Eve and Andi

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It was the first of the month and rent was due. Andi was short about two hundred bucks and knew they had been late last month as well. The apartment manager tried to be nice about it but she also made it clear that she answered to a higher authority (the property management company) and that if Andi and her boyfriend were late on their rent again, they would get more than a late fee. Andi’s boyfriend, Carter, was out of town on a business trip. When she asked him about the rent before he left, he simply told her she should do whatever she could to sort it out with Eve, the apartment manager.

Andi was pissed but she didn’t know what to do. Her schedule had been hectic with job searching but she hadn’t found anything steady. She sold a few photos in an art show but even with that money, it wasn’t enough and she knew she had to come up with something fast before Eve came knocking on her door. She wracked her brain thinking about how to sell a few more photos or about borrowing money from her dad but she hated to do that.

She called up her best friend, Rain, who was quite an entrepreneur and sold knitted goods at street fairs to make ends meet since her recent divorce.

“Jesus Rain, I am 30 years old… too old to not have rent money.”

“It’s alright Andi, we will come up with something. Think about what you can do. I mean, you can sell your photos at the next street fair I am doing.”

“Well when is that?”

“Next Thursday, the 7th.”

“Shit, Rain. Thanks all the same but that’s too late and Eve said the next time we were late…”

Rain cut her off… “I know, let’s have a bake sale!”

“Rain, I totally appreciate your enthusiasm babe but isn’t that a little ‘youth group fundraiser’ even for me?”

“Yeah, I guess so. But you went to culinary school and you never really bake anymore.”

An idea began to rise up in Andi. “I have the best idea! I will make up a flier and teach a baking class. Can I use your house?”

“Sure sweetie.” Andi was glad Rain got the house in the divorce.

“Ok, well, I am going to get on that. I will email you the flier to put up in your neighborhood and I will put one up in my apartments. You are the best! Love you!”

“Love you too babe!”

Rain was Andi’s best friend and they had always been there for each other, since they were 13 years old. They had gotten in their share of trouble together but they had never been mad at each other and they always came up with creative money making ideas together.

Andi fired up her laptop and made a quick flier on word. She kept it simple and sweet with her name, phone number, and the header “Baking Lessons, Price Negotiable.” For good measure she added a photo of a clip art loaf of bread. It was nothing fancy but it would do. She emailed it to Rain and then printed off five copies to put up around her apartments. She figured there was no time like the present and grabbed some push pins to go tack them up.

When she got to the laundry room, she was glistening with sweat. It was really hot outside and even hotter in a room with 10 dryers. That’s when the flaw in her plan occurred to her, it was easily 90 degrees and who would want to learn how to bake when it is 90 degrees outside? She figured it was too late so she hung the flier anyway a headed on back to her sweltering apartment. Even with the sliding glass doors open and all of the fans blasting, it was sticky-hot at best and unbearable at most. She felt like it was probably hot enough to bake bread on the counter top. She cracked a cool one and slid a wedge of fresh cut lime down into the bottleneck. All she had to do then was wait.

It was too hot in the bedroom to sleep so she lie on the couch in boxers and an undershirt and fell asleep watching a bad porno. It seemed like Carter was gone a lot these days and she has been insatiable. She felt like she might have to take on another side job to support her porn habit. Since Carter was gone, she felt no need to clean up and her erotica books, dirty magazines, and rented porno’s were all over the living room. It was a regular jill-off palace at her place. The fake orgasm and whirring fan put her right to sleep.

The next morning a loud knocking on the front door awoke Andi. It was almost a “cop knock” like someone was about to bust the door wide open. Confused, and in the middle of a hot dream, Andi stumbled to the door, still in her boxers and undershirt. She looked through the peephole and saw the apartment manager, Eve, standing on her doorstep.

“Fuck, not now” she thought.

She opened the door a little bit.

“Look,” she whined, “I know my rent is late but I am trying to figure it out and I totally know I am in trouble with you but Carter…”

“Stop!” Eve assertively interjected. “That’s not why I’m here.”

Maybe it was the dream she had been having or the fact that she was usually scared of seeing Eve since it meant she had done something wrong, but she had never noticed how incredibly gorgeous Eve was. Her eyes Casibom were captivating and deep brown in color. She was shorter than Eve by a few inches but she had a solid stature that oozed confidence. She was solid and strong. She had large, round breasts and a small waist but a firm, ample belly. Her skin was cocoa, smooth looking, and Andi found herself magnetically pulled to Eve at that moment. She wanted to slide her had down velvety arms. She had never really been attracted to a woman enough to act on it before but something about Eve’s confidence and closely cropped head made Andi a bit weak in the knees.

Eve snapped her back to reality. “I’m not here for that. Is this yours?” She held in her hand, one of the pink fliers Andi made the night before.

“Oh…” Andi was confused, “yes, that is mine, look, if it’s not OK that I posted it, I’m really sorry.”

Now it was Eve’s turn to look confused. “No, it’s not that. It’s just that, well, my girlfriend has been traveling abroad for months and I just thought I should make her something really special when she gets back. Do you think you can teach me to bake bread?”

“Yeah! Of course I can. I am using my friend’s kitchen so I will have to set up a time and date to do it. Can you do it tomorrow?” Andi was thrilled. She thought she could kill two birds with one stone and earn some money while getting in good with the manager.”

“She gets back tomorrow so I have to do it today. Can you do it?”

“Well, I think my friend is working today but I can call her.” Andi worried that her opportunity was quickly walking out the door.

“Can’t we just do it here? How about right now?”

Andi’s head was reeling and she was desperately trying to figure out how to make this work.

“Yeah, I guess so… let me think… yes, I have all of the ingredients here. Come on in.”

Andi stepped out of the way to let Eve in to the apartment. Her large frame took up all of the doorway so she stepped sideways as Eve drifted past her. Her scent was overwhelming. She smelled like some sweet men’s cologne and sweat. And no wonder she was sweating, she had on long jeans, belted, with a long sleeve dress shirt tucked in.

As Eve got further into the apartment and started to look around, Andi suddenly remembered her porn was laying around. It was too late. Eve looked a little bit curious and Andi was mortified.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry. If you could just give me a minute to pick up. Carter has been out of town for awhile and…”

“Don’t worry about it, Andi, my place looks the same. Remember what I said about my girlfriend.”

Andi felt reassured. “Right. Sorry. So, you have a girlfriend? Like, girlfriend girlfriend or like roommate girlfriend?” She immediately regretted her question. “I am so sorry, it is totally none of business.”

“It’s fine. Seriously, I am not shy. She’s my actual girlfriend. We have been together about three years.” Her skin was shimmering with sweat and she seemed all too happy to talk about her girlfriend.

“Great, that’s really cool. That’s about how long Carter and I have been together.”

An awkward tension seemed to be building but Andi couldn’t put her finger on what it was.

“Anyway, let’s talk about what kind of bread you want to make!” Andi seemed eager to ease the tension with the actual purpose of the visit.

Eve took over with the confidence she always seemed to exude and lead herself right to the kitchen.

“Where do you keep your cookbooks? I was thinking just a nice loaf of fresh French bread or maybe some Challah, my girlfriend is Jewish.”

Andi gestured to the bookcase with the cookbooks on it. She grabbed a rubber band from around her wrist and tied up her long, strawberry blond locks.

“Listen, I am just going to go change really quick, go ahead and look through the books. That green one has a great French bread loaf on page17.” Andi was dying to put a bra on at least.

“Don’t change on my account. You look really comfortable.” Eve looked her up and down like she was eying a glass of ice water dancing across a scorching desert toward her. Andi felt Eve’s gaze glide over her body but she felt anything but self-conscious. Eve inspected the large, round body before her, the alabaster, creamy skin, tattooed with many colorful images. She admired the obviously pierced nipples poking out of Andi’s undershirt, affixed to small, pert breasts. She let her eyes rest on Andi’s substantial belly and generous thighs. Andi felt then like she was intoxicated and that she had just been drunk up through a straw and digested inside of Eve, a very comfortable place to be.

“Well, if you don’t mind…” Andi felt a stirring in her, which clearly came from the attention. Her nipples got even harder beneath her less than adequate, ribbed cotton undershirt and she felt her clit throbbing. She didn’t have any idea what was happening to her. She had never really been with a woman and wasn’t sure of what she had experienced was actually Casibom Giriş sexual in nature. She had kissed a girl once in high school but she got freaked out and never told anyone about it. She had fantasized about women but she had never really met one she was this attracted to. It was magnetizing. It was arresting. It was hot in her kitchen. To distract herself, Andi turned on the oven and got out her mixing bowls and measuring cups.

“Can I do anything to help yet?” Andi had been lost in her own mind and had forgotten that she was supposed to be teaching Eve, which meant every step of he way she would have to guide her. She had no idea that the tables would soon be turned.

“Yeah, ok, grab those silver canisters and we can get started.” She didn’t even need a recipe really. She had been making her favorite bread recipe since she was just a little girl. She would help her mom and when it was time to bake the bread, her mom would cut off a small piece of dough that Andi would shape into a turtle or a heart and that she got to eat it all by herself when it was done baking.

Andi grabbed the yeast and explained to Eve how they had to mix the yeast with hot water and a little bit of sugar to get the yeast started. “It gets all bubbly and active and then it’s ready to go.” As an afterthought she added, “You know, it’s like foreplay.” She immediately regretted saying it because the tension in the room was already obvious and she was just contributing to it.

Eve, on the other hand, didn’t even blink. She just listened and stared at Andi. It was the kind of stare someone who was deciding whether or not to cheat on their girlfriend might make and they both knew it. Andi opened the fridge and poured some ice-cold water out of the pitcher into two glasses. “Here… let’s cool off a bit.” Of course she only intended her comment to be literal but the metaphoric implications were also obvious. Eve took the water but did not break eye contact.

After some awkward conversation about books and poetry, the yeast was ready. Andi started measuring the other ingredients and explaining to Eve how to mix them in. When it came time to let the dough rise, it was clear that it would be awkward to remain in the kitchen but the only other option was the porn scattered living room. Andi decided to brave it.

Once they settled in the living room, Eve began to look around.

“I love that print you have… is it Waterhouse?”

“No, actually it’s Rosetti… they had a similar style. Their women were beautiful, don’t you think? I have always loved the women with the long, soft looking hair and colorful lips.”

“Long hair is too hot.”

Andi realized that Eve had a shaved head and clearly didn’t favor long hair. Her own hair was wrapped up in two buns on the side of her head. She had been growing it for a few years.

“Yeah, actually it is too hot. I used to shave my head but I just decided to see how patient I could be and let it grow.”

Eve sensed that Andi was a bit uncomfortable. She hadn’t meant to imply that Andi’s hair wasn’t attractive.

“Your hair is beautiful. Take it down.”

Andi wasn’t sure if she had heard Eve right. There was something commanding about the voice that made her feel like she must comply, like it was more of a demand than a request. Something about having this spicy butch woman bossing her around made her even hotter. Without hesitation or questioning, she unwound her buns, laying the booby pins on the coffee table.

“See now, your long hair is beautiful. The red is so striking. Is it your natural color?”

“No, well, I am blond and I dye it red but it goes well with my coloring. At least that is what people tell me.” She was blushing like a schoolgirl crushed out on a teacher.

“It looks so soft.” Eve reached out to touch Andi’s hair and just then the timer went off. Andi felt almost relieved by the sound and she rushed up to the kitchen to turn the dough out. She got a large, silicone mat out of the cupboard and she sprinkled flour on it as she explained how important it was to keep the bread dough from sticking to the mat while kneading it. Eve watched Andi double the dough over itself and press down, making the muscles in her fleshy upper arm stand out.

“Ok, now you try…” Andi stepped aside, wet clumps of dough entwined in her fingers.

Eve stood next to the board and began copying Andi’s technique.

“You make it look so easy. Perhaps I am doing something wrong?”

Andi came and took over, demonstrating the technique again. Eve stood directly behind her. Andi could feel Eve’s hot breath on her neck but she was afraid to stop what she was doing. Butterflies had begun in her stomach and she wasn’t sure how to respond. Eve put her arms around Andi and slid her hands down Andi’s arms very gently. She held Andi’s arms and did the kneading with her.

“There, you see, that’s not so bad,” said Andi with a croak.

“Are you alright Andi?”

Andi was visibly trembling Casibom Güncel Giriş now. He croak must have given away her discomfort.

“Yes, I’m… I’m… just hot is all.”

Andi tried to turn around but Eve forcefully laid her palms down on top of Andi’s and pinned them to the counter on either side of the dough. Andi immediately felt the familiar wetness in her crotch of irreversible hunger. She thought she might pass out. She was afraid to move. She was stunned and shaking from the sexual adrenaline.

“Well then,” cooed Eve in her ear, “Maybe you just need to take it easy and cool off. Don’t move… I will get your water.”

Just as suddenly as she had pinned her down, Eve let go and walked off into the living room. Andi knew better than to move. She had no idea what would happen but she didn’t want to blow the moment. Eve came back in the room with the glass of ice-cold water. She came back up behind Andi and pushed her body against Andi’s, pinning her to the counter again. She reached around to Andi’s front and slowly poured the glass of water down the front of her tank top, soaking the thin cotton and setting Andi’s nipples on fire.

“Now there, that should cool you down.”

Eve was so seamless in her execution of this move that Andi wondered whether or not this was really happening.

“Is that better?”

“Uh… I… ah… yes?” Andi’s mind was racing with possibilities. If only one of the porno’s she had watched had a plot half as good as this, she wouldn’t ever be sexually frustrated again.

“Do you like that Andi? I have been thinking about you for a long time.”

“Uh… you have?”

“Yes. Once when you came back from the pool you undressed in your living room and your curtain was open. I saw you and I knew I needed to have you. It seemed like you knew I was watching and you were so languid in your movements.”

“Yes…” she tried to explain but nothing else would come out. She remembered that day. She was so hot she couldn’t bear to close the curtains all the way and block out the breeze. It was the middle of the day so she didn’t really think anyone was around to see her. She had moved so slowly because she was slightly sunburned and every movement that creased her skin put her in pain.

Eve took Andi’s silence as consent and slid her hands around Andi’s waist and slowly up Andi’s clinging tank top. She cupped Andi’s small breasts in her hands and squeezed the nipples between two fingers. Andi couldn’t help herself. She moaned audibly. Her nipples were pierced and they were extremely sensitive. The moisture continued to pool in her shorts and her clit throbbed. She wanted more but she was afraid to ask for it lest it destroy the magnitude of the moment. Eve clearly got off on power and Andi wanted to play along.

Eve removed one hand and brought it back up to tangle in Andi’s hair. She pulled back sharply, exposing Andi’s bare throat. Andi moaned even louder and there was no longer any question of exactly what was happening in that kitchen. With Andi’s throat exposed, Eve licked her neck and sunk her teeth in gently. It was all Andi could do to not cum right then and there but she wanted the moment to last and she was so hot. She wanted to taste Eve, to feel Eve inside her and to be fucked, hard.

Eve, with her hand still twisted up in Andi’s hair, flipped her around to face her. Andi had been holding on to the edge of the counter with the mat with the dough on it and as Eve spun her around, the mat flew off the counter. The dough made a distinct thud as it hit the linoleum and flour went flying everywhere. Eve forced Andi to look into her eyes as she said “Tell me what you want.”

Andi was overwhelmed and speechless. She had fantasized about moments like these but didn’t know what to do when it was actually happening. She said the first thing that came to mind, hoping it didn’t sound too much like a line out of a bad porno.

“I want… I want… to… to taste you.”

In that seamless way that she always managed to maintain control over the situation, Eve pulled Andi down to her knees in a spray of flour and sweat and let go so she could unbuckle her black, leather belt. She undid her jeans and at the exact moment the zipper slid down, Andi knew there was no going back in her life, in any way. This was the way it is supposed to be, she thought. History in the making.

Andi fumbled to pull at Eve’s jeans but Eve pushed her away. She stepped back, leaving Andi on her knees on the kitchen floor as she slowly unbuttoned each and every button on her dress shirt, exposing a black spots bra. She slid off her jeans and stood there in her boxer briefs, a previously hidden bulge painfully obvious underneath the material.

“Come here.” Eve stated.

Andi began to get up off the floor. To acquiesce.

“NO!” Eve quipped. “Stay on your knees.”

Andi walked over on her knees to where Eve was, her knees sliding along in the flour along the floor. She noticed the ball of dough of by the side of the fridge and wondered if was still salvageable. Even in this moment, she wanted to make sure she fulfilled her teaching duty. When she got close enough Eve grabbed the back of her head and pushed Andi’s head into the crotch of her boxer briefs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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