Eva Likes the Supermarket Staff

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Double Penetration

Eva was a longtime shopper at Sunview Grocery. She liked how it was always cool inside, and how all the workers were hot.

She lived just outside Phoenix, and hot weather led to skimpy clothing, hot tans and sunburns, and lots of air conditioning.

Especially to her liking was Jonathan, who worked in produce and always wore his work shirt cuffed up to show his big biceps.

When she saw her “hunk of a man,” her heart fluttered and her panties got wet.

One day when Eva was there the floor was wet and she started to slip before Jonathan grabbed her and held her upright.

Eva, 48, weighs 125 pounds, is 5’2″ tall, and got shivers up her spine when she felt Johnston’s strong hands keep her from falling down. She felt so little in his grasp.

Her bronze framed glasses fell and Jonathon picked them up to her delight.

She quickly thought how fun it would be having his strong hands all over her body.

Over time she asked the girls who worked there about Johnston’s situation.

Becky, 25, 4′ 11″, was working as a cashier at the store, confided in Eva over coffee that Johnston was single, 22 years old, had his own apartment, was taking some classes at the community college, dated some girls but liked the mature women who shopped there, and that’s why he stayed. Eva touched the top of Becky’s hand and thanked her.

Eva had some ammunition to use, and before shopping next, she wanted to look her best.

She had her blonde hair styled in a wavy way, she liked using minimal to no makeup. Eva chose her nicest gold necklace which she knew simmered under the Sunviews lights.

She applied Ushuaïa, a French antiperspirant that she ordered through a distributor so she would be the only person in her area to have that special coconut smell emanate from her.

It was important to Eva to get Jonathan in her home and see what happens next.

Becky knew the time when Jonathan was free the most, and Eva showed up at that time, 9:30 Wednesday morning.

Eva arrived wearing a white blouse with the top two buttons left undone leaving an ample view of her boobs and a glimpse of her white bra, with a tag of 34B in back. Eva favored khaki pants that were tight, along with her favorite white sandals.

Jonathan saw Eva near the peaches out of the corner of his eye and knew she was hot for the taking. Secretly he had a crush on Eva, he liked her light blue eyes that were like no other blue eyes he ever seen. He liked the pink lipstick she wore, and loved how her body smelled.

He walked up to her, and said, “So, those sandals you have on look great.”

Eva was pleased with the comment and as she thanked she ran her right hand on his shirt, sliding it down to his belt.

He walked around her and made sure to step close to her in back, as his now erect penis ran up the crack of Eva’s ass.

At that moment Jonathan said, “Eva, it’s kinda breaking the store rules, but you are the hottest woman who ever shops here. Would you care to hang out with me?”

Eva had to mentally collect herself before saying yes, and gave Jonathan her phone number. He said he would call when he got off shift in the afternoon.

She smiled, touched his lips with her pointer finger, and walked away. Jonathan stared at her moneymaker moving until she turned the corner.

Eva saw Becky in the freezer section and almost gushed like a teenager how Jonathan made a pass at her and asked for her phone number. Becky was happy for Eva and hugged her, noticing how Eva’s nipples poked into her chest.

Jonathan almost forgot to call Eva, but did and around 4 pm dialed her up.

Eva answered, and when she heard his deep voice broke out in a big smile.

“Got to say you are so beautiful, would you like to do something tonight?”

Eva said she was busy, but wondered if he would accompany her for dinner the next night. Jonathan said yeah. She asked him to dress casual, as they were going to her country club. Eva said she would pick him up if that was OK, and Jonathan said that would be OK this time, but next time he wanted to make plans. Eva wasn’t sure there Bayan Escort Gaziantep would be next time, but said sure.

She pulled up in her Chevrolet Tahoe, and Jonathan was impressed. She drove over to her country club, had a valet boy park it, and put her hand in Jonathan’s as they walked in the dining area. Jacket’s were usually required, but Eva had come there for dinner with parents and she had more pull. The Maitre d’ sat Eva at her usual table along a far wall.

“This is awesome, and you look so good tonight. Those black sandals look great in you,” Jonathan said.

Eva wore a yellow blouse with the sleeves rolled up, and a pair of white capris that were tight on her. She complimented Jonathan on his choice of clothing, a blue polo shirt, dark blue jeans and black running shoes.

They talked over dinner and Eva asked if he needed to get home at a certain time. Aside from having to be at Sunview at 6 am, he said no.

After the meal, she drove back to her home, where she parked her vehicle in her garage, and led Johnathon to her kitchen for a night cap.

Eva unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. Jonathan went towards her and kissed her as he removed her blouse. He looked down and saw her magnificent breasts, large enough and hung down her chest several centimeters.

While dazzling Eva with his kissing techniques, he was able to use one hand to feel her pussy over her pants. Jonathon felt her heat with his hand, and he used that hand to yank her pants down.

He picked her up in his arms and placed her on the counter.

In the heat of the moment, Jonathon pulled his pants off, let Eva see his 8 inch cock before slipping it inside her puffy and open pussy.

Eva moaned softly as she held onto Jonathon’s back. He was able to get his mammoth cock in haft way, and rubbed her clit with his strokes in and out. She started scratching his back through his shirt, which Jonathon removed and let Eva see his sexy hard pecs, his stomach and she had wild thoughts of how she was fucking a boy, 22 years old, more than half her age. She kissed him and held onto his head with abandonment during her first orgasm. Jonathon was feeling he was about to cum, and pulled out to stoke himself for alf a minute and start shooting off long white blasts of cum on Eva’s body, her neck, breasts and belly.

He let out with a heavy breath, and leaned over Eva, who was also trying to gather her breath.

Jonathon sensed this was it for the night, he took a shower, and Eva found him a bath towel and a pair of pajama bottoms from her former husband.

She took a bath, and after preparing herself for bed, she saw her new lover was fast asleep. She set her alarm for 4:30 am.

She was awake by 4 am, made herself some coffee, and at 4:30 am had to almost had to kick Jonathon out of bed. Before dropping him off at home, they kissed and made plans get together in a week.

She watched him walk to his apartment and stared at his hot ass. She placed the cold water bottle she brought with her on her neck and chest in order to cool down.

Later in the afternoon, Eva went over to Sunview for a few items, and saw Becky sitting at the customer service desk.

They talked and held hands as Eva talked about her evening with Jonathon. Becky let out a loud yelp upon hearing how big he was.

“My gosh! I’d like to take a ride, too,” Becky said with a giggle.

A few days later, Jonathon called Eva and asked her out for Friday night. He told her he would pick her up at 6 pm.

For this date, Eva dressed a bit down, yet still fabulous. She wore a white-black checked blouse, tight khaki capris and blue sandals to match her blue glasses frames. She had several different pairs of glasses.

Jonathon was right on time, and told Eva he was blown away by her appearance. Eva liked what Jonathon wore, a white graphic T-shirt over dark black pants, casual shoes and a blue baseball cap,

He drove Eva in his brother’s Ford truck to a pizzeria in town, and let her walk in first.

It was a bit dirty, not that crowded, with a half-dozen TVs.

“This is a, well, nice place,” Eva said.

“Yeah, I come here at least once-a-week,” he said. “It’s good food, good beer and good people.”

Their waitress, Andresia, met them at their table near the back end, and asked for their drink orders.

Jonathon ordered two Bud Lites, and looked at Eva to see if she disapproved, but she said that’s fine. Jonathon also ordered a medium supreme pizza, two side salads, two

“How do you like it,” Jonathon asked his date.

The beers arrived. Eva took a sip, and said, “This is really not a place I would choose, but you are the reason I like it.”

The waitress brought over the salad, which had ranch dressing on the side. Eva asked if she could get creamy cucumber dressing.

“Have to share something, I’ve been watching you. I see all women who come in the place, most just pass by. Others slipped and I didn’t catch them. You’re the catch I wanted.”

Eva held his hand on the table, slipped her left sandal, and placed her foot in his crotch, giving him a little rubdown. Jonathon looked down, saw her sweet dark red painted toes, looked up and smiled as she was trying to get her man aroused.

“You are going to be in trouble later,” he said with a smile.

“You are going to be in trouble, too,” she said

They had the pizza and talked and soon they check arrived. Eva watched Jonathon to see if there was any sign he couldn’t afford it. He did. She liked him that much.

They drove back to his place, and Jonathon wasted no time. He picked her up to kiss her, and Eva felt so excited to be carried around. He set her down on the bed, got undressed quickly and got on his knees to kiss her and kiss her. Eva felt calm, and yet excited just afterwards. He unbuttoned her blouse, undid her bra clasp, and started kissing her nipples, sucking on them, making them thick and hard, and saw the excitement in her eyes.

She laid back and he slipped off her pants and marveled and what he saw: a sweet looking low-cut red satin panty, which was so silky to touch, and slowly pulled it down and saw nirvana.

“You like it?” she said. “I got what other girls have, a Brazilian wax. It hurt but your look made it worth it.”

Jonathon didn’t hear a word she said. Eva was a beautiful older woman, sophisticated and there for his taking.

He slipped her panties off her legs and feet.

“You are so amazing like that looking,” he said as he massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. He placed the head of his cock on Eva’s smooth mound, then rubbed his cock up and down the sides of her swollen and open pussy, then entered her as she loudly gasped.

Her moaning sounds continued as Jonathon stoked in and out of her, getting a little further than half way in. He lifted her legs over her shoulders and kept pushing in and out. Eva orgasmed with all of Jonathon’s moves inside her, and kept moaning as he kept going.

Holding his cum back for a couple minutes, Jonathon let out a little roar as he pulled out an cane all over Eva’s breasts. Out of breath, Jonathon kissed Eva and passed out on the bed next to her. After a few minutes she got up to go to the bathroom. It was filthy. She washed the cum off her breasts, rinsed out her mouth with water, peed, then went back to bed with Jonathon.

His alarm went off at 4:45 am, and Jonathon got up to find Eva already dressed and sitting in the kitchen, having a glass of water.

“I’ll take you home after I get dressed for work,” he told her. “It’s no rush,” she said.

Arriving at her placed, they kissed before Eva got out and entered her home, to shower, brush her teeth and get into her daily casual togs of long sleeve pullover and capri jeans, and tan sandals.

She had some coffee, did a crossword puzzle, and called Becky to dish about her date.

“You helped me so much, would you like do something after work today?”

“Eva…” “Please call me Evie, that’s what my friend’s call me.”

“Okay, Evie, well would this be for lunch or dinner?”

“What time does your shift end?”

At 6 pm on the dot Eva was parked near the entrance, and she waved at Becky to come over.

“Hi,” Becky said, a bit startled. “I didn’t think you would come here.”

“Well darling, I keep my word, so hop in, buckle up and let’s go.”

Eva was attracted to Becky. She was a nice young woman who Eva hoped would be interested in her, too.

They ended up at an small Italian restaurant, and Eva ordered a glass of red wine for each of them.

Becky explained she at worked at Sunview for 10 years, she liked the work, liked seeing all customers and help them, and seeing her friends. And she said it was her first time having wine with dinner.

“I like Jonathon, too, but I don’t think he sees me,” she told Eva.

“If you are up for an interesting time, you could hang out with Jonathon and me, and maybe it could happen,” Eva said with wine taking over most of her thought process. She put her hand on Becky’s hand to reassure her. Becky agreed.

Two nights later, Jonathon agreed to meet Eva for dinner at her house. She re-heated a large frozen lasagna, had three place settings out, and a bottle of wine

Jonathon asked if she was inviting anyone, just as the doorbell rang, and Eva opened the door for Becky.

Jonathon had never seen Becky out of her uniform. She was wearing a deep red minidress which was low cut in front, and low open toe black heels.

Jonathon was surprised by how Becky looked, he thought she was damn hot, and at dinner asked Eva what was going on?

“Becky and I are friends and she looks so darling, doesn’t she, and also she likes you a lot. I thought maybe the three of us could have a good time,” Eva said.

Becky blushed almost as red as her dress, and Jonathon smiled and didn’t say anything.

After dinner, all three went into the living room and finished the wine.

Eva asked Jonathon to strip for them, and at Eva’s direction, went slowly to remove his clothes.

Becky’s mouth opened at the sight of her co-worker nude. She had imagined him for years, had secret fantasies of what he would do to her either at work of out in a storeroom.

Looking at him made her panties wet. She touched her breasts over her shirt as he approached her for a kiss. Becky melted inside as he continued.

This action got Eva excited and she removed her clothes and also approached Becky, kissing her neck. Jonathon saw Eva naked and carried her to the bed. He then went for Becky, who was nude, and he carried her while feeling her body and placed her on the bed. Becky had an awesome body, with medium breasts and ass.

He made out with Becky while Eva got Jonathon hard with her hands and mouth. Once he was stiff she asked Becky if she was ready, and Jonathon out his hands under her butt and started sliding his cock into her open pussy.

Eva played with Becky’s nipples with her fingers and tongue to get Becky more excited. She was breathing heavy and her pussy was get fucked in a semi-fast rhythm. All this was making Becky weak and she soon came, her cum spreading over Jonathon’s cock and slipping out of her pussy, too. Jonathon pulled out and stroked himself a few times before covering Becky’s breasts and neck with his cum.

He took a break while Eva made out with Becky. When he was hard again he pushed Eva back onto the bed, picked up her ass and started fucking her hard and deep. Becky watched in awe, and kissed Eva on the lips, and moved on to kiss her erect nipples. She was so thankful of Eva’s help.

Becky pushed Eva’s hand aside and rubbed against her clit, which brought her to an orgasm.

She then sat on Eva’s chest and Eva started tasting her young friend’s pussy using her lips and tongue.

Jonathon had been pressing in and out of her at a slow to medium pace, and pulled out. Becky grabbed his cock and placed the head in her mouth. He came three times of long blasts. Becky sucked the rest of his cum out.

He laid down in the bed next to Eva, and Becky rolled off Eva and laid down in bed on his other side.

In the morning they all got washed and dressed and Eva treated them to breakfast out.

Eva and Becky grew closer as friends, occasional lovers, and intimate partners of Jonathon. Soon Becky was wearing the same special French antiperspirant Eva used.

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