English Teacher: Toilets

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It has been a while since my 18th birthday yet I have only had one sexual encounter, with Mr Todd, my English teacher.

It has been a week since I received my reward from Mr Todd. I’ve been finding it hard to concentrate in his classes ever since and I often find myself looking at him with a huge boner. Today at lunch I had to pee so naturally went to the toilets. When I walked in no one was in there so I thought I would just use the urinal which I don’t usually do at school as the urinal here is just one big panel on the wall which offer no privacy. However since no one is in here I thought I would just use it. As soon as I had taken my dick into my hand and started pissing I heard the door open.


The guy who had just entered stepped up to the urinal beside. I glanced over to see who it was. I smile hit my face when I saw him.

“Hey Mr Todd,” I said casually.

“Hello Steven, how’re you?” he replied.

“A lot better for seeing you.” I shook off and faced him fully. Not being able to remove the smile from my face.

“Well I was just walking down the corridor when I saw that you walked in here and I remembered I had something for you to help me with.”

“Oh and what would that be?” I asked flintily brazzers but mixed in was slight curiosity.

“This.” He said simply and pointed down to his hard dick. Now was the first time that I actually looked it, I had managed to resist until this point.

“Shouldn’t we lock the door, what if someone walks in?” nerves crept into me. I panicked about someone seeing us in this position, with Mr Todd openly showing me his beautiful cock.

He put my nerves at ease however by saying, “already locked it. Lunch is about to end and we both have a free period. Want to have some fun?”

In response I simply leaned into him, and leaned in as well and we shared our first kiss since my little reward last week. We rediscover each other bodies by running our hands along each other, fingers throw hair, hands on bums, and feet running up legs. Our kissing got more passionate as it continued. Our tongue felt each other mouths, warm saliva mixing together. I lowered my body and didn’t bother undoing his belt, just pulled out his cock through his flier. I started sucking him off. Running my tongue up and down his shaft. He tasted so good I couldn’t stop. I took more of him into my mouth but before I could take him all he pulled away cuckold porno from me and lay on the floor.

“69” he said briefly.

I took my dick out through the flier just as I had done for Mr Todd. I lay down on top of him and took his dick back into my mouth. He did the same to me and our constant moans were muffled by each other’s cocks.

Mr Todd stood up and pulled me up to face him. He kissed me passionately once before flipping me around. He sucked on my neck leaving a big red mark. After licking over the mark, Mr Todd mushed my back so I was bending over the sink I lifted my right leg and hitched it onto the next sink. Mr Todd got onto his knees again. He started rimming around my arsehole with his hot tongue. He spread my hairy cheeks wide apart with his hands and spat up my hole. Between licking my hole, he pressed his thumb again my entrance before finally penetrating me. He gives me no chance to adjust and just moves his thumb in and out of me which makes me moan louder than normal.

Mr Todd Stood behind me and positioned his dick into my hole. He did a quick thrust and was balls deep inside me. We both let out huge moans. I twisted my head around and pulled his body closer to czech porno him. I pulled his towards my and we kissed slowly, using only a small amount of tongue. Mr Todd started to move his hips slowly. Gaining speed with each movement. Soon he was going so fast my rim was starting to burn but I didn’t mine cause with every movement he hit my prostate, which caused me to scream out in ecstasy.

“FUCK! I am gonna cum” Mr Todd yelled out.

“Cum up my arse!” I yelled back.

He kept thrusting deep into me before he came. His sweet cum filled my hole and sent a warm feeling throughout my body. Once he had finished cumming I turned to face him. We kissed once more before Mr Todd dropped to his knees in front of me. I took my dick in my own hand and started wanking over his face. Me breathe got more rapid as I got closer to cumming. As I finally did I moaned loudly. Mr Todd stuck out his tongue and collected all my streams of cum. He licked my dick clean and I ran my fingers through his hair, but then there was a loud bang on the door.

“OI who’s in there?” a man shouted through the door. It was Mr Nairn, the music teacher. Mr Todd and Mr Nairn live together. Mr Todd just smirked, stood up and unlocked the door. He opened it, still completely naked.

Mr Nairn saw him and just said, “Ah you, I should have guessed.” A smile crept onto his red lips. Mr Todd and Mr Nairn leaned into each other and kissed before Mr Nairn was pulled into the toilets before it started all over again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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