Explosive Examinations Ch. 01

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Felicity Remington was a red-haired, blue-eyed gynecologist of 34. She was also a glasses-wearing, card-carrying lesbian eproctophile. She actually used pussy examinations as an excuse to get close to women’s assholes in hopes of getting farts out of them, and maybe sex. Occasionally she was successful at seducing her clients. But her real dream to find a woman who shared her love of female farts.

Maria Olmos was a well-built Latina lesbian, 29. She was very open to new experiences. Maria was pleasantly surprised by how attractive her gynecologist was, so much the better. She had wanted to get an examination to see if everything was in order. Felicity went to work right away, opening Maria’s vagina up with her speculum to examine her cervix uteri. Maria couldn’t help but be aroused by the twin pieces of cold metal against her hot flesh, and her pussy was rapidly becoming wet.

Felicity said nothing, but continued to work. She put one hand on Maria’s abdomen, and two fingers in her client’s vagina (resisting the urge to start fingering it) to palpate Maria’s ovaries and uterus. The gynecologist was very surprised by how hot and wet Maria’s pussy was, and when she took her fingers out there was plenty of fluid on them. As Felicity went through the remaining motions, Maria tried desperately in embarrassment to conceal how erotic she found all this.

Felicity smiled, pleased by how this was all going.

“That’s everything. But I think I’ll conduct a rectal examination just to be sure.”

Maria was visibly excited. Felicity began to manipulate her client’s stomach, and suddenly Maria farted by accident.

“You’re turned on by that aren’t you?” said Maria quietly as Felicity moved closer.

For the longest time Felicity said nothing, finally saying in a quiet voice, “Yes.”

Maria smiled, “Good. So am I. Come on, conduct the rectal examination you really want to conduct.”

Felicity paused, then slowly moved her body until her face was in front of Maria’s asshole. She Bostancı Escort inhaled sharply, smelling the odor of the Latina’s ass.

“Christ, girl your ass it smells good.”

Maria smiled, then let loose her divine wind.

Felicity gasped out loud in perverse pleasure as the gas hit her, “Oh fuck yes! Fart in my fucking face! Oh God I’m missed this….so much!” Felicity drew it all in, and signed wistfully. Then she saw Maria’s big booty, and the yellowish-brown anal grease that had been blasted out of it and now clung to the edges of the Latina’s anus. The perverted redhead licked it all up, slowly. Maria cried out softly as she felt Felicity’s tongue against her tight anal muscles, coating them with her saliva.

“I always was an anal lesbian slut.” Felicity said in a lewd voice as she licked Maria’s ass juices off her lips. Then she checked her watch. “Oh fuck it! I have another appointment! Damn it all! And just when it was getting good!”

Maria cried out, “Wait! Just one thing before you go!”

Felicity looked hopeful, “Yes?”

Maria signed, “Please….fart in my….”

Felicity nodded, “You don’t have to say anything more.”

Felicity swung her big butt around and planted her ass right against Maria’s nose. Then Maria got exactly what she wanted: a potent, loud, wet, long fart in the face.

“I can’t stay any longer, Miss Maria. Good-bye. And my name is Felicity Remington. That is what you wanted to ask, right?”

Maria nodded, still savoring the sexual aroma of Felicity’s fart. As Felicity exited the room, Maria was left with her thoughts. She was definitely going to tell her lover about this experience.

Maria returned home to Tyra Penzima, a 31-year old babe with beautiful chocolate-colored skin, very large breasts, and an ass that was beyond enormous. Tyra definitely had back; her meaty plump bubble-butt was even larger than her Latina lover’s. The two of them had met at a suburban garage sale of all things, and they hit it off right Kadıköy Escort away. They soon became lovers during their college years, and discovered their love of female flatulence and lesbian anal completely by accident. But once they did it, they were hooked and their perversity had no bounds.

Tyra was wondering what Maria was so excited about. “What’s going on my favorite lover?”

Maria laughed, “Yeah right. I’m your only lover.”

Tyra shrugged, “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Maria signed, “I just had…the most wonderful experience.”

Tyra narrowed her eyes, “Better than that one time when we went to the women’s restroom and started..”

Maria smirked, “Okay well maybe not that wonderful but still pretty hot.”

Tyra spoke up, “Tell me all about it!”

So Maria recounted the details of what had transpired between her and Felicity. Tyra was masturbating by the time Maria had finished. “Christ girl that is hot!”

Maria looked at Tyra with an expression of concern, “Of course it wouldn’t be fair for me to keep all that gas for myself. We must share her. I want you to see her, but don’t tell her I sent you.”

Tyra nodded, but she was mostly focused on friggin’ herself. Maria smiled, “I can help you with that, my darling sex pot.” She reached out and pulled Tyra’s hand out of her pants. Tyra moaned inaudibly as Maria began sucking her ebony lover’s fingers, drawing all of that nectar into her mouth and down her throat. The room was beginning to smell of sex. “God this is turning me on Maria!”

Maria spoke in a very dirty, low voice: “Fart for me baby. Fart for momma!”

Tyra obliged and farted out a soft hissing blast of gas, moaning as she did so. Maria signed wistfully, “Oh you are so much like me! You and I are such nasty bitches! Such depraved lesbian sluts! You moaned, Christ, I love it when you moan Tyra!”

Tyra spoke in a lewd, commanding voice: “You like that bitch? Are you a nasty Latina bitch who needs my black Göztepe Escort woman’s butt gas in your lungs? Huh? You can’t live without it can you? Say you need it Maria!” Then Tyra’s booty blasted a huge amount of gas that found its way into the Hispanic woman’s lungs, causing her to scream in ecstasy:

“Oh God Tyra! You are so fucking right! I needed it bad! I needed your gas in my woman’s lungs! I want you to fart and fart and fart in my fucking face until I’m breathing it forever! I don’t ever want to stop smelling your glorious farts! Ever! Your gas is my oxygen, give me what I need!”

The now hugely oversexed woman grabbed Tyra by the wrist and they both ran towards their bedroom. As soon as they got their clothes went flying off until both Maria and Tyra were completely nude. They looked at each other with expressions of deep genuine love and intense unreasoning lust fighting for dominance of their souls. But lust won, and Maria almost flung Tyra onto the bed.

Tyra smiled, and gestured with her hands, “Come on Maria. Or are you just trying to imitate a hood ornament?”

Maria literally mounted herself on top of her lesbian lover, and then pressed her warm body against Tyra’s.

Maria signed: “Your skin feels so good against mine.”

Tyra laughed softly: “Shut up and kiss me my darling.”

Maria drove her tongue down Tyra’s open mouth while her hands began to wantonly pleasure the ebony woman’s full breasts. The horny Latina ground her body against Tyra’s moaning, hot, wet form. Maria broke off the kiss, and Tyra cried out: “I’m so wet; I need your tongue in my cunt now!”

Maria spun her body around, farted on her lover, and began to eat Tyra out like an animal. Tyra could only writhe in delicious, intense sexual ecstasy as the Latina woman fed on her juices, occasionally letting loose a fart. This continued for about ten minutes before Maria brought Tyra to an explosive orgasm, splattering the Hispanic chick’s face with girl cum and causing Tyra to fart loudly by accident.

Then the weakened Tyra was still able to roll in such a way as to be on top of Maria. “My turn”, she gasped with a smile on her face. The exhausted woman planted her ass-cheeks on top of Maria’s face, and prepared to start face-farting….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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