Even Too

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If you haven’t already, you should read “Even” before you read this one. I’ve put some remedial expo in this one but there’s still some details that might not as easily be gleaned. Otherwise all criticism is encouraged. Enjoy!


Before I can catch up to Kimmy she makes a right into the grocery store parking lot. Two cars behind her, I turn in as well. But whereas she has to zig zag to look for a space, I can just sprint up to the store and park my bike on the sidewalk. I’m notorious for that anyway. I’ll be inside before her, so it looks like more of a random encounter and less like the stalking it actually is. Hopping off I glance over the parking lot and spot the red jeep turning down another row. Plenty of time.

I’ve known Kimmy ever since I started working with Matt a little over a year ago. Matt and I have been friends and coworkers ever since I got picked up by the advertising firm. We don’t hang out all that much, really just taking our lunch breaks together. We do go out to the bar together, just him and I, on the occasional weekend. Just enough to label each other as friends.

Since we don’t all hang out very often I don’t see Kimmy very much. I think the 4 of us: Emily & me, and Kimmy & Matt, hung out at some company party a couple months ago. But other than that I don’t know much about her.

What exactly am I doing here? Not quite sure. I caught Kimmy’s husband fucking Emily yesterday. When I caught them I, socked Matt and told him to quit his job or I’d tell Kimmy. Then I took off, took a bartender home and slept with her. Now I was thinking of telling Kimmy about Matt anyway, just to get back at him. Or maybe I could seduce her. Could I do that? I bet I could.

Kimmy is a sweetheart but not the brightest of the bulbs. She’s dumb by no means, in fact she’s incredibly smart. She just lacks a few social skills, a little awkward at times. She’s always nice but just a little nervous or off beat. She’s a little on the sheepish side. But just so damned adorable. She’s got this nerdy presence about her. I can see why Matt got with her, he’s kind of a geek himself. She reminds me of a short, quiet Gwynn Paltrow. Today she’s sporting tight blue leggings and a long, light pink t-shirt. Her hair is pulled back for the lazy look today. But she’s still just so damned cute as she walks right past me without even noticing.

“Kimmy.” I call out.

She stops, turns in surprise, then registers a pleasant dimpled smile. “Hi, Tucker. What are you doing here, buddy?” She over emphasized buddy.

I’m almost caught off guard by the question. What, indeed, am I doing here? I stall with a joke.

“I’m shopping for airline tickets, what do you think? It’s a grocery store.”

“Oh. Hehe, Duh.” She replies.

Time to charm her a little. “So. What about you?” I ask. “Why are you here, all by yourself.”

“Matt asked me to come get him some aspirin or something. Says he’s got the worst headache today.”

“Oh?” I quip nonchalantly “Does he?” But inside I’m rolling with hysterical laughter.

“Yeah,” she keeps going, “says he took a spill coming down the stairs yesterday. You should see the wicked-looking bruise on his face.” To illustrate, she points at her cheek, right about where I popped him. My hand still aches a little from that punch.

“Poor guy,” I offer. But I’m looking forward to telling her how he really got such a wicked bruise. “Well, he should learn to be more careful.”

I chuckle to myself with my own private joke as I lean next to her against the end caps.

“Oh he’ll be fine.” She gestures with her hand. Then she derails me.

“So how is umm…” She pauses to think of her name.

“Emily?” I say for her.

“Yeah. Emily. How is she?” But before I can answer, she reads something in my eyes and turns on a sour pouty look. “Ohh… Is everything alright?” I told you she was smart.

“No. Not exactly. We’re probably over with.”

“Ohh you poor, poor thing. I’m sooo sorry.” She gushes with sympathy as she wraps her arms around me in consoling embrace.

And that’s when it hits me: I can’t. I can’t tell her about Matt. It’ll crush her. She’s too innocent and sweet. I just can’t bring myself to do that to her. Sure her husband is a first class dick and deserves to have it all come crashing down on him. But this isn’t her fault. And coming onto her like this just makes me a horrible person. I feel like such a Bastard.

“What happened?” She asks releasing me.

Dammit! I’d just resolved myself to not answering that question. I stammer for a moment. “Ah … Let’s just say a skeleton came out of the closet.”

She gives me this odd look like she’s gauging me. She knows something is up. She is clever. This may have been a mistake.

“Wanna talk about it?” She prods.

“No. It’s not really a conversation for here.” I respond, gesturing to the store as I glance around.

“Wow. Well okay. Whatever it was, it must have hurt you pretty bad.” Says rather acutely.

“Yeah, Esenyurt escort it’s okay.” I say trying to redirect the focus. “I’ll just pick up the pieces and move on.”

She still regards me like she’s wary of me. She knows I’m hiding something. I’m almost tempted to just spit it out and get it over with. Finally though, she gives up the wrinkled brow and goes back to her almost ditzy smile.

“Well, okay. If you say so. It’s a real shame, though. She was REALLY cute.” She says.

Okay, now it’s my turn to give her the curious “what the hell” look. I didn’t expect that. She reads my expression and stifles a laugh.

“What?” She says almost too enthusiastically.

“Well, I just never knew you…”

“What, liked pussy too?” She finishes for me.

Now I want her more than ever. “Yeah. Well not only that.” I say. “But I never would have guessed you had the hots for my girlfriend. Ah Ex girlfriend.” I corrected myself.

“Yeah I gotta say, she’s a hot little piece of ass. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out with you two.”

“Well, I have it on good authority that she’s recently become available.” I jest, trying to lighten the mood.

“Yeah,” she chuckles, “But I don’t think Matt would condone such behavior.”

Before I can even think about it, I blurt out, “Why not? That’s not very fair.” …Dammit!

Her smile vanishes.

“Why wouldn’t it be fair, Tucker?” That questioning expression of hers is back with a vengeance.

I’m through trying to cover for him for her sake. But I’m still not ready to drop the bomb on her either. All I can do is give her a shrug.

“A skeleton, huh?” She asks in a serious tone. Then she reaches down, takes my right hand, and looks at the back of it. She looks at the pink, swollen hand, then gives it a light reaffirming squeeze. Not enough to hurt it, just enough to be enduring. Didn’t I tell you she’s smart?

She leans in on me and says,

“Thank you, Tucker.” She kisses me on the cheek, “Thank you for trying.” She releases my hand and heads for the door in a slow, yet determined pace. She doesn’t bother with the aspirin.

Not far behind her, I decide that I’ve done enough damage for one day. She thanked me, but there’s wasn’t much gratitude worthy in my actions. I stalked her with the intentions of throwing her husband under a bus, and possibly nailing her out of spite. Instead I ruined her day, month, life, who knows? She thanked me but I feel like shit. “Let’s go home.” I tell myself.

Emily’s Honda isn’t here. Good. I’m hoping to get my laptop and take it away before she has a chance to hide it herself. I probably shouldn’t have left it like I did last night, but hey, duty calls.

I put my phone on charge as I run around throwing some clothes and stuff into an over night duffle. I’ll find some other place to crash for a day or two until she moves out. The apartment is mine. I don’t completely feel bad for putting her out, she should have expected this. I’ll give her the place for a couple days but that’s it. Bag packed, extra toothpaste, razors, socks… Oh yeah. And my laptop.

Just to be safe, I hook up my external hard drive and begin backing up some work files when the front door opens… Shit.

A timid, flushed red, and sweaty Emily gingerly pokes her head through the door and acknowledges me with a barely audible “hi”. Then she enters and shuts the door behind her.

She’s wearing black spandex and halter top today. She’s either been running or fucking someone else. I couldn’t care less which. I will admit that she is absolutely sexy looking like that, but I’m not in the mood.

She just stands there for a moment, arms trying to cover her body in shame. She won’t look me in the eye. Whatever. Back to saving the last of these presentations, then I’m out of here.

“Hi Tuck.” She offers meekly.

I ignore her, just click and drag my last presentation into the external.

“Can we talk for a minute? Please?”

I was hoping to avoid this but it doesn’t look like I’m going to get my way. Fine, let’s do this. Deep breath. I turn to face her.

“What, Em’. What would you like to talk about?” I say staring a hole through her.

Even that is too much for her. She has to look away from my gaze.

“Matt.” She finally mutters.

Not where I thought this would go. “Alright?” I prod. “What about him?”

“You hit him pretty hard. You shouldn’t have hit him so hard. You could have really hurt him.” She says, mustering the strength to be righteous and look at my face again.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” I quip sarcastically. “Was that bad form? I guess I’m a little confused as to the exact etiquette for catching my buddy and coworker banging my long-time, live-in, girlfriend. Besides. I’m more mad at him than you. Notice how I hit him really hard?”

“You didn’t have to hit him like that.” She persists.

“You really care for him, don’t you? Genuinely care for him. This isn’t Just Esenyurt escort Bayan sex for you two is it?”

She ignores me and looks away again.

“Whatever. He’s lucky that’s all he got. I wanted to keep going.”

Her eyes widen a bit at this. She faces me again. “Tuck…I’m sorry.”

“Doesn’t change a thing, We’re still done.”

“No. I get it. I don’t blame you. I’m just sorry you had to find out like this.”

What the hell does she mean by that? “Well how the hell did you intend for me to find out?”

“I was gonna tell you. So many times I wanted to tell you. I wanted to. Especially when we fought. I wanted to just break it off.”

“What the shit, Emily? Why didn’t you? Why did you put all of us through that?”

“Matt said we should wait.”

“Matt said! So you do love him?”

“Something like that.” She offers in a pathetic tone.

“Then why wait?”

“He said he and Kimmy were gonna split up. Said they were having problems and I just needed to keep it hush-hush until the split was final.”

“Wow. I had no idea.” I say. “Did he say what those problems were?”

“Well no. Nothing specific. But he said they just weren’t seeing eye to eye, and the spark was all gone.”

Emily isn’t that naive, is she? I saw Kimmy not half an hour ago and I didn’t see an eminent split on the horizon. Wow. Matt really was a first class dick. Not only was he fucking Emily behind both of our backs, but he was stringing her along with promises of a future together.

“So, now I guess you’re just waiting for him to invite you over, huh? Done with me as much as I’m done with you?”

“Tuck, I am sorry. I really am. But we just butt heads way too much. That’s no way to live. I can’t do it anymore. I’m sorry. Yes. I love him.”

I stifle the snicker, but I can’t hide the smile. “You will be. You will be sorry.”

Emily backs up. “Are you threatening me?”

“No. But I am going to give you some perspective: if Matt is throwing Kimmy out and replacing her with you, she still doesn’t know it yet. I ran into her this morning. She was getting pain medicine for Matt’s face. Something I doubt she’d be so eager to do if she’d just signed divorce papers. She had no idea, Emily. He’s leading you on.” I say with too much enthusiasm.

She studies me like she’s seeing a ghost. Complete disbelief. “Bullshit!” She spits at me. “Bull fucking shit, Tuck.”

“Emily, why would I lie?”

She still doesn’t believe me. Just a blank, slack-jawed stare. But then her eyes start to water. And now I’m pissed. Those same deep blue eyes that I fell for and saw so much love in every day, now have tears for someone else, not me.

I’m doing my best to keep myself contained, but right now I want to explode. Not just because Matt has now committed the ultimate betrayal, or that he’s managed to hurt Emily. In fact I’m now pissed at her. I’m pissed because right under my nose she’s fallen in love with him. I feel even further rejected.

Emily’s countenance has gone from shame, to disbelief, to sadness, to defiance. She’s pissed too.

“You enjoyed telling me that, didn’t you.” She demands. “You smug fucking asshole.”

I stand up. “Yeah. Maybe I did. Maybe I deserve a little payback.”

“Fuck you!” She screams.

“You first!”

And just like that the switch is flipped from “not in the mood” to “grudge fuck the shit out of her.” She lunges at me as she tears her halter top off. I catch her with one arm behind her back and the other behind her head. I force her face to mine. She kisses me greedily and angrily. If a kiss could come from hell, this is it. She grunts and bites my lip hard. My cock is already stiff.

She yanks off my shirt, taking some skin out of my flanks with her nails in the process. The claw marks make me wince, which I’m sure she enjoys. The shirt is not even on the floor yet and she’s already pulling at my pants. I kick off my shoes and shed the pants. Once those are off I grab a fist full of her hair, turn her face toward my dick. Emily is already breathing fast. She wraps both hands around me and strokes me quickly a few times, and then buries me in her mouth.

She looks up at me like she always does when she goes down on me, but the look in her eyes is different now. She’s glaring at me with an expression of contempt; like she’s doing this under duress. I tighten the grip on her hair.

“Harder.” I growl at her.

She responds by sucking me deeper into her mouth, almost to the point of gagging, and then she plants one hand in the center of my chest, curls her fingers until the nails are pressing into me, and then scratches me hard. She leaves four angry red welts cross my torso. It turns me on even more. I turn her toward the couch and throw her down in front of it.

She turns back to look at me with distain. I put my hand on her head, pushing her face back into the couch cushions. With my other hand I hook my fingers into the waistband of her Escort Esenyurt spandex at the small of her back and pull them over her tender smooth ass. Her breathing quickens again as I line up my cock with her ass. She gasps and yelps as I sink my cock deep into her hot, sweaty lips in one quick drive.

One hand still holding a fist full of her hair, the other holding onto her hip as I pound her into the couch. It’s rocking back into the wall with every stroke, and she matches them with grunts and groans.

“Fuck you, you Bastard.” She mutters through clenched teeth.

“Right back atcha baby.” I say as I rare back and smack her ass hard with a loud audible smack. She responds by yelping and shuddering. I’d never smacked her ass before.

As opposed to her usual routine of holding quiet until she came, she’s all vocals now. Grunting these animalistic almost growls which oozed contempt for me. With her head turned sideways I could see almost hatred in her eyes.

Her beautiful flawless skin is flushed bright red and sweaty. Her brow is now all but drenched. Her shorts and panties are still around her thighs. Knees on the floor, shoes and socks still on. Her grunts are growing intensity, she’s gonna cum soon. When she does, she usually clamps down on me, causing me to follow suit. She’s not getting off that easily, pun intended.

I pull out right before she cums. Her eyes shoot wide open. She starts backing and wiggling her ass, trying to find my cock again.

“NNNGHA. Put it back in! Fuck!” She screams.

I pick her up putting her completely on the couch, knees on the cushions, arms resting on the back of it. Her shorts moved down to her ankles, effectively binding her feet together.

I take my cock by the base, still dripping slick with her juices, and begin massaging it between her ass cheeks, lubing her up.

I take notice of her tender perfect skin as she’s laying back over the couch, or across the bed, or any number of other times we’ve made love in the past. Flashing quickly through my mind, I see her delicate jaw gaping with pleasure. Her eyes staring longingly at me, imploring me to release her with satisfaction. And then I see her screaming as Matt drives into her over and over again until she cums. I want her to hurt.

“No! Tuck. You better not!”

I ignore her, taking my whole cock in hand and guiding the head right into her tight little knot. “No! You fucking Bastard!” I pretend I don’t even hear it as I play myself into her ass. She moans and strains but doesn’t fight me. Seated deep in her ass, she glares at me. “Fucking Bastard!” I slowly start to pump her snug asshole, big handfuls of her ass cheeks on either side.

She screams in protest. But her ass, stationary at first, begins to rock up towards me, meeting my repeated invasions.

“You actually like this, don’t you?”

I’m taunting her. “You like it in your little asshole. You dirty little ass slut.”

She begins to insult me again with another “fucking asshole.” But the words are lost in the trembles and screams of her orgasming. She convulses, sucking her lower lip into her mouth and rolling her eyes back.

“Holy fucking shit.” She finally enunciates, recovering sufficiently. Meanwhile I’m still fucking her ass, but I decide the child’s play is over.

I lean forward, stretch out my legs, and arch my back, driving my aching dick deep into her sweet, tender ass cheeks. She wails. Tear drops start to roll down her cheek as she looks back at me. And the defiance in her expression has been replaced with one of desperation. Grabbing her ass and pulling it towards me, I start to bounce her off my hips as hard as I can thrust. She cums again.

I feel a familiar intensity building of my own. Right before I cum, once again I pull out, grab my cock, and angrily jerk myself off. I spray ribbon after ribbon of hot cum across her ass cheeks, back, and even some splatters in her hair. This, I do, for the same reason I fucked her in the ass: to defile her.

Catching her breath, she collapses on the couch almost in the fetal position. I’m half tempted to sit next to her, scoop her up in my arms and cradle her until she dozes off like I used to do. But again, Matt’s dumb grin enters my thoughts. And then I turn away from her.

“I’ve… I’ve never done that before.” She utters meekly.

“Neither have I.” I say as I walk across the living room to retrieve my clothes. I don’t even look at her as I pull my pants up and fish my feet into my shoes.

As if right on cue, the laptop dings letting me know the last of the files had migrated safely. I throw my shirt on, quickly snatch my phone, close and grab the laptop, and head for the door.

“I want you and your shit gone in two days.” I bark as I slam the door behind me. I can already hear Emily’s sobs.

Watching her cry over another man and seeing my own response told me that getting over her wouldn’t be as easy as I thought. Before I reach the parking lot, my own eyes are starting to water. I leave the bike this time and take my SUV. But like yesterday I need some time to clear my head. I just drive aimlessly until I realize I’d killed a quarter tank of gas. I’d better stop this before I run dry. Still need gas for work tomorrow. What is it about driving that helps calm me down?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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