Some of the ladies choose and then barter to trade their guys for a guy who has been picked already. I watch, curiously, as a couple of small scale arguments break out before order is eventually restored and the process continues.

Well over half the guys are picked over and I’m still standing in line. I get annoyed, because I’ve always been used to being picked closer to the top, but I think to myself that we’re not on the playground anymore, and these aren’t football or baseball teams.

I hear the name “Ms. Lacy” called, and I watch as she makes her way down to the remaining prospects. She looks kind of important, I think to myself, although I’m pretty sure I haven’t met her yet. She is nicely dressed, has a business like saunter, and is carrying a cell phone. As she approaches the line, I can hear her almost critiquing each guy as she passes each of them…No…No…No…Fuck you Bill…No…No…You should have been fired months ago…No…No…You suck…No…Gay…No…No…I hear her as she walks by each remaining guy, much like a drill sergeant inspecting his platoon.

She stops and turns to face me, and I’m curious as to what remark she is going to have for me. I look her squarely in the eye.

“Sam isn’t it? You’re fairly new, right?” she asks.

“Yeah, I’ve been here a few months now,” I reply maintaining eye contact.

“Double E, right?” she inquires, matter-of-factly.

I’m surprised she knows that I’m new, and more surprised that she knows my position. I’m also surprised that my eyes drift to her cleavage and I hope she didn’t notice my quick glance. “That’s correct. I’m working on the…”

She interrupts me in mid-sentence, “…the new power plant. I know. I’m the PM over that project.” I’m beginning to understand why she looked important. This is one of the company’s biggest projects and the primary reason I was hired in the first place.

“Eh…you’ll do…plus you’re kinda cute. C’mon,” she says, never breaking eye contact and giving me a flash of a grin. She turns and walks off, expecting me to follow her. My eyes drift to her nice, round ass as she gets a couple steps in front of me. I think that looking at a PM’s ass is probably not very professional, but neither was the “kinda cute” comment, so at least we’re even.

She walks up the hall, looking dead ahead. I walk by her side, her chosen helper for the day. Her heels click with each step on the tile floor. I look down and notice her painted toes. She asks about my education and previous work experience and projects and we chat as we walk along.

Her cell phone rings just as we round a corner. She looks at the caller ID, Beylikdüzü Suriyeli Escort mumbles something under her breath that I don’t quite catch, and reluctantly answers. We never break stride. As she’s talking on the phone, she turns to look at me, points to a Keurig machine, and makes a “pouring into the cup motion” with her hands, while holding her cell phone to her ear with her shoulder. I acknowledge her request with thumbs up, a gesture that makes her stop and then grin, before disappearing inside her office door.

I walk into her office, trying not to spill the coffee, and set the cup on her desk, as she’s finishing up her phone call. She looks at it then glares at me. “I wanted tea,” she says.

“My bad,” I reply, and I pick the cup up from her desk and leave the office again. I can’t believe I’ve fucked up the first thing. I can feel her eyes on my back and then hear her breathe a quiet laugh as I exit.

When I return with her tea she’s sitting in her chair and she apologizes for seeming rude or unappreciative. I place the new cup on her desk and quickly glance down her shirt again, as I respond to her apology.

“I should have asked whether you wanted coffee or tea.” In my mind, I think about how she has very nice breasts. I stand back from her desk, waiting for her next request.

“I need all those drawings sorted out and organized,” she says as she points to a table with a pile of drawings on it. “Just arrange and file them by project number,” she adds. I walk to the table and look at the large number of drawings then begin to sort through them. I can’t help but think about her nice breasts, and the quick view I had, standing above her when I placed the tea on her desk.

After several minutes I can feel her watching me and I glance back to see her elbow resting on her desk, holding one end of a pencil in her fingertips, holding on to the other end of it in her teeth. Our eyes meet and I quickly turn my attention back to my assigned task. I feel my face getting red, and begin to get hot. I stand to remove my sweatshirt and her eyes follow me.

I sit back down and continue on, sorting through the drawings. I hear her stand and her heels click as she walks toward me. I can feel her leaning over my shoulder; I’m supposing to inspect my progress.

“Hey Sam, I’ve got something else for you to do,” she says, almost in a whisper.

I shuffle the drawing in my hand to its respective stack, and turn to face her, still seated, her gorgeous breasts at eye level. “Ok. Sure. What is it?” I ask, trying to keep my eyes from venturing back to her breasts.

“I need you to make me come,” she says, placing a fingertip under my chin. My eyes widen with the statement, and I get erect, almost instantly.

“Are you serious?” “Right here?” “Now?” I look around almost concerned.

“Yes” She leans forward, allowing my eyes a clear path down her shirt to see her cleavage. “I know you’ve been looking at these today.” She steps back, and unbuttons her pants. “You’re helping me today, remember? My boyfriend works so much, I just need more attention. You’ll help me, right?”

Feeling completely overcome with desire, I respond to her request. “Yes” As soon as I say it, I can’t believe that it came out of my mouth. I reach for her hips and pull her closer to me, unzipping her already unbuttoned pants. I slide my hands inside them, kissing her belly button, feeling her ass with my hands.

I slide her pants down from her backside. I ease them all the way to her ankles, and she merely steps out of them, then walks around me to the table, where I had been sorting drawings. She perches herself up on the table, drawings and all, placing one foot on my chair and spreads her legs. I slowly rub my palms up the inside of her thighs, and I hear her start to breathe heavier.

I then get a little bolder and kiss up the inside of her thighs, slowly. I reach for the top of her panties and she raises her hips toward me so that I can easily slide them down to the floor. As I slip them off, I notice her clean shaven lips. I look her in the eye, and see her sexy look of desire and want.

I reach to feel her breasts through her shirt and lower my head between her long shapely legs. My tongue finds her slit and I lightly run my tongue up and down, teasing just a little, before I insert my tongue into her. I find her clit, and kiss it, then place my mouth over it, gently sucking it inside my mouth. I hum quietly, so she can feel the vibration, as well as my tongue.

I insert my finger inside her while I lick her clit. She holds on to my head, pulling my face further into her. She’s so wet. My tongue fights with her clit, and she rocks and gyrates her hips.

Her phone starts to vibrate, and she answers, but continues to hold my face between her beautiful legs. I continue to lap at her clit. I can hear a man’s voice coming from the speaker of the phone, but I can’t make out what Beylikdüzü Türbanlı Escort he’s saying. Every now and then she says “Yeeesss” as her hips rock and “Mmmm Hmmm”.

I wonder if she talking to me or him. Her hips rock quicker “Ohhh…Yeesss”, then she quickly says “hey, I gotta go, someone’s coming”, as she quickly ends the call, and throws the phone down. She holds on to my head with both hands as she bursts into orgasm. “Ohh…YESSS!” I know she’s talking to me now as I feel her quivering from her powerful orgasm.

After catching her breath, she quickly stands, grabs her panties, pants, and then her phone, and moves back to her desk. I look at her confused. “Thanks, that was awesome” she says, acting as if she has addressed my confused look, and starts putting her clothes back on.

When my erection has subsided, I stand, and begin walking out of the office. “Where are you going?” “To the bathroom to wash my face,” I reply. “Oh, ok. Hurry back, I’ve more stuff for you to do.” She grins sexily and then begins pecking on her keyboard.

I walk in the bathroom and begin splashing water up on my face wondering “what the fuck just happened”. I’ve heard about stuff like this at work, but can’t say I’ve ever taken part in anything like it.

After I’ve finished washing my face, I stand looking at myself in the mirror, thinking to myself “I’ve just pleasured a lady I work with, while she was on the phone, in her office. Am I going to get fired now? What if she didn’t care for it? Will this affect my performance rating? What if my wife finds out?” All this races through my mind in less than a second.

I walk back into her office, and she’s talking on the phone again. I sit and begin to go through the drawings that I had been working on before our little sexy break. After a few minutes, her call is over and I can feel her eyes on me again, just as I finish arranging the last of the drawings. “Are you OK?” she asks.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just thought…”

“You thought I was going to let you fuck me, right?” She interrupts and finishes the sentence for me, for the second time today.

My face turns red, and it makes her grin. “Well, yeah…I mean…I wasn’t going to say the word fuck.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I’ve got no filter. And yes, I’m going to let you fuck me, if you’d like that. I just couldn’t because I knew I was going to be on this call about our project at 9:30.”

The way she says “our project” sounds kind of sexy. And the way that she’s direct and blunt has caught me off guard a number of times already.

“So, what do you think about the electrical package of our project?” she asks.

I’m thinking to myself “I just ate her out, and made her cum, now she’s back talking about work.” I try to switch my mind back into work mode, and answer “uh, well, it appears to be fairly solid, although I think we should do several things differently.”

“Oh, like what?” She quizzes me. I pull out the electrical drawings and begin going on a long, drawn out dissertation about all the things that I feel could be improved upon. She listens intently. I haven’t been around her, except for today, but I get the impression that she works hard and plays hard, and is not afraid to mix the two, which is an exciting prospect in itself.

After I’m finished, she sets back in her chair as she lets all the information I just gave her sink in. “Well, you certainly seem to have a good handle on this project.” I take her comment as a compliment. And she begins to explain to me the importance of the project, to the company and to her. I think to myself that she is using the project as a spring board to advance her career, which I find no fault in.

And then she switches gears on a dime, and the conversation takes a completely different turn. “Sorry about this morning” she starts, almost apologetic. “My boyfriend works so much, and gets grumpy, and sometimes he’s really no fun to be around, no fun for me anyway.”

She continues, “I’ve looked at your work and I see you have an eye for details, which is why I chose you today, and why I chose to hire you for the project. I didn’t realize I’d be so attracted to you though.” I feel my face starting to turn red again, unsure if it’s from her being attracted to me, saying it, or finding out that she was the reason I was hired for the project.

“Well, you’re very attractive as well,” I counter.

She stands and approaches me again, much in the same manner she did this morning. “We can do a lot of really great things together, professionally…and physically. All you need is to loosen up some.” She stands behind me and begins to message my shoulders.

Feeling her hands on me, sends chills down my spine. She spins my chair around, and takes a step back, and rips her shirt open, exposing the breasts that I had been peeking at all morning. The light blue lacy bra is the only thing covering them. They look gorgeous. Beylikdüzü Ucuz Escort

“Touch me Sam” she says, almost like giving me an order, and throws her leg up on the chair I’m seated in.

I ease my hands up her sides, and feel her bra covered breasts, run my fingers inside to feel her erect nipples, and she gasps. Gently squeezing her breasts, pressing them together, I place a kiss on her cleavage, and am completely filled with desire for her.

I feel as if I’m on fire. Without even thinking I stand and wrap my arms around her, pull her in to me, and we kiss, passionately, and lustfully. I begin walking her back, until her back hits the wall of her office with a thud. I hear her whisper her approval “yess” as our lips and tongues mingle, our hands grasping for anything to stimulate the other, never staying in one place too long.

Still kissing, almost simultaneously, we both reach down for the other’s pants button, as if we’re racing to see who can get the others off first. Her fingertips brush my lower abdomen, and it tickles, making me suck in air. Her arms are still in her shirt, as I pull it down off her shoulders, and I kiss her neck, shoulders, and chest.

Our breathing becomes heavier. She reaches around my back, and runs her hands down inside my pants and underwear, feeling my ass, and then tugs them down. She follows them, lowering herself down on her knees, and takes my rock hard erection in her hand, guides it into her mouth, and sucks on the head of my cock.

I run my fingers through her hair, to the back of her head, and feel her working her lips up and down my shaft. I pull her back up to me, kissing her again. We both begin to slide down the wall, maintaining our lip lock on each other.

When we slide down to the floor, I slip my hand inside her pants and feel her moist panties. I slide her pants down, as she raises her hips to assist me. Pulling her panties off, I dive in between her legs, to lick her again, like I had earlier that morning. She’s so wet. I kiss my way back up her stomach, to her breasts, then up her neck, to her lips again, as my cock finds her wet slit, and I push it in, with little effort.

We lay, fucking on the floor of her office, half clothed, half naked. Her hands push against the wall to keep her head from slamming into it from my thrusting into her. With each thrust, she rocks her hips up to meet me. We’re in perfect rhythm. Our heavy breathing and her soft moans fill the otherwise quiet room.

I feel my climax building, as my thrusts grow faster, and harder. Her back arches, pushing her breasts up. I kiss and suck on her ear lobes, and whisper “I’m gonna cum, should I pull out?”

“No…No… Just keep fucking me,” she sighs. I feel her clenching around me, and I thrust hard into her as we orgasm in unison, and I shoot my warm load deep inside her. Our breathing begins to relax, as we lay kissing on the floor of her office, both of us feeling fulfilled and satisfied.

“Ok Sam, look I’ve got a really high sex drive” she starts, “and I’d like for you to be my go-to guy. You’re on the project already, but I need you to be physically as well. You up for that?”

“Uh, well…” I try to reply.

“We have a secret now that could ruin us both. But, you’re fun and fairly handsome, so you’re the best prospect I’ve seen for quite some time. We need to work together, and not against each other. You understand what I’m getting at?”

Her referring to me as a prospect is slightly sexy, but kind of annoying, all at the same time.

“I…think…so.” I hesitantly answer. “So, let me get this straight, we’re working together on the project. But, you also get to have sex with me whenever the urge hits you. Is that correct?”

“Yeah…well, pretty close,” she stops herself. “Our positions can be so stressful, so to ensure that we do good jobs, we have to reduce our stress levels, and decompress, every so often. It’s not a one way street. I want you to feel free to come to me also…for anything you need.” She kisses me lightly to demonstrate her point.

Since I’m in a nearly sexless marriage, I actually enjoy the sound of her proposal. “Ok, so we both get to approach each other. Yes?” She grins and nods, biting her lower lip. “And we both deny anything. Yes?” Again, she nods. “What’s the catch?” I ask. The question seems to deflate her enthusiasm.

She places her head on my chest. “Sam, there is no catch. We’re working together, we help each other. There’s just a little bit of intimacy involved, that’s it.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.” She reiterates.

“Ok. I…guess.” I say, not really positive how to answer. I’ve never been asked such a thing, but how could I refuse such a proposal?

“Awesome. I’m so glad to have you on my team!” She casually gets up and begins to fix herself. “Now, c’mon, we’ve got work we need to get done.” I get up and scramble to get my clothes back on, and get myself situated. Just as quickly as work shifted to sex, she shifts gears again, back to work and begins talking about proposals and quotes.

I look at my phone and see its approaching noon. My growling belly told me that 15 minutes ago, the visual only confirms that it’s about lunch time. I’ve run several errands, made some copies, and filed some papers for Lacy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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