Episode 2 of the Adventures of John and Holly

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Episode II
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 21: Marathon

It was Fall break. For those that don’t know, fall break is like a mini spring break, its only three days off, compounded with a weekend, to give everyone a break after the first two months of school. Time off school naturally meant parties everywhere.

I just got off from my last class of the day, Holly, Sandy, and Stephanie should be home. I walk in the door to the apartment. “Hello?” I say, searching for any of them. I hear a muffled response from my bedroom. I walk into the bedroom to find all three girls getting dressed up, rather slutty I might add. Holly, with her shoulder length straight brown hair, had a black tube top that could barely hold her large C cup tits. Her stomach was bare, and she had a very tight short jean skirt on. “What’s the occasion” I asked the trio, sarcastically. “Parties tonite” Stephanie said, quite excited. Steph, had her dark blondish brownish hair slightly shorter than Holly’s, her small tits poking through the tight white t-shirt she had on, and she was wearing jeans that cut off halfway up her calf. “Where we going?” I asked. “Who’s we” Sandy said, as usual giving me a little bit of attitude, she liked playing the part of the lesbian man hater, but once the cocks were out she wanted some. Sandy had brown hair, and her huge tits were pressed against her chest in a tight white shirt as well, and long pants matching Steph’s. “I think we constitutes the two of us” Holly said, as she walked over to hug me. “I guess I am spoken for” I said, playing right back at Sandy. “So I guess I should get into my sluttastic clothes too” I said as seriously as I could.

Once I was ready to go, which meant I put on a nicer shirt and made sure I didn’t smell, the four of us went out the door. “So where are we going” I asked, locking the door behind us. “The frat house…you know…by the rock..” Holly said, trailing off. She, and as I understand it, most women, aren’t good at giving directions to things. I understood what she meant though. We got to the street and walked the four blocks to the frat house. “So what’s the plan for this whole thing?” I asked. “Plan?” Steph questioned. “Is it a kegger, or smaller, or is it an all out orgy” I asked. “I like the sound of orgy” Holly said, gripping my hand. “Is there drinks?” I asked. All three girls looked at me like I was crazy.

I woke up, looking around trying to figure out where I was. Well I was naked, not in my bed, and had a body next to me, also naked. After a few seconds my head cleared up and I started to think clearly. “Holly?” I asked the back of the body next to me. “mmm” she replied with a semiconscious moan. Looking around I realized we were on the floor of our apartment living room, completely naked. I could tell I had some alcohol the night before, as well as I couldn’t remember how I got where I was. “Did…Are…I’m confused” I said. Holly rolled over, her bare tits flopping over and swinging back and forth on her chest as she laid on her back. “Where are we?” She asked me, still not too conscious herself.

It took a while for us to get to full consciousness, and only after we shared what we remembered where we able to piece together the events of the previous night. I told my story, and Holly filled in her story, as we portrayed our experiences to Stephanie. I started “Okay… so we just walked there…”

Holly holding my right hand, we walked in the front door of the frat, Steph and Sandy behind us coming in. The House had wood floors, and the first floor consisted of two large open rooms, and off to one side a large dining area, then a living room with tv and couches. Upstairs was bedrooms for two floors up. Holly and I stood hand in hand just inside the doorway, the two large stairways on either side of us, and the main room in front of us. There was loud music playing, and people were strewn about, drinking beer. It wasn’t too crowded, but by no means empty. Steph and Sandy pushed past us heading to the keg. Holly and I exchanged looks of ‘what do you want to do’, and so we walked forward, following the lesbian duo. We both grabbed plastic cups and filled them at the keg. We lost the girls so we walked out into the other room, I think it was called the ballroom. There was a DJ at one end, playing records loudly, a whole lot of people dancing in the room. It was very crowded. Holly and I stood just inside, watching some of the more inebriated dancers, as we drank our beers. Holly started laughing, and she pointed to a couple over in the corner. There, right next to a hundred or so people dancing, was a girl on her knees giving a blowjob. She was facing away so we could only see the back of her head, her bobbing blonde head. I looked at her for a second. “Is that Dana” I nearly had to yell into Holly’s ear. She re-examined the fellating girl for a second then turned to me “I think your right”. We finished off our beers, tossing the empty plastic cups.

We walked to the other corner, to the blowing couple. Holly and I started dancing with the music, just a few feet from them. We were both watching them. Yep, it was the same Dana that I, romeo, had ‘seduced’ in a bar not too long ago. “You should whip it out and stick it in her face” Holly said into my ear. I looked at her like she was crazy. “What?!?” I said. “What if that’s her boyfriend?” I said. “He won’t mind” Holly said. We kept dancing and keeping an eye on her, as she continued to give whoever he was a blowjob. A few seconds later, Holly’s predictions came true, a random guy just walked out of the crowd, pulled out his dick and let it hang right next to her face, and she took it in stride, stroking and switching with her mouth. “Told you so” Holly said. “I guess I should trust your blowjob judgment more” I said. “Let’s go check out the rest of the house” Holly said into my ear.

We walked out of the ballroom, leaving the thumping music behind us, but it still reverberated through the whole house. We walked up the main stairs, up to the second floor. Walking down the hallway there were many couples making out against the walls. We walked by a room with an open door. We looked inside as we walked by, and saw at least five naked bodies in the brief instant. We both stopped and walked back to the door looking in. The room was roughly the size of our living room, two beds on either side of the room, a couch on one side, rug in the middle covering the wood floor. There were couples fucking in each bed, two naked girls in a sixty nine on the floor, and four guys standing in a row in the middle of the room, cocks hanging out, and two topless girls on their knees switching between cocks. “Hey join the party” The guy closest to the door, one of the bj line guys, said to us in a drunken voice. We walked in, I took a place at the end of the line, and Holly got on her knees next to a girl on her knees. The two other girls on their knees, one was a blonde, with small tits, the other had curly blonde hair and medium tits, smaller than Holly’s but still nice and round. The one with straight hair, and small tits was next to Holly. Holly grabbed the girl, making out with her, and the blonde took off Holly’s top, releasing her beautiful tits. The five guys, me included, looked on at the two girls making out topless.

I was the far right side of the line. The girl with small tits resumed blowing the guy in the middle, and the other girl was on the guy to his left. Holly moved over, pulling my pants down, releasing my cock. She looked up at me smiling devilishly. She licked my cock from bottom to top, lubing me up. Holly stroked me a few times with her right hand, then dove in, sucking the full length into her mouth and down her throat. She was deepthroating my whole cock. After a few moments of head, she moved over, to the guy next to me. She went straight into sucking his cock, bobbing her head up and down. She didn’t deepthroat him though. Maybe she saved that for me. I watched her blow the guy for a few moments. I heard one of the girls that was getting fucked on a bed orgasm loudly. Then the girl with curly blonde hair and medium tits, moved over to me. She was on her knees below me. She didn’t say anything, she looked up at me with her green eyes. Then she took my cock into her hand, and quickly pushed my cock into her mouth, moving her mouth back and forth quickly, swirling her tongue, making an audible slurping noise. She also stroked her hand on my cock in front of her mouth. I watched her tits swaying and jiggling on her chest. She was focused on blowing me, not even looking up at me anymore. My throbbing cock in her hot wet mouth, I heard another girl orgasm, I think one that was in the sixtynine on the floor.

I didn’t want to blow my load this early in the night, so I stepped out of line. I looked over at Holly, and she looked back at me, her mouth around some guys cock. I knew she was okay without me. I pulled my pants up, although they couldn’t hide my clearly erect cock.

I walked out into the hallway. I walked down looking for another room, but I did find Sandy. She was on her knees in the hallway, her tits free on her bare chest, massive, swinging and moving around. She was giving some guy a blowjob in the middle of the hallway. I figured Stephanie would be around her somewhere. I looked around the corner and saw her. Stephanie was laying on top of a blonde girl on the floor, making out, oblivious to anyone around them. I walked back and down the stairs. I grabbed another cup of beer, and walked around drinking it and looking for something to do.

“Spank me!” Some girl screamed at me. She was about five foot tall, very short brown hair, and she had smallish tits, in a tight t-shirt. She had on a mini skirt that barely covered half of her ass, and she was bent over slightly. She had a very round, very spankable ass, especially for such a small girl. She couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred and five pounds. “Spank Me!” She yelled at me again. So I reached down and slapped one of her wonderfully firm ass cheeks. “That wasn’t a spank” She said. So I slapped her, with a flat open hand, swatting both cheeks. “Ohh” She said in a high pitched squeak. She grabbed my hand and pulled me. I ‘followed’ her as she pulled me down a hallway. We got to the living room, which had several couches all around. There were two sets of girls making out on different couches. This girl pushed me onto a couch, as she stood in front of me. “Hi, I’m John” I said. She stood in front of me, rubbing her hands slowly up her body, stopping at her tits, as she jiggled them up and down. She slowly pulled her pants down, and then her black panties came off. She got down on her knees, and pulled my pants down, and completely off. She licked the head of my erect cock, and taking part of my cock into her mouth, she said provocatively “I’m Casey”. Then she, in one quick motion, put her hands on my shoulders, and leapt from her knees to being on top of me. She had her feet on the couch on each side of me. I grabbed my cock, holding it straight up in the air, and she lowered her pussy down to it. She had an amazingly tight pussy. She was very wet, and very tight. Her ass was very firm and round, and felt amazing as it came down on my thighs. She started fucking, literally spanking herself with my thighs on every stroke. Every stroke resulted in a loud smack of flesh, as her pussy came all the way down on my cock.

. . .

John had left a few minutes ago, walking out of the room. The four guys left were all ready to blow their loads in a matter of minutes. The girl with smaller tits, was blowing the guy with the biggest cock, he was on the far right. I was in the middle, I had my right hand stroking one cock, left hand stroking the next guy’s cock, and I was alternating sucking each one. The girl with bigger tits, smaller than mine, was sucking off the guy on the other end. Both guys in front of me had average cocks, about five or so inches long, one thicker than the other. The guy to my left, with the girl with bigger tits, blew his load, I saw out of the corner of my eye, as he filled up her mouth, and she pulled back taking the rest on her tits. She sat back, licking some cum off her hand. I was blowing the guy on the left, and I deepthroated him. I sent him over the edge, and I pulled off, while stroking the other guy with my right hand, he blew his load on my face and tits. The girl with bigger tits, came over and licked my left nipple, sucking on it. She licked some cum of my tits, tickling me. I giggled as I kept stroking the other cock. The guy stepped over, so now he was right between both of us gooed on girls. We took his cue. I stuck my tongue out, moving my head forward, and her tongue came out meeting mine in the air. We slowly moved our heads over, making out in the open air, until our tongues reached his wet cock. We licked the sides of his shaft and each others tongues. Then I took his cock into my mouth, shoving it in, as it shoved the side of my cheek out. I sucked and licked his cock real fast, and he spurted a little cum in my mouth. I pulled him out and he shot the rest of his load over our faces. Then we moved over to the other girl, as she was still blowing the guy that had the biggest dick, about seven inches. The girl with bigger tits, grabbed the girl that was blowing away, and rubbed their chests together, as they started making out. I pressed my chest against him, his cock in between my tits. I reached out and stroked him very hard and fast with both hands. He started shooting his cum, literally spurting out at high speed. I sat back on the floor, and he stood over the three of us girls, spraying us with cum.

I was standing behind Casey, as she was bent over completely, pounding her pussy with my throbbing cock. She had her face buried in a pussy on the edge of the couch. The ‘spank me girl’ was squeaking high pitched moans into the brunettes pussy as she ate her out. Her knees got weak, and If I hadn’t held her up, she would have fallen. A mistake I wasn’t going to repeat. Her amazingly tight pussy got so tight as she came, it kept me from thrusting in and out of her, as she gripped my cock too strongly. Her juices came streaming down my balls onto my thighs. After a few seconds she seemed to regain some strength, and I let her down to the floor, and she sat down, panting. The brunette she had been eating out until she orgasmed was now looking up at me expectantly. I got down on the floor, her pussy in front of my face. “I’m John” I said. “Vicky” The brunette said to me, in an obviously fake deep voice, as she was trying to sound sexy. She had her legs split out wide, her pussy spread open on the edge of the couch. She had a neat landing strip. Vicky was completely naked. Her tits were about the size of Holly’s, that nice firm yet soft looking, as they rested on her chest.

I leaned forward, breathing heavily, I panted on her pussy, and her whole body shivered. I slowly stuck out my tongue, while staring at her eyes. I slowly licked the entrance to her wet hole. She begged me with her eyes. I concentrated on the task at hand, lapping up and down quickly, I pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy. I kept up stroking two fingers in her sopping pussy, and sucking and flicking her clit with my tongue. I let my free hand wander around her, stroking her legs, then grabbing and playing with her tits. I kept up this for quite some time; Licking, sucking, and finger fucking.

The girl with bigger tits, was on her back on the floor, the other girl was straddling her, as they made out and licked cum off each other. I sat next to them, playing with both their tits, and occasionally joining in on the licking activities. The two girls that had been locked in a sixty nine since I got here, had finally broken up, when they both had cum. The blonde was laying on the floor on the other side of the room. The asian girl crawled over seductively on all fours, as she looked at me. She got to me, and she was on all fours in front of me, her ass facing back towards me. She slowly backed up, pushing me on my back with her nice ass. She put us into a sixty nine. She immediately started eating me out. I reached up grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands, bringing my head up to her pussy. I licked up and down on her very wet slit. I started using my lips too, sucking and kissing her labia. She was prodding my pussy with two fingers. I stuck my tongue as far into her as I could, tasting her sex hole. I couldn’t help the moans that I was releasing from my throat, which must have done something to her with my tongue inside of her. She started flooding my mouth with her hot sweet sex juices. I brought one hand to her pussy, soaking it up with her juices, and then stuck a finger in her ass, slowly finger fucking her butt. I was getting there, and the finger in her ass sent her into a frenzy. She was panting and moaning, licking me ferociously, and I mustn’t have been too long before I sprayed her mouth with juices too.

My arm was dripping juices as I kept fingering her wet hot hole. She came again, spurting her warm fluids into my mouth. My cock was ready to go. Another orgasm subsiding, she had her eyes closed, and her head back. I stood up in front of her. “Oh Vicky” I said, sarcastically. She opened her eyes, looking up at my erect cock. “Want some of this?” I asked her. She closed her eyes and put her head back. I was shunned, I turned around. Casey was sitting on the floor. She looked up at me excitedly. Casey got to her knees, taking in my wet cock. She sucked on me, her tongue playing with my cock. I was ready to shoot. I told her of the impending blast. “I want it on my ass!” She said. She stood up and bent over. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock in her tight wet pussy a few times then pulled back out. I stroked my slippery cock before I blasted forth a massive load of jizz, splattering her ass cheeks, running down the back of her legs, and some onto her back. “Oh my” Casey said, surprised by the amount. She looked over to Vicky, who was still sitting with her eyes closed. Casey walked over and sat on Vicky like she was part of the couch. Casey’s jizz dripping ass and legs dropping onto Vicky’s lap. Vicky opened her eyes, surprised, and she wrapped her arms around Casey, gripping her body to her own, grinding their hips together.

I was laying on my back, the Asian girl that I just sixty nined with was laying on her back beside me, and both girls that were in the blowjob line were in a sixty nine next to us. I was still recovering from the orgasm I had just had. My chest was heaving up and down. “You all look like you need some help” I heard a very deep voice say. I looked over and saw a very tall, probably six foot six, black man. I sat up quickly. I had seen pornos with John that had black men with giant cocks, and I could only imagine how big his was. I was very interested in finding out. “I think I could use some black dick” I said in a sexy voice, and bringing my hands up to my tits, rubbing my nipples. “You want my cock?” He asked me in his deep voice. I nodded, smiling at him. He unzipped his pants, pulled them down. I got up to my knees, and approached his crotch, still covered in his boxers. I brought up both hands to his waistband, and brought his boxers down. His cock flopped out of its cage. I was amazed at the size. The guy had about a 10 inch cock, and it was pretty thick too. I’m sure my jaw dropped, but I wasn’t paying attention. I reached out and stroked the whole length of his cock with my right hand. I licked him from balls to tip, the whole length. I opened my mouth wide, sticking the head of his cock in my mouth. It was large and pulsating inside my wet mouth. I slowly pushed my head forward, taking in more than half of his ten inches, before pulling back. The four guys from the BJ line had all moved to the large couch to watch us girls after they came. Now one guy, the one with the biggest cock of the four, around seven inches, came over and stood next to the black guy. This guy stood there with his cock erect, expectantly. I reached out and stroked the white guy’s seven inch cock with my right hand, and stroked the ten inches of black meat with my left hand.

The black guy leaned over, and put his hands under my armpits, picking me up. He picked me up with ease, until my arms were around his broad shoulders, and his arms were around me, my legs wrapped around him. He guided me to his cock. His large cock pushing at my pussy, he pulled my torso, pushing his cock inside my wet pussy. His large throbbing meat sitting inside me, splitting my pussy. He put his hands on my ass cheeks, and slowly raised and lowered my body, his large thick cock fucking my dripping pussy.

I walked back out into the main part of the first floor, without bothering to put my clothes back on. My cock was still shining from the saliva and pussy juices, as I walked over to the keg, getting another cup. I walked back upstairs, On the way getting many looks from girls. I found the bathroom, and discovered that it was co-ed. There was six stalls in a row, with the sinks and mirrors across from them. I, still naked, walked into a stall, closing the door behind me. I immediately noticed a hole in the wall. I bent over looking through the hole, and I saw a hot looking blonde in there peeing. A real life gloryhole! I thought these were made up by the porn industry. Well, maybe they were and this frat copied them. My cock was growing by the second. The blonde had a nice rack that was in a blue tube top, she had a bunch of makeup on. I stood straight up, and put my growing cock through the hole, resting my body against the wall. “Uhhh!” she gasped, surprised. I could sense her sudden dilemma, suck, fuck or ignore. I felt a small cold hand reach out and caress my cock. I heard her giggle. Then I suddenly felt a warm wet tongue slurp up and down the length of my now throbbing cock. She took her time, she would lick me real fast, and quit, leaving me hanging, not knowing when she would lick again. The anticipation made it great, then she would suddenly lick and suck again. She was giggling some more at my reactions.

Then there was a long pause. I felt lips against my cock, pressure against the head. But these weren’t horizontal lips, but vertical lips. The pressure parted the lips allowing my cock into her tight wet hole. Her pussy rode straight down my rod, until I felt the wall push back against me, as her ass hit the wall between us. She reached down with one hand and played with her clit. I could feel her lips pulling back and forth as her fingers frigged her clit back and forth. Her pussy was dripping wet, and she was moaning loud enough that anyone in the room would know what was going on.

The black cock now fucking me faster, as he held me, and my legs wrapped around him. The white guy with the seven inch cock came around behind me. I heard him spit a few times. Then I felt his cock pressing against my asshole. He pushed in before I could object. It felt strange yet good to be filled in both holes. He thrusted, countering the black man’s thrusting into my pussy. I was being filled in both holes, I felt like I was going to pop, but it felt great at the same time. The black man sped up his thrusts, and I came hard. I screamed out in pleasure, arching my back. My legs tensed up violently out of my control. My pussy blasted forth a flood of juice. My ass contracted on the cock inside me. I screamed out some more as they both continued to fuck me.

Her moans increased as did her thrusting back into the wall. I felt a pulse of fluid on my cock and she yelled out her passion. Then she pulled off, her pussy making a popping sound when my cock pulled out suddenly. She dropped to her knees, and immediately started stroking my juicy cock and sucking vehemently on the end of my wet cock. I felt it coming on and let her know. She kept stroking and licking the tip as I shot forth thick white jizz. She sat back, still holding my cock with one hand. She reached up licking the remaing semen from the tip of my cock. She sat back again, giggling.

I pulled my cock back through the glory hole. I stepped out of the stall, and stood just outside the stall she was in. After a few moments she stepped out, still in her tube top, covering her round tits, and she had a short skirt on crooked, her hair messed up, and jizz on her face and neck. “Hi” I said as she walked out. She looked me up and down. “Want to go to a room?” She asked me, her body somewhat unstable from weak knees.

I orgasmed again, again squirting my sex juices on his cock, again losing control of my body. The black guy let me down, and he laid down on the floor. I mounted his cock, his face behind me, and I humped my hips up and down on him. The guy with the seven inch cock stood to my right, with his cock out of my ass in my face. Two of the other guys from the BJ line came over, one standing to my left another right in front of me. The three cocks around me, I stroked the middle and left one, and sucked on the right one. I kept thrusting my body up and down on the black cock, my pussy throbbing from the multiple orgasms. I was sucking the guy on my right, and suddenly my mouth was full of cum, I pulled back and took another few shots of jizz to my face. All the cum in my mouth I drooled out, as it dribbled down my chin to my neck, a mixture of cum and saliva. I moved over sucking the guy on my left, and stroking the guy in front of me. I continued to hump the black man, and my tits were bouncing up and down, jizz running down my chest.

I pulled the blonde, she told me her name was Mindy, into the hallway. I led her toward the room in which I had left Holly. Before we got there, I found Sandy, she was in a sixty nine with an Asian girl on the floor of the hallway. Sandy was on bottom, her massive tits trying to become flat mounds on her chest. I stopped, with Mindy, and we watched the two girls please each other as they moaned loudly. The smell of female sex juices filling the air, they moaned and groaned, announcing their pleasure to anyone around. I watched with Mindy, then I reached over to grope Mindy’s tits. She quickly reached down, dropping her tube top from her round tits, and letting it drop to her hips, her tits hung out in the cold air. I leaned over sucking and licking one nipple and massaging her other breast.

I rotated around, so that I was now facing towards the black man, almost laying flat on top of him. One of the guys was behind me, pressing his cock into my ass, and the other guy was standing, his feet on either side of the black man, his cock sticking out towards me. I reached up holding onto this man’s ass cheeks, I kept humping my hips up and down into the double penetration, the cocks splitting me open, filling me up. I kept up my humping, sucking cock in as far as I could at the top of my full body stroke, and letting it out as I went down. My tits still bouncing, jizz running down my face neck and bouncing tits.

I led Mindy into the room, and I was shocked at what I saw. Although in retrospect I don’t think I could have expected anything else, considering how I had left her. Holly was getting triple teamed, she was humping a black guy, had another guy behind her, fucking her ass, and a third guy that was getting his cock sucked. To top it off she was covered in jizz. “Why don’t you go suck that guy” I whispered in Mindy’s ear. She took the guy that Holly was blowing by the arm and took him over to the couch. I stepped in filling his void. Holly was being filled in both holes, she didn’t even notice it was me. She leaned forward again, eyes closed, sucking my cock. I reached down, caressing her cheek. She looked up and smiled when she realized it was me. Holly went straight to deepthroating me, taking my entire cock down her throat, licking my balls.

Taking his cock down my throat, I felt a surge of pressure in my ass, as the guy blew his load deep in my ass. I felt the cum dripping out of my ass as he pulled out. The black guy reached up to me, picking me up, and he stood up, leaving me on the floor. John and the black man stood side by side in front of me. I knew the black guy was ready to shoot. I sucked as much of his ten inch cock as I could, shoving it down my throat, but I had to pull away with a cough and a giggle. I held my right hand out to John’s cock, stroking him slowly. The black man warned me, and I pulled away, still stroking his huge cock. He emptied his balls on my chest, covering me in thick cum. I was now fully coated with jizz all over me. The black guy walked back to his clothes and got dressed leaving. John stepped over in front of me, his cock in front of my face. I leaned forward to suck his cock but I was stopped.

John reached down with his hands, caressing my face and hair. He helped me stand up, my knees weak beneath me. I stood up, our hands meeting in between us. John was looking over to one side of the room. I looked over to see an empty, but messed, up bed. The sounds of sex were still radiated throughout the room. We walked the few steps to the bed, past two girls in a sixty nine on the floor.

John helped me up to the bed, laying me down on my back. He stepped up, throwing his leg over me, putting his knees around my head. His cock hung down towards me expectantly.

I leaned forward, licking her extremely wet slit. I felt her mouth on the head of my cock. I lapped quickly up and down her tight slit. I ran my hand up her thigh, rubbing her firm skin. She was quite sweaty, and her body seemed to have a slow uncontrollable vibration. I prodded my tongue deeper in her, flicking her clit, licking and sucking all around. I felt her mouth stroking up at my cock, her tongue running up and down the top of my shaft. I reached down sticking one finger in her ass. My finger found her ass still dripping with cum. It lubed my finger as I fucked her quickly with my finger. I continued eating her pussy.

My legs were shaking, as my orgasms had piled up on my body. My entire body felt almost numb, like it wasn’t there, but I didn’t care. My limbs slightly shaking from the wonderful feeling things happening inside my body. I had a feeling of euphoria, like I was high or something from all the orgasms leading into one another. The finger gliding in and out of my ass was stimulating me in conjunction with John’s tongue and lips on my overwhelmed pussy. I continued to shove my head up and down, my hands up on his ass trying to help me get up and down. I felt my pussy suddenly explode, blasting juices out, my entire body losing any resemblance to control. My ears were ringing from the intense wave washing over me. All my muscles contracted all at once.

Holly came, and I mean she CAME. I have never seen her do this before. Usually when she comes hard, her pussy releases juices, but not like this. She literally shot juices out, hitting my face and chest and splashing away. She literally squirted me. I had seen this in movies, but never in real life. I don’t think she had any comprehension of anything going on right then. She stopped mid mouth stroke on my cock, and opened her mouth wide, screaming out. I don’t think she even realized my cock was still in her mouth. Holly screamed out a mass of gibberish, high pitched squeaks moans and some things that sounded like foreign words, all of it coming out in one fast blur of noises. She had just about filled my mouth with her sex juices. I was stunned as she gushed all over me.

All at once my senses seemed to return, I felt like I was spinning. I suddenly realized that not only was I screaming, I was also shoving my face straight down on his cock, the entire length in my throat. I pulled back as I returned to reality. Every move was labored as I tried to resume sucking his cock, but I couldn’t lift my head, nor breathe regularly.

Holly was unable to move herself basically. I helped her roll onto her back. I stood up next to the bed, looking down at her. Her eyes tried to meet mine, but she looked dizzy, she couldn’t even see straight. I turned her around so her slit was at the edge of the bed, I split her legs wide out. She laid back, her chest heaving, jizz still soaking on her tits and chest. I held her legs out as wide as they would split. I pushed my cock to her slit. I pushed forward, looking up she had her eyes closed and her back arched. I pushed inside her tight hot pussy. She was oozing sex juices. I slowly fucked her, then accelerated the pace. Her pussy was quivering, uncontrollably trying to squeeze my cock. I couldn’t tell if she was cumming, it was like one constant orgasmic state. I continued fucking her pussy. I pulled out, and put my cock at the entrance to her ass. Her ass hole still lubed my jizz, I pushed my cock inside her ass. She still showed no visible signs of awareness, eyes closed, chest heaving.

I slowly fucked her ass, keeping two fingers pumping her pussy. She screamed out again, very loudly. She arched her back violently. Her pussy contracted on my fingers, her ass did the same to my cock. I felt my own orgasm coming on. I continued pumping her ass for a few seconds before pulling out, and shooting my jizz on her stomach and up to her tits.

I felt the warm cum splattering on me. I felt like I was floating and spinning. The orgasms piling up were doing quite a number on my senses. My chest was heaving so hard I thought my lungs were going to explode. I felt the bed lower as John laid down on the bed next to me. The blood pumping through my body made my entire body throb.

Laying next to her, I stared up at the ceiling, breathing heavy myself. We laid there for several minutes, letting our bodies calm down enough to allow us to think straight. As we lay there in our own calm, I could hear a girl on he other side of the room screaming out her own climax. “Shes’s faking it” Holly said to me, turning her head, and opening her eyes. “Are we back?” I asked her. Her head rocked back and forth as she struggled to hold her head up. “Mostly” She said. We both sat up on the edge of the bed. I helped her stand up. “Where are my clothes?” She asked me. There were still several people strewn about the floor, and lots of clothing items laying around. “You want to get cleaned up first?” I asked her. “Okay” she said. We walked out into the hallway, both naked, and her body dripping cum. We found several couples in various stages of foreplay littering the hallways. We walked around searching for the showers. We finally found the shower room, and we walked inside. The room was very steamy, obviously some people had found this room as well. Walking into the actual showers, we saw a bunch of girls laying on the floor, many of them eating each other out. The steam made it hazy, and the hot water crashing into the floor echoed in the room. The sound of moans and groans played second fiddle to the water. Holly and I walked over to a shower nearby the lesbian pile of sex.

Casey, the spank my ass girl, walked over to us. “You aren’t going to just wash all that off are you?” Casey asked Holly. Before she could respond Casey pushed Holly against the tile wall, and licked and sucked on her face, moving slowly down her neck. I turned on the shower head and started to wash myself.

The next thing I know I am sitting against the tile wall, with tongues all over my body. The cold tiles behind and below me, the warm steam filling the air, and the hot wet tongues working all over me. I had mouths on both of my nipples. I didn’t bother looking at what was going on, my eyes had closed almost by them selves.

Holly was ganged up on. The pile of lesbian sex moved slowly over to her. She had Casey sitting next to her, licking jizz up off her chest and sucking on her nipple. Some blonde was on her other side sucking her other nipples. There were two girls down on all fours crawling up her legs to her pussy. They licked and sucked all over her body. Mouths meeting flesh, licking cum. I stood under the running water, letting all the juices and sweat run away from my body. I thought for sure I was done for the night a few minutes ago. But the sight before me had my cock growing again, surprising me.

The girls were spread around her like a circle. Four girls, all down on all fours, with their mouths on various points of Holly’s orgasmically ravaged body. I looked down at the four exposed asses and their tight pussys. I got down on my knees, behind Casey, and guided my hot wet cock to her pussy. She pushed back against me instantly, shoving my cock in balls deep. I grabbed her hips and pulled and pushed countering my thrusts inside her dripping pussy. She continued playing with Holly’s nipple. I fucked her vigorously, she reached down and started playing with herself with one hand. I pulled out, and moved a foot to my left, behind another waiting dripping pussy. I didn’t know this girl, a blonde, she had decent sized tits that were hanging off her chest, her ass protruding out into the air behind her. I ran my hands along her smooth firm ass cheeks, spreading them, allowing a better look at her tight pussy. She didn’t resist, so I placed the head of my cock at her slit, and pushed gently, she pushed back and my cock opened her pussy lips opening her pussy. Her slit throbbed around my cock, her juices running down my shaft. I reached forward, grabbing her tits. She moaned, so I thrusted in deep, shoving my cock inside her. I pinched her nipples, and started thrusting hard and fast in her tightening pussy. She was licking Holly’s pussy. I brought one hand down, playing with her clit. Her gaziantep escort kızlar juices running lubed my finger. I brought the finger back and pushed it gently inside her asshole. I watched for a response. Pushing my finger in, she turned around. “No anal, you asshole” She said to me, and went back to eating pussy. I thought it was funny, especially since she continued to push back into me.

I pulled out, and her hand came down to her pussy in my absence. I moved on to the next girl. She also had her face buried between Holly’s legs. Moving in behind her, I gently slapped her ass. I pushed my cock into her awaiting pussy. She moaned immediately, pushing back against me. Her hot wet pussy was dripping juices. I increased to a fast pounding, flesh smacking flesh as my cock pushed in and out of her. I brought a hand up, pushing one juiced up finger into her asshole. She didn’t resist, and I started to fingerfuck her ass. Her pussy was contracting on my cock as she came, her hand playing with her clit. She screamed into Holly’s slit. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and shoved it into her ass, forcing my cock inside her amazingly tight ass. I fingered her pussy now, as she continued playing with her clit. I fucked her ass slowly at first. Her asshole so tight around my throbbing cock, I felt myself getting close again. I pulled out of her ass, and moved on to the last girl.

The blonde was still sucking on Holly’s nipple, and she had one hand furiously fucking her own pussy. She looked to be near orgasm, her hand moving very fast in and out of her slippery pussy. I placed my cock at the entrance to her asshole. She didn’t seem to notice, I pushed the head of my cock slowly inside her. The head opened her tight ass, pushing inside her hot ass. She came right then, moaning loudly on Holly’s tit. Her pussy spouting juices. Her ass contracted on my cock, squeezing me. I knew I was going to blow. I tried to pull my cock out of her ass, but it gripped my cock so tightly I couldn’t pull out of her tense asshole. I shot my jizz inside her ass.

I sat back, watching all four girls that I just fucked still licking and playing with Holly. The third girl I fucked sat back from Holly, and leaned over to the blonde, licking her pussy, and sticking her tongue inside the blonde’s gooey asshole. She licked and sucked the jizz out of her ass. Holly screamed out again as one girl was still eating her out.

After a while we rose and showered, rinsing all the sex juices off of us. Holly, again weak in the knees, needed help walking out. We found a pile of towels outside the shower. “Oh my god” Holly said in awe of the night we had had. “Want to go again?” I asked her. Her head rocking around on her head, her neck struggling to hold her head up, she looked over at me like I was crazy. I just smiled at her. We wrapped towels around us and walked back to the room, looking for our clothes. We couldn’t find them. We walked downstairs, in towels finding the party just about empty, some people, drunk, still hanging around. We made a limited effort to look for Steph and Sandy, but gave up quickly. We left the house, and walked slowly back to our apartment, dressed only in wet towels. “Have fun?” I asked her, walking along the sidewalk. “I want to go sleep for a week” She said. “Well, you had quite a workout” I said. “What about you, mr ‘im going to fuck all four of you right in a row’” she said, smiling. “They wanted it” I said, smiling back at her. We got back to the apartment, not even making it to our bedroom, we collapsed together on the couch, and were both unwilling to move.

“Wow” Steph said, as we finished our story. She had her hand buried in her crotch underneath her sweat pants. “That was hotter than any porno I’ve seen” Stephanie said to us. “You guys should have cameras follow you around all the time” Steph said. “What about you? You always seem to be getting some action” I said to her. “Want to hear what I did last night?” Steph asked. “Maybe later” Holly said, leaning over, pushing me on my back, and we started making out on the couch. “Again?” Steph said.

Part 22: The Typical Day: Sophomore Edition

Weeks went by, weather changing, and Holly and I had settled into our own routine.

As you know, we have our sexual desires and urges. Controlling these can be quite important when it comes to keeping a high level of concentration. Many people can easily get by with sex a few times a week and have no problems. Holly and I don’t fall into that category. Our sex drives have gradually increased, to a point where if we don’t have sex for a day, it feels like the equivalent of not eating for a few days. You could say, well I would say, that we are addicted to sex. Just like in the past year, Holly and I settled into a routine. Our routine, in the eyes of just about anyone else, is anything but routine…

I awoke to the shrill buzzing of the alarm. Six Thirty. Holly has the earlier class on Thursday mornings. I reach over, turning off the alarm. Holly has to be in class by Eight. She needs a little more time to get ready than I do. Without thinking, I roll back over, draping my arm over Holly’s side, pressing my body into her back. I simply love the feeling of waking up next to her warm body, and rubbing my hand on her arm as she sleeps. She wasn’t awake, or she was feigning sleep. I gently rolled her body back towards me, leaving her face up, as she gently moaned in her nearly conscious state.

Holly was wearing matching black bra and panties. I was naked as I always slept. Holly now facing up, I slowly moved under the covers, my hands gently rubbing her sides, from her breasts down to her hips. I gently tug on her panties, and they slide down, revealing her landing strip and then her pussy lips. I pull until her panties are past her knees. My hands on her hips, I open my mouth, reaching my tongue down to her. I gently, slowly, lick her pussy lips from bottom to top. Holly moaned slightly, still unconscious.

I spread her lips with my hands, revealing her pink pussy. I slowly stick my tongue inside her, and quickly flick my tongue up and down, slightly hitting her clit in the process. “Ohhh…mmmm…John…” Holly moans as she awakens. Her pussy responds, becoming wet very quickly. Her clit swells, and I take it into my mouth, sucking and flicking with my tongue. Still playing with her clit, I push two fingers inside her. “mmmm” Holly gently moans. I pull my now dripping fingers out of her pussy, now inserting my tongue, and lapping at an ever increasing pace on her warm wet pussy.

My hands on her hips, I sense her tensing up. “mmm…fuck me john…fuck me” Holly moans, and says at just barely more than a whisper. My cock has been paying attention, and as such is ready to go. I reach my hands, moving along her stomach and to her bra and breasts, as I move up her with my mouth. I kiss and lick my way from her pussy to her mouth. Lying on top of her, I look up at her as she smiles at me. I reach and look down to my cock, guiding it to her pussy. Her wet lips welcome my cock, taking me in. I look back up, as she is gently biting her lip, her eyes closed. I slowly press inside her, until I am balls deep, and resting on her. I reach forward, my lips touching hers, her eyes still closed, she opens up, returning my kiss. Our tongues mingling between us, I slowly pull my hips back, and then push forward. We slowly fuck, kissing, her arms around my back.

Holly splits her legs out, and wraps them around me. Her pussy now split wide open, my cock throbbing inside of her. I increase my thrusting, slapping my thighs against her. Holly’s breathing increases, and I feel her legs and arms squeezing me very tightly as her body tenses up. Pounding her into the bed, the frame hitting the wall with every stroke, Holly approaches orgasm. “uhh…ohh…uhh…uhhh” Holly moans and groans with every strokes. Knowing she was about to explode into screams, I push my mouth onto hers, sticking my tongue into her mouth. Holly arches her back, her pussy contracts, and her whole body tightens as she comes. She tries to scream out, but is stifled by my tongue, as she still lets out a high pitched hum or moan. I can feel her pussy pulsing juices.

Holly relaxes her grip on my body, and I roll away from her. “You going to get up?” I ask her after a few moments of silence. “mmm…yeah” Holly says, still euphoric from her orgasm. I get up and walk around to her side of the bed, my cock poking out into the air, and I lean down, pulling her up. Holly sits on the side of the bed facing me. She looks up at me, smiling. “Fine” I say, sarcastically. I lean down, picking her up, as she wraps her arms and legs around me. I hold her by her ass, my cock just below her bottom, as her legs wrap around me, her arms around my shoulders. I walk into the bathroom, setting her on the closed toilet seat. I go over to the shower, turning on the hot water.. I turn the water up to near scalding hot. I turn around, and help Holly to her feet, and she steps into the shower.

“Ahhhh” Holly says as she enters the hot water, instinctively jumping to the back of the shower, away from the water. “Hot enough?” I ask her smiling. “I don’t need water to be hot” she said sarcastically, rubbing her hands down her sides to her hips. “-h- -o- double t” I said. “What do you want to do in this hot wet shower?” Holly asked me, playfully. I step into the shower, the hot water to my back. “Come here” Holly says, as she steps towards, me grabbing my slippery cock. Steam begins filling the small space. Holly reaches for a bar of soap, moving it around in her hand. Her now soapy hand comes back down to my cock, lathering my throbbing dick. Holly starts stroking me quickly, her tits swaying and jiggling against her motion. I reach out both hands to her breasts, squeezing them, and playing with her stiff nipples. Holly leans into me, our tongues again having fun with each other, as I continue to play with her tits, and she strokes my cock. Holly pulls her mouth from mine, kissing her way down my neck, my chest, and down to my cock. She took the head of my slippery cock into her mouth, sucking on it. Her tongue playing with the very tip of my cock, she stroked the shaft with her hand still. My hands found their way to the back of her head, as she began thrusting her neck down on my cock.

Holly sucked and played with the head of my cock, while jerking the soapy shaft. I moaned my pleasure to her, my hands in her hair. Holly looked up at me, giggling on my cock. She sat back on her knees, my cock pointing out into the air. Holly just looked back into my eyes. I helped her to her feet again, she leaned into the steamy glass door, her tits pressed against the cold glass, and her ass sticking out behind her. She was inviting me. I stepped behind her, grabbing her hips with my hands. The hot water still streaming down around us, steam filling the air. I pushed my cock against her round ass, and it found her pussy lips. I pulled on her hips until her lips parted, allowing my throbbing slippery cock into her warm wet slit. Her ass cheeks slapping against me as I fucked her. Her body pounding against the glass, her tits bouncing off the door. Holly squeaked and squealed with the strokes, as I grunted and moaned myself. Her pussy stroking the length of my shaft, dripping juices. “Holly..oh Fuck…yes” I grunted as I was getting close. “ OH YES…OH…OH…YES YES” Holly screamed out in pleasure into the glass door, as her tits pounded into the door. Her pussy squeezed my cock and I felt a burst coming. Holly could barely hold herself up, and I helped her down to her knees, my cock ready to burst. Holly instinctively opened her mouth wide, and closed her eyes, moaning in her post orgasmic pleasure. My balls emptied, blasting wave after wave of jizz in her direction, streams landing on her waiting tongue and face, oozing off her. “mmm” Holly moaned as she licked her lips, and rubbed the cum on her face with her hands. I leaned back against the wall, as she swallowed my jizz and let the running water clean her off, as she prepared for the coming day.

I went back to bed as she got ready. I didn’t have a class till later, and I could sleep in after she left. I think she kissed me in my slumber before she left, she usually does, but I can’t remember. I awoke to the alarm buzzing again, time for me to get up. I showered in the same place we had fucked a short time ago, and got ready for my day. I got my things together and headed for my car for the short trip to campus, taking Stephanie along with me.

At lunchtime, we meet at a dorm dining hall on campus. “Hi babe” Holly said, setting her tray down in front of me. I was nearly done eating, as my class had gotten out a little early. “Hey” I replied. We discussed our classes and the events of the day thus far. Dana, the very same bar pickup, dance floor blowjob, Dana, sat down next to Holly. “Hey, Dana” I said. “Hi…John right?” She said, unsure of my name. “Ya” I said. “You had quite a time the other day” Holly said. “What?” Dana asked. “At the frat party” I reiterated. “I don’t really remember what happened” Dana said. “Do you want us to tell you” I said, smiling. “I would imagine it involved sex…lots of sex” Dana said. “Well…yes” Holly said. “Did you guys have fun there?” Dana asked. We gave her a brief summary of our experiences.

We all finished eating, Holly and I had an hour before our next classes. “Want to go find someplace quiet?” Holly said to me. “You want a room?” Dana asked us. We didn’t reply, but looked at her intently. “Follow Me” Dana said.

Usually we go over to a different dorm, where Holly still has some friends in a dorm, and we play around over there. But if Dana can hook us up with a room in this dorm it would save us time every day, and would allow us to do more than just fool around. We followed Dana, small blonde girl, very nice ass, up to the fourth floor. Room 443, Dana knocked on the door. A girl, around five eight, straight blonde hair with dark roots, answered the door. “Alyssa…This is Holly and John” Dana introduced us. “Hi” Holly and I said. “They are looking for a place to ‘shack up’” Dana said. “Oh really” Alyssa said, checking out Holly. Alyssa had small tits, and her figure wasn’t overly skinny, she had a nice roundness to her, not thick, but not anorexic either. “Come on in” Alyssa said.

Holly and I sat down on a bed, it was made up and the other was messy. Dana and Alyssa sat on the other bed. After a few moments staring at each other “Well…” Alyssa said. “You guys just going to watch?” I asked. “ooooohhh” Holly said excited. Evidently she wanted to put on a show. “Okay I’ll start first then” Alyssa Said, pulling her t-shirt off and tossing it on the floor. Her milky white skin was augmented by her black bra, supporting her somewhat small tits. She reached back and undid her strap, letting her bra fall from her chest, releasing her breasts. “There, I started” Alyssa said, her bright red nipples starting to get hard. Alyssa reached down and pulled her tit up to her face, and stuck her tongue out, licking her own nipple. “Your turn” Dana said. I looked at Holly, and then I pulled my shirt off and tossed it in the middle of the floor between us. I grabbed what flesh around my nipple I could and pulled it up, sticking my tongue out. Holly was laughing, I was trying not to. “Funny, I want to see her do that” Alyssa said, her breasts still bare, as she motioned to Holly. “Worth a shot” I said. Holly stood up in the middle of the room. She pulled her t-shirt up and over her head, revealing her black bra restraining her lovely round tits, nipples poking through from her excitement. Holly danced slowly, rhythmically, and gave them a show. She was facing me when she took her bra off, and tossed it to those two, over her shoulder. Holly held her breasts in her hands, crossing them. She slowly turned around, moving her tits up and down in her hands. She turned around again, facing me. She unzipped her jeans, stepping out of them. Holly bent over, and slowly, rocking her hips, pulled her black panties free of her wonderful ass. At the moment I was looking into her bent over chest in front of me. Completely naked she stood up straight, looking straight into my eyes.

Her little striptease was quite a site, and my cock was in agreement. I stood up in front of her, and pulled my jeans off, and boxers after them. Now naked from the waist down, I hugged her, kissing her. I felt her tits pressing into my chest. Holly pushed me back onto the bed, and turned me so I was laying flat on my back on the bed. Holly draped one leg over my body, and hopped onto the bed, her face inches from my hardening cock, and her love slit inches from my face.

I grabbed her ass cheeks, raising my head up to her wet pussy. She immediately went to work on me, stroking and slurping on my cock. I heard clapping from the other side of the room. I tried to turn my head but ran into Holly’s thigh. “Thank you” Holly said, for the brief second she pulled her mouth away from my throbbing dick. I licked very feverishly, quick short flicks of the tongue. I poked and prodded her pussy, licked and sucked with my mouth and tongue. She was giving me a sloppy blowjob, saliva running down my cock to my balls. Holly lowered her face, my entire length in her mouth, her lips on the very base of my cock. She held my cock in her mouth and throat like this for several seconds. Her tongue massaged my cock as she held this position. I increased my sucking and licking pace, and put one finger in her dripping pussy. She finally pulled off my cock, panting as she came off. She held her head up for a few moments, as she stroked my cock, before resuming head. Her pussy was dripping sweet juices to me, and I sucked and played with her clit, as she tensed up. I could barely hear the sounds of sex from across the room. Holly was moaning into my cock, and I couldn’t help but do the same to her tightening pussy.

I felt my own orgasm coming on, so I tried to get her there too. I pushed three fingers into her warm pussy, stroking quickly, as well as sucking her clit ferociously. I felt her orgasm coming in her ass cheeks and thighs tensing up. She let forth a deep grunt that slowly turned into a high pitched scream. Flooding my mouth with love juices. She kept stroking my cock with her hand as she came, and as soon as she stopped screaming she plunged her mouth down on my cock again, straight to deepthroat. Her mouth taking in my whole cock, and she again massaged me with her tongue. It wasn’t long before I blasted my cum deep in her throat, and she didn’t even flinch. She took every drop of jizz in her throat and swallowed it, and kept massaging my cock with her tongue afterwards.

Holly finally pulled her mouth from my cock. “mmmm that was good” Holly said. Holly and I sat up, facing the other bed. Dana was on bottom, Alyssa on top in a sixty nine. We walked over and stood right next to the bed, they didn’t even notice us. Their moans filling the room. Holly slapped Alyssa’s round ass a couple times, laughing. We both dressed and left them alone. We both had classes to go to.

A few hours later, we met at my car. Holly drove Stephanie’s car to school, I drove me and Stephanie to school later, and then I drove Holly and I home, and Stephanie drove her car home later. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Holly was already sitting in the passenger’s seat of the car when I got there. “Hey babe” I said, sitting down. “Hey” She replied. I started the car and started to drive out of the parking lot. “That was fun earlier” Holly said. “Sure was” I said. “Want to fuck when we get home” She asked me provocatively”. “I was planning on it” I said. “Oh, where you going to tell me?” She asked me playfully. “No, I would have just waited till you bent over, and POW” I said playing back at her. “hmm, would you?” she asked me. “Would I what?” I said. “don’t warn me or anything, just come up behind me and fuck me” She said. “ummm” I didn’t know what to say. “This is getting me hot” She said. Holly pulled her legs apart, and pulled her panties to one side. She played with her pussy as I drove. “Do you have to do this while I drive?” I asked her. “I’m just getting ready for when we get home.” She said.

Pulling into the complex, Holly was moaning softly. “Hey you don’t even need me” I said, feigning anger. “ha, right” Holly said. We got our things and walked to the apartment. Holly immediately went to the bedroom, and I followed her. She was free of all her clothes in a few seconds. I stood there as she, naked, tits bouncing, walked back into the living room. I walked over to the dresser, and pulled out her little pink toy, and a new dildo she had gotten recently. It was quite long, made of clear plastic rubbery substance. It was about a foot long, it was thin but had circular ridges lining the entire thing. With these In hand, I walked back into the living room, naked now myself.

Holly was laying on the couch, her right leg was high in the air, draped over the top of the couch, her left leg split the other way, foot on the floor. She was on her back, one hand gently rubbing her pussy, other hand rubbing one of her nipples. I got on my knees next to the couch, her left leg right to my right. I switched on the little pink toy, and it made its little hum. I gently played with her lips, and her hand still massaged her pussy. I pressed the vibrator inside her slowly, and then moved it up to her clit. She immediately moaned and sighed. I pushed the vibrator into her hand. She took it and rubbed it up and down her lips. I leaned forward and licked her slit, as the vibrator gravitated toward her clit, I pushed my tongue inside her. Licking sucking playing with her dripping pussy. Holly kept moaning. I pulled back, vibrator still playing with her clit, I pushed two fingers inside her, finger fucking her very quickly. She responded with heavy breathing and panting. “Yes oh Yes YES YES” Holly screamed out, arching her back, her legs shaking and her whole body moving. Her juices poured out of her. She kept the vibrator on her clit.

I grabbed the dildo, and I pushed it into the entrance of her slit. I pushed it in, parting her lips, inside of her. The ridges obviously caused some good sensations with every stroke. She was breathing very heavily. I grabbed the vibrator from her, and pushed it to her asshole. I kept slowly stroking the dildo in her pussy, started pushing the vibrator in her ass, and licked and sucked her clit. She was coming again, screaming and yelling. Stephanie and Sandy walked in right then. “Hey guys whats up?” Stephanie said, not even needing to ask. Holly didn’t even respond, I don’t think she even heard Stephanie. Those two disappeared into their room and came back a few seconds later. They immediately went into a sixty nine on the adjacent couch, and I could hear vibrators too.

I stood up, Holly still quivering from her orgasms, eyes closed. I saw that one of the two girls had brought out a tube of anal lube. I helped Holly up, she was on her knees on the couch, facing away from me, her ass sticking out in front of me. She had the vibrator in her hand again, playing with her clit. I lubed up the dildo, thin with ridges, and placed it against her asshole. I pushed it and it slid inside her, her asshole stretching and contracting against each ridge. I pushed the dildo in about six of the full twelve inches. I held the dildo in place, and pushed my throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy. I fucked her pussy as hard and fast as I could. Pounding flesh into flesh, she struggled to keep the vibrator on her pussy as her whole body moved back and forth with the humps. I heard both girls behind me screaming out in pleasure The movement of her whole body resulted in the dildo moving back and forth in her ass as I held it. Juices flowing down her thighs, she was screaming “FUCK FUCK FUCK YES YES OOOO YES FUCK”. She kept screaming loudly as she came and I continued to pound her pussy. “Hey where is my lube?” I heard Stephanie yell. Both girls, weak in the knees from their orgasm, walked over and stood on either side of me. “Fuck” Stephanie said. Holly came again, screaming very loudly. Holly fell on her side, unable to hold herself up. I pulled the dildo out of her ass, and she dropped the vibrator on the couch, still vibrating.

With Steph and Sandy standing on either side of me, “So, you want something in your ass?” I said. “oohhh, your making me wet” Stephanie said, faking excitement. Sandy laid down on her back, legs spread wide, Stephanie on her hands and knees, eating out Sandy. I was behind Stephanie, on my knees. I lubed my cock and placed it against her asshole. Stephanie pushed her round ass back against me, and my cock spread her asshole and pushed inside of her. I held her hips and pulled as I thrusted into her asshole, fucking her ass slowly but increasing in pace. Stephanie had a vibrator that she was using on Sandy, and I picked up the little pink toy from the couch and put it to work on Stephanie’s longing pussy, while I assfucked her. The fucking and eating continued for several minutes. Holly became conscious again, and she was sitting next to Stephanie, her face resting on one of Stephanie’s ass cheeks, watching me assfuck her. Sandy came, yelling out. Stephanie continued to eat her. I felt I my orgasm coming, Stephanie’s orgasm, squeezing my cock hard, pushed me over the edge. Just after Stephanie came down from her anal orgasm, I pulled out of her. I blasted my jizz all over her asshole, ass cheeks, and running down to her lips. Holly immediately started licking and sucking cum from her ass, then turned her attention to my dripping cock.

After we all collapsed in various places, we did get up and dress, somewhat. We all ate dinner and ended up watching some television, discussing the events of the day. Once it was time to get to bed, Stephanie and Sandy went to their room, and Holly and I went to ours.

Holly was naked, her round tits bouncing with each step, she prepared for bed. I went into the bathroom, when I came out, she was bent over, making the bed for us to get into. I thought of what she said earlier. She didn’t know I had come out of the bathroom, her lovely round ass bent over, her hands on the bed. Just thinking the thoughts got my cock ready to execute. I got behind her and without warning her, shoved my cock in her pussy, then started pounding her. I grabbed her gyrating tits, in my hands, as I fucked her from behind. She immediately started moaning. Her pussy got very wet. I pounded her for a while, and she came, blasting juices against my cock, and she fell onto the bed. Panting, I helped her up, and into bed. I got into bed on my side. She was laying back with her eyes closed, her skin all red. My cock was still ready to go, but I couldn’t tell if she was sleeping. I didn’t want to wake her from orgasmic sleep. So I laid back and tried to go to sleep myself.

I’m not sure how long I was asleep, but I woke up as Holly had my cock in her mouth, sucking me off. I just laid back in the darkness with my eyes closed, moaning, as she blew me. Her mouth sucking and slurping on my throbbing dick. I blew my load in her mouth and some dripped from her lips onto my stomach, she lapped up all the cum, and swallowed it, then laid down next to me. I held her in my arms, her ass pressing against my limp cock, and we fell back to sleep.

Episode II
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 23: Addicted

If you have been with me from part 1 until now, you know that Holly started out as a virgin, as did I, and has morphed into an all out nymphomaniac. I don’t know if I am the cause, or if she would have done this with anyone. Holly gives me the credit for turning her into a sex addict. She does go through phases. There was a week in which she insisted I keep fucking her in the ass. She couldn’t maintain that phase very long before it subsided. Now she is starting a new phase. This one may last a while


Monday is our late day; we both don’t have to be on campus until around noon. Sleeping in is nice on Monday mornings. Most Mondays we are exhausted from the weekend, and use the chance to sleep in and relax. Not this Monday. I woke up to a blowjob, and not the normal wake up blowjob. Holly was going at it full force, sucking me hard. I had barely gained consciousness and my cock was throbbing in her throat. She was slurping and sucking on my cock. I moaned and played with her hair. “ohh baby im coming” I said as she was getting me off. I blasted into her throat, and she took every drop, swallowing my jizz. Holly kept sucking on the end of my cock, getting every bit of cum. I laid there as she played with me. I turned her over and returned the favor, eating her out.

Monday night we usually do something, either straight fucking, or we do something with Steph and Sandy, something. This night Steph and Sandy were out doing something, so it was just the two of us. “What do you want to do tonite?” I asked Holly as we sat watching tv. “Fuck” she responded nonchalantly, without looking at me. “I concur” I said, mimicking her disconnected response. “Want to do it in the butt” I asked her, trying to get a rise out of her. She giggled at me. “Maybe” she said still giggling.

We made our way to the bedroom. Stripped out of our clothes, Holly bent over the bed, and lightly slapped her ass with one hand, inviting me. “If you insist” I said. I stepped behind her, grabbing her lovely round tits, and pinching her nipples. I pressed my cock against her lips, pressing against them. After a little pushing her lips parted and my cock entered her warm pussy. Her slit was very tight, lips constricting my cock. She pushed back, her ass slapping into me. I increased my thrusts, until we were fucking hard and fast. Holly was moaning in sync with my thrusts and my deeper moans.

Holly came first, her pussy suddenly contracting around my throbbing cock. “YES oh yes oh oh” Holly continued moaning, as she collapsed forward against the bed. “I’m coming” I told her, and she immediately fell to her knees in front of me, jerking my cock, and opening her mouth wide. I came, my cock spurting thick streams of jizz into her waiting mouth. Holly took my load, and sucked on my cock, taking it all in, before swallowing my cum. “mmmm” Holly moaned, licking some jizz off her hand.


Tuesday I had to be at school early, and our schedules weren’t coordinated. I didn’t see her until I got home late from a study group. I had a very long day, and Holly knew it. “Hey babe” Holly said as I walked in. “hey” I said, sitting down on the couch and sighing. “Long day?” She asked me. Stephanie was sitting next to her, and they had been watching tv. “yeah” I said, putting my head back. “Can I make it better?” Holly asked me. I sat there with my eyes closed, head resting back. Holly got up and sat down next to me on the couch. She reached down unzipping my pants. Holly pulled my limp cock out of my boxers. She, sitting next to me, leaned forward, licking my cock. Holly licked and sucked on me, as my cock grew to it’s full size. Her warm wet mouth blowing me. I put my hand on her back as she bobbed her head up and down on my pulsating cock. I moaned my pleasure as she sucked me off. I told her I was coming, and she continued sucking me. Holly sucked me dry as I blew my load in her mouth and throat.

“Feeling better” Holly asked me, sitting back in the couch. “A little” I said. “I would say a whole lot” Holly said, licking her lips. “Want to go fool around in the bedroom?” Holly whispered in my ear. “No, I’m just not feeling very good” I said. “Okay” Holly said.

Holly sat back with Stephanie, and soon they were making out on the couch. Holly made sure to put on a good show for me, giving me looks, and tossing her bra at me. I watched as they went from making out to a full on sixty nine with Holly on top. Holly made Stephanie come first, and then Holly came. The pair screaming and moaning loudly. The room smelled of sex. Sitting up, Holly, with her nice round tits, and Stephanie with her small tits, hanging off their chests. “Want to help us?” Holly asked me innocently. “Sorry I just don’t feel up to it” I said. I wish I could walk over and fuck the shit out of both of them, but I was simply too tired to do it. “That’s too bad” Holly said. “Should we help him out?” Holly provocatively asked Stephanie

Holly and Stephanie crawled sexily toward me, naked. They were on their knees, Holly on my right, Steph on my left. They both licked the head of my growing cock. Holly took the head into her mouth, and Stephanie licked up and down the shaft of my cock. Holly rose up, and pressed her tits together around my cock, stroking her whole body up and down, titfucking. Holly sat back, and Stephanie took my cock into her mouth, tonguing the head of my cock. Holly stroked my slippery shaft as Stephanie took the head into her mouth. “I want your cum” Holly said, and then she dove her mouth onto my cock. Holly deepthroated me, as Stephanie licked my balls. Holly sat back, allowing Stephanie to suck me some more. They licked the shaft of my cock up and down, making out around my cock. I warned them when I was near coming. Holly reached down and stroked my cock. Both girls put their faces right in front of my cock, closing their eyes, opening their mouths, tongues out waiting. Holly continued stroking my cock inches in front of their faces, cheek to cheek. I felt my balls tighten and I moaned as my cock shot forth streams of jism. Holly kept stroking me as I plastered their faces with jizz. Holly licked and sucked on the end of my cock, getting the cum, and then she licked the jizz off of Stephanie, as they started making out.

I got to bed before Holly. I woke up as Holly got into bed. “Hey babe” I said as she pulled the covers up. “Hey” She said. I leaned over and kissed her, and she hugged me. “Want to go again?” she whispered in my ear. I chuckled at her. Holly pushed me back onto my back, and kissed her way slowly down to my cock. Holly, under the covers, licked and played with me until my cock grew to life. Holly gave me another blowjob, sweet and slow as she milked my cock in her mouth. Holly sucked me off until I blasted in her mouth, and she again swallowed my jizz.


Thursday afternoon I was studying in the Library when Holly came in and sat next to me. “Want to go someplace quiet” Holly whispered in my ear. “No I have to study this, we don’t have enough time” I said. “It won’t take that long” Holly said. Holly took my hand and pulled me back into a far aisle of books. This part of the library is usually pretty empty, and way back in the back chances of us being seen are slim. “We can’t fuck back here” I said to her. “Who said anything about fucking” Holly said “Now drop those pants”. “Yes sir” I said following orders. Holly immediately started sucking my cock. I leaned back against a bookshelf. Holly gave me a quickie blowjob, sucking and licking very quickly. My cock grew very quickly and was getting jammed halfway down her throat. Holly blew me hard and fast, and I came soon enough, flooding her mouth with my cum, Holly took my load down her throat, licking her lips afterwards. “mmm” she moaned. I pulled up my pants, and we walked back to where we had been sitting.


Friday after school, I sat on the couch waiting for Holly to get home, pondering what had happened this week. “Hey” Holly said, announcing her presence. “Hey babe” I said, as she sat down on the couch next to me. “Whats up” She asked me. “I was wondering something” I said. “What?” She asked. “Are you addicted to jizz” I said, seriously. She didn’t say anything. “Well seriously, think about this week” I said. “So what if I am” she said provocatively. “Well then I know how our weekend will be spent” I said, starting to laugh.

A few minutes later we were locked I a sixty nine on our bed. Holly on top. Her juices flowing, my cock throbbing in her mouth. The oral sex continued until we both came, holly dripping juices, my cock sending jizz down her waiting throat. Orgasms subsiding, we stayed in our sixty nine. We played with each other until we were ready to go again. We stayed in that position until we both came again. We laid in bed, falling asleep, my cock sore from a week full of blowjobs.

I woke up sometime during the night. On the weekend we completely ignored the clock, maintaining no semblance of routine. So it was probably around 2 a.m., since we had fallen asleep early, I rose and got on the computer. Stephanie and Sandy were asleep in their rooms. I started surfing a porn site. Strange how I get this much sex, yet I still surf porn sites. With a sustained amount of sex, my sex drive has grown to accommodate. I looked through the usual sites, and then I saw a link to a site that said it had directories of sex clubs. On a whim I clicked on it. The site gave some information on the number of sex clubs it had, and other facts. It required I fill out some information to become a member for free. I had to give them my e-mail and some information. I filled out the application, and gave them a second e-mail address I have, not my main one. In a few minutes I was logged onto the site. I entered our zip code, and the nearest matches popped up. There was one right here in our hometown. I clicked on it, and it sent me to the club’s website. I looked around on the site. They had pictures from a recent meeting. There was a link of how to join. I e-mailed the leader of the group, telling him I might be interested.

“Hey what are you doing?” Holly asked me, walking out from the bedroom, naked. “I think I found something we might enjoy” I said, not turning from the screen. “What?” Holly asked. I filled her in on the details I had discovered. “How’d you find this?” Holly asked me. “I was surfing porn when I saw it” I said. “Ohh, I want to see some porn” She said. I went back to where I had been before I clicked on the link. We watched some videos, as I clicked on different sites.

“This is making me really hot” Holly said. “You want some more jizz” I asked her. “Yes please” Holly responded. I turned in the chair, and Holly got down on her knees, taking my hard cock into her mouth. Holly started blowing me. Stephanie walked out from her room. “Jesus, do you spend anytime without his cock in your mouth?” Steph asked. Holly murmured “ahh huh”, without taking my cock out of her mouth. “Are you jealous?” I asked Steph, playfully. Holly still blowing me, Steph came and stood behind me. “Shoot it down her throat” Steph said provocatively. Holly, deepthroating me, suddenly had a mouth and throat full of jizz, …again. “Yummy” Holly said, pulling back, all my cum already swallowed. “You want some?” I asked Stephanie, Holly still licking her lips. “Im going to bed” Stephanie said, walking away. “Want to go again?” Holly asked me. “How many blowjobs can one person take?” I asked the ceiling.

Episode II
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 24: Initiation

(in case it is necessary, when there is a … between paragraphs, we are switching between Holly and John, but it doesn’t go into first person with Holly so it shouldn’t make much difference)

Driving in my car, “You sure you want to do this?” I ask Holly. “Positive” She said. We were going to meet with the Sex club, we weren’t entirely sure what that entailed. We talked to Peter, the leader of the group, he told us to expect a kind of initiation. We weren’t sure what that would be. Holly and I had been so excited waiting for this we had fucked ourselves to exhaustion. So to make up, we didn’t have sex for two days prior to today, readying ourselves for whatever they would throw at us. “How many people are going to be there?” Holly asked. “He said it was a full group meeting, I don’t know how many are in the group.” I Said. The meeting place was at the house of a married couple that belongs to the group. Peter had e-mailed me directions. “Okay, this is it” I said, pulling up to a house, cars parked all over the street. “Let’s go” Holly said, excited. Holly was wearing a pink tank top, with no bra, and black skirt, no panties.

Holly rang the doorbell and the door was opened a few seconds later. “Hi, come on in” Peter said. We walked in to a large living room, several couches and chairs in the open room. “I’m Peter, this is my wife Kristen” Peter said, the couple were in their late 30’s. Kristen was tall, and she had long curly red hair, and small tits. “This is Matt and his wife Jenna” Peter introduced us. These two were in their early 30’s, Jenna was short, with short brown hair, and a pair of around a big C cup tits that sagged, braless, under her white shirt. “Dan and Susan” Peter continued. We continued exchanging hello’s with the sitting couples as they were introduced. Susan was Asian, she was short, with long straight black hair, and small tits on her skinny frame. They looked to be in their later 20’s. “And here is Edward and Helen” Peter continued. They looked to be about thirty. Helen was short, black hair, small tits, very skinny, pale skin. “Chris and Cindy” Peter continued. “Hey I know you” I said. It was the very same Chris and Cindy that we had ‘met’ in the video store (Part V). Cindy had bleached blonde hair, big DD fake tits, probably fake tan, looked to be in her late 30’s. “Jake and Mary” Peter moved on. They looked to be about our age. Mary was short, she had short dark blonde hair, very very skinny, a nice tan, and a nice round ass. “The other Chris and Bethany” Peter moved down the line. Chris was the only black man in the room. They looked to be in their late 20’s. Bethany was tall, nearly six feet, and had long brown hair. “And Finally Trent and Amy” Peter finished the introductions. They were the oldest couple, probably mid 40s. Amy was medium height, shoulder length blonde hair, pretty large breasts that were sagging on her chest, but overall a very nicely formed woman.

“Introduce yourselves” Peter instructed us, sitting down with his wife Kristen. We stood in front of the eight couples sitting. “Well, I am John, and this is my … my woman” I said, laughing. Holly smiled at me, “I’m Holly” She said. “We are sophomores at the college here, and we have been together for about a year and a half” I said. We stood there nervously. “Okay, lets try to break the ice” Peter said “I want you to guess who here has the biggest cock”. I kinda chuckled “you want me to guess or her?”. “Her” Peter reiterated. “Well I am going to have to go with Chris” Holly said, pointing to the black Chris. “Nope” Chris said. “Guess again” Peter said. “I don’t know” Holly said, turning red. “Well you’ll find out soon enough.” Peter said.

“You guys ready to get started?” Peter asked us. “I guess so” I said. “Alright, John, you follow my wife Kristen into the other room with the other girls.” Peter said. All eight women rose and escorted me down the stairs into the basement. There were a few couches against the walls, and large circular padded footrest like stools strewn about, and a large beanbag like cushion on the floor.

“Stand there” Kristen instructed me. I stood in the center of the room, as the eight women sat on the couches around me. “Strip” Kristen told me. I took off my clothes, releasing my growing cock. I stood in the middle of the room completely naked. “Put this on” Kristen told me, tossing a condom at me. I opened the wrapper, and pulled the condom on my growing cock. “What do you want to do to us?” Cindy asked me. “I can think of a few things” I said. “Well it’s tradition that we all get acquainted” Kristen said. “That’s a bit vague” I said, rubbing my chin, smiling. That elicited a few laughs.

“I’ll go first” Kristen said. She stood up and walked right up to me. “Strip me, and you don’t need to use that” She said pointing at my cock. “I’ll try not to jam it somewhere” I said smiling. Kristen stood directly in front of me. I reached down to the bottom of her red t-shirt. I slowly pulled the shirt up, past her tits, and she raised her arms, allowing her shirt to come over her head. I dropped her shirt to the floor. She had small, but perky tits, in her white lace bra. I reached around her, in a semi-hug, struggling to undo her strap. I pulled her bra off, releasing her perky tits, nipples poking out. I got down on my knees. I took her waistband of her black sweatpants in my hands, and slowly pulled her pants down past her knees, and she stepped out of them. All she had on now was white lace panties. I took her waistband into my mouth, biting it, and pulled her panties down to her knees, revealing her pink pussy lips and cleanly shaven pubic area. “Who’s next?” Kristen said, turning around, her nice ass in my face.

“I’ll go” Cindy said. Kristen went back to her seat, and Cindy replaced her spot standing in front of me. Still on my knees, I went for her skirt first. Cindy’s black skirt unzipped at the back, and fell right off. I pulled her black panties down, revealing her unshaven pussy. I stood up in front of her. Her large tits confined in a white shirt, that showed about as much cleavage as possible. I pulled her shirt up and off, her massive fake tits resting on her chest. I leaned forward and sucked on one nipple, while I massaged the other breast. I slowly licked from her nipple up to her mouth, and she passively embraced my kiss. “Next” Kristen said, naked in her seat.

Susan the short Asian woman, stood in front of me now. I quickly took off her shirt, releasing her slightly saggy small breasts, and dark nipples. Her pants came off next revealing a black thong. On my knees, I slowly pulled her thong down over her hips, revealing her shaved pussy. “Next” Kristen. shouted. Bethany was next up. She was the tallest girl of the bunch, a few inches above me. I unbuttoned her shirt, revealing her medium tits. Her long brown hair coming down to cover them. I left her white button up shirt on, still showing her tits. I pulled down her Jeans revealing no panties at all, and a small landing strip. I stood up and in the process stuck out my tongue and ran it over her pussy lips, sneaking it in.

“I’ll go” Amy said. Amy was the oldest woman. She stood in front of me, obviously braless, her large tits pushing her nipples against her blouse. Her shoulder length blonde hair, fell down to cover her tits when her blouse came off. Her breasts sagged, but were very nice. She was about my height. I quickly shoved her jogging shorts down, and they fell to the floor. She had white panties on, that quickly came off. Her pussy was unshaven, bush attempting to cover her forty something pussy. Standing back up, I ran one hand up her thigh, caressing her feminine area. “Next” I said, getting into this.

Jenna stood in front of me. She had short dark hair, and her medium somewhat saggy tits augmented her slightly round figure nicely. She was very cute. Her pussy was also shaven completely. Now Helen stood in front of me. She was short, with pale milky white skin, and small tits. Her thong came off revealing a little landing strip. I smacked her ass as she turned around walking away. “And finally Mary” Kristen said. All the other seven girls were sitting naked on the couches. I slowly pulled Mary’s pink tube top over her head, her somewhat small tits, perky in front of her. Her blonde hair falling around her big smile. She had a white skirt on that came off with ease, revealing her bare pussy, completely shaven. She had a very nice round ass, that looked great on such a small figure. Mary was the closest woman to my and Holly’s age.

Mary in front of me, “Now what?” I asked, playing with her tits. “Now that we have been introduced, you will make every woman in this room cum before you will receive any…treatment.” Kristen announced. “What if I’m not very good at oral sex?” I asked the crowd, knowing full well that I was, as Holly put it, ‘god damn fucking good’ at it. I figured that they would expect less, and when I delivered, it would seem all the more better. “Well, we do have some toys, but those are for emergencies only.” Kristen said. “Like the credit card your parents give you” I remarked.

Just above us, Holly was going through the same ritual. Holly sat on a foot rest in the middle of the room, couches around her. Each guy took their turn standing in front of her, as she undressed them. She quickly found out who in fact had the biggest cock. Peter, the leader, went first in the ritual. Holly was sure he had to be the biggest, as his ten inch cock flopped out of his boxers. She had Chris, the black one, go next, to compare. The guys went on, undressing in front of her. She would tell me later, that Edward was a very buff guy, though he didn’t look it at first glance. Most of the guys had average sized cocks, Chris and Peter the exceptions.

“Now Holly, as you can tell we are a pretty wild bunch, but not crazy.” Peter led the group still. Peter tossed her a box full of condoms. “Apply, without your hands if you can” He instructed her. Trent, the oldest, went first. Holly unwrapped the condom, and placed it against her lips. Trent’s cock was growing as she sat naked in front of him. She pushed her lips against his cock, the condom on his head. She pushed forward, but dropped the condom. “oops” Holly said, taking the chance to give his cock a few licks to lube it up a bit. She picked the condom up off the carpet, and placed it in her lips again. She placed her lips on his cock again, this time the condom went on. She pushed her mouth forward, until the condom stretched down the length of his cock. She slowly pulled back, the condom applied. “Next” Holly said, excited at her new found talent. Had we used condoms on a regular basis I’m sure she would have this mastered, but she took the pill, and so we didn’t normally use condoms. The guys took turns ‘putting’ condoms on, as Holly deepthroated each of them once. Finally, Peter stood in front of her. She, with increasing skill, applied the condom to the last man. She slowly managed to get all ten inches in her mouth, fully taking in his cock.

“Now what?” Holly asked very excited, and her nipples showed it. “Holly, now that we are all ‘introduced’, it is time to have some fun” Peter said. “Now, some women can’t handle this, so if you want we will go easy on you. But we plan to have our way with you. “Peter said slowly. “I’m getting tingly already” Holly said to the rubberized octet. “We will have our way with you, and once each man has had enough, he will take off his condom, and blast you. Unless you have any objections” Peter continued. “My only objection is that we are all still sitting around” Holly said, her body shaking from the anticipation. “Let’s get started then” Peter said.

Three naked girls on one couch, three on another, and two on another, “Where do I start?” I asked them. In front of me, Cindy on the left, Bethany on the right, and Kristen in the middle on a couch. I got on my knees and crawled over to the couch. Each woman had her legs open, three inviting openings. I sat on my knees between Kristen’s legs. Each hand reached out to the other women. My left hand to Cindy’s bushy slit, right hand to Bethany’s neat pussy, and I dove right in to Kristen’s shaved pussy. All three women were already excited, dripping juices. My tongue found sweet juices, as I lapped up and down on Kristen’s tight slit. I enthusiastically played with her pussy, moving my face around, as my tongue massaged her bulging pussy. My fingers each found entrance into tight wet pussies. Looking up to Kristen, her mouth hanging open, her breathing increasing, she was playing with her titties.

As I finger fucked Cindy and Bethany, they leaned forward and started sucking on Kristen’s nipples. I sucked and licked her clit powerfully. Her chest heaving up and down now as she moaned. I shoved my tongue deep in her slit, and tongue fucked her. She was pushed over the edge, her slit pouring out sex juices. I sat back, my fingers still working on Cindy and Bethany. Kristen had her head back, back arched, as she was moaning loudly. I moved to my left to Cindy. Using both hands to open up her wet pussy, my tongue slipped in her, swishing around in her pink hole. My fingers good and wet, I pushed two fingers of one hand in her pussy, returning to the fingerfucking, and one finger from the other hand to her tight asshole. I slowly pushed it inside her ass, and then gradually pumped in and out of her ass. My tongue still working on her clit. Soon Kristen was sucking on Cindy’s right tit, and her hands were jiggling and juggling her tits. Cindy came hard. Her juices pouring out of her pussy, her muscles contracting. She screamed out very loudly, in a blur of noises that weren’t words. She uncontrollably pushed her pelvis up in the air, pushing my face into her cuming slit.

Suddenly loud high pitched screams came from the basement. “I guess we’re behind schedule” Holly said. “Better get to work” She said. All eight guys stood up, and formed a line, eight cocks sticking out. “I’ll get to work then” Holly said. She kneeled down in front of Chris, the white one, at the beginning of the line. She played with the end of his constrained cock, tonguing him as she stroked his shaft. She blew him for a few seconds before moving on to the next guy in the line. Each guy got a few strokes of the hand, and some tongue play on their head. She was making sure they were all good and hard. At the eighth and final cock, Holly deepthroated Edward’s six inch cock, and held it there for several seconds, milking him with her tongue.

All eight men sucked, Holly laid down on an ottoman. Dan stepped up first. Holly on her back, he grabbed her legs and put them on his shoulders. Dan lowered his cock down to her spread pussy, and pushed his cock inside her dripping slit. Jake stood across from Dan, Holly’s head hanging off the other end of the ottoman, he put his cock in her face. Holly, her head upside down, took his cock into her mouth, and motioned with her hands, for him to face fuck her. Jake thrusted in and out of her open throat, and she massaged his dick with her tongue. Peter stood to one side of her, and Edward on the other. Then she reached out a hand to each cock, stroking them quickly as she was fucked at both ends.

I moved to the far right side of the couch, where Bethany was still sitting. Mary sat in the middle, replacing Kristen. My left hand reached out to Mary’s shaven pussy, finger fucking her as she played with her own nipples. I was eating Bethany out, she had her hands on the back of my head, pushing me down into her love slit. My nose was brushing against her clit, as my tongue was inside her. Helen took Cindy’s spot on the far left side of the couch. I moved from Bethany to Mary in the middle. Now I had a hand inside Helen and Bethany, and my mouth and Tongue working on Mary. I was fingerfucking Bethany very quickly and her pussy contracted around my fingers as I was lapping on Mary’s tight shaved slit. Mary and Helen still requiring attention, I continued my finger and tongue fucking. I repeatedly switched my mouth between the two. Mary came first, flooding juices out of her tight hole. Mary down, I moved over, concentrating on Helen. Helen didn’t take long, with three girls bent over, playing with her tits. Helen came, squirting juices in my mouth. The room had a distinct feminine smell. I had pussy juices of five women on my hands and mouth. Five down, three to go.

More screams escaping the basement, the gangbang continued. Dan pulled out of Holly. Peter and Edward stayed, getting jerked. Jake pulled his cock out of her throat. Matt stepped up, putting his cock into Holly’s waiting mouth. Holly resumed the throatfucking. Chris, the black one, crawled on top of her. His arms bracing him on top of her. He pushed his black cock inside her pussy, stretching her with his thick dick. Chris, the white one, Stepped up behind the other Chris. He put his lubed up cock at her asshole, just below her pussy that was being pounded. He had trouble getting inside her tight asshole with Chris pounding away, but he managed to get inside her. Holly was being triple fucked; ass, throat and pussy, and she was stroking two at the same time. The ass and pussy pounding continued as Peter stepped back, and Trent filled his place, getting jerked off.

I guess it was kind of cheating. Amy, Susan, and Jenna remained to be serviced. Jenna and Susan, both with medium tits, and shaved pussies, were locked in a sixty nine behind me. So I went to Amy, the busty older beauty. I grabbed her tits as she stood there, kissing and licking them, and playing with them with my hands. One hand meandered to her pussy, working her pussy into a dripping workout. I kissed my way down to her dripping slit, one hand still on her titties. Amy moaned loudly as I lapped her slit, her juices flowing. Other girls already serviced stood around Amy, playing with her tits, and kissing her all over, while I was on my knees, eating her out. I put my hands on her ass cheeks, pulling my face into her slit, licking and sucking vigorously. “oohhh, he’s good” Amy said, her knees weakening. “Little liar” Kristen said, standing behind me, her hands playing with my hair. Amy came hard, the girls holding her up, her pussy flooding sex juices. Her screeching filled the room. Amy down, Jenna and Susan to go. I turned around, seeing Susan and Jenna in a sixty nine on the carpet.

Chris fucking her pussy, stretching her, Chris fucking her ass, Matt’s cock down her throat, Her hands helping Trent and Edward. Holly came, her body shaking uncontrollably, her pussy and ass contracting hard. Her screams were muffled by Matt’s cock in her throat. Chris and Chris climbed off of Holly. The group helped Holly roll over. Now her knees were on the ground, her torso resting on the ottoman. This bent her ass, exposing her wide open. Matt climbed on top of her, putting his cock against her asshole. Peter put his ten inch cock just below Matt’s, pushing into her dripping, quivering, pussy. Both cocks forced their way in, double penetrating her. Edward and Dan knelt in front of Holly, their cocks poking towards her face. Holly reached out and grabbed Edward’s cock, bringing it to her waiting mouth. Holly switched off sucking each cock. The duo of Peter and Matt continued to double fuck her.

Jenna on top, Susan on bottom, they licked each other’s pussy. I knelt behind Jenna, Susan’s tongue working on her. They were both audibly close to orgasm from their quick breathing, sweaty tense bodies. I put my cock against Jenna’s shaved pussy lips. I guess it broke the rules, since I wasn’t supposed to receive any… treatment. I pushed my rubber covered cock into her dripping slit. Susan kept eating her. She was very close, after a few pumps inside of her, her pussy contracted and quivered, sending juices down to Susan’s waiting lips. Jenna rolled off to one side, leaving Susan last. Susan, her small asian figure dripping with juices, spread her legs out wide as she laid on the carpet. I laid down between her legs, my face resting on her pussy. I ate her quickly, stroking my tongue up and down on her quickly.

Holly thrown into a wild ear splitting orgasm, her body being filled. All the guys stood back, Holly laying face down, panting heavily. Edward moved behind her, and picked her up. Holly standing, with Edward’s cock poking her back, he lifted her up, and guided his saliva dripping cock to her asshole. Jake facing Holly, spreading her legs, shoved his cock in her dripping pussy. At instruction from the group, Edward and Jake lowered themselves to their knees, still fucking Holly between them. Trent stood to one side, and black Chris to the other. Holly sent one hand out to each cock. She pulled black Chris’s cock to her mouth. She shoved his black stick down her throat. Holly’s hair was disheveled, hanging in her face, going every which way. Her chest heaved uncontrollably. She was double fucked, pounded, as she sucked the black man’s cock. She moved over to the Trent’s cock, sucking his length down her throat.

Susan came, her skinny Asian body shaking as she pierced the air with her screams. I moved up, playing with her tits, as she continued screaming. I stood up, the other seven women all standing around me, juices flowing down their legs. “What’s next?” I asked enthusiastically. “Now you stand there” Kristen said to me. I stood on the carpet. The girls one by one knelt down in front of me, giving my cock a few licks and sucks. “Just enough to acquaint us with your man meat, not enough to get you off” Kristen said, explaining how it worked. Once the seven women each had their turn, Susan rose from the ground, her knees wobbling, she came in front of me, and licked my cock up and down over and over.

Holly came again, blasting juices on Jake’s cock. The group helped her up, putting her on her back on the ottoman. “You ready?” Peter asked her. Holly could barely hold her head up. “For what?” she barely managed. Trent and black Chris stood on either side of Holly’s head. She raised herself up, her ass on the ottoman, her arms down behind her propping her face up to cock height. Peter moved down, kneeling in front of her pussy, and resumed the fucking. Trent and Christ pulled their condoms off. Each guy stood there slowly jerking their meat. Holly opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out waiting. Trent came first, to Holly’s left, she turned her head toward him. He spurted jizz onto her cheek, streams going down her face and chin, some landing in her mouth. “mmm” Holly moaned, licking her lips, and turning to Chris, opening her mouth wide again. Chris’s black cock sprayed her face and neck with high velocity jizz. Spurting out all over her. Holly sat back again, her arms still propping her up, her whole body moving back and forth as Peter continued to fuck her with his huge cock. Edward and Matt stepped up to each side of Holly. Edward stuck his cock in her open mouth. Holly sucked on the end of his stick, licking on his head. Edward didn’t last long, his first blasts inside her mouth, he pulled back shooting his cum in her mouth and down her cheek. Matt came as soon as Edward stepped back, blasting a huge gob of jizz against her forehead, he came over and over, each stream hitting her forehead and falling down, leaving small lines of cum down her face. Holly licked her lips again, sucking any cum into her mouth she could, swallowing what she had. Peter pulled out of her pussy. He stepped up, directly above her, as he stood around the ottoman. He pulled his juiced up condom off, tossing it aside. He slowly jerked his huge cock, then stopped as he shot his load. Peter blew cum into Holly’s hair, streaming down her face, neck and to her tits. Each shot had jizz in her hair, and streamed all the way down to her tits. Shot after shot, much of the jizz landing in her mouth.

I was very excited now, expecting that I would fuck all eight women, not really sure. “Now what?” I asked smiling. “Now we go check up on your…woman” Kristen said. “Let’s go” I said, as we all walked to the stairs.

Holly’s face was covered in jizz. Some cum accumulated as it dribbled off her chin, landing on her tits. Streaks of jizz lining her hair, her tongue running out of her mouth all around her lips collecting what she could. Cum concentrated in several places on her face. She was literally glazed over. Jake was now kneeling, fucking her pussy somewhat slowly, her whole body moving with the thrusts. Her arms back holding her up. Chris, white one, and Dan stood on either side of her, jerking their cocks. Holly turned towards Chris, putting her mouth inches from his cock. Chris came, flooding her mouth with jizz, and she swallowed every drop she could. Some landed on her tits, as jizz accumulated and ran down her body. Dan was next, he came sending quick short blasts into her hair and down her neck. Jake was fucking her harder and faster now. He kept fucking until she came. I was standing next to Jake now, the women all entering the room and watching the events with the other men. Holly’s pussy squirting, Jake pulled out, pulled his condom off, and came, spurting jizz all over her belly. Jake turned around “She’s all yours” He said to me. “Congratulations, you guys are in” Peter said. I knelt down, where Jake had been. I took my condom off before hand, fucking my own woman. Holly looked down at me, with a huge smile on her jizzled face. I fucked her hard and fast, and her body couldn’t take much more. As I was approaching she came, milking my cock. I pulled out, and moved forward, standing on top of her and the ottoman. Holly leaned forward, my cock right in front of her mouth. No sex in 2 days, and being aroused for quite some time resulted in a massive load. I blasted, first over her mouth, a stream of jizz in her hair, and coming down in a neat line over her forehead, nose and to her mouth. Holly moaned as I blasted again, streaming a thick heavy load of cum down her throat. Holly leaned forward, my cock just inside her open mouth, as I blasted again and again, and she swallowed every drop of cum I gave her. “Wow” Many in the crowd were amazed as I kept coming and coming in massive wave of jizz.

I stood back as some of the girls knelt down, licking holly’s nipples, and making out with her. I stood with the rest of the guys, watching our women. “You guys have fun downstairs?” Peter asked the group, looking at me. The answer was a resounding yes from the cum slurping mob below us. “Did you guys have fun in here or what?” I asked the group of guys, their jizz covering Holly just below us. “So what’s next” I asked the group. “Okay…Partner up everyone” Peter said to the group. All the women stood up and found their man. I helped Holly to her feet from the ottoman, her whole body oozing in man juice. Peter and Kristen lead. Kristen faced away from Peter, bending over, and peter fucked her from behind. Every woman followed Kristen’s lead, all nine couples fucking while standing in a line. “I reached around to Holly’s cum soaked tits, but they were too slippery to hang on to. I just held her hips and fucked her harder. The moaning of eighteen people filled the room. Holly took quite a pounding before she came, several of the other women had cum already. Once every one had finished up, we all split up again. Each couple took turns in the shower. Holly and I were made to go last, as she was caked in jizz. “Have fun?” I asked her. “What’s it look like?” She said. “It looks like a whole lot of fun” I said.

Finally it was our turn. Trent and Amy, the oldest couple, stepped out of the hot shower, dripping wet. Holly stepped in first, and I stepped in behind her. The hot water running over her face, washing what remained of the jizz off of her body. I played with her tits from behind, as the jizz ran off of her. My cock grew again, poking her in the back. Massaging Holly’s tits, she felt my cock poking her, and turned around, kneeling down to suck me off. Holly took the head of my cock into her mouth sucking on me. She jammed my entire cock down her throat, deepthroating me. Just then the curtain flew open, and everyone was standing just outside the shower. Peter had a camera, and he snapped a photo, just as the curtain opened, and everyone yelled “congratulations”. They weren’t expecting to see us going at it again. “Christ, do you spend any time without a cock in your mouth?” Peter asked Holly. “huh uh” Holly tried to say no, my cock down her throat. This seems familiar. Holly went right back to deepthroating me, and many of the people stood watching her technique as she sucked me dry.

Finally done ‘showering’, we stepped out of the shower, and toweled off. “We have to do this again” I said. “We’re members now” Holly said excitedly. We walked downstairs and found our clothes out of the heap of clothes. “So, when do we meet again?” I asked Peter as everyone was leaving. “We usually meet once a month as a group, I’ll email you, but we also have smaller get-togethers more often” Peter said. “I don’t want to miss anything” Holly said excited. We walked to my car. We got in and I started driving. “whew, that was quite a workout” Holly said. “So, you want to relax tonite?” I asked her. “Fuck no” She said quickly. I immediately knew how the night would be spent. “Stop at a store and buy a large pack of condoms” Holly said. “Why?” I asked her. “I’ll show you later”

Episode II
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 25: Body Heat

Saturday morning we awoke to find the heat was dead. No heat in November means it is very cold in our apartment. Stephanie and Sandy didn’t want to stay, so they went to a friend’s house.

“They can’t be here till Monday” Holly said, getting off the phone and sitting next to me on the couch. We both had sweats on. “We could take advantage of it being this cold” I said. “How” Holly asked me. “Body Heat” I said.

A few minutes later we were both naked, with a huge blanked wrapped around both of us, our bodies wrapped together. Holly’s nipples, still hard from the cold, poking my back, as she laid facing my back, her body against mine, her arms around me. We laid on the couch, wrapped in blankets, and each other. “mmm” Holly softly moaned, enjoying the warmth we shared. “I could lay here like this forever” Holly said. “I know what you mean” I responded. We did lay there for a while, falling asleep.

A few hours later, I woke up, still feeling Holly pressing in to me. I turned around, carefully not to disturb her. Now we were face to face, our bodies pressed together. Holly woke up. “mmm hey babe” She said. Her eyes opening, and looking back into mine. I stared into her eyes, the woman that I loved. Holly had a smile sweep over her face. Our arms wrapped around each other, we laid together, sharing our warmth. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” I said to Holly. Her smile seemed to get bigger, and I thought that was as big as it got. “Who needs jobs, or heat, we can just lay right here forever” I said. “That would be fun, but we would be missing out on lots of sex” Holly said. “True” I agreed. “We could make up for it though, making love” Holly said.

Holly took our bodies and rolled up on top of me. Our bodies pressed together at every point. Blankets all around us. Her face just above mine. Holly slowly lowered her lips to mine. Slowly kissing, our mouths making love to each other. Holly closed her eyes, as she always did when she kissed me. Our hands now finding their way over the other’s body. Massaging and playing slowly. My cock was growing, and pushing against her body. “Make love to me” Holly said softly. Holly slid down a bit. She sent one hand down to my cock. She held my cock up to her pussy lips, slightly wet. Her attention shifted back up to my eyes again, as my cock slowly penetrated just into her. Holly lowered her hips, slowly forcing my cock all the way inside her. Our bodies sharing their warmth, now our bodies mixed together. Our love organs melting into each other. My cock throbbing inside of her, Holly began a slow movement back and forth, her body on top of mine. Her pussy slowly massaged my cock.

Holly moved up, her lips against mine. Our mouths mingled together, making love, as did our private parts. Holly still maintained a slow steady thrust of her hips.
Her love slit producing juices that dripped down my cock. Holly deepened the stroke of her body, my cock going further in and out of her. Holly put her hands on my chest, raising herself up. Her body rose above mine, she thrusted her hips down against mine. She increased the pace, her pussy thrusting around my cock faster and harder, juices flowing. My hands wandered down to her lovely round ass; hand on each cheek, as she thrusted against me. Our bodies still under the blankets, Holly looked down at me, breathing heavy, smiling slightly through her open mouth. She moaned slowly. I sent one hand down from her ass, to her pussy. She was still making love to me, my hand now playing with her pussy above my cock. Holly, maybe without knowing it, increased the pace, getting us both closer and closer to orgasm.

Both of us breathing hard, our bodies getting sweaty under our blankets, making love on our couch. Holly’s pussy contracted around my cock. Throbbing inside of her, she squeaked orgasmic moans. Her body shaking, she lowered herself back on top of me. The top of her head against my chin, her head turned to the side, with an ear on my chest. Her arms wrapped around me, mine around her. My cock still throbbing resting inside of her still. I rubbed her back with my hands, laying back. “I love you” Holly said softly, still laying on me. We laid there, bodies tight against each other, falling to sleep again.

I awoke to Holly hovering over me, our bodies still in contact all over. “Hey babe,…you want to go again” Holly whispered, smiling at me. I smiled back at her. We moved our bodies around. Now we were laying on our left sides, holly in front of me, facing away from me. Holly raised her right leg up high in the air, her pussy now exposed in the open. My chest against her back, I guided my cock to her waiting love slit. Penetrating her from behind, I wrapped my arms around her, holding her breasts in my hands. I thrusted my hips up and forward, my cock slowly stroking inside of Holly. “Uh uh uh” I breathed. Holly’s right hand behind her, holding onto my side. “Make love to me” Holly said in a breathy voice. I took her cue, switching to a higher pace, thrusting inside of her. Her hot wet tight slit having fun with my cock.

I was close to coming. I sent my right hand down to her pussy, playing with her just above where my cock was doing its work. I was moaning louder and faster as I got closer. Our sweaty bodies slapping together, moans escaping the heap of warmth that was us. I came, blasting jizz deep inside of Holly, as I struggled to keep thrusting into her. My chest heaving into her back as my orgasm subsided. My cock slowly receding from inside her, as it shrunk. Her pussy slowly dripped thick white cum from her slit. She laid in my arms, sweat soaked flesh rubbing together. We laid together for seemingly ages. “Holly…I Love you so much” I said, now in the calm after the heavy breathing and moaning and groaning. “I Love you” She responded. Complete, we stayed didn’t want the moment to end.

Of course, the moment did end. “We need to shower” Holly said. It no longer seemed so cold in here, under blankets, our sweaty bodies had made the cold disappear. “We are a bit sweaty” I said. “A bit?” Holly asked incredulously. We rose and walked through our bedroom to the bathroom. We stepped into the hot streaming water of the shower. We stood face to face under the running water. Holly had her arms wrapped around my shoulders. My hands on her hips, as we embraced the warm water. I moved my right hand down to her pussy. Slowly pushing in one finger, I found her dripping pussy, a combination of juices and jizz, slowly dripping from her. I slowly fucked her with one and then two fingers as we held each other.

I pushed Holly against the wall of the shower, leaning in to her, our mouths merging, tongues playing. Now I was putting three fingers inside of her, over and over. Holly was moaning as she was being fingered. My other hand playing with her tits, playing with her nipples and jiggling her breasts. Slowly I kissed down to her nipples, stopping to suck and play with each one. Then I kissed down her stomach to her slit. On my knees, I lapped up and down on her lips. I could taste the sex fluids. Holly leaning against the wall, I made love to her pussy, pleasing her as best as I could. She flooded my mouth with her juices, rewarding me, as she orgasmed, piercing the air with her passionate sounds of pleasure.

Once we finished ‘showering’, Holly fixed dinner and I helped. And by helped I mean that I stood behind her, groping her tits and ass. Playful groping, it sure makes the time pass. Eventually we kept our hands off each other long enough to sit down to dinner. Sitting across from each other, one candle burning between us, the lights off.

Of course we ate naked. As we were finishing up, I found myself staring into her eyes again, her beautiful brown eyes. “What?” Holly asked, giggling. I suddenly realized that I had been staring at her for some time. “I can’t help it” I said. “I want to marry you” I said, calmly. “Is this the big question.” Holly asked me, blushing. “No, I was just saying” I replied, playfully. “Well, I want to have a litter of your babies” Holly said, still giggling. “I was thinking of names for our kids” I said, seriously. “Let’s hear them” Holly said, smiling. “John Jr 1, John Jr 2, John Jr 3, and so on, and for girls Johnette Jr 1” I said, laughing at my own joke. “Your so lame” Holly said, smiling at me. “No but seriously, Hohn and Jolly, what do you think.” I said, smiling big. Holly rolled her eyes.

“I thought we could be serious” Holly said, still smiling. “Yes I want kids, you want to go work on it right now?” I said, toying with her some more. She still maintained her big smile. I could tell she really did want to talk seriously about us. “I do want to marry you, but we can’t get married now, I just figured we would do it after graduation” I said. “Oh you figured…were you going to tell me, or were you just going to invite me to the wedding?” Holly asked, now toying with me. “I love you Holly, I love you, I always will. I want to marry you. I want to share my life with you. I want to have children with you. And I want to grow old with you. And I want to die with you” I said, straight faced. Staring into her eyes, she started to tear up a bit. “How many kids?” She asked me, fighting back her tears, somewhat unsuccessfully. “Thirty Seven” I said, straight-faced, returning to the playful. “What, you could handle it” I said matter-of-factly. Holly played back at me, “Or maybe you need to find about ten other women, we could convert to Mormon” Holly said, seriously, but obviously playing around. I reached one hand up, rubbing my chin, putting on that thinking hard face. “That give me an idea” I said. That one got a laugh out of her. After a pause, “So, you want to go in the other room and make some babies” I said.

A few minutes later, we were on our bed, in the dark, naked. Of course it would be hard to make babies when one of us is on the pill. I got on the bed first, Holly hopping on after me. “So, what do you want to do” Holly asked me, excited. “We could invent a new position” I said, hopeful. “Those usually involve acrobatics, let’s keep it simple” Holly said. “I just want to please you” I said. “Well I want to please you” Holly said, beaming in the darkness. “Well I guess that settles that” I said.

Holly turned around, and I pulled her ass up to me. It took only seconds before we were in a sixty-nine, Holly on top. I quickly went to lapping at her mound of flesh. Holly was blowing me hard and fast. Her sucking sounds filling the room. I tried to counter, eating her faster and faster. I played with her clit fiercely, her slit dripping. Both of us approaching orgasm, I pushed two fingers inside of her. The sudden penetration sent her over the edge. Holly came hard, her body out of control. She had her face shoved down, my cock in all the way, as she tried to yell out. The vibrations and her tongue moving, combined with the extended deepthroat pushed me over the edge. I blasted cum down her throat.

Soon we laid back, panting. After some silence, I decided to break the tension. “you know what has to be confusing?” I said. “What?’” Holly managed through her breaths. “The little swimmers, going down your throat. They have their maps out, saying to each other ‘this doesn’t look right at all, we should have taken a left back there’” I said. Holly literally laughed out loud. I just smiled in the darkness. My woman was happy, so I was happy. Love, it’s quite a wonderful feeling. Believe me, it blows away being blown.

Episode II
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 26: Video
(Just to clarify, past the …, everything is what is happening in the video only)

Holly and I had come up with the idea of making another porno. Just to have fun with it. I (and you) know how much Holly enjoys putting on a show. Besides, doesn’t every couple have a collection of home made pornos? So we set out to make another porno. We enlisted help of course. Stephanie and Holly would be starring, and I would be leading. Sandy would be the camerawoman. Back from our porn days, like a couple months ago, I had gotten editing software and such. I had wanted to use it and this gave me another chance to learn. Holly and I sat down and created a professional looking video. It has title screens, and other presentation devices. It is cut up rather well, and then we put it to music. Then we showed the finished product to Stephanie and Sandy, as we all watched together.

“You guys ready?” Holly asked, as Steph and Sandy sat down on the couch. “We’re ready” Stephanie said. Holly pushed the tape into the VCR, and came back sitting with me. “So what’s so good about this?” Sandy asked us. “You taped it you should know” I said. “Quiet, its starting” Holly said.

A Black screen fades into titles; “John and Holly Studios presents” then to another “Nympho Sluts: Addicted to Cock”. Then comes the credits. “Starring John” as it shows a still photo of my semi-erect cock, “Holly Hotty” showing a sexy picture from behind her, and she is sexily looking back at the camera, “Stephanie Suxit” showing the same picture of Holly, with Stephanie’s face obviously superimposed over Holly’s.

The screen then fades into Holly and Stephanie sitting on the couch. I am sitting in the rocking chair, the camera over my shoulder so you can’t see me. Holly is wearing tight black shorts, and a tight white t-shirt, no bra. Stephanie is wearing a little red skirt, and a sexy lace shirt that barely covers her tits. The camera zooms in on their faces. “Hi, I’m Holly” as she pushes her tits up with her hands. “And I’m Stephanie” then Steph slowly licks her lips. “And what are you girls here for?” I ask, still off camera. “We’re here to get fucked” Holly said. “and suck cock” Stephanie said. “And take it in the ass” Holly said. “Tell me about yourselves” I instruct. “We are twenty year old nymphos” Stephanie said, slow and sexy. “We’re addicted to cock” Holly said, a big smile on her face, staring into the camera. “Addicted to cock?” I ask, in a surprised voice. “Oh yeah” They say in unison. Then there is about a two second flash, from later in the video, one second of Holly with my cock in her mouth, and one second of Steph with my cock in her mouth. Then it goes right back to them on the couch. “You two are hot little sluts” I said. “Can we just get to the fucking?” Holly asks me. The screen fades to black.

Fade in to Holly and Stephanie standing in front of me. The camera is now to the side, so I am in the picture, sitting down. Stephanie lowers the fabric that covers her tits. Her shirt still on, but her breasts hanging out. Then Holly pulls her shirt up and off, her round tits, now hanging freely in the air. Holly pulls her black shorts off, revealing just a black thong. Stephanie takes off her skirt, now with just a pink thong. The camera, in Sandy’s hands, moves to behind the sexy duo. Sandy drops down to her knees, the camera only inches away from Stephanie’s lovely ass. The view of only Steph’s ass, it slowly moves over to holly’s ass. The unnecessary close-ups complete, the camera rises up to eye level again, between Steph and Holly. The view is looking down at me over their shoulders. Holly turns to Stephanie, “You want to suck his dick before we fuck him?” she whispers to Stephanie. Stephanie nods in agreement.

The screen wipes to me standing naked except boxers, both girls on their knees in front of me. The camera is just a few feet off to my left, at eye level, looking down at the duo. Holly is closest to the camera. My cock clearly visible under my boxers, then Stephanie quickly pulls my boxers down, releasing my cock. They both ‘Oooh’ and ‘ahhh’, admiring my cock. Then they both look up at me. Holly says “Do you want us to suck your cock?” in an innocent, yet sexy voice. “OOOO YEAH” I say firmly.

The view fades into me holding the camera looking straight down. Holly on my left, Stephanie on my right. Holly’s tits out, Steph still has her lace bra/shirt on. The girls in unison lick my cock slowly from base to tip. Once their tongues meet at the end of my cock, they make out for a little bit. Then Holly leans in, taking my cock into her mouth. Holly slowly deepthroats my cock, as Stephanie takes my right nut into her mouth, sucking on my sack. Holly pulls off my cock, “He tastes good” she says in a sexy voice. “Let me taste his meat” Stephanie says, thrusting her mouth down on my cock. She only takes about half of my meat into her mouth, stopping to suck and play with her tongue. Steph pulls back, “He does taste good”. The duo, swap back and forth, giving my cock a few strokes of the mouth each.

Fade to, again I am holding the camera, holly on all fours in front of me. I am on my knees behind her. Stephanie is sitting to the left of us, her face resting against Holly’s ass cheek. Stephanie is holding Holly’s ass spread wide open. “Shove that cock in her pussy” Stephanie says. I push my cock just behind Holly’s spread openings. Stephanie grabs my cock, and guides my head to Holly’s waiting slit. I lean forward, putting pressure on the opening. Stephanie’s hand slips, and my cock goes up and to Holly’s tight asshole, pushing against her opening. “oops wrong hole” Stephanie says. “You want to fuck her tight little asshole?” Stephanie asks me. “Fuck my ass hard” Holly says, facing away from us. Stephanie pulls my cock back, and spits repeatedly on Holly’s asshole. Then she shoves my cock back at her asshole. I lean forward, slowly opening her ass, anally penetrating her. “Ooooh, Fuck My ass hard” Holly says.

The screen fades to a new view. Sandy, and the camera, is sitting in front of Holly. We see holly right in front of the camera, me in the background fucking her ass, and Steph is still sitting beside Holly’s ass. Holly has her mouth wide open, as she is moaning in both pain and pleasure. Her tits are swinging back and forth beneath her. The sound of my body slapping against her ass is easily heard. It shows the ass pounding for a while.

The screen fades back to my point of view, Stephanie keeps looking into the camera, her face on top of Holly’s ass. Stephanie grabs the base of my cock, pulling me out. Steph brings my cock up, and she immediately shoves it in her mouth, taking more than half of my cock into her mouth. Steph has one hand on my shaft, as she quickly sucks and strokes me, before pushing my cock back into Holly’s tight ass. Stephanie disappears from screen for a second, then returns with the little pink toy in her hand. Stephanie turns on the vibrator and pushes it into Holly’s dripping pussy, below her penetrated ass. Holly almost immediately cums. Holly screams out loudly. “My turn” Stephanie says. Holly’s orgasm barely finished.

The screen fades to Sandy filming again. I am standing up, Stephanie standing in front of me. We are both facing towards the camera. Holly is on her knees in front of us. My arms are around Stephanie, groping her tits. “Fuck me already” Stephanie says, impatiently. I reach around with my right hand, grabbing her right thigh. I raise Stephanie’s right leg until it is sticking out to the side, and up in the air. She is standing only on her left leg, and I am holding her up. Holly sits up, grabbing my cock, and pushing it against Stephanie’s lips. I go straight into pounding her pussy. Thrusting hard into her dripping hole. Holly looks back at the camera, smiling devilishly, her face just inches from the fucking.

“Fuck her ass” Holly says. I pull back, my cock falling from Stephanie’s slit. Holly grabs my cock, underneath Steph’s pussy, and gives me a few quick strokes of the mouth. Then Holly pushes my cock against Stephanie’s asshole. I thrust forward, assfucking Stephanie. Holly, goes to eating out Stephanie, as I pound her ass hard. Sandy moves with the camera to beside us. The view from under Steph’s raised right leg, of her ass getting fucked, and only inches away Holly eating her out. It doesn’t take long before Stephanie is screaming loudly. “FUCK ME OOOO FUCK” She screams.

The view then fades to me laying on my back. The two girls standing over me. “Who wants more cock?” I ask. “I do I do” They both say. They both move towards me, Holly pushes Stephanie away. Holly squats down over my cock, facing me. Stephanie squats down over my face, facing holly. Holly starts riding my cock, her tits bouncing hard. I start eating Stephanie out, as she moans in pleasure. Holly is pounding herself hard, slapping flesh on flesh. I put my hands up to Holly’s bouncing tits. “Come on it’s my turn” Stephanie says, pleading to Holly. Panting, Holly tries to get off of me, nearly falling from her weak knees.

The view then turns to Holly on her back, breathing heavily. Stephanie comes over and positions herself into a sixty nine over Holly. They both go at each other’s pussies, moaning loudly. I go over to Stephanie’s ass/Holly’s face. Down on my knees, I line my cock up with Stephanie’s ass. Holly is eating her out just below me. I push into her ass, anally penetrating her again. The camera is just beside me, showing the penetration and oral. I lean forward, my chest over Stephanie’s back, my hands groping her tits. I am grunting loudly, both girls moaning incessantly. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum” I say loudly. “Fuck My Ass” Stephanie screams out, taking her tongue out of Holly’s pussy briefly. I pull my cock out of Stephanie’s ass. The camera literally inches from the ass, face, cock combination. I reach down, stroking my cock. Holly has her head back, mouth open, under Stephanie’s legs, just below my cock. “Ya cum all over her ass, mmm” Holly says, encouraging me. “Uhhh” I grunt as I blast streams of white cum, splashing off Stephanie’s asshole, ass cheeks, and her pussy. Holly collects dripping, splashing jizz in her mouth, moaning. The thick white load covering Stephanie’s ass, and parts of Holly’s face.

I move out of the picture, Holly crawls from under Stephanie, to now crouching next to her ass. Holly licks up and down her slit and ass hole, collecting all the jizz she can, in her mouth. Her ass clean, Stephanie rolls over, now on her back. The camera follows holly up to Stephanie. Holly, on al fours beside Stephanie, positions her mouth over Stephanie’s. Holly opens her mouth, slowly dripping jizz and spit down to Stephanie’s waiting mouth, some ending up on her lips and cheeks. Then Holly descends, making out, doing more than just spit swapping. They continue making out, white liquid escaping between their tongues and lips. They are both moaning as they kiss.

The view fades to Holly and Stephanie, sitting on the floor next to each other. They have cum and spit all over their mouths and chins. “I have a surprise for you” I say, the camera right beside me. I toss a dildo at them. Holly catches it. It is a double headed dildo. Holly brings the double sided cock up, putting one of the heads in her mouth, playfully. Stephanie grabs the other end of the foot long double dildo, putting the other head in her mouth. “I’m on top” Holly says. Holly takes the dildo, moving in front of Stephanie. Holly jams the dildo in her pussy, and takes the other end, guiding it into Stephanie’s pussy, as she climbs on top of her. Holly mounts as she humps into Stephanie, Fucking both of them. They go at it for some time, thrusting in to each other, dildo inside them.

The scene turns into Holly, bouncing vertically, on the dildo inside of Stephanie. Steph is laid all the way back, Holly sitting up as she fucks them both. I step up, just to the side of Stephanie, my semi aroused cock hanging before Holly. “ I want some more cock” Holly says into the camera. “Ya more cock” Stephanie says below us. Holly reaches out grabbing my cock, pulling me to her. Holly blows me as she continues bouncing up and down, her tits bouncing as well. Stephanie cums, screaming out. Holly continues to fuck her and suck me.

The video switches to my view, as I hold the camera. I am on my knees, knees on either side of Stephanie’s torso, just below her armpits. Stephanie leans her head up, reaching for my cock. The sounds of Holly moaning are heard, assuming she is still fucking behind us. Stephanie sucks my cock, cum still on her face, her hair all messed up.

I’m still holding the camera, Stephanie still blowing me. Holly appears, on all fours in front of me. She crawls up to us, her face above Stephanie’s, her ass away from us. “Give me that cock” Holly says. Stephanie leans back, letting Holly have access. Holly moves forward, deepthroating me, Stephanie just below my cock. Holly deepthroats me for some time. “Oh fuck im gonna blow” I grunt. The camera is beside us. “Give her that cum” Stephanie says. Holly hold the head of my cock in her mouth, not moving. Stephanie reaches up and strokes my cock with one hand, while Holly holds the end I her mouth. I am moaning loudly. Then my body shakes some, and Holly moans loudly. “Ya eat his fucking cum” Stephanie says. Holly pulls her mouth off my cock, turning down to Stephanie, and dropping her mouth to Stephanie’s. They make out again, jizz running from the sides of their mouths. My cock hovers in front of their faces, some jizz still hanging from the tip. Stephanie leans forward sucking the very tip of my cock. “mmm That was good” Stephanie says, into the camera.

The screen fades to Holly and Stephanie standing naked, jizz running from their mouths down their necks. I am just off screen. “Did you girls get your fill of cock for the day?” I ask them. “I don’t know” Stephanie says. “I think I could take some more cock” Holly says into the camera. “You guys want some more?” I ask them. The girls look at each other. The screen goes blank. “To be continued” Flashes on the screen, and it goes black.

“What did you think?” I ask Stephanie and Sandy, sitting in the other couch. I was too into watching the movie, that I hadn’t noticed that they both hand their hands down their pants. “I’m all wet” Holly said into my ear. “Want to do something about it?” I asked her. “Oh yeah” she said to my ear again. Holly unzipped my pants, and pulled my already hard cock out. Holly, wearing just a black skirt and panties, mounts me. She pulls her panties aside, impaling her pussy on my cock. She is already very wet. I look to the other couch. Stephanie and Sandy are making out, with their hands down each other’s pants now. Holly fucks me hard. Her pussy grinding into me on every stroke. She is bouncing on my lap, her tits bouncing inside her shirt. After fucking for some time, Holly cums, drowning my cock in juices. Her pussy milking my cock gets my to the edge of coming. Holly gets up, and pulls me to the other couch. Stephanie is on Sandy in much the same way Holly was just on me. They both have nothing on below the waist, their pussies grinding together, and their hands playing about. I get behind the couch. Stephanie is facing my cock, but has her eyes closed. Sandy is looking at Stephanie, not knowing I am behind her. Holly strokes my cock quickly, then aims me. I blast my cum straight over Sandy’s head, some landing in her hair atop her head. The blasts hitting Stephanie in the face, and her shirt. More white jizz keeps coming, landing all about, their shirts, faces, even down to their pubic regions as they play with themselves. Stephanie opens her eyes in surprise from the first blast. Surprised, but not shocked. Stephanie moans as I cum on them. “We should have cameramen follow us around all the time” Holly says to me, smiling widely, my cock still in her hand. “So, what happens in the sequel?” Stephanie asks me, cum faced.

Episode II
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 27: Perfect Circle

(numbers in here are the parts they were in)

It was a Saturday afternoon. Holly and I had been out doing the typical couple stuff, shopping, eating lunch, nothing out of the ordinary. As I pulled into the driveway, we both noticed some extra vehicles. We walked in the front door, to a surprise. There was six girls sitting in our living room. Sandy and Stephanie, of course. Sandy, the short latino with large natural breasts, Stephanie the blonde with small tits. But also sitting on our furniture was Jenny(8), the short blonde with small tits that had been unexpectedly blasted about a year ago, Gretchen(20), the redhead with medium breasts, Dana, the platinum blonde very skinny small titted girl with a nice ass(19), and finally Alyssa, Dana’s lesbian friend who now provides Holly and I with a room during the day(22). With the exception of Sandy, everyone in the room was a sophomore, Sandy being just a little older. Not only was there six girls in our living room, but they were watching a very familiar porno.

“Welcome home” Stephanie said, a huge smile on her face. “What is this? A porno of the month club?” I asked, setting some bags down. “We didn’t say you could show that tape to everyone” Holly said, sounding somewhat worried. “Oh please, John has fucked every girl in this room.” Stephanie said. I looked around at the faces. “She’s got ya there” I said to Holly. Holly and I stood behind the couch holding three of the six girls. “Ohh here’s the good part” Stephanie said. Just a few seconds later I was blowing my load on television. “Whoah” The assembled crowd reacted to the cum explosion. “I’d swear you had six testicles if I didn’t know better.” Jenny said. Everyone in the room, including Holly and I, was getting quite aroused. “So is this whole get together leading to anything?” I asked, trailing off. “What like an orgy?” Holly asked me. “Ya” I said. Stephanie looked at both of us, rolling her eyes. “Well if you guys are going to be boring and just watch porn, We’ll be in the bedroom” I said, smiling. “No no, stay here” Steph said.

Some drinks and a few pornos later, we were all sitting in the living room. The porno just finished; “So what do we do now?” I asked the assembled group provocatively. No response. It seemed like each person was slightly afraid of being the instigator. “Well, if you guys aren’t doing anything, we will” Holly said. Holly and I had been sitting in the reclining chair, holly on my lap. The porno had gotten my cock aroused and poking her thigh from below. Holly turned around, her knees on either side of my hips, as she straddled my body, facing me. The six girls were all still sitting on the couches. Holly leaned into me, her hair draping over our faces. We kissed for several minutes, hands exploring.

“What the fuck are you guys doing? Get on with it!” Holly said, turning away from me for just a second. Holly leaned back to me, her hair covering our faces, blocking our view of anything else going on. I ran my hands up her shirt, pulling it above her tits. I pulled her bra down, her breasts now hanging out of her bra. Holly had one hand shoved down my pants, teasing my cock. We both heard a crash, stopping in our making out, we looked out to see an interesting sight. The girls had moved the couches out from the middle of the living room, toward the walls. The middle of the living room was now a big empty space of carpet. Holly and I stood up, still holding each other. “umm..what is…umm” I said, hesitantly. The six girls standing in a circle, all started stripping their clothes off. Soon Holly and I were the only ones wearing clothes. I looked at holly and her eyes told me she was thinking the same thing. We both stripped our clothes off, standing with the girls in the circle, wondering what was to come.

We all stood in a circle. To my left was Holly, then Stephanie, Gretchen, Alyssa, Jenny, Dana, Sandy. Sandy was to my right in the circle. Stephanie was now acting as the ringleader. “I’ll Start” Stephanie said. Stephanie got down to her knees, then laid on her right side, putting her left leg straight up into the air, exposing her pussy. Stephanie was facing in to the circle. Then Gretchen followed, doing the same as Stephanie, but facing out of the circle, and resting her head on Stephanie’s thigh, mouth poised to please her pussy. Then Alyssa followed suit, facing in to the circle, her face next to Gretchen’s pussy. And it went on down the line until it came to me. Sandy was to my right, facing out of the circle, her right leg straight into the air. I laid down, splitting my legs apart, not quite in the same way as the girls. Holly was the last to go, putting her cheek on my right thigh, and having Steph put her face on her thigh. The great circle of oral was now set to go.

“Okay, once we start, if you cum, then you stand up and wait for someone else to cum, then you switch places. GO!” Stephanie said. The juices of anticipation filled the entire room with that wonderful feminine aroma. I leaned my head back, pushing up into Sandy’s drippingly awaiting slit. Holly started sucking me off immediately. She blew me slowly, taking time to play with my cock as much as possible, knowing there was much fun to go. I started on Sandy by flicking my tongue up and down on her lips. Then pushing right into her, my tongue rubbing inside of her dripping pussy. Her juices running wild, I sucked on her clit. The ‘ooohhs’ and ‘aaahs’ of pleasure filled the room. Holly continued to blow me slowly, Sandy was getting somewhat close. I played with her clit quickly with my fingers, whilst sucking and licking all around her pussy. I heard orgasmic screams from someone in the room.

I saw Jenny standing, her knees shaking, in the middle of the circle, watching the other members of the circle intently. I increased the pace of flicking licking and sucking, causing Sandy to blast juices out of her, covering my chin and cheek with her sex fluid. Sandy waited a second, then slowly rose. Jenny looked at me, and smiled, walking towards me. She laid down, putting her face in Dana’s throbbing pussy. I leaned back down, plunging my tongue inside of her. Her thigh was already wet from her first orgasm. Licking, sucking, fingering, I did my best to get her off. Holly, still blowing me slowly, stopped suddenly. I felt her warm rapid breath on my balls. Then I heard her screaming out. Stephanie had gotten the job done on her. Holly stood up, waiting for the next location. My cock, throbbing, waited for the next girl.

I continued to eat Jenny, as holly stood waiting for some time. Alyssa was the next to come, her screams drowning out the other sounds of pleasure in the room. So Holly starting eating Sandy, and being eaten by Gretchen. Alyssa came over, putting her pussy in front of Stephanie, and her face next to my cock, as I continued pleasuring Jenny. There was more explosions of orgasmic pleasure from around the circle, but the rest of us continued our work. Jenny was getting close, her pussy ready to blast. Alyssa held my cock in one hand, stroking me slowly, putting her mouth over the tip of my cock, playing with her tongue. Alyssa bobbed her head up and down on two inches of my cock, stroking the remaing. She was blowing me wet, saliva running down my shaft. Alyssa was playing with my balls with one hand, but her hand slowly wandered to my ass. Her finger well lubed from pussy juice, she pushed one finger in my ass. I brought Jenny to orgasm, flooding me with juices again, the screams again filling the room. I had lost track of all the switches in the circle. Alyssa kept the sloppy blowjob going, slowly stroking one finger in my ass. It felt kind of weird, but it felt pretty good.

The next thing I knew, Stephanie had her legs wrapped around my head, abandoning the passive stance from before. Her thighs squeezing my head as I pushed my face into her wet slit. Screams again filled the room as two more girls switched places. I am sure by this point that I am the only one that hasn’t come. I am lapping on Stephanie’s pussy, her lips whole body shaking from probably multiple orgasms ganging up on her body. Alyssa was still blowing me sloppily, but she picked up the pace, taking almost al of my cock into her mouth and out again quickly. She still had one finger inside my ass stroking in and out. I was coming, and since my entire head was restrained to Stephanie’s wet love slit, I could make no warnings. Alyssa should have been able to sense it coming. I came hard, her finger in my ass felt extremely good all of the sudden, contracting around it. Her mouth poised at the head of my cock, catching as much jizz as she could in her mouth. I flooded her mouth with cum, covering her cheek with jizz, and some landing in her hair. I uncontrollably thrusted my face into Stephanie’s pussy forcefully, my mouth lips chin and nose all thrusting into her pushing her into orgasm.

Stephanie and I stood up, once she released me from her grip. “I guess we just switch?” I said to her. And we did. Now I laid down, putting my face onto Dana’s small leg. I pushed forward, lapping on her amazingly tight, wet pussy. Stephanie now starting sucking on my saliva coated, and jizz caked, semi-hard cock, keeping me from getting soft. I pushed fingers from both hands into Dana’s dripping pussy. I put one of my now lubed fingers into her asshole, pushing inside of her, and stroking slowly. I kept finger fucking her with two fingers, as I sucked and played with her clit. My cock was getting hard again, thanks to Stephanie’s sucking. Dana was the next to cum, her body shaking as her pussy lips squirted sex juice at me. Dana tried to stand up, but ended up stumbling to the floor, breathing heavily. Stephanie still sucking my cock, the sounds of the sex died down quite a bit. “I think its time for a break” Steph said, watching as the girls struggled to keep eating. All the girls just laid on their backs, breathing hard, trying to get their composure back. I sat up, looking at the seven women, their tits all heaving up and down on their chests from the multiple orgasmic waves of pleasure playing with their bodies.

“Break? I’m still ready to go” I said. “You want to fuck one of these girls?” Holly asked me, trying to get me some. None of the girls responded. “Alright, I’ll take that dick in me” Holly said. Holly got up on all fours, pointing her ass towards me, and looking back at me expectantly. I crawled over to her, putting my chest on her back, my hands just below hers on the floor. I leaned into her, hoping my cock would find its place. My cock pushed up against her asshole. At first I stopped to put my hand back to guide into her pussy, but then holly said “ooohhh fuck my ass”. So I went with it. I pushed my cock into her tight ass. I was all the way inside of her, my cock throbbing, her ass squeezing me. I started to assfuck her, stroking in and out of her tight ass, my balls lightly slapping against her wet pussy. The other girls were now sitting around us, watching me sodomize Holly. Soon Sandy was on all fours, her ass just beside Holly’s, waiting for me to fuck her. I pulled out of holly, moving behind Sandy. “Wait” Holly said.

After a second Holly returned from our bedroom, condom in hand. I stood and Holly dropped to her knees, putting the condom in her lips. Holly leaned forward, placing the condom and her lips at the head of my cock, and pushing down. The condom stretched over my cock as Holly deepthroated me. “Okay” Holly said. I dropped down to my knees, and pulled Sandy’s ass towards me. I pushed my cock into her dripping pussy, pulling her hips against mine, fucking her hard. Alyssa dropped to her knees, putting her crotch in Sandy’s face. Sandy ate her out, as I fucked her, her massive tits flopping around beneath her chest. Now Gretchen had her ass next to Sandy’s, waiting for her turn. I pulled out of Sandy, the void filled by Holly dropping to the floor and eating her from behind, as she ate Alyssa. I pushed into Gretchen’s pussy and hammered away for a short time. “No, Fuck my ass” Gretchen said, turning back to me. Holly pulled her mouth from Sandy’s pussy for just a second “Ya fuck that tight ass”.

I put my cock up against her ass hole, putting some pressure on her opening. Her hole opened slowly, allowing my cock inside her ass. She moaned as I thrusted inside her. “Fuck Me HARD” She screamed at me. I pounded her ass hard, thrusting into her hips. She was moaning hard as I fucked her ass. Soon she was coming, her asshole clenching around my cock, I tried to keep pumping but was not allowed to. My cock was squeezed as I continued to try and fuck her. I came in the condom deep in her asshole. I fell back, laying on my back, breathing heavy. “Is that cock still hard?” Dana asked me, her platinum blonde short hair messed up around her face. She dropped to all fours, as I laid back. Stroked my rubber covered cock quick and fast, trying to keep me hard. My cock responded, staying semi hard. Dana stood over me, facing me, and lowered herself, down, until she was crouched over my cock. She let her weight push down, impaling her pussy with my cock. She bounced up and down, playing with her tits, as we both moaned. My cock was getting hard again inside of her as we fucked.

Dana fucked me vigorously, pounding her hips down, flesh smacking together, her small tits bouncing as she put her hands on my chest to hold herself up. Dana came hard, losing control and falling to me, ending up laying on me, her pussy milking my cock, to no avail. “Get off, its my turn” Alyssa said. I helped Dana roll off of me. Alyssa had been getting eaten and was quite close to coming before I had anything to do with it. “Fill me up big boy” Alyssa said, crouching down to my cock as Dana had. My cock filling her up as she let out a ‘ooohhhh’. She stopped at the bottom, my cock all the way inside her. She nearly came just from the penetration. She collected herself enough to start thrusting down. I helped by thrusting my hips up into her. It didn’t take long before she came, screaming and arching her back, nearly falling backwards, but I held her hips with my hands, keeping her on my cock as I continued to fuck her orgasming pussy.

Alyssa done, I stood up. “Anyone else need some cock” I asked the girls, holding my dick in my hand. I got no responses. The girls were exhausted. “No takers?” I asked incredulously. “I’ll take some” Stephanie said. She was sitting on the couch, watching the sights. I walked over to the couch. Stephanie tried to stand up, but nearly fell. I somewhat caught her. She was now on her back, her legs on the couch. I stood, my legs on either side of her. I pulled her up by her arms. Her hips now right at the edge of the couch. She pulled her legs from between mine, pulling them back. Now her ass was exposed. Her head was against the ground, her back against the couch, her ass at the edge of it, her feet were touching the floor on either side of her head, and I was standing, facing her, legs on either side of her. “This will do” I said. I held my cock in my hand, and lowered myself to her. “Which hole?” I asked her. “you pick” She said to me, through her legs. Of course I choose ass. I lowered my body till my cock was against her ass hole, directly below me. I slowly raised and lowered my body, thrusting my cock inside of her ass below me. Steph moaned loudly as I assfucked her. “Fuck my ass with that hard cock” She said, egging me on. I fucked her a little faster. Her tight hole was getting me close to coming for a third time. She had one hand playing with her pussy while I fucked her ass. After some time she came. Her ass contracting around my cock, milking me. I came deep in her ass, again contstrained by the condom. I sat back on the couch.

Steph didn’t move, laying there. I sat breathing heavily. Holly came over to me, her legs covered in juices, obviously having a recent orgasm. “Did you come in there?” She asked me. “Twice” I responded. “Oohh” She said excitedly. Holly pulled me to my feet. I stood there, all the girls except Steph, still against the couch, were around me. Holly and Gretchen were on their knees in front of me. Holly pulled the condom off my jizz caked cock. Holly licked the inside of the condom, sucking the cum out, then making out with Gretchen. Holly then sucked on my cock, blowing me and getting all the cum she could. Gretchen shared my jizz with Holly, licking and playing with my cock between them. I was somewhat shocked about it, but from the new playing with jizz and sucking, my cock was getting hard again. I know it’s hard to believe, four times in a row, but, well, it was hard again. “Who wants to go again?” I asked all the girls. “Again??” They all responded at the same time incredulously. “Put that thing away” Sandy said. “I need a shower” Holly said, still on her knees, looking up at me. “Well, losers, I guess holly and I are going to go have some more fun while you guys sit around doing nothing’ I said. I was right, they were too exhausted to do anything but sit around. Holly and I would have some more fun in the shower.

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