Eternal Awakening: Chapter One

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Once again, this story is not written by me. It is not edited from its original format. This story belongs to Captius and is his work.


If you haven’t read the prologue yet I suggest you go and do that quickly. It’s fairly small so it shouldn’t take long.

Chapter One:
Worst Fears

A heavy and steady rain pounded outside the double and reinforced windows that lined the large high school Richard attended in the heart of a major metropolitan center. The dim fluorescent bulbs that were positioned at even intervals overhead pounded down on his eyes and a small headache was building at the base of his spine. The noise of close to thirty students didn’t help either, but Richard did his best to ignore those idiots.

Trying to prevent the spread of his headache he placed his head on the desk and tried to block out all the light of the room by using his arms to shield his eyes. It worked pretty well but it also left him vulnerable against the other students who would be sure to see this as a nice opportunity to pick on him. They always did this though. It wasn’t just the mean guys or the school bullies either; every single student that attended this school seemed to hate his guts. He could never figure out why though, he didn’t think he had given anyone a reason to hate him. But they did. Students, teachers, random strangers on the streets, and even his own parents. As far as Richard could tell, everyone in the world hated him for no reason at all.

Richard had just turned seventeen the previous day but is birthday had passed without anyone noticing; which to be completely honest, was the way he liked it. He had never had a birthday that anyone celebrated for as long as he had lived and he honestly didn’t miss it. Especially when the people around him did their best to go out of their way and make his life a living hell. He would rather sit alone in his tiny one room apartment and watch television until he fell asleep, a cup of half eaten noodles discarded and forgotten.

Richard had lived alone for almost four years now, ever since his parents kicked him out his first few weeks into high school. They couldn’t stand to be around someone who they hated with every fiber of their being. Thankfully they paid for him to live in a rundown apartment on the other side of town from them, but Richard really didn’t think that was going to last much longer now that he was seventeen. He would have to start looking for a job for when the inevitable happened.

Time continued to pass slowly around him, the monotone voice of his English teacher droning on in the background as he gave his long lecture on some poem that had probably been written a hundred years ago. Thankfully the teacher seemed to ignore the fact that Richard existed and he was allowed to rest peaceful as he willed time to move faster so the final bell would ring and he would be free from this horrible asylum they passed off as a school. He also did his best to ignore the fact that the girl sitting in the desk behind him was tossing bits of paper into his shaggy hair.

After what felt like an eternity the loud and horribly annoying bell rang, releasing everyone from their chains that imprisoned them to their desks and chairs. Richard waited as everyone filed out of the class room until he was the only one left behind, before finally getting up and grabbing his horribly outdated school bag and slinging it over his shoulder. The trek through the overcrowded and raucous hallways was met with some resistance, but he pushed his way through and headed straight for the side door and towards his freedom.

No sooner had he gotten outside and reached for his umbrella he realized someone had once again stolen it from his bag, forcing him to once more walk the one hour journey to his apartment in the pouring rain. He seriously hoped the rain would stop and blue skies would open up above his head, but it was coming down in sheets that didn’t seem like they would be giving up any time soon. He would have to brave it and just get this horrible day over with.

He hadn’t even taken two steps when suddenly the rain pounding down on his head and shoulders stopped and pattered noisily on an umbrella that had been held over him. ‘I thought you might need an escort home,’ a soft voice said, ‘and it looks like I was right.’

Richard turned to meet the one friend he had in the world and smiled softly at her. ‘Thanks, May.’

The beautiful college student smiled brightly back at him, a twinkle in her gorgeous green eyes. Her blonde hair was slightly wet and had been pulled back into a tight pony tail, her bangs hanging over her pretty face and framing it nicely.

May was three years older than Richard and was the one person in the world who actually smiled at him for no other reason than that she could. They had met in his first year of high school and when she learned that he had been kicked out of his parents house at such a young age she became his friend. She would often visit him when she didn’t have classes and even sometimes when she did. She was the one light in this horrid world that kept him from doing something stupid; like jumping from a bridge.

‘Ready to go?’ she asked brightly, ‘Got all your homework?’

‘No homework today.’

‘Seriously? But you always get homework, even when no one else does.’

‘People mostly ignored me today,’ he answered with a sigh and together they began to walk through the puddle covered grounds and off school property.

They walked mostly in silence, their bodies close together so neither of them got soaked as they huddled under the umbrella. May took the outside position, keeping him away from the side of the road so some driver didn’t spot him and decide to speed through a large puddle and soak him from head to toe. Richard liked that about her, how she would try to protect him, but he still had to contend with pedestrians who glared at him almost angrily as they walked by. If he stopped for any reason then someone was sure to spit on him or something.

After a while they finally arrived at the rundown eight story red brick apartment building that Richard called home. The three steps leading up to the rickety door with a shattered window were uneven and half sunk into the sidewalk. No one had yet to fix it but the interior was in more need of a renovation than the outside. The tiled floor of the main entrance was cracked in places and the teetering wooden staircase that led to the upper floors looked ready to collapse at any moment. If you didn’t die when that happened then you were sure to get large splinters from the unfinished wooden railing that would hurt just as much coming out as they did going in.

Thankfully the stairs didn’t collapse under their feet as they walked up six stories and then headed down the small and dingy hallway to his door. Upon entering the small room off the hall Richard dropped his heavy school bag by the front closet and kicked off his shoes, walking in and turning on the T.V. so the small space would be full of sound. May walked in behind him, putting her own bag next to his and taking off her shoes before walking straight into the kitchen.

‘How about roast for dinner,’ she said and Richard snorted in derision.

‘That would awesome, if I had even one of the ingredients to make it.’

‘You let me worry about that.’

Not believing her at first, Richard sat on the edge of his small bed and watched May as she went back to her bag and pulled something out of it. She moved back into the small kitchen, only big enough for one person to be in there at a time, and he heard the sound of pots and pans being moved around.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked, a curious look on his face.

‘Like I said, making a roast,’ his friend answered matter-of-factly and continued to busy herself with the preparations.

Richard shook his head and then turned back to the television, a small and happy smile creeping across his face. It had been over a month since Richard had last had a home cooked meal and just the thought of that possibility made him drool just a little bit. What would he ever do if he didn’t have May in his life? He didn’t know how best friends were supposed to act, because he had never had one before, but he was pretty damn happy with the way this one was going.

Over the next hour and a half, May zoomed around the small kitchen and the smell of cooking meat filled the tiny apartment. Richard asked if she needed any help but she quickly shot down his offer and told him just to relax. That was something he would do willingly. He found a good show on basic cable and did his best to lose himself in it as his stomach was now growling almost nonstop, waiting eagerly for the great smelling meal that was sure to be done soon. It almost felt like they were a couple, having dinner in instead of going out on the town.

If only that was true.

May was a smart, talented, and very caring woman who had the looks that other girls wished they could have. Back in high school she had been an idol, the girl every guy chased hoping for a chance to get into her pants. To her credit she ignored all advances and nothing ever got between their friendship. For the longest time Richard himself had been secretly crushing on her, but he knew his chances of being her boyfriend were next to none. Sure, they were friends, but that was it. That was probably all she could push herself to do. Who in their right mind would want to be romantically linked with a social pariah? So Richard gave up on his dream and just enjoyed being with her in the way he could.

A few minutes later May walked out of the kitchen with two plates piled high with the meal she had been cooking. On the plate she handed to him, Richard found a large chunk of perfectly cooked roast covered with a slathering of horseradish, a side of mixed vegetables, and broiled potatoes with a buttered dinner bun.

Richard couldn’t force himself to wait any longer than he already had and quickly began to shovel food into his drooling mouth as fast as he could. He wanted to take the time and savor May’s amazing cooking but he was too hungry to do that and most of the food was swallowed with minimal chewing. If he didn’t slow down he would end up choking.

May on the other hand was nibbling on her food, mixing it up with each forkful. She watched Richard with interest and giggled when he tried to swallow half of his bun whole. They shared the meal in silence and watched the television as a new show had come on, one they both liked. It was one of the best meals Richard had ever had and it wasn’t just because it tasted great and wasn’t nuked in the microwave. The company is what really made it a great experience and he only wished they didn’t have to sit on the edge of his bed to eat it. He should really go to the second hand shops and find a small love seat for when his only friend came over.

Richard was done his portion a good twenty minutes before May was and he sat in silence as she continued to nibble at her fork, a look of contentment painting her pretty features. When she had finally finished he moved to grab her plate, to take it into the kitchen and do a quick load of dishes, but his friend took his instead and stood up.

‘Nope,’ she smiled down at him, ‘I will do the dishes while you go and have a shower!’

‘A shower?’

‘Yep! You smell of stale sweat so you need one! Now go on and you might just get dessert.’

He didn’t need to be told twice when there was more food on the line and he quickly rushed off to his tiny bathroom near the front door and hoped into the porcelain tub before turning on the hot water. He hadn’t realized just how cold he was sitting in mildly wet clothes until the water started to cascade over his body and he relished the feeling of the hot water and steam encasing his body like a very warm and soft blanket.

He stood under the shower head for several minutes before he even began to soap up his body. Being in warm water was one of the simple delights Richard had in his life and he usually stayed in longer than was needed. Even with a friend waiting for him out in his apartment he couldn’t bring himself to step out into the cool air just yet, and instead rested his head against the tiled wall and let the water swaddle him.

A few minutes later he heard the creak of the bathroom door open and he suddenly stood bolt upright, confusion clouding his mind as he tried to figure out why May was coming into the bathroom while he was in the shower. Only two possibilities crossed his mind, both very ridiculous and likely untrue. The first was that she needed to use the toilet, but he realized they weren’t that close as friends. The second, and more favorable, was that she intended to climb into the shower with him, their wet and naked bodies in extreme proximity. But he also realized that was just as farfetched as the first and he quickly forgot it.

‘What are you doing?’ he asked and his voice was hoarse with embarrassment.

‘Just grabbing your dirty clothes to put in the hamper,’ came her cheerful reply. A second later the door closed and he could hear her footsteps move away from the bathroom and back into the bedroom/living room.

Richard gorukle escort sighed in both relief and frustration and slowly turned off the hot water. He stayed behind the curtain to the tub for a moment and then slowly peeked his head out, making sure the door was full closed and hadn’t opened by accident. Seeing that he was safe he hopped out and grabbed the towel off the rack by the toilet, proceeding to pat himself dry.

It was in that moment, as he dried off his lower regions vigorously, that Richard realized he hadn’t brought in a second pair of clothes to change into after his shower. Since May had taken what he had been wearing earlier that day and tossed it into the hamper, he was left with nothing to cover himself up with besides a pale pink and ragged towel.

‘Hey May! Can you bring me some clean clothes to change into?’ he yelled out from a crack in the door, most of his naked body hiding behind it.

‘You should have a towel, get your clothes yourself! I don’t want to rummage around through your underwear!’ came his friends annoyed response and Richard cursed under his breath. He closed the door once more and stood by the toilet, the slightly small towel held tightly in his hand.

In the four years he and May had known one another, they had never been around one another in anything less than a full set of clothes. Even when she was too tired to walk back to her dorms at night and stayed at his place, forcing him to the floor so she could take the bed, they had both slept in their clothes. It was a little nerve wracking to have to walk out into the living room with nothing on besides a towel in front of such a beautiful girl. He didn’t have much of a choice though.

He wrapped the towel tightly around his waist and gathered all the courage he had in him before slowly opening the door and walking out into the cold room. May was sitting on the edge of his bed now, her eyes glued to the television set and almost annoyed expression on her face. Doing his best to ignore that and grab a change of clothes, Richard crossed over to his small dresser and opened up the top shelf where he stored his underwear only to find it totally empty.

‘That’s strange,’ he mumbled and proceeded to open up the other two shelves hoping to find a spare pair stashed there by accident. Not only did he not find one he also noticed that he had no clean pants and only a few shirts left. ‘I could swear I had a few more pairs of pants at least.’

‘You really need to do your laundry more often,’ May said and he couldn’t miss the angered tone of her voice. He turned and looked at her to find she was glaring at him, a frown on her face and a hard look in her eyes. Was she seriously upset with him taking her advice and coming out in a towel to get his own clothes?

Trying to ignore this hostile attitude, Richard grabbed an hold shirt and tossed it on. He crossed the room and opened up the hamper to grab some old clothes, anything just so he could cover up. He began rummaging through top layer, looking for something that wasn’t damp because of his wet clothes that had been thrown on top by May.

‘What is that?’ May asked before he could find something decent. He turned around, expecting her to have found one of his porn magazines again only to see that she was looking towards the small bedside table on the other end of the room. Sitting atop the table was what appeared to be a very large and heavy golden bracelet that opened in half. It had an ornate carving of a sideways ‘8’ on it and Richard had figured it was the symbol for infinity or eternity, also known as a Lemniscate.

‘A birthday present from my father. Can you believe it?’ Gabriel groaned and stopped his search for under pants to focus on his friend. ‘It showed up at my door yesterday in a plain brown box with some stupid note claiming that it was now mine, even if the family didn’t want it to leave their hands. My dad actually seems to think I turned eighteen and not seventeen.’

‘You should throw it away,’ was May’s harsh response and Richard flashed her a dubious look. ‘I’m just saying. After the way your parents treated you why would you ever want to keep something they gave you?’

‘True, but I figured I could pawn it off if I ever needed cash. I think it might actually be made out of pure gold and it’s pretty heavy, so it should be worth something to someone.’

May didn’t seem to like the answer she had been given, but she brushed it off and turned back to the television, the hard look still clinging to the edges of her eyes. All Richard could do was stand there and stare at her for a few moments, totally clueless as to what was bugging her. He knew she hated his parents for kicking him out when he was thirteen, but for her to get like that about some little trinket was beyond him. He figured it made perfect sense to keep it around just in case he needed some quick cash somewhere down the line.

Shaking his head he turned back to the upturned hamper and began to dig through the dirty clothes again, hoping to find something quick because he was starting to feel uncomfortable. He had just found a pair of boxers he had worn almost a week ago and was about to head back to the bathroom to change into them when Amy clicked her tongue annoyingly and stopped him in his tracks, an annoyed sensation over taking him.

‘What is it now?’ he sighed in frustration and May’s face softened, but only a bit.

‘You took a shower because you smelled like old sweat, and now you’re going to put on old clothes and start smelling again. Not the smartest thing you’ve done.’

‘If you haven’t noticed, I am kind of naked under this towel!’ he spat but quickly regretted it. May was getting on his nerves tonight and he was having trouble controlling his emotions. The last thing he needed to do was push her away.

‘Unless you plan on flashing me I don’t think we have a problem here. Just sit down already, you’re making it hard to watch this show!’

Richard threw the pair of worn underwear back towards the hamper, maybe a little harder than he had intended to, and sat down heavily on the edge of the bed. He made sure to keep as much distance between himself and May as he could, holding the towel with his hand where the two ends joined; just in case he shifted and it fell off. To her credit, May didn’t even so much as glance sideways at him and kept all her attention focused on the show she was watching. Richard didn’t know if he should take that as a good sign or a bad one.

If the tables had been turned and May was the one in nothing but a towel, he would find it extremely hard not to look. Then again, she had a pretty good body with just the both curves and an athletic build. Her slightly pale skin and natural blonde hair didn’t hurt the package either. He wondered how many guys hit on her at college on a daily basis.

‘It’s starting to get dark out,’ he mumbled after her romantic comedy had finished, ‘you should probably start heading back to the dorms soon. Wouldn’t want you to get mugged.’

‘What are you talking about? It’s not even seven yet!’ May countered with a quick glance at her powder blue cell phone that she clutched in her hand.

‘Still…’ Richard began but couldn’t come up with another excuse as to why she should leave soon.

‘You’re just nervous because you’re in a towel,’ his friend pointed out and hit the nail on the head; hard. ‘If you want us to be on even footing then go grab me a towel and I will wear only it.’

‘Funny,’ Richard laughed nervously and for the first time in nearly half an hour May smiled at him and tossed her phone on his pillow. ‘There’s no need to tease me.’

‘You’re right, sorry,’ she giggled and held up her hands as if to say that he was right. ‘But seriously, it’s not that big of a deal, Dick.’

‘HAHA! You know I hate that name! You’re a real riot tonight!’

‘Okay, okay! I’ll stop now. But is it really a big deal if you’re sitting there in a towel next to me? We’re both adults.’

Richard could feel his cheeks flush red a little at the question. The simple answer was that yes, it was a big deal. He had never been this close to anyone, let alone a woman, with so little on before and it was very embarrassing. Most people his age had already had sex, many times, but because of his odd curse that made other people hate him he had never been given the chance before. So he had zero experience with being this close to a woman with so little on.

‘How about if I took my shirt off?’ she asked and he nearly fell off the edge of the bed as her words rang through his head like a massive gong being abused.


‘I’m not going to be topless, cherry boy! I am wearing an undershirt you know! Geez, get your mind out of the gutter.’

Without another word, or even a hint of embarrassment, May pulled the bulky hoody she had been wearing over her head and tossed it behind her so it landed on the opposite side of the bed. At the very least she had been telling the truth, she was wearing a rather thin looking light pink undershirt, but it didn’t do much to calm Richard’s racing heart. He could make out the line of her black bra under it and it clung so close to her skin that it was like she was actually wearing nothing at all. In a fit of pure embarrassment Richard looked the opposite way and tried to stop his blood from pooling in his ears and cheeks.

‘You can be really cute sometimes, you know that?’ May laughed but Richard refused to look at her. ‘You’d think I was naked or something by the way you are reacting! It’s not like you’ve never seen a naked woman before anyways, I’ve seen those magazines you think you’ve so cleverly hidden.’

Richard had no response to that and simply hid his face from view by looking even further away, as much as he possibly could still. He pretended to be interested in small dent on the wall his eyes were glued to and did his best to ignore the serious fit of giggles May had fallen into head first. She was acting pretty strange that night. First she was mad at him for keeping something his parents sent him and now she was teasing him brutally for no reason. She was almost acting like everyone else did and Richard didn’t like that one bit. Not at all!

Getting a little sick of her still laughing at him he stood up from the bed, his hand still on the towel just in case it slipped off, and moved to the other side to pick up the weird bracelet his father had sent him for his birthday that was a year early. May seemed to hate that thing for some reason so he felt like getting a little revenge and paying more attention to it than to her. Give her a little of her own medicine.

He turned the heavy object over in his hands and admired the perfectly etched infinity symbol inscribed on it. The thing was so long and heavy that he realized there was no way this was some kind of piece of jewelry. No one in their right minds would wear this thing as a fashion statement. He was reminded more of a piece of armor knights used in a more archaic age that they called a bracer. It was worn to protect the wrist and most of the forearm from harm during a sword fight.

‘Put that thing down!’ May suddenly growled and Richard turned to face her, a triumphant look on his face. He had been hoping to just annoy her but when he saw the livid look haunting her visage he was stunned a little. She was practically seething and he could swear that at any minute he was going to see steam rise up from her ears.

‘I was just looking at it, geez,’ he said and did as she had demanded. What the hell was wrong with her?

‘You need to throw that thing away! It’s only one more thing your parents will hold over you for the rest of your life! Look how far you’ve come in the last four years Richard! You don’t need your parents or their useless crap! You don’t need anyone but me!’

‘Umm, May? I think you need to calm down a bit…’ Richard said defensively and pointed down to the girls hand. In her rage she had grabbed hold of her phone and had actually crushed it in her grip, battery and all. Had she always been that strong before?

‘Sorry,’ she said sheepishly and now it was her turn to look away from him. ‘But it doesn’t change the fact that you should really get rid of that thing as soon as possible. Sell it if you want but do it quickly. For me?’

Still not sure what was really eating at his best friend, Richard moved back around the bed and stood two feet away from her, not sure what he should do in this situation. The hard look she had been wearing for most of the day had melted away and she almost looked a little sad, like at any moment she was about to cry. To be honest, Richard wanted to hug in her that moment, but he became painfully aware that he was still wearing a towel and shirt. Probably not the best thing to do right then, even if she did look upset.

‘Is there something you want to talk about?’ he asked her softly, deciding to get to the root of the problem. ‘You’ve been acting strange since we got here. Something is obviously bothering you and I highly doubt it’s the fact that my parents sent me some stupid family heirloom.’

May looked up into his face and tried to force a smile on her own, not doing a very good job of it. She waited a moment before answering, probably choosing her words and Richard began to fear that he wasn’t going to like eskort bursa what he was about to hear. Everything from her sad look, rigid body posture, the wringing of her hands over her trashed phone, and her strange outbursts almost seemed like she was about to tell him they couldn’t hang out anymore. He furiously tried to wrack his brains for something he might have done or said for that to be a possibility but couldn’t come up with anything. He always went out of his way to treat her with the utmost respect and be as nice to her as possible so she wouldn’t find a reason to leave him.

‘Why didn’t you look at me?’ she asked suddenly and Richard wasn’t sure what she meant. He was looking at her. ‘When I took of my hoody,’ she explained. ‘And all the other times before that. You never seem to look at me. Is there something wrong with the way I look?’

Richard was taken back and stood there like an idiot, his mouth open as he tried to find something to say. No words came to him and the silence that had settled between the two friends stretched on uncomfortably. What exactly was he supposed to say to a question like that? Did she just mean that he was avoiding looking at her and that made her feel bad, or did she want him to look at her in a different way than he was? That was a million dollar question he desperately wanted an answer to.

‘You don’t have to answer that,’ she decided on her own a moment later and turned around, her face turning crimson. Richard had never seen her quite like this before and it only confused him further. She could handle the scrutiny of dozens of guys staring at her body all at once, but with just him around like this she was feeling uncomfortable?

‘It’s alright, I’ll answer,’ he found himself saying even though he hadn’t thought it out. ‘It’s just a situation I’ve never been in before. I mean I’m practically naked and I don’t want to say or do anything to make you mad or creep you out. You know what I mean?’

‘You’re afraid of getting an erection, aren’t you?’ May giggled but didn’t turn around to face him.

‘If you’re just going to keep teasing me I can’t deal with you. Maybe you should lea-‘ the words came spilling from his mouth, but before he could finish the sentence he really didn’t want to say, he was suddenly cut off by two very soft and luscious lips pressing against his.

May had flung around and planted a big wet kiss on him, her arms wrapping around his neck and holding him in place as he tried to pull away in shock. Not even in his wildest dreams had he been expecting this and he didn’t quite know how to take it at first. His own lips remained unmoving and his eyes were open, staring directly into his friends closed eyes as he struggled to get his mind around what was happening.

May seemed to notice his conflict because she quickly broke off the kiss and peered up at him, a small frown creasing her pretty face. ‘What?’ she pouted.

‘Wh… where did that come from?’

‘Four years of being your best friend when all I wanted was more! Kiss me back!’

Once more May pressed her lips against his, this time with a little more force and passion behind it. It was so enticing that, without even realizing it, Richard was also kissing her back and his hands were planted firmly on the small of his friends back. His mind was still reeling at the fact that this gorgeous college coed was currently imposing her desire and will on him, but his focus was quickly slipping as a soft and wet tongue began to poke at his closed lips.

Having no experience in kissing, only what he saw in movies and porn, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to open his mouth to allow her tongue access. He didn’t fully understand the appeal of having another person’s tongue inside his mouth. May wasn’t going to let him deny her though and her tongue continued to probe for an entrance before it finally found a gap big enough to force it in, licking across his teeth in a very sensual way.

In a moment of shock, Richard found himself unconsciously opening his mouth to the sudden invader and May took full advantage of it, sticking her tongue as far into his mouth as it could go. At first Richard’s gag reflex wanted to rebel against him, but as May began to swirl her soft and warm tongue around his own he was overcome by a strange pleasure he had never known. It was an odd sensation, but in no way a bad one. The mix of her saliva and the her warm breath flooding into his body caused a sense of exhilaration to flood his brain and he pressed the older girls warm body into his further.

May responded by moving her tongue more around his mouth and even using it to drag out his own into her mouth. They danced back and forth like that for a few minutes, the passion of the moment carrying them further and further into a place he had never been before and one he had not expected. He could already feel his cock begin to stir, stiffening slightly so it was poking at the heavy material of the towel still slung around his waist. Never in his life had he been so over stimulated before and it didn’t take long until he was full mast, the tip of his hard penis poking into his friends flat stomach still covered by her thin undershirt.

Once more May broke off the kiss and Richard groaned his disapproval, wishing that moment could have lasted longer. The shorter girl looked up into his face, a happy smile snaking across her wet lips and she bit down on her lower lip for a moment.

‘That’s enough of this crap,’ she breathed heavily, her voice husky. For a moment he thought she was going to push him away and end things there and then, but to his surprise it was almost the opposite. She did in fact take a step back from him, but she grabbed him by the hand and pushed him onto the bed, straddling his knees with a hungry look haunting her eyes.

‘What… what are you doing?’ he asked, a slight stutter to his words as his nervousness caused him to start shaking a little.

‘Taking what I’ve wanted for a very, very long time!’

Before he truly understood what was happening, May had grabbed the towel over his lower regions and in one great tug ripped it off of him. His throbbing cock bobbed as it stood straight up in the air, the blood causing it to harden to an almost painful point. May gazed down upon it and once more bit her lip, a slight pink hue painting her normally pale cheeks.

‘Move and you die,’ the girl threatened and to Richard it almost sounded like a real threat.

As he lay there frozen, he watched in amazement as May lifted her thin undershirt over her head and shoulders and tossed it on the other side of the room, her black bra in contrast with her ultra pale skin. Her nicely sized breasts peeked out the top of the constraining piece of clothing and in the next moment she had reached around and unhooked it, letting it fall from her chest and lay discarded on the floor. Richard gasped loudly at the gorgeous sight before him. May’s breasts were pretty much the perfect size and stood proudly on her chest, no sag visible at all. Two small pink nipples surrounded by light pink skin crowned the glorious view and were rock hard, as if straining to be touched.

Richard had always thought his first time would be a little slower than this, especially the undressing part. He was sure it would be something sensual and teasing to build the atmosphere, but it seemed May’s lust was beyond that already. She quickly undid the small button on her tight jeans and stuck her thumbs in the waistband, shimmying them down her hips and past her knees a second later. She didn’t even bother to bend down and pull them over her ankles and feet, preferring to kick violently at them until they came free and she was standing in front of him with nothing but a pair of black silk panties that clung to her wet pussy snuggly.

He wanted to reach out and caress her soft and tempting skin, but May climbed on top of him in the next moment and planted her lips on his once more, her tongue instantly finding its way back into his mouth. This was easily the most sensual thing to have ever happened to him and he could hardly believe that it was May straddling in him that moment. He surely must have died and this was his form of heaven. There couldn’t be any other explanation.

Not wanting to tempt his luck, Richard placed his hands on his friends hips and held onto them tightly as she began to grind her panty clad womanhood on his hard cock. Even with the thin fabric separating them it still felt a hundred times better than whenever he stroked himself alone and he was sure if this kept up much longer he was going to blow his load quickly.

If only he knew how right he was.

After a few moments of grinding against him through her underwear, May reached down and pulled her panties to the side and his raging member finally touched the silky folds of his lover. It only took three thrusts between those soft and wet lips before he was cumming all over her panties and stomach, a powerful torrent spewing forth from his almost purple cock. The best time of his life had suddenly become the most embarrassing and he mentally berated himself for not holding on until he was actually inside her soaking wet pussy.

‘Now that the quick one is out of the way, how about a little fun?’ May breathed into his ear and nibbled it a moment later. She grabbed him by the base of his still semi hard cock and pressed it into her flower, sitting down slightly so there was enough pressure for his head to pop into her hot depths.

Richard was the most sensitive when he had just cum and as the head of his twitching cock popped into her body he let out a ragged moan and his body shook violent from head to toe. May didn’t seem to notice it though as her sole focus was on stuffing as much of him inside her pussy as she could, and began to slowly lower herself further onto him as a soft and erotic moan slipped through her lips. After a few moments their hips met and she collapsed on top of him, her breathing ragged and her pony tail suddenly lose from its imprisonment by the elastic band.

‘Mmmm,’ she groaned and ground her hips in a circle that caused a shiver to run up the once virgin boys spine, ‘Look who’s already hard again.’

She was right, his cock was just as hard now as it had been before he had cum all over her stomach. She continued to grind on top of his cock and the sensations running through his nervous system were too good to be true. He could feel every molecule in body reacting to the pleasure erupting from the length of his cock and his mind was flooded with lust as he suddenly wanted more. He wanted to pound his rock hard rod in and out of her as hard and fast as he could, make her cum on top of him before he filled her with his seed. He wanted to feel her squirm in pleasure as she begged him to stop because it was too much and he laughed as he continued to pound away.

Getting a little braver, he used May’s hips to guide her into a sitting position and then sat up himself so they were face to face. For the first time that night he was the one to initiate the kiss and he drove his tongue deep into her mouth after he playfully nipped at her lower lip. Not wanting him to take all the control May began to lift herself up on his cock and then slam herself down with all of her body weight, sending a slapping noise through the suddenly hot room. She repeated this over and over and they both began to pant and moan into each other’s mouths as the exertion they were feeling wore them down slightly.

May’s chest was pressed firmly into his and Richard could feel her taut nipples poking into his flesh, the little nubs almost as hard as his cock. She had wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and suddenly broke the kiss to catch her breath, moaning softly right next to his ear. Her cute and lust filled sounds only spurred on his own desire and he began to rock his hips back and forth as she thrust her body down on top of him, adding a whole new level of stimulation to their love making.

Richards balls began to tighten as his second orgasm of the night quickly raced towards him. The muscles in his body also began to tighten and he knew it wasn’t long before he was filling the gorgeous body on top of him with hot sticky cum. Just that thought alone almost sent him over the edge but he tightened his sphincter and held off the impending explosion, wanting to hold onto these feelings for as long as possible. May’s breathing was also at a fever pitch now and she didn’t seem that far behind him as the arms wrapped around him suddenly became taut and she moaned into his ear.

That’s when it happened. The one thing he had never expected that ruined his entire mood in less than a second. May moaned a name into his ear. It had been hard to hear with the blood pumping furiously through his ears but he knew two things; she had definitely said a name and it wasn’t his. It was a name he had never heard, some odd and almost oriental sounding one. It took a fraction of a second for his cock to deflate while still inside May’s gushing pussy and he suddenly picked her up off him and placed her on her feet on the floor.

‘Richard!’ she cried out, ‘I was so close! Why the hell did you stop?’

‘Do you really not know?’ he growled and there was suddenly a look of concern on May’s sweaty face.

‘What? Tell me!’ she begged and cupped a hand karacabey escort on his burning cheek, looking directly into his eyes.

‘I never expected it would be you who hurt me the most,’ he seethed and his hands had curled into hard fists. ‘Do you really not know that you just moaned someone else’s name while we were having sex?’

The last part of his sentence had been yelled out and May took a step back in fear as his words blasted through the suddenly quiet room; it was like the television itself was holding its breath in the situation. May regarded him in confusion for a second and she must have been going through what happened in those last few seconds in her mind. Suddenly the realization hit her and she gasped in shock, covering her gaping mouth with a shaking hand.

‘I…. I…. I can explain!’ she cried and real tears were spilling from her sparkling green eyes. ‘Y… you don’t understand! Just listen to me for a second Richard!’

‘I don’t want to hear it!’ he roared and swatted away May’s advance as she tried to hug him. ‘I don’t know who this Rodu, or Riku guy is and I really don’t want to know. I think you should leave! NOW!’

May opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it again as more tears began to furiously assault her puffy eyes. She stood before him, naked except for her cum covered panties, and shaking violently as she sobbed loudly. After a few moments of this almost heart wrenching display she tried to close in on him again with her both her arms opened wide as if she meant to embrace him. Once more Richard swatted her advance away, and in an attempt to get as far from her as possible he rolled backwards on the bed until he tipped off the other side and landed on his feet.

Sadly it hadn’t been as smooth as he had been hoping and he quickly lost his balance, teetering dangerously as he was about to fall head first into the wall behind him. He quickly reached out to the bedside table next to him in a desperate attempt to steady himself, but his hands were slick with sweat from his anger and the sex and he slipped yet again. He fell hard into the table now, his head smacking off the edge painfully as something pinched at his wrist and something could dug into his skin. Getting up, his right hand on the bleeding wound on his head, he held up his left arm to see why it was suddenly so heavy and he saw that the thick golden bracer had clamped around it, locking into place.

‘Richard…’ May sobbed but suddenly stopped and he could feel cold hard eyes suddenly on him. ‘TAKE IT OFF! NOW! HURRY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!’ the girl suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs.

In total shock at the sudden change of emotions, Richard looked back at the woman who had scorned him and noticed that she was visibly shaking in either rage or fear. Her eyes were firmly locked on the golden bracer with the symbol for infinity on his wrist and her eyes were bugged out, almost making her look comical. But there was something in her eyes that scared him and he could suddenly feel his whole body tingling.

‘What’s… what’s going on?’ he asked in a shaky voice.

He would never receive an answer.

The bracer on his wrist suddenly became heavier, almost like someone had tied a lead weight to his arm and it fell heavily to his side. The once cold metal that had been pressed against his flesh was now heating up to the point that he was afraid it was going to burn right through him. As all this happened he noticed that his vision was starting to waver and go dark around the edges as everything became blurred. There was something powerful moving through his body and he tried to scream out, but in the exact same moment the entire scene around him suddenly shifted, almost as if time had stopped. Even he was frozen where he was, with the horrified scream caught in his throat. Something was terribly wrong. In the very next moment though everything went black and Richard was left with the sensation of falling backwards from a great height just before his brain stopped working.

Princess Reiea, the sixteen year old heir to her mother’s throne, gently pulled her loose frilly dress over her head and hung it over a chair next to her immense wardrobe for the maids to clean up later. Standing there in just her slip and underwear she pulled open the large doors of her walk in wardrobe and delved into the furthest reaches, running her soft hands over even softer fabrics of the most expensive clothing money could buy. She found what she was looking for, a fluffy nightgown, at the very back and after grabbing it she retreated back into her massive room.

A large four poster bed large enough to sleep five grown men in knights armor stood at the very center of the room and was beckoning to her. It had been a long and exhausting day and she was looking forward to getting under her covers and getting some much needed rest. It wasn’t very late, as most of the palace was still active with the running of a country, but Reiea had managed to sneak away for this sole reason. Even the maids didn’t know she had gone to her room, which was a happy coincidence. Sometimes they could be so overbearing and she was perfectly capable of getting into bed herself.

She pulled the warm nightgown over her body and sighed in happiness, eyeing up her bed with desire. If she could spend the rest of her life in a comfortable bed she would die happy. But no, she was the only heir to the throne and as she grew older she was being groomed for the time when she would take it. One of her cousins could take the throne for all she cared though. She had been born into this destiny when all she wanted was to choose her own path in life. That wasn’t allowed though. Gone were the days she was allowed to stay out of royal affairs.

Reiea crossed over the vast distance between the wardrobe and her luxurious bed, her feet pattering against the cold marble floor. Finally reaching her final destination she patted the mattress lovingly and pulled back the heavy cover, a sense of delight growing in her mind. She only hoped one of the maids or her mother didn’t track her down and make her attend the meeting being held in the other wing. At least she didn’t have to worry about men showing up in the East Wing. That was always a bonus.

‘I missed you,’ the princess sighed and climbed half way up onto the bed, the ultra soft sheets tickling her fancy. This was the best sensation she would ever feel.

Little did Princess Reiea know, she was being watched from the open window at the far side of the room. A dark shadow loomed between the moon and the room and something sinister glinted silver. Just as Reiea was about to fully climb into her one true love on this planet, the shadow bolted into the light and rushed at her with great speed. It slammed into her an instant later, tossing her onto the bed face up as something cold and metallic was pressed into the tender flesh of her vulnerable neck.

‘Scream and I gut you here and now,’ a gruff voice hissed and pressed the knife deeper into her neck to prove his point.

Reiea gazed upon an ugly man’s face, a blood curdling scream dying in her throat as her mind and body froze up in complete fear. A long and nasty scar halved the man’s face, right down the center, and wiry grey whiskers grew in odd places on his jagged features. His head was crowned with a rebellious mane of thick white hair that hung past his slightly disjointed jaw. Half a row of jagged yellow teeth peeked out through his cracked lips and his breath smelled of garbage, like that’s all he had been eating for the last month. The smell was bad enough to make a person puke.

‘There’s a good girl,’ the horribly disgusting man sneered and pulled the knife back from her throat a fraction. His beady brown eyes took in the Princess’ form and a disgusting smile parted his lips as an undoubtedly sick thought entered his mind. ‘I wonder if I have some time for a little fun.’

Reiea wanted to lash out at this disgusting pig on top of her pure body, but she was paralyzed and couldn’t even blink. This criminal could very well rape her then and there and she wouldn’t be able to even fight him off. That thought above all else terrified her more than the knife did and her brain started to pull in on itself as a defense. That’s not what she needed in that moment though. She needed the ability to move, to scream out for help. It was impossible with him touching her though.

‘I probably shouldn’t do it here, should I? Maybe once I take out from the palace and find a quiet place,’ the man mused and his smile only grew larger. Why did Reiea have to come to her room alone? Why couldn’t she just tell someone she was going to bed and let the maids pamper her like they usually did? ‘That sounds like a good idea. You’ll get to have a little fun before I slit your throat and present you to my employer.’

The kidnapper grabbed the petrified princess roughly by the hair and lifted her onto his shoulder, his dirty hand firmly on her small ass. Like she weighed nothing at all he began to walk back to the open window he had entered from with his prize, and any hope of being saved was quickly dwindling as Reiea desperately willed her body to move. Why did she always get like this? She was doomed to live the rest of her life with this horrible reaction, not that it seemed to matter much as her life would soon be over. Not before she was violated in unspeakable ways though.

Just as they reached the open window that led to the marble balcony there was an earth shattering crash back from inside her room and the sound of something fragile breaking rang through the girls ears. A little hope restored, she managed to lift her head an inch and spied something she had not been expecting. Crouched by her vanity was the form of a naked man, his skin smoking and a deranged look in his eyes. His whole body shook and his breath was ragged and heavy.

‘What the hell?’ the kidnapper growled as he looked back and saw the appearance of the strange man as well. ‘Who’s this? Your lover?’

Suddenly Reiea was put down on the cold marble floor and the man who had been carrying her began to walk back into the room and towards the younger man who seemed out of it, like he had hit his head or something. Then Reiea noticed that his head was indeed bleeding and her assumption could have very well been the truth. But she had bigger things to worry about. She had been given a golden opportunity to escape and if she could make her body move she could go and call for help. She could have three dozen palace guards in her room in less than a minute if need be.

‘You look like shit,’ the criminal barked as he drew nearer to the crouched man, the knife clutched tightly in his fist. ‘I wasn’t paid to kill anyone but the Princess, but I think I can fit you in for free!’

For reasons she would never understand, Reiea found the thought of running away from her room had suddenly left her mind as she watched the defenseless man being closed in on. She was about to watch as this odd man died and that thought rushed through her brain and suddenly unlocked her from the prison that had been built up around her thoughts. She could move again. She could stand, and walk, and yell if she wanted to. But she knew in that moment that she didn’t want to yell for help. She wanted to be the help. She wanted to protect the poor man who shivered and convulsed in her room.

Before she fully realized what she was doing, she had picked up an extremely heavy vase from by the window and was rushing towards the man with the knife, using all the strength she had in her body to raise her own weapon high above. She brought it crashing down onto the top of the man’s head a few moments later and with a sickening crunch he fell to the ground, a small pool of blood welling up under his shattered face.

In the very next moment, Princess Reiea was rushing from her room and out into the hall, screaming at the top of her lungs for the female guards that were posted all throughout this wing of the palace. Her heart was beating a million miles a minute as she replayed those life changing few seconds over and over again in her head.

Like she had thought, she had managed to round up a staggering number of armored and armed guards and bring them to her room. When they entered they found the kidnapper was still out cold with the wound on the top of his head bleeding. The young naked man however had toppled over and now lay flat on his stomach, his body completely still. As the guards cleaned up, they assured her that the man she had saved was still alive and being brought down to the jails in the lowest levels of the palace for questioning while the other man was going to be executed immediately.

Reiea sat there numbly while the guards summoned her mother the Queen, and the maids to help take care of her. Their praises for saving herself and taking down two men on her own fell on her ears as she ignored them. No matter how many times she told the guards and knights that the second man wasn’t one of the criminals, they still insisted that he was. She hadn’t taken him down. She had saved him just as he had saved her. Why wouldn’t anyone believe her?


Thank you for reading and as always, don’t forget to rate and comment. I will be taking a short break from Defiance/Divided and Words, the only reason being that I am currently being slaved out by my coauthor. She will not let this go right now so if you are waiting for more from the other stories just bear with me. Like always, Mishikail will lose interest in what she is currently fixated on. I hope anyways…

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