Ex-Classmate Comes Knocking Ch. 01

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Finally my dream of post graduation abroad took off and off I went to Canada for the training. Was my first time away from home and was a bit edgy, a lot excited and very anxious.

The wheels touched down in Winnipeg, Canada and I could see the place was white, the first snow fall was over and everything was white. It was the first time I was seeing snow. Was picked up from the airport and I got settled down in my accommodation. It was a three bed house and each room was occupied by one student, so in our house there was another guy from India and a Canadian guy.

Started ground classes and about a month in, I was slowly beginning to miss India, the food, family, friends etc… Logged into my laptop and was browsing and then remembered that a college classmate of mine had moved to Canada for higher studies. So started searching for her profile and bingo, I was right. She was in a university which was in a city about 150Kms from where I was.

I remember her, she was not the greatest in the looks department, though she had a nice frame. She was a very next door kinda girl, not overly friendly nor was she a very quite person. We had probably interacted max of 10 times in 3yrs of college life. That interaction was also mainly because of assignments that we had to do as a group or that one time that both of us came late to class and were not allowed to enter so we ended up sitting outside chatting, that was the longest conversation we ever had.

I messaged her the usual ‘hi, how are you?’ and then told her I am in Canada for my course and about 2hrs drive from where she was. Browsed as usual and chatted with family for a while and went to sleep as I had an early day next day.

At about noon I got back home and checked fb and I had a message. Opened it and there it was ‘D#@$ has replied’ – ‘hiiiii soo happy to know you are here’, ‘finally someone from back home who I can call friend’. ‘this is my no 1** ******** call me and pass me your no’.

I immediately picked up the phone and dialled that no about 5 rings later a girl answered the phone and I asked for her and she replied in the affirmative and then shouted my name. We exchanged our usual pleasantries and spoke for about 15mins about home, college, the professors, our classmates. She sounded quite different from the last time I had met her about 2yrs ago, I felt she had a bit of an accent now and she sounded more confident than before.

We decided to meet during the weekend and she said she will drive to my town as she had a car and also she wanted to go out somewhere different.

Friday came and I got a call from her and she asked me for address and directions. I opened the door to welcome her in and was surprised at how much she had changed. There she was wearing a nice blue top and jeans. Her once pony tail oily hair was nicely curled and open and she had a wide smile on her face. We hugged and sat down to catch up on the lost years, could not believe she had transformed quite a bit. From the quiet and demure girl she had become open and a bit western.

There was only one bar in our small town and thats where the whole town was during weekends. We reached the place and the party was on full swing. I could see the usual faces and greeted few known people.

I was not soo surprised at her drinking as I figured that would be something along with her transformation. She went to the dance floor and started dancing, it was just hot to see her dance with her hair and hips swaying. That is when something started stirring in my pants and I was looking at her in a complete different way now.

She called me a few times to dance, but I refused politely as I was not much of a dancer and I did not want her to see the tent in my pants. Some of my friends joined us as well and they got introduced, she danced most of the time and had quite a few drinks as well.

Around 1 am we decided to call it a day, I drove ulus escort back home as I did not drink as much as her. We went to subway to pick up something to eat and then headed to my place.

Once home we finished eating our sandwich and started talking about how good the evening was. I told her that she could sleep in my room and I will take the couch, she wouldnt hear it at all and said she will take the couch. I told her I have slept on the couch many times and its not a problem, if not also I have an extra mattress that I can pull out and out it on the hall floor and sleep. She then suggested why dont I do the same in my room itself. I dint see anything wrong and pulled the mattress out and put it on the floor of my room right next to my bed. The good thing was both my house mates were out for the night and I knew they would not be back until morning.

To be frank I really did not think anything will happen, knowing my luck and besides did not want to take advantage of her when she was drunk, rather I dint want her to think it was a drunken mistake and regret it later.

We both got into bed, she on my bed and I on the mattress which I had laid, turned the light off and we started talking about everything under the sun. By now my eyes had gotten adjusted to the darkness and I could see her silhouette. We were talking of how good the evening was and how glad we were to meet up and catch up. In fact I just realised I had not spoken soo much to her in the 3yrs of college we were together as classmates.

Topics kept shifting and suddenly she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I answered in the negative to which she suddenly got up and propped on her elbows and asked me if I had never had a gf. When I said ‘no’ she was shocked and asked ‘how come a guy like you should have had at least one gf’. I laughed and told her, I have girls who are friends but never a girlfriend. I asked her the same question and she said yes she had one when she moved to Canada but she is single now.

The topics soon started getting a little personal, somewhere in she asked if I was a virgin, to which I laughed and said ‘No’, I could see her eyes go wide and she wanted to know how and what and when. When I said ‘hey its too personal’ she slid down her top portion of her body from the bed and punched my arm and said ‘my ass personal, come on dont be a spoil sport’. I said ‘ok ok’ and she did not move from that position, so her legs were still on the bed on top and her upper body was on my mattress below.

I started my story and I dont remember when it happened but by the time I was about to finish I saw she was completely on my mattress now, I knew it when I felt her knee just touch my thighs, I just brushed it off as accidental. When I finished I asked if she is happy now. She said yes and did not get up, but just stayed there on my bed, now this was not a very big bed, it was a single mattress.

I still was not sure about her intentions and dint want to spoil anything. She was on her elbows and I was lying face up. I turned a little towards her and as expected asked her if shes a virgin to which she replied ‘hey its too personal’ to which I started laughing and I said ‘my ass personal’ and I started to tickle her by running my fingers at her hip. Only then did I know she was really sensitive to tickling. I obviously took this as a chance and started tickling her more.

She was wriggling and laughing and the moment I stopped for a second she got on top of me and held both my arms with hers pinning it to the sides of my face. I started to wrestle and wiggle trying to free myself. She bent down and told me that she used to wrestle with her brothers so she can hold me down.

At this time her hair was brushing my face and this was turning me on. She bent down more and thats when her right cheek and my right cheek touched. I turned my face right and at the same time yenimahalle escort she turned right as well. Our lips brushed each others and we were still trying to wrestle but I could see it that both of us were just doing it for the heck of doing it more like a reason to start things.

Then it happened again, our lips brushed again and this time there was more pressure. I turned my face the opposite direction to catch her lips again and I suppose she thought the same as it brushed again and this time I held it there and so did she. Now the right edge of my lips and the right edge of her lips were touching each other, I slowly parted my lips and held her upper lip between my lips. I turned a little to the right and then our lips were right over each other. The grip of her hands on my arms loosened and she opened her lips now. I put my tongue out and parted her lips and found her tongue there. We had a tongue duel, for two mins, then I went close to her ear and asked her if she was sure about this. She said yes she was sure and she is not going to regret it so not to worry. She just asked me one thing, if I have a condom to which I replied ‘yes, a guy is always prepared’ she laughed and hit my chest and said ‘you guys are always ready to fuck’. To which I told her ‘if she doesnt want we can stop’ in a joking way and obviously I did not want her to stop. She just said ‘shut up’ and we started kissing again.

We were kissing for like 15mins, She had her hands on my face now and my one hand was holding her hair and the other hand was on her back just rubbing it up and down, I felt her bra strap as well. In my mind was running a thousand thoughts but at the core of it all was sex and purely sex.

I slowly put my one hand under her top and felt her smooth skin, I went all the way upto her bra strap and was fondling with it. I just flipped it and it came loose, all this while kissing her and playing with her tongue. I pushed her up a bit and slowly pulled her top up, she initially just pushed my hand and her top down, I did not understand if she did not want to remove it or was she just playing. Anyway I put my hand in front and pushed the bra away a bit to find her nipple and started playing with it by running my thumb and index finger over it, I pressed it a little and she moaned in between my lips. My other hand was at her back and was just running my hands up and down.

I pulled away and asked her one more time ‘do you want to go further’ she smiled and asked me ‘what do you think’, this cross questioning was killing me and I just started pecking her lips and in between the pecks told her ‘i think she does want to’. She just smiled and opened her mouth again for a kiss, I figured that was a good answer.

I slowly went for her top again and this time she just moaned and let me pull it all the way and put her hand up and I could pull it over the top, her bra came falling and she tapped my hand and said ‘you are in such a hurry, take it nice and slow, and what are you doing with your top still on’ and she put her hand under my tee and pulled it over my head. We hugged again and for the first time I felt her skin on mine, the feeling of her nipples piercing my chest was just amazing. She started kissing me neck and it was just sending me over the edge. I pushed her away a bit and slowly went for her neck and started kissing all over and slowly started moving down to her nipples. I took one in my mouth and rolled it between my lips and flickered it with my tongue, she just kept moaning and running her hand all over my hair.

I slowly picked her up and stood at the same time, hugged her and then went down to open her jeans, I flicked it open and pushed it down her legs. She used her legs to kick it away as well, I stood up and put my hand inside her underpants and held her ass cheeks in both hands and squeezed them, and was kissing her again now. She seemed to be enjoying and then she pushed me a away and went down to my chest, was licking and sucking on my nipples, from there she went licking to my navel and then removed my trousers and with that she removed my boxers as well. She put her hand on my rock hard dick and fondled with my balls, suddenly went down on her knees and started licking my penis. I was moaning now and was on cloud nine, I was holding her hair and bent down to let my other hair touch her nipple and play with it.

Suddenly she got up and we hugged and kissed again, I could taste and smell my own penis in her mouth, but was beyond caring at this point of time. I pushed her on the mattress and went right on top of her and after kissing for about 2 mins started kissing and licking my way down her body. When I reached her underpants I bit them with my teeth and pulled them to her thighs, after that used my hands to pull it off her completely. I started with slow kisses to her navel and licks to her thighs. Then I went for her clit, slowly flickering it with my tongue, giving it small sucks and kissing it. Slowly put my two fingers in her cunt and she was moaning now with pleasure, her one hand was on my hair and I looked up to see her other hand and she had it on her nipple, it was such a sensuous scene to look at.

I went all out on her vagina and started eating her out for the next 5mins, she started groaning and I knew she was about to make it when she locked her thighs around my face and literally choked me, then it happened, she went limp for a few secs relieving her hold on my face. I came up for some air and just saw her eyes were closed and she just lay there in a wave of pleasure ripping her body.

She held my hand and pulled me up to her, I was now lying by her side on her right arm and she slowly opened her eyes with a big smile. I asked her ‘enjoyed it’ and she hugged me and said ‘that was a powerful orgasm’. We started kissing again and she got up and said ‘its my turn’, I was not the one to say no. She asked me where is the condom, I got up to get it from the draw I had it in.

When I was about to rip it open, she just snatched it from me and said ‘told you its my turn’ with a lustful smile on her face. She opened it and rolled it down my penis, and pushed me on the bed. She came up to me and then guided my penis into her cunt, it went in nice and smooth and I could feel the heat of her vagina around my penis. I slowly started moving my hips and pumping, she also started moving her hips violently, she bent down and started kissing me as well. This was the best moment of this whole night, and I did not want it to end. We both kept moaning and groaning in between our kisses.

About 5mins later I got up and made her sit on my lap with my dick still lodged inside her cunt. She got the idea and started jumping up and down on my penis, I had one hand behind her back to hold her and the other was in front pinching her nipples. She was now biting my neck and though I could feel a slight pain, I was not complaining. I think that was what bought me over the edge and suddenly I felt a huge wave of pleasure and I let go and it hit me then, so powerful that I almost passed out.

I told her ‘im cumming’ and she started jumping faster and she started groaning which kinda helped in me making it. When I was over with it, I held her in place and told her ‘I made it’. She held me tight and started kissing my cheeks, and asked me ‘enjoyed?’, I was still panting and just shook my head and in between breaths kept saying ‘yes yes yes’.

We held each other for a few mins after which we just dislodged ourselves and just sat next to each other cleaning ourselves up. I told her ‘I did not expect this’ she said ‘she also did not but enjoyed every moment’ and thanked me to which I said ‘I should be the one thanking you’.

I laid on the bed and was talking, and asked her to come lie next to me. She did so and then after talking for sometime we drifted off to sleep, I suppose the alcohol, sex and late night had all got to us.

What happened in the night and later on is for another chapter, based on reviews and comments.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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