Exhibition Pays Off Unexpectedly

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I didn’t sleep very well the night this happened. I kept waking up horny thinking about cock. Looking back it was almost as if I knew subconsciously somehow what was about to happen that morning.

I’ve been working from home ever since COVID so I don’t get up as early as I did. Although it usually is still dark when I wake.

It was a Monday morning and I was just starting to wake when I felt hands on my shoulders and back. I always sleep naked and it felt so erotic. Initially I thought it was another horny dream. The hands were larger and rougher so I knew it was a man. I laid there enjoying his touch for several minutes before realizing holy fuck, someone is in my house. I have never hosted at my house so I truly had no idea who this could me. I hadn’t yet opened my eyes as my heart is now almost beating out of my chest. The way he was touching me I could tell he wasn’t there to hurt me. That and the fact that it felt so good.

As he continued massaging and caressing my upper back the sheets were pulled away from the bottom of the bed. My eyes opened immediately since his hands never left my body. I couldn’t see much in the darkness without my glasses but hands were now touching my legs and feet. Another man’s hands, holy fuck there are two guys in my room!

Where is my wife? And my teenage kids are home! These things didn’t seem to bother these two. As one began kissing the bottoms of my feet and sucking on my toes while the other started sucking on my neck like he was trying to give me hickeys. The guy on my neck whispered in my ear “don’t worry, she left for work, and the bedroom door is locked”. This helped me settle down somewhat but the thoughts of who are these two and how did they know where I lived and what I was into were scrambling in my mind. It didn’t take long though for me to let go of my thoughts and give in to the moment. They were both there to work me over and I was going to enjoy it and save the worrying for later.

I had been lying on my side and rolled over .Now I was on my hands rize escort and knees doggie. When I did the guy that had been at my feet said what a good slut I was and for me to give him my ass. Luckily the air filter that runs at night in the bedroom was still running to make some noise since I let out a whimper (I love guys calling me slut) and my kids were still home in their rooms. Since their schooling was online now they would be in their rooms for most of the day. As long as we were quite they would have no idea what was happening.

The guy who called me slut was now very softly licking at my hairy hole as he held my feet (having my feet touched is something else that I love). Most guys are so aggressive when they go down and lick but he wasn’t. I was moving my butt back and around somewhat to meet his lips and tongue but he would change position too so the pressure stayed soft and tender. The other guy was kneeling in front of me with his cock positioned in front of my face. We both worked to take his pants down and when it sprang out I let out another whimper. It was average size and cut but super hairy (I love hairy guys). He asked if I wanted to suck it. I didn’t answer with words. Just opened my mouth and took his length deep into my throat. As my nose and lips were covered by his hairy bush he loudly lets out an “oh fuck”. I couldn’t pull away since he was holding the back of my head firmly but thankfully his buddy who was still lapping away at my man pussy told him to “quite the fuck down, I haven’t gotten to fuck this bitch yet and don’t want his kids to hear”.

He didn’t say anything after that but was grunting a lot as he fucked my face. His partner was now positioning himself behind me and draped over my back he tells me that he has wanted to do this since he saw me last week through my window. Now it all made sense. These guys were part of the utility crew that had been working in the neighborhood for weeks burying new electric wires. One particular day when I was super horny I put on three different bostnews.com jo shows for them throughout the day. I had all of the lights on, the curtains wide open and was naked up on a table playing for hours that day right by the window. I knew at least one of them was noticing me. At first he was glancing over at a distance then got closer and was looking right in for at least ten minutes as I played looking right at him. I so wanted him to fuck me then but he didn’t come to my door. I know he snapped a few pics with his phone and hoped he’d show his work buddies. I was fantasizing about them gang-banging me. I figured they’d probably lose their jobs if they left to fuck some guy in the neighborhood but just knowing I had the one watching and he kept coming back by was such a fucking turn on to me. And I did look hot that day. My ass, legs and feet are sexier than a lot of women. My skinny ankles, tight butt and long legs (they are hairy though) and high arches on my soft feet usually get guys going pretty good.

Anyway now that I knew where they came from I was even more ready to give in and have fun. The guy behind me had pushed my knees far apart and was spreading my ass cheeks open to expose my man pussy. I was pushing my hips back to find his cock while still trying to keep working his friends cock in my throat. I was gagging here and there while getting my face fucking and that guy was getting more and more aggressive with me. Pulling out of my mouth and slapping my face and grabbing me by the throat. Then aggressively fucking my mouth again, pressing the back of my head onto him. I was totally into him and what he was doing. Finally I felt the other guys cock enter me and pressed back to meet him until he was fully inside me. I began to rock back and forth between sliding on the cock in my ass then back forward to the one in my mouth. Stifling my moans as best I could.

I didn’t think the guy behind me would last long as his pace quickened and his breathing got heavy. And then I felt him press deep into me and felt his cock pumping. As he did I too felt like I was about to explode and he pulled out of me. Fuck I was so close to cumming when he pulled out.

The guy who’d been pounding my face didn’t seem like he was going to run out of steam anytime soon.

When his buddy was done and laid down on the bed next to us he flipped me over and onto my back. Wasting no time he slid into my now sloppy hole and started pounding away into me. I was so into this guy I wasn’t lying flat but was propped up on my elbows looking into his eyes as he made me his bitch.

And his rough handling of me continued. Pushing my legs wide, pinching and twisting my nipples, slapping me across the face more. I couldn’t take the pleasure of how this made me feel. After a series of repeated slaps combined with his intense fucking I started blowing my load all over my chest and belly. My ass was pulsing and gripping his cock as I came. He rubbed it all over me and continued fucking a few more minutes.

I sat up and kissed him deep. Our tongues were furiously swirling about in one another’s mouths. I asked if he would fuck my face again and cum in my mouth.

I was so into this guy my level of horniness barely went down after cumming. I crawled off the bed and led him by the hand to stand nearby as I squatted in front of him. I was sliding my fist along his cock in front of my lips. As I worked his cock over his buddy now crawled to be under my ass and was again licking at my hole. My cock was now rock hard as I floated my hole above his tongue and sucked at the other guy with all I had.

After what seemed like a very long time he whispered “you want my cum bitch” as he began to cum. I was in heaven and licked every drop of sex off his cock and began to cum again still riding the other guys tongue and nose.

I climbed back into the bed for a few minutes as they both dressed. I figure they would have to leave to get to work and my body was limp and just wanted to lie around basking in the high I was on.

I got up just to make sure it was clear for them to leave then got back in bed. I ended up falling asleep for a few hours feeling as satisfied as I had in a long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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