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While we ate dinner we talked about Danny coming over that night and window peeking on her. Debbie said that it would really turn her on for me to hide and watch her undress while Danny window peaked on her. She said that I should jack off while I watched her just like I jacked off watching the 30 year old woman when I was 13. She said that she hoped that Danny would jack off while he was window peeking on her. She said she wondered if he came that much all the time. She got a silly shit eating grin on her face and got up and went into the bedroom. She came back with a pair of pink cotton panties on and started masturbating. She said that she was going to drench them in her cunt juice and hang them on the little close line I had put up for her on the patio.

We went out into the backyard with Debbie just in her panties and surveyed the situation. There was a lilac bush between the patio and our first bedroom window. There was another lilac bush at the corner of the house by the second bedroom window. I told her that Danny could hide behind the first lilac bush and peak through the patio door into the living room and hide on the other side of it and peak into the bedroom. And that he could hide behind the other one and peak into her our other bedroom window.

We stayed naked throughout the rest of the evening. We talked about Danny having seen her in her skimpy bikini and seeing her naked tits will she sunbathed. We talked about her being naked at the lake the next morning and her giving herself an enema and her getting drunk and me playing with her ass hole. Then we talked about me window peeking on her the afternoon before. Debbie asked me if after Danny had seen her sunbathe that I was sure he would window peek on her. She said that the only reason she let him watch her sunbathe was because he didn’t know that she knew he was watching her. I told her that if he were anything like me and my friend he would surely window peek on her. She asked me if I was sure it would turn me on for him to window peek on her. I said yes and asked her if it would turn her on, too. She said yes and that she would fantasize about me and my friend watching her while Danny watched her.

When it got dark we had the patio drapes open. We had a porno on the TV and the volume up so it could be heard from the backyard. We went outside. We were hidden on the north side of the house, in the spruce trees, Debbie with her bottle of wine and me with a large tumbler of scotch on the rocks. Just after 10 o’clock Danny appeared on the irrigation ditch behind our house. We sneaked back into the house and went into the living room where he could see us. We sat on the couch and made out. I slowly removed Debbie’s blouse and felt her tits through her sheer bra. She stroked my cock through my pants. She took my shirt off and sucked on my nipples. I unbuttoned her shorts and stuck my hand inside them. She ground her cunt into my fingers and had an orgasm. I slid her shorts off of her and she sat there in her sheer white bra and panties. She stripped me to my blue bikini underwear. We felt each other up and fooled around for about five minutes, putting on a show for Danny. We whispered to each other wondering if he had his cock out and was jacking off yet. I slid my fingers inside of Debbie’s panties and finger fucked her to about four orgasms.

She said that she was going to go take a shower and she was going to try on some of her nighties and pick out her sexiest one to wear for me. I told her that I was going to go to my gun room and put some of my reloading equipment away and to come and get me when she was done.

Debbie didn’t know it, but I had set my new low light camcorder Sex hikayeleri up and had it ready to go. I was going to surprise her with a video of Danny peeking on her and hopefully jacking off while he watched her. I sneaked out around the front of the house and came around the back and hid behind the lilac bush by the other window. He was only about twenty feet away from me. I could see him between the house and the lilac bush. I could see Debbie through the bedroom window also. She was teasing him, letting him get a good look at her in her sheer bra and panties. I videoed her for about 30 seconds and then panned to the left and videoed Danny. It was obviously his first window peeking experience. He was fairly illuminated by the light from the bedroom window. From my vantage point I could see his entire body. He was rubbing his hard cock through his pants. I got to video him unbuttoning his pants and his pulling zipper down. I zoomed in and got him from just below his cock to the top of his head. I videoed him stroking his cock for about a minute and noticed that Debbie was starting to take off her bra and panties. I panned back in on Debbie and videoed her getting naked. She walked around the room a little bit totally exposing herself to him from the front back and sides. I panned back to Danny. He watched her walk into the bathroom and stepped out right in front of the bedroom window trying to see her in the bathroom. I zoomed in on his hard naked cock. Debbie was going to love this. It was totally illuminated by the light from the bedroom window and the color and resolution was excellent. His balls were bigger than mine. The base of the shaft was thicker than mine. Probably 2 1/2 inches in diameter. It projected straight out about an inch and started a gradual upward curve until the cock head was pointed almost straight up. At least five inches long. It gradually tapered down from the base up to the cock head. His uncut cock head was about an inch and a half long and only about an inch and a half thick. I thought it would be perfect for gradually penetrating Debbie’s virgin ass hole, gradually stretching her open without hurting her. His foreskin stretched just past the tip of his cock head. He was slowly moving around and I got good close-ups of his cock from the side and the front.

Debbie came out of the shower and stood right in front of the window just a couple of feet from Danny. I was able to zoom out and get both of them on video at the same time. Debbie naked exposing yourself and Danny stroking his hard naked fucking cock. I almost came. Debbie was going to shit when she saw the video. She was dripping wet. She caressed her naked tits with the towel, turning back-and-forth, totally exposing her naked tits to him right in front of him. She bent over in front of him and dried her legs. Her tits looked huge hanging down. She straightened up and raised the towel above and behind her head with one hand and grabbed the bottom with her other hand. She was facing him as she worked the towel up and down her back with her tits stuck out right in front of his face. She dried her back for a while, rotating her tits back-and-forth, arching her back so that they stuck out right in front of his face.

Debbie bent over and put her right foot up on the bed. She dried her right leg and her ass. Her ass hole and cunt were right in front of the window. She moved her right foot over about a foot to the right and bent over to dry her left leg. She bent over further and dried her foot and slowly worked her way up her calf and then to her thigh. I could tell that she was really turned on by the way she was breathing. Her cheeks were spread wide, totally exposing her Sikiş hikayeleri virgin ass hole. She worked the towel up and down her leg all the way four times before she stood up. She turned and faced the window and ran her fingers through her cunt hair, fluffing it up.

We watched and I videoed as she tried on six of her nighties, modeling them in front of the dresser mirror. She decided on the totally sheer light green baby doll nightie that she wore on our wedding night. I thought, you nasty fucking little cunt.

I rapidly sneaked back into the house and into the living room, hiding my video camera behind me where Danny couldn’t see it. I sat it at the base of a big plant with it pointed towards the patio door and the couch where Debbie and I were going to sit. I told her she was a nasty fucking slut. She grinned and said that she knew it and that she knew that I loved it. We fooled around on the couch while we watched a porno. The male actor had a curved uncut cock. Debbie said that she loved watching porn where the guy had a curved uncut cock. She said that foreskin really turned her on and that she couldn’t imagine how a curved cock would feel fucking her cunt. She said she’d loved watching the actress suck on his foreskin when his cock was soft. We turned the TV off and went into the bedroom.

Debbie went in first and went into the bathroom. I managed to hide the camcorder as I went into the bedroom. I kept my body between me and the bedroom window and sat the camcorder on the and of dresser farthest away from the window where Danny stood hidden. I piled Debbie’s shorts and blouse on top of it. I knew Danny would be so intent on Debbie that he wouldn’t even notice it. I guessed how to set the zoom and guessed how to aim it to cover from the far edge of the window to almost the far edge of our bed from the window.

She stripped me naked and sat me on the the bed with my legs spread. She stroked my cock and licked my balls. She licked the entire length of my cock and slowly sank her mouth over it. I pulled the hair from the right side of her face over to the left side of her head, giving Danny a totally unobstructed view of her mouth sucking my cock from three feet away. Debbie pulled my cock out of her mouth and told me that she loved sucking cock. And that she loves feeling hard cock coming inside of her mouth. She told me to fuck her mouth just like I fucked her cunt. I told her I wanted her to lick on it with her tongue stuck clear out and lick and suck my fucking balls. I told her to give me the sluttiest blow job of my life. Debbie licked and sucked and bobbed and twisted her head and licked and sucked my balls. She deep throated me. She held her mouth wide open perched just above my cock head. She slowly took my cock into her mouth and slid her mouth clear down to my cock hairs. She said she wished she could suck cock all day long. I asked her if she would like to suck on an uncut cock and lick and suck on foreskin. Danny could not see my face and I winked at her. She got it right away. She said she would love to suck on an uncut cock and play with the foreskin. She said it would be sexy to suck on it soft and stretch the foreskin onto her tongue. And suck it with it hard and the foreskin stretched over its cock head and skin it back and forth and watch it. And then have it fuck her mouth until it came.

I threw her onto her back on the bed and fucked the shit out of her. We were both facing away from the window and Danny could not see our faces. He boldly stepped right up to the window and stroked his cock while he watched us. She wrapped her legs around my back and we jack hammered the fucked out of each other. She screamed Erotik hikaye for me to fuck her cunt deep and hard and fast and come inside of her. She kept telling me to fuck her and come in her cunt. She rolled over and got into the doggy position with her legs spread. I got up above her and slammed my cock into her cunt. Danny could see my cock pounding away at her spread open cunt. She screamed with her orgasm when I came inside of her. I slowly pulled out and she laid there looking back at me and telling me how much she liked to get dog fucked and come in. Danny could see her face. She rolled onto her back and again dug my come out of her cunt with their fingers and ate it. She let him watch her suck my cock clean. I told her what a cock fucking come loving cunt she was. She said she couldn’t help that she loved to suck cock and get fucked. She rolled onto her belly and spread her ass cheeks and told me she wanted to get fucked in her ass hole. She told me to finger fucked her in her ass. I told her not tonight but maybe tomorrow night.

I told her that I had to get up early in the morning and that we needed to go to sleep. I turned the lights out. We waited a few seconds and peeked out the window and watched Danny sneak out of the backyard into the cornfield. I told Debbie what a nasty little exhibitionist slut she was. She asked me if I liked that. I told her it took me back to when I was 13 and that I have never been so turned on in my life. She said that since she had been naked and masturbated at the lake she had been fantasizing about being seen naked and getting fucked. She said it was an incredible turn on letting him see her naked and watch her fuck. And letting him see her in her skimpy little bikini. And watch her sunbathe. And that he had no idea she knew what she was doing. She said she couldn’t wait for me to play with her ass hole tomorrow. And that she wanted to give herself an enema tomorrow night and let Danny watch me finger fucked her in her ass. And that she wanted him to watch me fuck her in her ass hole.

I told Debbie to look at the screen on the window. It was drenched in Danny’s cum. She said Oh fuck. I told her she didn’t have to wonder if he came that much every time. I went to the bathroom. She went over to the window for a closer look, kneeling down right in front of it. She was smelling it when I came out of the bathroom. I laughed and asked her she wanted to taste it. She said that she had never tasted anyone’s, but mine. I told her that I wanted to watch her lick it off the screen. She licked the biggest glob. I told her to suck the second out of the screen. She pursed her lips over his come and vacuumed it into her mouth. I told her not to swallow it and hold it all in her mouth. I sat on the bed just to the side of the view between her and the camcorder. When she was done I told her to open her mouth and let me see his come in it. Fuck she looked sexy. I told her to let it drip out of her mouth onto her left tit. The whole top of her tit and nipple were covered with Danny’s come. I asked her how it tasted. She said that it tasted really good and wasn’t quite as bitter as mine. I rubbed my hard cock around on her tit and coated my cock with Danny’s come. I had her lick all of his come off of my cock. She was looking up into my eyes and asked me if I liked watching her lick his cum off of my cock. I told her that she was the perfect exhibitionist wife. I fucked her mouth and came in less than two minutes. She held her mouth open and let me see my come inside of it. She let it drip out of her mouth on her left tit. I only came about half as much is Danny did. She smeared it all over her tit. She laughed and said that she didn’t think that she would be able to swallow all of Danny’s cum if she ever sucked him off.

We went to bed. I did not tell her about having videoed the whole thing. When the time was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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