Family Beach Party Turned X-Rated Chapter 15_(3)

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Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 15 by gregorthegrant Edited by a friend.
True Story, Anal, Black, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Gay, Group Sex, Mind Control, Oral Sex
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Gender: male Age: N/A Location: N/A [email protected]


continuing story about Greg and his wife Sandra

Family Beach Party Turned X Rated Part 15 xnxx

I kept thinking about the unusual afternoon Sandra and I had spent outside and inside the old fire hall museum. I could feel what the dogs as well as Troy and Alex had pumped down my throat and deep into my ass. I looked over at Sandra as she looked back at me with a big smile on her poor bruised lips. Her hair looked crusted with white flakes. I gathered it was from the goop the guys had brushed in her hair while they had worked at the cleaning of her body. I hated to think about the white stuff leaking out of my ass and into my pants. I sure wasn’t going to mention anything to my wife about the way Troy had helped me out even though against his principles by ramming his poor cock up my ass to clean the doggy stuff from my ass. Unfortunately for him all that poor pumping his big cock into my ass had caused not just me but also Troy to shoot his load in my ass. Not to mention poor Alex only trying to force the doggy stuff down my throat and into my stomach. He had also lost control and shot his big load down my throat filling my mouth and all over my hair and face. I placed my hand on my hair and felt it was all crusty probably because poor Alex’s load had dried. All this passed through my mind as the taxi made it’s way to the hotel Sandra and I were staying at throughout our honeymoon.

I looked out the window as the cab pulled up in front of our hotel. Sandra stepped out of the cab first the black taxi driver holding the door open for her. I stepped out of the cab once Sandra was standing beside the sidewalk in front of the hotel. That’s when I noticed the same tall, black muscular taxi driver in his mid twenties had been the one that had taken both Sandra and I to the old fire hall museum. The door closed behind me and I took a step toward Sandra turning around and noticed another tall black muscular young man in his mid twenties and at least six three an inch or so shorter than the driver. “Hi I came along with Matt because we are both off duty once we had dropped the both of you off at your hotel.” The tall muscular black youth said. He was also wearing what I had never seen a taxi driver wearing before. He had a pair of tight jean shorts, sandals and tight white sleeveless T-shirt. I looked down at his jeans and couldn’t believe the huge bulge trailing down the right side of his jean shorts. I swore if his shorts had been any shorter his visibly huge mushroom shaped cock head would have been dragging under his shorts. As it was I swore if his cock had been rock hard it would have ripped through the well worn out jeans.

I was about to say thank you when the hotel door opened and out walked the two desk clerks that had welcomed Sandra and I to the hotel the night before. They were dressed alike dark blue tight fitting dress shorts, sandals and sleeveless unbuttoned white shirts revealing their tanned muscular chests, washboard stomachs, muscular arms not to mention their muscular legs. One had dark blonde hair and had to be at least six two while the other had dark brown hair and at least a couple inches taller than the blonde desk clerk. “Did the two of you have a good time at the old fire hall museum?” The tall blonde muscular desk clerk asked.

“Yes it was great.” Sandra answered. “Wasn’t it Greg.”

“It sure was different.” I answered.

“Oh did something happen to the two of you at the museum.” The dark haired tall muscular desk clerk asked.

“Nothing really bad happened just I’d say unusual I’d never experienced before.” Sandra answered.

“You can say that again. I’ve never been inspected by dogs before.” I answered before thinking what I said. I hadn’t wanted to mention Sandra and my unexpected doggy inspection to anyone.
“Oh I am so sorry. Did you hear that Ted. I feel so bad for the two of you.” The blonde man said with a concerned look on his face.

“We can’t have our good hotel guests deeply unexpected actions upsetting them Jeff. I believe the least we can do is at least pay their taxi fare.” Ted said looking first at Jeff then the two taxi drivers last up and down my beautiful half dressed wife. That’s when I really noticed just how little Sandra had on. I suppose it was because the guys at the museum hadn’t had woman’s clothing. Sandra was wearing a tight white T-shirt that was stretched to the limits causing half her large breast to be exposed and her large hard nipples to press against the thin white material. Her black shorts were so short and tight one could visibly see the outline of her hot puffy pussy lips not to mention most of her ass cheeks. I also noticed thick gobs of white plastered the front and back of her tight black shorts not to mention now dripping down the backs and fronts of her legs. Thinking about the white goo dripping from Sandra I looked down and saw a glob of white from the last of my load pressing against the front of my pants not to mention the feeling of Troy’s as well as the dogs loads leaking out of my ass.

“That won’t be necessary.” I said feeling my face begin to feel heated. “It wasn’t that bad and the dogs were only doing what they were trained to do.”

“Nonsense Greg I’ll take these two taxi drivers inside to the office so I can pay for your inconvenience at the museum. Maybe one of you should come in the office and give us a brief account of what happened.” Ted said turning around leading the way into the hotel followed by Sandra, Jeff, the two taxi drivers and last of all myself.

“That reminds me I don’t know your names.” Jeff said once inside the hotel and looking at the two tall muscular black taxi drivers.

“Oh sorry, I am Mark and this is my friend Hank.” Mark said.

“I’ll volunteer to go over what happened with dogs outside the old fire hall museum Greg.” Sandra said once we were all inside beside the front desk.

“That will be fine with me. I’ll head into the office with one of these fine taxi drivers Sandra and Jeff can keep the other taxi driver company out here with you Greg.” Ted said walking behind the front desk where there were three easy chairs close to the back wall. “Just relax it may take a while for Sandra to go over everything that happened.”

“That’s okay, that will give me some time to go over some of the sight seeing brochures with Greg.” Jeff answered.

“See you as soon as Sandra goes over in detail what happened inside and outside the museum.” Ted said allowing Sandra followed by one of the extra tall muscular taxi driver before entering the office and closing the door.

“Make yourself comfortable Greg, Hank.” Jeff said.

I took one of the brochures Jeff handed me and leaned back just as I heard Sandra’s muffled voice saying. “Oh yes that’s much more less confining. That T-shirt was so tight I could hardly breathe not to mention the tight shorts. My, my I knew you were huge but damn Mark’s is out and out massive. Now to tell you about what happened at the museum today.”

“Yes I’d like to hear about the museum.” I could hear Ted saying. “First make your self comfortable Sandra we have a very lush soft carpeting. That’s the way Sandra make yourself comfortable I’ll just take a hold of your beautiful head and Mark you take a good grip of her fine hips.

I was suddenly startled when Jeff interrupted what I was listening to from the other room. “Pay close attention Greg I’m sure you will want to go over these brochures with your lovely bride once she comes out of the office.”

Just then I heard what sounded like a loud slap and gasp from the other side of the wall. “Oh yes ram it in me Mark. It’s so lovely big and black.”

“Are you sure your comfortable Greg?” Jeff said sounding concerned. “You seem to be doing a lot of wiggling around. Maybe those gaziantep escort kızlar pants are a bit tight on you. Your welcome to take them off and feel much more comfortable. I don’t mind and I sure won’t care. We’ve all seen guys wearing bathing suits before so it wouldn’t be anything disgusting to see you in your underwear.”

“It won’t bother me.” Hank said surprising me. “I’ll even take my pants off and sit in my undershorts if it will make you feel comfortable and I’m sure so will Jeff. Right Jeff.”

“Not a problem to me Jeff.” Hank answered. “Especially if it makes Greg feel more comfortable.”

“The only problem is I’m not wearing any undershorts.” I answered feeling my face heating up once more.

“Not a problem we’ve all been nude in the locker room before I’m sure.” Hank said. “I don’t mind stripping off to get more comfortable while your wife is in the office with Ted and my partner Mark. You might as well loose the T-shirt and sandals as well and get good and comfy. I have a couple of robes the two of you can slip on when we hear your wife, Mark and Ted coming out.”

I looked over at Jeff who had pushed his ass off the chair and was tugging both his shorts and undershorts from under his muscular ass cheeks. He pushed them down his muscular legs and pushed them from his feet as well as kicking off his sandals. On the other side when I looked over Hank had already taken off his shorts, sandals and was pulling his T-shirt over his head.

I felt overly dressed being the only one fully dressed so I undid my pants raising my bubble butt off my chair and pulling my pants down my legs and kicking them off along with my sandals. I was now the only one wearing a T-shirt so I pulled my T-shirt off and tossed it on the floor in front of me.

“Hay before we get into those brochures I’d love to hear what exactly happened in and out of the museum. That is if you don’t mind!” Ted said.

“I’d like to know as well.” Hank said looking into my eyes with his deep brown eyes.

“Well it’s kind of embarrassing.” I answered.

“Not a problem I’d still like to get the full story after all your dear bride is telling Mark and Jeff so why not the two of us.” Ted said when I turned my head around and looked into his deep blue eyes. “If it’s what I think it is I will not be surprised especially with all that stuff leaking from your ass down your legs.”

“Okay if it won’t bother the two of you. What do you think it was by the way Hank?” I asked.

“I am just guessing but I believe you and your dear wife had some guard doggy anal inspection.” Ted answered.

“I’ve heard of that before but I thought it was just a bunch of hog wash. So it must be true?” Hank answered.

“Yes you’re both right.” I managed to mumble. “Your also right that’s what is dripping out of me. Doggy cum.”

“Damn I feel bad for you.” Hank said with a concerned look on his face.

I looked around toward Ted when he said. “If it won’t bother you I may have a solution. It isn’t exactly something I’m into and if I do I will also ask Hank to help out. I’m sure those dogs also gave you oral inspection as well!”

I tried to clear my throat. “Yes the dogs also inspected mine and my dear wife’s throats. If it’s what I think it is the two guys in charge of the museum helped me out. Well they tried but they both lost control of themselves. I wouldn’t dream of even asking the two of you to help me out like Alex and Troy attempted to help me out.” I said first looking at Hank and turning and looking at Ted.

“Not to worry Greg that’s what guys do for each other. I have a good idea how we can go about helping you. Ted and I will just have to choose which one of us take your doggy filled holes.” Ted said and smiled. I guess first of all you get down on all fours Greg and the two of us will decide who gets what.”

“Yours has to close to a foot long Hank and mine is only nine and yours is at least as big around as a damn pop can. I think the best way to clean out Greg’s butt is with something big and thick so I vote you take his ass Hank. Is it okay with you?” Ted said after I had stood up and gotten down on my hands and knees. Before I had stood up I heard Sandra moaning through the wall. Oh yes shove it in me harder. Then she must have munched on something because all that came out was some moaning.

“That suits me. The only thing I’ve never had my cock in an ass before so I hope I do it right.” Hank answered.

“Just do what comes natural Hank I’ve never had my cock in any ones mouth before, woman or man.” Ted said walking in front of me his big thick cock in his hand less than an inch from my lips. He stepped closer until his huge soft cock was touching my lips. “Would you mind maybe working my balls first. That I am sure will get my cock up and running. I see Hank didn’t have any trouble getting his huge cock hard.”

I looked up into Ted’s beautiful blue eyes before sticking my tongue out licking my lips and then pressing it against his huge low hanging balls. I took a good smell before I began licking his balls. I soon had them soaking wet and without Ted saying anything I took one of his balls in my mouth and swirled it around cheek to cheek. I then took his other ball in my mouth and did the same thing. By then Ted’s thick nine inch cock was rock hard and I began to lick up the underside of his cock to his mushroom shaped large cock head.

I had my mouth wide open when I felt one of Hank’s large fingers followed by a second and third make their way up into my dripping hole. I couldn’t help moaning as I felt his fingers inside me and being pulled out. I then felt the head of his huge cock pressed against my hole and without even a hesitation his huge cock head was inside my ass. “Hold on Greg I’ll try not to hurt you but my cock is pretty damn big.” Hank moaned. “I have to say the inside of your ass feels dam good.”

I felt like yelling back for Hank to just ram that big cock in my ass because it was starting to feel good and also it had felt empty since Troy had finished fucking me.

I felt as Ted’s huge hands take a hold of my head and I managed to take a deep breath remembering what Alex had taught me about breathing through my nose. I don’t think Ted realized he had shoved his thick nine inches in my mouth and half way down my throat without making me choke. I kept looking up as he looked down at me. “Fuck this feels good Greg. I know I’m supposed to be helping a friend out by doing this, but, man I can’t help enjoying this.” Ted moaned as he shoved even more of his cock down my throat and before I knew it his big balls were resting on my bottom lip and chin. “Holy shit you swallowed my entire cock. How is that foot long pop can cock feel in his ass Hank?” Ted asked.

I could feel sweat dripping from Hank’s head and muscular black body as he pushed more and more of his thick, thick cock into my ass. “It’s only eleven and a half pop can inches thick Ted.” Hank answered.

“Yea like a half an inch makes a lot of difference.” Ted moaned having pulled his thick cock out of my throat until only his cock head remained in my mouth. Then he started to shove his thick cock down my throat again. Thank goodness I had taken a nice breath in and out of my nose first. “Make sure you push all that cum into him Hank and don’t you be adding your own load, after all we are supposed to be helping our new friend out by pushing the loads already in him even further so it doesn’t drip out.”

“Oh fuck this ass is hot and tight. Oh yes.” Hank moaned shoving his entire cock into my ass pulling it out and shoving it into me even harder. “I’ll do my best not to shoot in his ass but damn it feels good.”

Once in a while I heard Jeff as well as Hank moaning. “Oh fuck slut your hot. Take this hard cock in that sweet pussy. Take it down that hot throat bitch.” At least that’s what it sounded like but I must have been mistaken. Maybe they were shouting your so sweet or something like that. I was far too much in lust to really make out what was being said on the other side of the front desk wall.

I couldn’t help slobbing saliva out side each side of my mouth as I tried to moan with lust feeling those big cocks being rammed down my throat and into my ass the same time. I couldn’t keep track of the time as they kept ramming my two hot holes faster and harder. I thought I heard both Jeff and Mark yelling the same time something about coming but wasn’t sure. My ears were far too alert hearing Jeff moaning in my ear. “Sorry Greg but this is velvel throat is just too damn good to stop myself.”

“You got that right.” I heard Hank behind me moaning in my other ear. “Shit I can’t hold out. I’m cumming big times.”

“So am I.” Ted moaned gripping my head even tighter as I felt sweat dripping down my chest. Suddenly I felt Ted’s thick cock grow even thicker and I knew he was shooting a nice big load down my throat directly into my stomach. He started pulling his thick cock out of my throat spurting another load on my tongue before pulling his big cock out of my mouth and spraying load after load over my head, thick dark hair and across my face dripping from my chin.

I felt Hank’s cock thicken deep inside my colon and I knew Hank’s thick eleven and a half cock was spurting a nice big lovely load. I felt as he pulled it out of my well fucked ass and felt a thick load splash across my back and even my head. I was now covered in sweat not to mention thick loads of their hot sperm.

“Holy shit Greg I am sorry I got carried away but your fucking ass was too damn good to stop in. I’d love to throw a good fuck in you anytime you will allow me to that is.” Mark groaned as I felt his hands pushing his hot body from me.

“I’m sorry too Greg.” Ted groaned and slapped my face with his huge hard cock. I’d fuck your hot ass if there had been time but I’m sure your wife will have finished explaining to Mark and Jeff what happened at the old fire hall museum. The most we can do it wipe your face and get you into one of the robes we have hanging behind the door.”

“I’d love to try that throat to tell you the truth but I fear my cock would be much too thick and long.” Hank groaned. “Also like Ted said your wife, Jeff and Mark will soon be out. Here I’ll grab the towel and start wiping your lovely back not to mention your hot bubble butt I’d love to fuck again sometime.”

I was soon getting my back, ass, legs and face cleaned up. They both massaged the excess cum into my hair to make it look like I had moose in my hair. No sooner than I was cleaned up with a robe on each of us when the office door opened and out walked Jeff, Mark and my adorable wife all wearing short robes. Sandra’s shoulder hair was slicked down with moose.

“Hi Greg I told Jeff and Mark what happened at the old fire hall museum but they told me they don’t believe me. Maybe they will believe you. Did Hank and Ted show you the brochures Greg?” Sandra asked.

“We started to show your husband the brochures but I don’t really think he understands them Sandra.” Ted answered.

“In that case maybe you should bring them in the office and let me have a look.” Sandra said giving both Hank and Ted a good look up and down. Would it bother you Greg if they come in and show me the brochures on their own?” Sandra asked.

“Not at all Sandra you are much better at understanding those things better than me.” I answered.

Mark walked over to the office door and opened it. Ted walked in followed by Sandra followed by Mark that I swore began pulling her robe as she walked in the room and closed the door behind them.

“Wow that was quite the inspection those dogs gave your wife and you Greg.” Jeff said walking toward the three front desk chairs. You must have been terrorized. They sure must have shot big loads in the two of you. I see their big loads still dripping down your legs not to mention your cheek and chin.”

I looked down at my cum dripping legs and put my hand to my cheek and chin feeling excess gobs of Hank’s and Ted’s thick white sperm.

“Damn your right Jeff. I’ll have to have a shower and try to get all of that dog junk off me.” I answered. “Too bad their wasn’t a way to get all that doggy sperm cleaned out or maybe shoved deeper inside of me so it wouldn’t be dripping out and also shoved way down my throat into my stomach.” I moaned thinking how at the museum the guys had tried to ram that doggy stuff into my ass and down my throat. The only thing was they ended up shooting their own loads into me instead. Now Hank had done the same with my ass trying to help me out as well as Ted. As I thought about how Hank had taken my ass nice and hard with his pop can thick eleven and a half thick cock and Ted had rammed his thick cock down my throat I felt my cock growing hard with excitement. If only I could find a way of persuading these two hard bodies hunks, Mark and Jeff into fucking my hungry empty ass and more than hungry throat. I cleared my throat swallowing more of the cum clogged in my throat. “I know what you guys mean.” I started to say.

“Have you got any spare towels?” Mark asked. “Maybe you could shed the robe and I could try to clean out your ass Greg.”

“If you try to cough up what is stuck in your throat into another towel, maybe that will help you out.” Jeff asked with a concerned look on his face.

I decided to give caution to the wind and took off my soiled robe tossing it on one of the near by chairs. Here goes nothing. I said under my breath. “Maybe the two of you could help me like Alex and Troy did back in the museum after the dogs had given me their inspection.” I said not waiting for either of them to answer I got down on my hands and knees on the floor.

“How did Alex and Troy try to help you out.” Jeff asked as he walked in front of me standing to my left while Mark came around standing to my right.

“Yeah how can we help you out Greg.” Mark asked.

“I hope this won’t freak you two out but Troy kept ramming his cock up my ass trying to push that doggy juice deeper in my ass and Alex rammed his cock down my throat doing his best to shove what was in my throat all the way down into my stomach.” I said and I suddenly realized I had pushed my hand up under Hank’s robe with one hand and up and under Jeff’s robe with my other hand.
“So that’s why your ass is still dripping cum down your legs not to mention on your face and chin.” Mark said with a big smile.

“Yea but that had to at least over an hour ago, you would thing at least the cum on your face and dripping off your chin would be all dried up and flaking by now.” Jeff said as if inspecting my face with his hands on my chin.

“Same with your cum covered legs. You think it would be at least starting to dry by now.” Mark said looking down at my cum dripping legs. “Tell us the truth what else has been happening.”

“Okay I told Hank and Ted what happened to me and they suggested they fuck my ass and throat and push Alex, Troy and the dogs deep down my throat and up my ass.” I said looking first at Mark and then Jeff and feeling my face getting hotter by the second. “They also shot their loads inside my ass, throat and mouth.

“Ha, Ha, so none of those creeps can even have control not to shoot their loads until they have withdrawn from your mouth and throat. What a bunch of looser. I know I would hold out and probably maybe come on your back and then just clean your back with a towel. I sure would be able to hold out and not cum down your throat or in your ass.” Mark laughed.

“That goes for me also.” Jeff said.

I sighed and a thought came into my mind. Why not offer them up a offer they couldn’t refuse. “Okay since you two are so convinced the both of you could control yourselves lets find out if it’s true.”

“Are you joking. You want one of us to ram our cocks down your throat while the other fucks your ass and not shoot our loads. I know I could do it without a problem.” Jeff said and smiled.

“That goes for me as well.” Hank answered with a smile from ear to ear.

“In that case are the both willing to prove it. I still would like all that cum in my ass to be shoved further inside me so it’s not dripping all over the place. Not to mention I’d love all that cum coating my throat to be rammed down my throat into my stomach.” I said looking first at Hank’s rob covered crotch and then Jeff’s rob covered crotch.

“Alright if we agree what do we get when we prove we can fuck without shooting our loads inside your body?” Jeff asked starting to undo his rob and letting it fall open revealing his lovely at least four soft thick inch cock already dripping thick pre-cum. Dam his pre-cum was as thick as most men cum. I was glad he was looking down because I felt my tongue running around my lips.

“That’s right what do we get when we prove we can fuck your body without shooting our loads inside you?” Mark replied opening the front of his rob his massive five thick inch soft drooling pre-cum lay over his big low hanging balls. I was also amazed how thick his thick white pre-cum was dripping from the end of their flaccid cocks. If I had been a betting man I would have bet they both had shot big loads not more than a few minutes before. But then I wasn’t a betting man.

I looked up from Jeff’s cock laying over his big balls to his face before shifting my gaze over to Mark’s face. “The only thing the two of you would get that is if you could actually do what you both claim was the satisfaction you are able to take control of your sexual ejaculations.”

“Okay I know I could do it even though I have never fucked an ass or had my cock down a throat before. I’ll take you up on your wager and help you out so that your throat or ass will be clear of cum deep inside you.” Jeff said holding out his hand. I took his hand and said okay it’s a wager then.

“How about you Mark?” I asked. “Are you willing to wager also?”

“Sure why not but which one of us gets your ass and which one your mouth and throat?” Both Hank and Jeff asked the same time.

“So far the guys with the biggest cocks have fucked my ass and the other my mouth and throat.” I answered.

“Okay lets start by getting us both hard.” Hank said dropping his robe and stepping up to my right side.

“Sounds like a good idea.” Jeff answered dropping his robe and stepping up to the left of me. “Get to work getting us hard. Start by working our balls.”

I dropped to my hands and knees with Mark to my right and Jeff to my left. I licked my lips before lifting Jeff’s cock and pressing my face into his low hanging balls. I stuck my tongue out and started to lick them until they were soaking wet. Then I moved over to Mark’s and held his soft cock and began licking his balls and until they were soaking wet. His cock was already beginning to harden in my hand as I began to lick up the underside of his cock. I licked up to the huge head of his cock before I went over to Jeff. I licked up the underside of his hardening cock to his cock head. Now both Mark and Jeff’s cocks were rock hard. There you go you got my hard cock to it’s full nine and half thick inches not as thick or long as Mark’s.” Jeff said.

“Yea I bet you will even enjoy my foot long beer can thick cock in that hot ass of yours Greg. I see the look of hunger in your eyes.” Mark said slapping his hard cock against my left cheek before making his way around me until he was totally behind me his large hands on each of my hips.

I opened my mouth wide before Jeff had a chance to say anything. He shoved his huge cock head into my mouth. I had just enough time to take a breath in and out of my mouth before he had shoved his thick cock half way down my throat.

“Dam this ass doesn’t even need any lube it’s so full of cum. It feels hot I’m going to enjoy fucking this hot ass and proving I have control and not shooting my load inside you Greg.” Mark said from be hind me placing his huge hands on each side of my hips. “Wow such nice bubble butts I haven’t seen a woman with great bubble butts like yours.”

I wanted to yell. “Just shove that cock in me and shut up.” However my mouth and throat were full of Jeff’s huge cock. I was amazed how Jeff held my head and shoved his cock into my throat and didn’t stop until his huge balls rested on my bottom lip and chin. He pulled his cock out of my throat and mouth until only his cock head remained in my mouth.

Behind me Mark didn’t waist any time either. He gripped my hips and shoved hard. He shoved so hard his big thick cock was deep in my ass his big bolted balls smacked against my own balls. I felt my hard cock swaying back and forth. Even though I had only shot a big load not long before it felt like my balls were ready to explode.

I felt Jeff shove his entire cock down my throat allowing me only enough time to take a quick breath through my nose.

Neither Jeff and Mark said a word as I heard their labored breaths. I also could hear some loud thumping from the office wall not far from me. “Oh yes give it to me.” I thought I heard Sandra moaning before there was only muffled sounds.

“Take it all slut.” I thought I heard Hank but it could have been my imagination.

My thoughts were brought back to the present as I felt Mark yank his entire cock out of my ass and within seconds plowing through my sphincter muscle into my colon. He let go of my hips and placed his big hands on each of my shoulders as he rammed his foot long, beer can thick cock deep into me. I felt the lust running through my body as he pulled his cock out of my ass only to plow it into me again. My throat gripped Jeff’s huge nine inch cock every time he thrust his cock deep down my throat. It seemed neither of them were in any hurry to shoot their roads as if they had already shot their loads and building up to another orgasm. How ever I knew that wasn’t true since they had only been talking to my dear bride before taking me up on my wager.

I swore a good hour passed as Mark plowed my welcoming ass and Jeff shoved his cock in and out of my throat. I knew they were both getting close by their labored breathing and now would they be able to hold out using my hot ass and throat. They were taking so long it was as if they both had defleated their big balls before fucking my throat and ass. However maybe they had, had busy days and thinking about the jobs so their balls hadn’t had time to fill with cum.

“Shit, shit I’m cumming hard. Fuck this ass is hot for my cum.” Mark moaned sounding out of his mind.

“Take my load down that hot throat baby. Dam your throat is just like silk and nice and hot.” Jeff moaned as I felt his sweat dripping from his forehead and body dripping all over my hair and face.

I felt Mark’s cock deep inside me and my own cock burst shooting loads of cum under me. “Shit I’m cumming Greg.” He moaned.

“Shit I lost the wager.” Mark moaned behind me. “But I have to say it was worth it because, dam, that was one fine hot ass.”

“We’ll have to switch hit one of these days Mark.” Jeff said as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. “It sounds like he has one fine ass. His mouth and throat are nothing to sneeze about.”

Mark pulled his cock out of my ass and stood up. They both reached for their robs and put them on. I was sorry to see the robe cover such two beautiful cocks. I still had their hot chests, and washboard stomachs to gaze at. I pulled my own rob on feeling even more cum dripping out of my well used ass down my legs. I hated to admit to myself but my hot ass was begging for more cock. Yes my cock hungry ass wanted more. Not to mention my throat. We had just managed to mop up the floor and our bodies as best as possible before sitting down when the office door opened. In walked Ted and Hank tying their robs around them along with Sandra most of her breasts revealed. They were all carrying dripping wet towels Sandra’s towel wrapped in a balls and seemed to have some kind of thick white goo dripping from it.

What could possibly happen to me that already has happened. I guess you will have to wait until I finish concentrating what happened myself before writing about it in Chapter 16.
What can possibly happen that hasn’t already happened in Chapter 15? [email protected]

Yes, I do have an Editor that does some gentle editing of the story for me.

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